A great trip starts with a great flight. Whether it’s the seat, meals or the date or class, we all want to customize them as per our mood and desire. End moment changes are inevitable so if you are an impulsive traveler, the Royal Jordanian flight change policy is exclusively crafted for you. 

Royal Jordanian Flight Change Policy

Not only are the policies super flexible but sometimes it also allows you to make the modifications taking a step beyond the rules. To grasp thorough information about the Royal Jordanian flight change policy, we recommend you go through this guide and make any changes in the snap of a finger. 

Royal Jordanian Ticket Change Policy 

Changing your ticket in Royal Jordanian Airline is a no brainier but before making the changes, below are the summarized points of the policies that every passenger must know. 

  • According to the Royal Jordanian flight change policy, the passengers can make any relevant changes to their tickets at least 24 hours before the standard time of departure. 
  • If the changes are not made within the given time, the airline would simply deny accommodating the alterations. Royal Jordanian change flight fee would be levied on the passengers if they fail to make the changes in relevant time. 
  • Royal Jordanian flight change is allowed in several ways. The passengers must make the alterations via the point of purchase. 
  • If the fare for the previous Royal Jordanian flight was less than the new flight, the passengers would have to pay the difference in the flight fee to make any changes. 
  • In the case of a group booking, the passengers need to separate the booking they wish to change. Enter the PNR number of the ticket which requires the alteration to make the modifications. 
  • Date change is allowed in Royal Jordanian Airlines and can be done without any trouble. The changes must be made at least a day before the departure so that the airline has enough time to accommodate the change request. 
  • If a passenger has booked a ticket with the “Award Travel” option, they may not be able to make any changes as mentioned in the Royal Jordanian flight change policy. 

Royal Jordanian Date Change Policy 

  • Following the Royal Jordanian flight change policy, you can change the date on your ticket as per your requirement. Date changes have to be made via the source of booking. 
  • Although you would have to pay the difference amount in the previous flight and the new one, you can avail of a 5 per cent discount on the overall fare. 
  • In case the airline cancels your upgrade in the new flight, you have no right to claim any compensation for the same. The class upgrade is a mere gesture of the airline, making any changes in flight can disrupt it. 
  • Date change can only be done a year from the booking date. You cannot seek any extension in the validity period of the tickets. 
  • If you are willing to make the changes online, you can visit the airline’s official website and make the amendments.

Royal Jordanian Name Change Policy 

  • The name change policy of the airline is as easy as the rest of its rules. You can change your name without any hassle if the alterations are done 24 hours from departure time. 
  • To make the name corrections, you can write to the Royal Club and attest proper documentation to support the cause. The airline will cross check the documentation and approve the name change. 
  • You would not be able to change the name entirely and sell it. The name changes can only be corrected if there is a typing error in them. However, some class fare would allow you to transfer the ticket to your family. 
  • Changing your name is easiest via a call or by directly paying a visit to the ticket centre of Royal Jordanian Airlines. 

Royal Jordanian Seat Change Policy 

Royal Jordanian Seat Change
  • Royal Jordanian flight change policy allows you to change your seat if you do not like it. The bookings for the desired seat can be done in advance both online as well as offline.  
  • You are only allowed to make the free changes once. If you are oscillating between booking a window seat or an aisle seat and making the changes several times, you would have to pay for it. 
  • Seat change also depends on the airfare of the ticket. In some cases, you would not be allowed to choose your seat. The airline would randomly provide you with a seat at the time of check-in. 
  • Certain seats in the flight are reserved for emergencies and are provided accordingly. No request can make you modify your seats to the restricted seats. 

Royal Jordanian Itinerary Change Policy 

  • If the need is you can change your itinerary as per the modified plans but make sure that the airline is providing its service to the area you are flying to. 
  • If you have booked a round trip ticket and are willing to make a change in one way the airline would only charge you for one way and not for the round ticket. 
  • Royal Jordanian flight change policy does not allow every itinerary change on every ticket. The change in arrival or destination majorly depends on the fare of the ticket or the class. 

Royal Jordanian Change Flight Fee 

Every benefit is backed up by a set of rules that create a smooth flow in the change procedure for the passengers. If any rules are violated, the passengers would have to pay for them. 

