Travelers often face circumstances that may lead to many air ticket cancelations. Swoop Airlines cancellation policy makes sure that its customers are fully aware of all the norms of the cancelation process. The policy also includes fees, refunds, and compensations that are provided during flight cancelations. By understanding the policy norms, the passengers will be able to clear any doubt that arises during their cancelation. 

Swoop Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour policy for ticket cancelation offers the convenience for customers to cancel tickets without incurring any charge. A full refund of the booked amount can be given on the cancelation of a ticket within 24 hours of making the purchase. However, to avail of this feature, one must keep in mind that the flight must have a departure time of 7 days or more. The Swoop Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy applies to tickets of all fare types. 

Swoop Airline Cancellation Rules

Most of the rules of the cancelation process are based on the Swoop Airlines cancellation policy. They are set to make the cancelation process easy for the customers and also to inform them about customer eligibility for a refund. Some of the important rules of cancelation are provided below:

  • A 24-hour risk-free cancelation policy offers a full refund on any ticket.
  • Apart from the 24-hour policy tickets, in general, the tickets are subjected to some cancelation charges.
  • Booking money can be refunded on certain refundable tickets.
  • There are different ways of cancelation. Two of the most common methods of Swoop Airline flight cancellation are either visiting a website or making a phone call to the support team. 
  • Compensations are offered to the customers whose flights are canceled by Swoop Airways.

Methods to Cancel Swoop Airlines Flight Tickets

There are different methods for cancelation of air ticket design as per the cancelation policy of Swoop Airlines. Passengers can opt for the online method by visiting the website of Swoop. One may also take help from customer support for canceling and placing refunds. The following are the methods to cancel a ticket. 

Method 1: Website Based Ticket Cancellation

The official website of Swoop Airways can be accessed to cancel tickets by customers. During the cancelation process, some instructions may appear on the screen and one can follow them step by step to cancel the tickets. The steps as per the Swoop Airlines cancellation policy are given below. 

  • The passengers first are required to open the website of Swoop Airlines.
  • One may log in or sign up with the site.
  • Once logged in, the passengers are requested to click the “Manage my Bookings” tab.
  • On clicking the tab, the users will then be taken to the booking options.
  • The travelers are then needed to select the booking they plan to cancel. 
  • Then, the flyers will have to proceed further by following the prompts.
  • Finally, “Yes, Cancel” is to be clicked to complete the cancelation process.
  • Once the process is over, the airline then sends a confirmation mail to the customer. 

Method 2: Phone Call Based Ticket Cancellation

Passengers who are facing issues related to the cancelation process can always give a phone call to the customer service team of Swoop Airline. The airline has a support team named “24/7 traveler support”, especially for passengers who require assistance in canceling their tickets. The team also provides valuable information on how to get a refund from Swoop Airlines and other relevant updates in case of any delay. 

Swoop Airlines Cancellation Fee

The passengers of the airline would have to pay a certain amount of charge in case they cancel a ticket. The following gives an idea about the fee structure of Swoop Airlines.

  • No Swoop Airlines cancellation fee can be charged for the tickets bought and canceled within the risk-free 24 hours.
  • Tickets that are canceled after 24 hours of making their purchase generate a cancelation fee. 
  • A fee is charged for making changes in the schedule of the flight.
  • $150 can be charged for making changes done between 7 to 3 days of departure.
  • A fee of $100 can be charged for the modifications done when 7 or more days are left for departure
  • However, only a $10 fee can be charged when changes are made on modifying. However, as per the policy, only one change is allowed. 

Swoop Airlines Refund Policy

The refund policy of Swoop Airlines includes certain ways to obtain a refund. A partial or a full booking amount can be given to all tickets canceled within 24 hours of booking. Only refundable tickets may generate a refund after 24 hours of purchase.

Due to COVID-19 imposed uncertainties, the airlines have come up with some offers. In case passengers are required to cancel a ticket due to COVID-induced reasons, they can opt for a credit refund. The credit refund can be used by the customers for making future bookings. However, the credit will have to be utilized within 24 months of the issue. To know more about the Swoop Airlines refund, one can reach out to the customer support team of the airline. 

Swoop Airlines Compensation Policy

The compensation policy of Swoop Airways is based on the privileges and rights of customers. Compensations are provided when Swoop Airlines cancel flights or a flight delay of more than three hours occurs. In most cases, passengers are accommodated to a new flight. However, if the travelers are not willing to be part of the new arrangement, they are given the option of obtaining a refund. Depending upon the cause of cancelation or delay, the airline offers compensation to the customers. Given below are some details of compensation provided by the airline. 

  • For flight delays or cancelations due to reasons that are within the limits of Swoop like the occurrence of IT systems failure or any technical fault, a minimum sum of $125 can be provided.  
  • Swoop airlines provide a compensation amount of 250$ if there is a delay of 6 to 9 hours in its actual departure.
  • For delays of more than 9 hours, an amount of $500 can be sent to the passengers traveling with this operator.


Swoop Airlines makes sure that its travelers experience the best of its service. Even when it has to do with the cancelation of a journey with the airline, it ensures that the process remains easy and smooth. Customers are therefore offered with Swoop Airways cancellation policy covering refunds and compensations that enable them to cancel their ticket without any worry. 

The Swoop Airlines cancellation policy guides the passengers to cancel their tickets without any hassle. This policy includes different ways to cancel tickets. It also sets norms of refund and grounds on which passengers are offered compensation. The cancelation policy also includes charges that are to be paid for ticket modifications and cancellations.

Swoop Airlines refund policy enables its passengers to get refunds based on some conditions. For instance, a refund of the full booking amount can be provided when customers cancel within 24 hours of ticket booking. However, in general, tickets that are canceled after the 24-hour risk-free period do not ensure a refund.

Under the Swoop Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, the travelers can claim a full refund on ticket cancellation. According to the policy the tickets are to be canceled within 24 hours of making their purchase. However, the refund is not available for tickets that have departure scheduled for less than 7 days.

Customers would have to pay Swoop Airlines cancellation fees after canceling tickets. Usually, a fee can be charged when a ticket is canceled after 24 hours of booking. All non-refundable tickets after 24 hours of booking are subject to fee payment. A minimum fee of $ 150 can be charged on booking changes.

Swoop Airline informs passengers when a flight gets canceled. The airline then compensates its passengers by offering a fresh ticket for another flight. A full return of the booking amount of the original ticket can be given when a passenger does not accept the new flight arrangements. Free food and accommodation are also provided in case of stayovers caused due to flight delays.

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