Name change or name correction requests are most prevalent due to typo errors while booking a flight online. It is also when you realize that you forgot to add another name to the last name. With Finnair name change policy, the airline facilitates the name changes/corrections hassle-free.

Finnair Name Change Policy

This name change policy operates in accordance with defined guidelines. Therefore, it is important to understand and be aware of all of the key provisions of this policy before making the said request. This will enable hassle-free travel and assure you of quality travel.

Finnair change name on ticket

Here’s our detailed post on the guidelines that allow passengers to make name changes, the methods to change/correct the name, the name change fee, and more.

Conditions to Change/Correct Name with Finnair

When you want to correct or change name on a Finnair ticket, you have to follow some specific rules prescribed by Finnair. These requirements make sure that the traveler can change their name without any hassles.  Additionally, these regulations serve as guidance for the airline’s regulators too, so they can complete your request smoothly.

As per the Finnair name change policy, these conditions include:

  • Finnair allows passengers to change the ownership of the ticket. In other words, you can alter the name on the ticket and assign other passengers. And, is subject to the Finnair name change fee. 
  • Name change/correction is permitted on the flight operated and marketed by Finnair.
  • Your passport and your ticket must have the same name. If you don’t comply with the airline’s requirements, you won’t be able to travel.
  • The ‘Change passenger name Finnair’ service is applicable on non-restricted fares. 
  • rename the passenger Only certain tickets will provide the Finnair option. To find out if you qualify for making changes online, the visit Finnair Manage Booking portal. 
  • Even after a divorce or marriage, you can change your name id-travel with Finnair. You will need to provide the airlines with valid travel documents, and certificates that justify the name change.
  • The name change or name correction is applicable on the Finnair-operated flights only.
  • As per the Finnair name correction policy, passengers can correct up to 3 characters only in the first name, middle name, or last name. 

Conditions When Finnair allows the Change of Name

As per the Finnair name change policy, the airline allows passengers to swap their tickets and is subject to a change fee. However, passengers need to adhere to the following conditions: 

  • You either purchased your ticket directly from Finnair via, the Finnair mobile app, or Finnair Customer Service or through a travel agency.
  • On the new flight you’ve selected, there must be seats available.
  • If the seats are not available on the existing flight, passengers need to change the time or the travel date. In this case, the Finnair change penalty would be applicable on top of the name change fee. Any applicable fare difference may apply.
  • Be aware that if your ticket is no longer available at the initial price, you must pay the difference between the original and new fare. The airline is unable to refund the difference in price if your new ticket is less expensive than the previous one.

Note: The Finnair flight name change policy’s fundamental principles are subject to periodic updates. You can visit the airline’s website to see the most recent version of these policies. The toll-free number on the website can use to contact the customer service representatives.

Methods to Change/Correct Name on Finnair Ticket

The offline method of name change i.e where you address your grievances via call or chat is the passengers’ top choice. The easiest way to make any changes to your name is in this way. Additionally, it is really simple because your request is actually handled on your behalf by a Finnair representative.  Therefore, both on local and international flights, the majority of passengers favor this method of changing the passenger’s name on Finnair. You must dial the airline’s customer service number in order to speak with a representative. 

Method 1: Change/Correct Name on Ticket Online

This is how you request a Finnair name change online – 

  • Go to Manage Booking to change or correct the name by yourself.
  • Find the booking by entering the booking reference and the passenger’s last name.
  • Select the name of the passenger that needs to be corrected.
  • Enter the correct name. Remember that the name must match the government-issued photo ID.
  • Review the changed credentials. 
  • Pay the required Finnair name change fee and confirm the booking.

Method 2: Change/Correct Name on the Ticket via Offline

You can get in touch with Finnair customer service if you need to change or correct the name if you partially paid for your ticket with Finnair Plus points or upgraded your flight using cash, points from Finnair Plus, or a tier reward.

When the call connects and you reach the airline agents, you should:

  • Let the airline know that you need to correct the name.
  • Provide  the necessary flight information, such as your flight reservation number 
  • Inform them of the errors pertaining to your name so that they can make the appropriate changes. If your last name has changed or been added, show the carrier your marriage or divorce decree as confirmation.
  • Comply with the Finnair name change policy’s requirement, and pay the required fee and the fare difference. 
  • The airline representatives will confirm your changes once the name change request is completed. 

Finnair Name Change Fee

The following fees apply when using the Finnair change name option:

  • Finnair name correction will incur a cost of USD 25.
  • If their name changes, passengers will have to pay a fee of 400 USD.

Note: Depending on the point of departure and the point of arrival, different fees apply for name changes.


While these guidelines do follow a protocol, the airline allows passengers to make corrections to their names if they have spelled other people’s or their own names wrong.

For example, If a passenger accidentally typed someone’s first name in the middle name field and wants to make the correction, they can avail the facility. However, if someone has given you a new name and you want to take advantage of it and book your tickets, you are not allowed to do so. Further, Finnair allows citizens from outside the EU to change names free of cost at any time before their departure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I wish to substitute someone else for the trip with Finnair?

As per the Finnair name change policy, passengers are allowed to change their name or swap their ticket and are subject to a fee. If your ticket type permits it, you can modify it at least one day before departure. 

How can I request the name change and how much does it cost?

You can correct or change the name via the Manage Booking section.
The airline charges 400 USD as a Finnair name change fee to change the entire name. Please refer to your booking confirmation for the terms of the ticket type you booked.
Please refer to your booking confirmation for the terms of the ticket type you booked.
Please be aware that there may be additional service charges if you correct the name through the airline customer service team by phone or chat.

What should I do if the name on the ticket and the passport don’t match?

Your name on the ticket must be exactly the same as it appears on your passport or government-issued photo ID.  If you have more than one first name, there’s a need to change the name on your reservation to include them all. 
Contact the airline customer service to request a correction if there is a discrepancy other than what is listed above. Please be aware that there is a change fee.

Can I still travel with Finnair using my old surname after getting married?

Your ticket and passport must have the same name. If you have a passport with your new name on it, you must also alter your name on the ticket. There are charges for name changes. Chat is the simplest and quickest way to get in touch with official Finnair Airlines.

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