  • Flight change fee for Royal Jordanian immensely depends on the class of the ticket, the type of tickets (domestic or international), the airfare and several other factors which would be visible at the time of booking. 
  • If the passenger is making the changes online, they would not have to pay any service fee, however, if the passengers are making the changes offline, they would have to pay a total of 60 USD to make any relevant changes done. 
  • All the changes are free if the passengers are making them once per ticket. If the count increases for alterations, a small amount of 100 to 200 USD is applied. 
  • The passengers would have to pay somewhere between 100 to 400 USD if they are making any change in their itinerary. International changes are harder to make than domestic changes. 
  • If the passengers have bought a non-refundable ticket, the airline would not allow the passengers to make any alterations. In that case, cancelling the ticket and rebooking is the only option. 

How To Make The Changes In Royal Jordanian Flight Ticket?

Circumstances demand instant actions which can result in making some alterations in the tickets. Royal Jordanian cares about you therefore there is a slew of ways in which you can make the changes. 

Royal Jordanian Change Flight Online

Ditch the hassle of spending your time by visiting a ticket centre or holding up at the customer care call. Changing the tickets can now be done from the comfort of your couch. If you are wondering how to make the changes, follow these simple tips and make the changes in the blink of an eye. 

  1. Visit the homepage of Royal Jordanian and click on the “Manage Booking Tab.
  2. Enter your PNR number along with relevant information to fetch the details. 
  3. Now that the passenger record has appeared, you can click on the “Change Reservation” option. 
  4. Go through the details and make the changes as per your desire
  5. The airline would give a pop-up notification if any change in fare would apply. 
  6. As soon as you make the payment, the changes would be done. 
  7. Voila! You would receive a modified ticket from the airline on your email or contact number. 

Change Royal Jordanian Flight Ticket Via A Call

If you are not running high on technology and want to make the changes in the old way, you can do so by calling the help centre of the airline. The airline has hired well spoken professionals to help you out with the changes. 

  1. You can dial the local help centre of the airline and get in touch with the customer service executive at
  2. Explain the reason behind the change you wish to make. 
  3. The executive will then put you on hold for a while before they tell you about the conditions for making the change as per your fare type. 
  4. You will have to pay the service fees along with the flight difference amount if you wish to proceed with the change. 
  5. Now that you have settled the payment, the changes would be made and you would get a reissued ticket by the Royal Jordanian. 

Royal Jordanian Ticket Change At The Airport

A series of options serve a wide range of passengers making Royal Jordanian one of the best airlines. If the two above mentioned option does not appeal you, you can consider changing your ticket directly by visiting the airport. 

  1. Visit the ticket centre of Royal Jordanian Airlines at the airport. 
  2. Look for an executive when you have entered the office. You must tell them about your flight details so that they can look further into it. 
  3. Elaborate on the changes that you need to make, be specific about the details to avoid any mishap. 
  4. The executive would cross-check your requirements with the Royal Jordanian flight change policy. The airline might subject a small fee for making the alterations to your ticket. 
  5. Voila! The executive would make the changes once you have completed the payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Royal Jordanian Flight Change Policy

Can I change my flight date while travelling with Royal Jordanian Airlines?

Yes. You can change the date of your flight without any nuisance procedures. Make sure to do the changes at least 24 hours before your flight departs so that the airline is notified about your desired changes. 

If we go through the Royal Jordanian flight change policy, you can change the date in three ways- Online by visiting the official website of the airline, making a call at the local help centre or directly by visiting the ticket centre.

What should I do if the airline delays or cancels my Royal Jordanian flight?

If the airline decides to cancel the flight due to some reason, you can opt for one of the two options. You can either ask the airline to provide you with a 100 percent refund or you can take the next alternative flight sent by Royal Jordanian Airlines. 

Royal Jordanian change flight All the food and beverage cost would be reimbursed to you if you provide the receipts for the same.

Can I make the changes to my Royal Jordanian flight ticket online?

Yes. You can make the changes online only if you have booked your tickets in the same way. The airline does not allow you to swap the change process, if the booking has been done online, the changes can be done online. If you have booked the tickets offline, you can only make the alterations offline.

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