While booking a flight ticket, the foremost fear remains of the refund. In many situations, the passengers have to make visits to the airline office to seek a refund due to the troublesome cancellation rules. However, while travelling with Virgin Australia the passengers would not have to worry about anything. The easy Virgin Australia cancellation policy makes it one of the best airlines all around the world. 

If you want to find all your cancellation related queries in one place, read along. We will walk you through Virgin Australia flight cancellation policy in the most hassle-free way possible. 

Virgin Australia Flight Cancellation Policy: Significant Highlights 

It is not common for passengers to come across an airline as flexible as Virgin Australia. If you have booked a ticket with Virgin Australia, make sure to quickly follow these quick pointers for instant knowledge related to cancellation. 

  • According to the Virgin Australia cancellation policy, the passengers can cancel their tickets for free if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of booking. 
  • The bookings must be made at least 7 days before the departure date so that the airline can accommodate the requests. 
  • If the cancellations are not made within the given span, the passengers would have to undertake the Virgin Australia flight cancellation fee as set by the airline. 
  • Passengers who are booking their tickets in the group can make cancellations by contacting customer support. 
  • If the passengers wish to make the cancellations online, they can do so by separating individual tickets that they wish to cancel. 
  • If the passengers have booked two tickets by mistake, the airline allows the cancellation of the ticket with lower airfare. The cancellations can be made for free up to 72 hours before the departure. 
  • Fill out the Virgin Australia refund form right after cancelling the tickets to receive an instant refund from the airline. This option is only for those passengers who booked their tickets online. 
  • The passengers can book their tickets in a number of ways. However, the cancellations have to be made via the source of booking to avoid any trouble. 
  • If the passengers are making the bookings via an agent, they can only make the cancellations by contacting their agents. If they need to make the changes by contacting the service centre, they would have to pay a service fee. 

Virgin Australia Cancellation Policy 24 Hours 

The best part about the cancellation in Virgin Australia is that the passengers can enjoy a window for free cancellation. Having second thoughts about taking the flight? Worry not. You can cancel your ticket without having to worry about anything. 

  • As per Virgin Australia 24 hours cancellation policy, the passengers have the right to cancel their tickets absolutely for free. No matter whether the cancellation is done in the first hour or in the last minute. 
  • The 24 hours cancellation rule does not apply to every ticket, in certain conditions the passengers are not allowed to make the cancellations at all. While in some conditions the passengers can make the cancellations even during the departure. 
  • The airline would not entertain any extension in the free cancellation window of 24 hours. Failure to cancelling the tickets would result in a fine that has to be paid by the passengers. 

Virgin Australia Flight Cancellation Fee 

In order to enjoy the leverage, the passengers must have to be aware of the possible outcome of not following the rules. The airline has tried its best to be as flexible as possible but if the passengers decide to violate the terms, they would have to pay some amount as punishment. 

  • The cancellation charges for Virgin Australia flight depends on several factors such as the duration of cancellation, the class of the ticket, the destination and the type of ticket purchased. 
  • If you are cancelling a ticket on a domestic flight, you would have to pay a fee of 80 Australian dollars per ticket and a capped fee of 320 AUD. 
  • If you are cancelling an international flight, you would be charged a cancellation fee of 80 AUD and a capped fee of 320 AUD per ticket. 
  • The cancellation fee for an international flight is usually more for a domestic flight. 

How To Cancel Virgin Wines Australia Flight 

The airline has innumerable options for making the cancellations. Due to a wide variety of passengers, the airline throws some light on diversity in the cancellation process. So you can make the changes in whatever ways that suits you the most. 

Virgin Australia Cancel Booking Online 

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to make the cancellation is online. Whether you are traveling somewhere or comfortably sitting on your couch, you can make the cancellation with the tap of a finger. These are the following steps to make the cancellations online. 

  1. Open your browser and search for the official website of Virgin Australia Airline.
  2. If you have an account in the airline, you can simply log in to make the cancellations. 
  3. Navigate to the home page of Virgin Australia Airline. 
  4. Click on the “My Trip” option displayed at the extreme right of the page. 
  5. Enter the booking reference number and guest’s last name and click on the manage option
  6. The website would fetch your flight detail and feature it on the screen. 
  7. Search for the cancellation option and instantly cancel your tickets. 
  8. Make sure to fill out the refund form if you wish to receive a refund from the airline. 
  9. Voila! The airline would process your cancellation and send you a notification regarding the same as per Virgin Australia cancellation policy. 

