Flight cancellations are much smoother with Royal Jordanian because the airline’s cancellation procedure covers all unfavorable conditions. The accompanying guide will help you make most of all the privileges under the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy.

Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy

Key Highlights: Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy

Take a glimpse at the main highlights of the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy: 

  • All the tickets purchased by the passengers from official outlets shall be considered for cancellation.
  • Royal Jordanian cancellation policy covers Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCOs), Electronic Miscellaneous, and all fare types. 
  • The ticket issued via a third party or unauthorized center will not be considered for cancellation.
  • Royal Jordanian will only consider refund claims after verifying the passenger’s identity with the initial ticket’s invoice.
  • No refund requests will be considered after the flight has departed from the origin airport(even if the request was made for a multi-city flight).
  • After the zero cancellation date, only the buyer who purchased a refundable fare is liable for a refund.
  • The refund value will be attributed to the buyer’s purchase account within seven to thirty business days.
  • The scheduled flight must be canceled within 24 hours of booking to receive a full refund, as per Royal Jordanian cancellation policy.
  • Passengers who have received free or discounted tickets are not eligible for refunds; however, they can make changes to their scheduled tickets by contacting the airline.
  • Passengers with non-refundable tickets get only the government tax part of their fare price as a refund.

Royal Jordanian 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

  • The Royal Jordanian 24 hours cancellation policy specifies that there are no cancellation fees if the planned ticket is canceled on the same day of booking.
  • For refund, the ticket must be issued from the Royal Jordanian’s sales offices, authorized general sales agents, customer service phone number , or through the airline internet booking engines.
  • As per the Royal Jordanian 24 hours cancellation policy, promotional tickets are not eligible for a refund. 
  • The Royal Jordanian 24 hour cancellation policy does not apply to tickets purchased through third-party agents.
  • Even if you have a refundable fare ticket, no refund can be made if a reservation date of tickets is 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

How to Cancel Flight on Royal Jordanian Airlines?

Royal Jordanian goes out of its way to make sure that its travelers have a good travel experience. The airline offers cancellation services across all available outlets to reduce the hassle of the cancellation process. Consider the methods described below and cancel Royal Jordanian ticket accordingly:

Ticket cancellation via the official website 

Royal Jordanian made the method of canceling fast and quick with the aid of the online system. You save money, time, and effort when you cancel your scheduled ticket online. Save yourself from the hassle of having a cancellation at the airport by taking the steps listed below:

  • Browse to the official website of Royal Jordanian.
  • Complete the login process by mentioning the username with password.
  • Visit the Manage my booking page.
  • Enter the confirmation code and passenger’s family name in the required field. 
  • Re-check the input and tap on the search icon. 
  • A new window will appear on your desktop screen with the list.
  • Choose the flight and navigate to the next page. 
  • Read all the terms and conditions and tap on the next tab. 
  • Fill out the Royal Jordanian refund request form. 
  • Attach all the required documents to support your claim. 
  • Pay the Royal Jordanian cancellation fees.
  • Following the completion of the payment process, the airline will send you a confirmation mail on your registered ID.

Ticket cancellation at the airport counter

Royal Jordanian offers ticket cancellation via the traditional method too. People who choose the offline option of canceling their planned trip will do so with ease by following the steps mentioned here:

  • Reach the Royal Jordanian customer service counter.
  • Fill the Royal Jordanian refund request form with mentioning confirmation code, details about the flight, name of passengers, and all other required details.
  • Review the entitled input and once confirmed about it hand over the form to the available executive.
  • The official will check the request form and may ask you to pay the Royal Jordanian cancellation fees.
  • Pay the fees and ask the agent to send a confirmation mail on your registered ID.

Cancel Royal Jordanian ticket through the customer service number

You can cancel your booking over the call by communicating with the official. The team will assist you and cancel the booking on your behalf. For this, you need to implement the following steps:

  • Dial the Royal Jordanian customer service number .
  • Choose the language.
  • When the agent assists you ask them to perform the cancellation process on your behalf.
  • Share all the required details like- confirmation code, passenger name, and all other required details.
  • Pay the cancellation charges or ask the agent to deduct it(cancellation fees) from the total fare.
  • The team will check the eligibility and may ask you to pay service fees additional.
  • Pay all the required fees and ask the agent to send a confirmation mail on your registered ID.

Royal Jordanian Cancellation Fees

Royal Jordanian Cancellation Fees

Royal Jordanian has a 24-hour risk-free window during which travelers can cancel flights free of charge. Once the risk-free period lapses a percentage of the net ticket price would be paid by the traveler as Royal Jordanian cancellation fees. The cancellation benefit is a direct reference to the booking form, cancellation variables, and fare regulations. Go through the following to know more:

  • The passenger who cancels the ticket on the day of departure must pay Royal Jordanian cancellation fees ranging from 30 to 45 percent of the ticket fare.
  • When you cancel a scheduled reservation because of an airline technical error then you do not need to pay cancellation fees.
  • Cancellation of tickets at the airport or at the sales office can incur service charges in addition to the cancellation fees.
  • Royal Jordanian will charge full fares as no show fee if the passenger fails to cancel or board the flight within the time constraints.
  • Passengers who cancel non-refundable and basic tickets must pay Royal Jordanian cancellation fees ranging from 30% to 60% of the flight fare.
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of your reservation do not incur termination fees. The whole sum would be credited to the account in the initial form of payment within six to twenty-one days.
  • You must pay the total ticket fare as the Royal Jordanian cancellation fees if you cancel the ticket after the flight departure.
  • The airline would not accept refund requests if the flight is booked outside the official channels. All the passengers who planned the trip with the help of a third-party agent must pay full ticket fees as the Royal Jordanian cancellation fee.

Royal Jordanian Refund Policy

In order to obtain a refund from Royal Jordanian, passengers must first understand the policies of the company. It will aid them in making a hassle-free refund request. Check out the following points for more information on the Royal Jordanian refund policy:

  • The  Royal Jordanian refund policy states that no refund can be issued until the passenger has proven his identity.
  • No refund was issued to the passenger with promotional tickets.
  • The airline may refund the unused portion of the ticket after determining the requester’s eligibility.
  • Passengers who made the booking via a credit card will gain refund value to the same purchase account.
  • The refund amount will be credited to the passenger’s account within seven to thirty business days depending on the ticket types.
  • Tickets canceled by corporations and governments will be refunded in accordance with the procedure of purchase.
  • Passengers who paid their booking fees in cash will be contacted by Royal Jordanian to choose a refund method.
  • The airline provides a full refund for cancellations of flights incurred by an act of God.
  • The refund is processed in the same manner as the initial booking. If you wish to change the mode, immediately contact the nearest Royal Jordanian’s official branch.
  • Cancellations made via offline mode would incur a service fee in addition to cancellation fees.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I cancel the Royal Jordanian flight tickets online?

Yes. You can easily cancel the Royal Jordanian flight tickets online. For this, you need to visit the official website and implement the required steps.

How do I cancel my Royal Jordanian ticket?

To cancel your booking, you need to visit the official outlets. The airline will charge a small portion of the ticket fare for making a cancellation.

Note:- are charged a penalty amount based on the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy if you cancel your flight after the 24-hour risk-free cancellation window. Your refund will be placed on your bank account within 14 business days.

Is there a penalty for canceling a ticket on the very day it was booked?

No, there are no cancellation fees if you cancel a ticket on the same day you booked it. If you cancel your ticket on the same day you booked it and your departure date is more than seven days out, Royal Jordanian will issue a full refund.

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