If some unfavorable condition strikes and you have to cancel your Transavia Airlines booking, you can refer to the Transavia Airlines cancellation policy. The simple rules will save you from last-minute trouble and allow the cancellation in the most laid-back way possible. This guide will walk you through the Transavia Airlines cancellation policy in detail so make sure to go through it thoroughly and find the relevant solution to your queries. 

Transavia Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation

Transavia Booking Cancellation: Main Highlights 

Take a quick glimpse at some of the main highlights of the Transavia Cancellation Policy right here: 

  • According to the Transavia Airlines cancellation policy, the passengers hold the liberty to make any cancellations to their ticket anytime. However, the airline would not reimburse them for the cost of the ticket. 
  • The passengers have to make the cancellation in the same way in which they booked their tickets. They can either fill out an online contact form or get in touch with the service center. 
  • Tickets purchased via the agents can only be cancelled by the agents. The airline does not allow passengers to change their tickets online or by the help center.
  • The airline would not initiate the refund for the canceled tickets but the passengers have the right to claim the tax amount on their ticket. 

Transavia Cancellation Policy 24 Hours 

Transavia Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation

Transavia Airlines cancellation policy is the umbrella of its 24 hours policy. Apart from all the exemplary policies and flexibilities that the airline provides, the passengers would not be able to enjoy any free cancellation policy. The airline does not provide any free cancellation window up to a limited time. The passengers would simply have to cancel their tickets at their desired time without seeking a refund from the airline. 

Transavia Refund Cancelled Flight

Transavia values its policies. Therefore, the passengers would not be able to make the cancellations and get a refund for the paid amount. Check out the points mentioned below to know more about the refund policy: 

  • Although the passengers would not be able to get a full refund from the airline, they can demand the amount for the paid taxes for the ticket. 
  • If the passengers have made insurance for their tickets, they can get a full refund without any hassle. The insurance form must be sent out to the insurance company and not the airline. 
  • The passengers can claim the tax refund up to 3 months after the departure date. If the refund claim is made via the help centre or at the ticket centre, the passengers would have to pay a small fee of 10 EUR as a service fee.  

Transavia Cancelled Flight Compensation 

Transavia Airlines takes its cancellation seriously, whether it is done by the passengers or by the airline itself. Transavia Airlines cancellation policy has bestowed special rules in case of flight cancellations:

  • If the airline cancels the flight in less than 14 days before it was due to depart, the passengers can claim compensation of up to 700 USD per ticket. 
  • The airline is not liable to make any compensation if it offers the next alternative flight at the same time. However, if the passengers do not wish to take the flight offered by the airline, they can opt to take a 100 percent refund. 
  • If the airline cancels the flight due to some extraordinary circumstance it is not subjected to make any compensation to its passengers. The extraordinary circumstance might include some incident at the airport, bad weather etc. 

Several Ways To Make Transavia Cancellations 

Cancellations in Transavia Airlines can be made in various ways, both online as well as offline. So what are you waiting for? Read along to learn about all the ways for Transavia Airlines ticket cancellation. 

Cancel China Airlines Flight Online

Regarded to be one of the best ways to make cancellations, you can fill out the cancellation forms online. This form of cancellation would not require you to pay any service fee and allows the cancellation from the comfort of your couch. Follow these steps to move forward with the cancellation process. 

  • Visit the website’s homepage of the official Transavia airlines to deal with cancellations.
  • You would be able to find a “My Transavia” section
  • You can now enter your first name, last name and booking reference number
  • You would be able to see a cancellation form on the page
  • Press on the “Next” button
  • You can now cancel your ticket as per your wish 
  • You can fill out the refund form if you wish to be reimbursed for the tax paid on the Transavia Airlines ticket. 
  • Voila! The ticket cancellation would be made and the passengers would be notified about it via the registered email ID or the contact number. 

Step-by-step guide to cancel Transavia Airlines ticket via a call

With an aim to provide a timeless experience, Transavia Airlines has tried to overstep and spoil its passengers with innumerable options for cancellations. The airline has hired a group of executives with excellent communication skills, present to help out the customer during the time of need. 

  • You can dial the help centre of Transavia Airlines at .
  • An executive would assist you in the rest of the cancellation procedure.
  • Make sure to explain the entire reason for cancellation and the prevailing scenario to the executive assigned to you.
  • The executive would keep you on hold for some time and look into the procedure. They would tell you about the cancellation status and the eligibility for a refund for your ticket. 
  • The tax refund would be initiated as per Transavia Airlines cancellation policy. If you are opting to cancel your ticket in this way, you would have to pay a small service fee of 10 EUR. 

Tips On How To Cancel Transavia Airlines Tickets At The Airport 

Not willing to cancel the ticket via the above-mentioned ways? Do not worry, that’s why the airline has provided quite a laid-back option for the passengers. If you wish to make the cancellations directly at the airport office, follow these simple steps:

  • As soon as you walk into the ticket center, you can get in touch with an executive who would be helping you out with the cancellation
  • You can explain the reason for cancellation to the executive and request them to proceed with the ticket cancellation.
  • The executive would look into the details and inform you about the eligibility for cancellation.
  • Transavia Airlines does not entertain the refund facility, but you can request the executives to check the refund of tax. 
  • The tickets would be canceled as per your wish and the refund amount for tax would be made at the same time. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Would I get a refund while canceling my ticket with Transavia Airlines?

The refund policy of Transavia Airlines is quite simple. You can make the cancellation in the airline, however, seeking a refund would be of no use as the airline does not provide any refund from its side. If you want to be reimbursed for the tax, you can fill out the refund form. However, the amount for services would be considered a no-show and be nullified. 

If you are someone who has made the insurance for their Transavia Airlines tickets, you can indubitably write a letter to your insurance company and claim a full refund. The airline has got nothing to do with the refund.

Can I cancel my Transavia Airlines ticket online? If yes then how?

Yes. The airline has provided innumerable ways in which passengers can opt to make their ticket cancellations. Where canceling your ticket by taking assistance from executives would require a service fee, online changes can be done absolutely for free. 

If you wish to make the changes online, you can visit the official website of the airline and go to the “My Transavia” option. You can enter your surname and booking reference number to fetch the flight details. Now that you are able to see your flight, you can press on the cancel booking option and simply cancel your ticket.

What happens when Transavia Airlines cancels my flight?

If the flight has been canceled by the airline, you would be provided with two options. You can either opt for the next alternative flight as sent by the airline or seek a 100 percent refund if you do not wish to take a trip with Transavia Airlines.
The airline is quite strict with its policies, especially the Transavia Airlines cancellation policy. So if your flights are canceled within 14 days from the departure date, you can claim compensation up to 600 USD. If the flights have been canceled due to reasons which are not in the control of Transavia Airlines, the passengers would not be provided with any compensation.

Is Transavia Airline taking any preventive measures during the time of the Pandemic?

Yes. At a time of crisis when sanity and safety require the utmost attention, the airline is trying its best to expand its services for a safe trip. The passengers would have to carry a COVID test report while taking the flight, the test has to be taken 2 days before flying. Frequent sanitization and social distancing are also followed, the passengers have to wear a mask properly in order to take a flight. 

The temperature of staff is reported on a daily basis. Food and beverages served to the passengers are cooked with consideration, keeping health and safety in mind. The airline is taking every step it can to enhance a safe trip and ditch any chance of getting infected while traveling.

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