Virgin Australia Cancellations Via A Call 

Want to try the good old way and speak to a professional? Consider it done. If you are someone who has dubious questions while cancelling the tickets by yourself, you can take the help of the well spoken executives. 

  1. You can dial the office of Virgin Australia as per your locality. 
  2. Wait for an executive to assist you throughout the cancellation process. 
  3. You can now tell your booking number and last name to the executive so that they can fetch your flight details. 
  4. Make sure to elaborate on why do you wish to cancel your ticket. Support your statement with documentation if possible. 
  5. The executive would cross check your eligibility for the cancellations and proceed accordingly.  
  6. The executive would make the cancellations as per Virgin Australia cancellation policy. 

Planning to opt for professional help while cancelling your ticket? Do not shy away, go ahead and cancel your tickets in the best way possible. You would have to pay a small cancellation fee of 100 AUD if you wish to make the cancellations via the call. 

Step By Step Guide To Cancel the Ticket At The Airport 

No one is the same so why should the cancellation process be the same? If you enjoy interacting with the executives and walking down the old road to cancel your ticket, go ahead and cancel your tickets directly at the airport. 

  1. Walk down to the ticket centre of Virgin Australia at the airport. 
  2. Be seated till an executive approaches and assists you with the cancellation. 
  3. Tell your Booking Reference Number and Last Name to fetch the flight details. 
  4. It would be better if you explain the reasons for cancellation along with the proof of cancellation. (Example, a medical certificate)
  5. The executives would check your eligibility and make the cancellations as per Virgin Australia cancellation policy. 

Virgin Australia Refund Policy 

What’s the major concern that we all face while cancelling our tickets? The first thought has to be a refund. The hard earned money is valued by the airline so you do not have to worry about the refunds. Go through these points to check the refund process. 

  • Virgin Australia compassionate refund would be initiated to the passengers as soon as they make the cancellations.
  • The refunds usually take approximately 15 to 20 days to reflect refund. The duration of the refund depends on the type of tickets purchased by the passengers. 
  • The passengers can use a refund for up to 12 months for booking the tickets. Extending the time would not be entertained by the airline. 
  • The refund initiation would only take place after the deduction of the cancellation fee. If you are looking for more information regarding the refund policy, you can directly visit the official website of the airline and lookout for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Virgin Australia Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my Virgin Australia flight in any way I want to?

Virgin Australia provides every facility for the comfort of its passengers. However, as per the Virgin Australia cancellation policy, the passengers are only allowed to make cancellations via the source of booking. Meaning, if the passengers have booked the tickets online, they can make the cancellations online.

Would I have to pay a flight cancellation fee while cancelling my ticket in Virgin Australia?

The airline provides a free change window of 24 hours which allows the passengers to make free cancellations up to 24 hours of booking. If the passengers do not make the cancellations at that time, they would have to pay a small fee.

What happens when Virgin Australia cancels my flight at the last minute?

As per Virgin Australia cancellation policy, If the airline cancels your flight ticket due to some unavoidable reason, you would be provided with two options. You can either opt to cancel your flight and seek a full refund or you can wait for the next alternative flight sent by the airline.

Is it worth it to take a trip with Virgin Australia?

Yes. Virgin Australia is one of the best airlines all around the world. The passengers are provided with every facility they can wish for, from easy change policy to trouble free cancellation policy.

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    I intend to book a return flight for 3 persons from Sydney to Cairns at the end of May 2022.

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    As a long term supporter of Virgin back to first flights & a Bond holder I was staggered to find on cancelling flight for my family from Sydney to visit me in Qld due to covid circumstances . The flight booking made with cash & Frequent flyer points the
    refund of cash to travel bank was correct but only a partial refund of Frequent flyer points .
    Most disappointing

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    Do i need to still pay a cancelation fee if there was a death in my immediate family and I could not travel

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