Headquartered in the heart of Vantaa, Finnair is the national flag carrier of “the land of a thousand lakes” Finland. It earns a reputation for being one of the world’s safest airlines with a history of no fatal or hull-loss accidents in the last 6 decades. To be part of “The Nordic Way” and experience its legacy the right way, you must also have a fine understanding of the Finnair cancellation policy. 

Finnair Cancellation Policy

Finnair Cancellation Policy

Finnair ticket cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight without any hassles. When you cancel your tickets, you can submit your refund request by filling out the refund form given on the official website of the airline. You can cancel but will not be provided with any refund if you do it after the active span of the ticket or after the expiration date. In case Finnair cancels your flight or cancels due to any unavoidable circumstance, you will be provided with the booking for the next subsequent flight or simply a refund. Get in touch with the airline to know more about Finnair cancellation booking policy, methods, and everything. 

Finnair Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

To keep the precise needs of the passengers and situations in mind, the airline provides them with easy to understand and flexible Finnair cancellation 24 hours. As per this Finnair 24-hour cancellation policy, if you Finnair cancel a flight within 24 hours, then you will be provided with a full refund irrespective of the ticket you have purchased. Finnair cancel flight refund will be provided to you at no extra cost. However, you must keep in mind that Finnair 24-hour cancellation is subject to change from time-to-time. The airline has the right to amend or update this cancellation policy without giving any prior notice. 

Finnair Cancellation Fee

The airline has prescribed the Finnair cancellation charges for domestic as well as international flights. If you cancel your flight tickets after the risk-free period of 24 hours, then you will need to pay an amount of $100-$500. But if you cancel within 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight, then you will have to pay the Finnair cancellation fee of $100-$400. However, to get detailed information about your flight tickets and refund, you can call on the Finnair flight cancellation customer service number. 

How to Cancel Finnair Tickets?

The airline will provide you with various methods to cancel flights of Finnair. You can cancel your Finnair ticket through one of the following methods: online and offline. Check out the following for detailed information: 

Method 1: Finnair Cancelled Flights Online

  • Go to the official website of Finnair.
  •  Login with your credentials with your User ID and Password.
  •  On the page, you will get to see the Finnair cancellation.
  • Enter your name and ticket details.
  • When you do this, you will be redirected to the “Finnair Cancel Reservation’ link.
  • Now enter your confirmation number, and first and last names before hitting the CONTINUE button.
  • After this, mention the registered email ID that you used during flight booking.
  • If it is a round trip, you will need to cancel it.
  • Once you complete the process, you will be notified by the airline on your registered mail ID or phone number.
  • You can later check the status of your refund.

Method 2: Cancel Flight of Finnair via a Phone Call   

If you want to know how to cancel a Finnair ticket offline, then you can choose to call on the Finnair customer service number. This number is available 24*7. When you call on this number, a representative will be assigned to you. They will ask you to provide them with certain details like last name, ticket details, reasons for cancellation, etc. Once you provide them with the details requested, they will initiate the process on your behalf. You can cancel Finnair flight with great ease by calling on the customer service number. 

Method 3: Cancel Finnair Flight at the Airport

In case the above methods do not work for you, do not fret! For the Finnair cancel booking procedure, you can go to the airport. Just locate the flight booking window at the airport and provide all the details in-person. Once you provide the executive with the details requested, they will cancel your booking. You will also be notified by the airline on your registered email ID or phone number. 

Finnair Cancellation Refund Policy

Depending on the location and fare type chosen, you can request a refund as per the Finnair cancellation refund policy. For instance, you will be provided with a full refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the booking as per the Finnair cancel flight refund. You can also request for the refund if you have purchased a refundable ticket as per the Finnair cancellation refund policy. The airline also provides its passengers with Finnair cancelled flight compensation if flights are cancelled due to natural calamities or any other unavoidable circumstance. When it comes to the duration, you will be provided with your refund within 7-10 working days minimum. However, it is suggested to go through the Finnair cancelled flight refund policy once to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Some of the frequently asked questions about Finnair cancellation policy have been answered here:

Can I cancel after check-in?

Yes.You can cancel Finnair check-in flights after paying a Finnair cancellation fee.

Can I request for a refund if the airline cancels my ticket?

As per the Finnair cancellation refund policy, you will be provided with a full refund if the airline cancels your flight due to any reason.

What are the Finnair cancellation charges for international tickets?

You will need to pay the Finnair cancellation fee between $200 and $500 if you cancel your international tickets.

Is the Finnair cancellation cover available for delayed flights?

Depending on the duration of flight delay, you can claim for a refund or ask them for Finnair cancelled flight compensation. Get in touch with the airline to know more about the Finnair flight cancellation policy.

Can I cancel my economy class ticket?

You can only cancel it as per the Finnair 24-hour cancellation policy within 24 hours of the booking. But if you miss the risk-free cancellation window, you will not be allowed to cancel it.

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    I booked a flight with Finnair almost 2 months back, I had to cancel my ticket due to some mishap. As the airline had a strict 24 hours free cancellation policy, I was quite worried if I would receive any refund. However, I just had to pay a cancellation fee and the airline preceded a 100 percent refund without any trouble. I booked an international trip so it took approximately 20 days to receive the refund back.

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