Detailed Guide To Change Flight On Virgin Australia 

While taking a flight, there are a lot of things that we consider. The confusion between the aisle seat and the window one keeps us all hanging. Well, in case you have any change in mind and wish to modify your tickets, don’t worry. Virgin Australia flight change policy is specially crafted for passengers who wish to make end-minute alterations. 

Virgin Australia Flight Change Policy

This guide entails Virgin Australia changing flight policy in detail. Ditch the hassle of surfing the internet to find change-related queries. We have compiled all the information in one place for a hassle-free experience. 

Virgin Australia Change Flight: Major Features 

In the end, all we want is a perfect trip, don’t we? If you are someone who remains baffled between the seats, meals and dates, we highly recommend you take a look at these highlights. 

  • According to the Virgin Australia flight change policy, the passengers can change their flights for free if the changes are done within 24 hours of booking. 
  • Missing out on the free change window assures a certain change fee on the passengers. 
  • The bookings must be made at least 7 days before the departure date. 
  • The passengers must pay the difference in flight fare while making any moderation. If the old flight is cheaper than the new one, you would have to pay the amount to make the amendments. 
  • In case of group bookings, you can make the changes via a call. The charges would be considered for individual tickets. 

Virgin Australia Change Date Policy 

Rethinking about dates in the emergency can be implemented easily with the Virgin Australian date change policy. 

  • If you are thinking of changing the flight date in Virgin Australia, you can visit the official website of the airline and change it accordingly. You can also make the changes offline.
  • The passengers cannot claim compensation if the airline cancels the complimentary class upgrade during the time of change. 
  • Date changes are not permissible on every ticket, the passengers need to check the eligibility before making the changes. 

Virgin Australia Name Change Policy 

The excitement for a delightful trip makes us make some errors. However, while taking a flight with Virgin Australia, you do not have to worry about making compensation for the mistakes. 

  • The name change is permissible for domestic as well as international flights. You can change up to 3 characters in your first name or your surname. 
  • Although you can make the changes in your name, you are not allowed to change the identity on the ticket. You cannot transfer the ticket to some other person or sell it online. 
  • To make the name changes, you would have to submit your passport along with some valid documents to the airline. It would then cross-check the ticket name and allow the changes. 
  • If you are changing more than three characters on your ticket, you would have to pay the Virgin Australia name change fee for the same. If the names are entered in the wrong order, you can arrange it by paying a small amount. 
  • To make the name changes, you can take any sort of documents like a Marriage certificate, Driver’s Licence, Birth Certificate, Medicare Card. A passport is mandatory. 

Virgin Australia Seat Change Policy 

Making changes in the seat is one thing that every passenger wants. Virgin Australia change seats can be done in a snap of the fingers. Make sure to run through these points and modify your seat as per your mood. 

  • The airline gives you the liberty to choose your seats during the time of booking. If you have checked in online, you would not be allowed to make the changes. 
  • If you are a loyal passenger of Virgin Australia, the airline would try its best to reserve good seats for you. If you have checked in, the airline will contact you regarding the seat choice. 
  • The seat changes can only be done once if you wish to do it for free. If you are making the changes twice or thrice, you would have to pay for the changes. 
  • Some seats in the airline are crafted exclusively for emergency moments. Only specially-abled people can have access to those seats. 

Virgin Australia Destination Change Policy 

Have some other place in mind which swayed your heart away? Don’t hesitate and change your destination today. The airline allows its passengers to change the destination as per Virgin Australia flight change policy. 

  • Virgin Australia change flight can be done for free if you are making the changes within 24 hours. 
  • If you have a domestic ticket and wish to modify it to an international ticket, you can do so by paying the remaining flight fare. 
  • Not all the Virgin Australia schedule change can be accommodated. If the airline is not allowing you to make the changes to your desired destination, you can simply cancel and rebook your ticket. 
  • Unlike other change policies, the destination policy remains quite strict. The airline might levy a certain fee even if the changes are done within the given time-frame. 

Virgin Australia Meal Change Policy 

Continental or Thai? Chinese or Mexican choosing the right meal to enjoy with a sky view is quite important. If you are as fanatic about food as we are then you can enjoy the meal change policy by Virgin Australia. 

  • The passengers can make the meal changes as per the type of ticket they have purchased. The passengers with Economy tickets are not allowed to make the meal demands. 
  • Passengers with Economy Flexi tickets can change their meals for free up to 72 hours from the departure of the flight. 
  • If the passengers are booking a meal that is not covered in their tickets, they would have to pay some extra amount to book the meals. 
  • Meal changes are only permissible once per passenger. If the passengers wish to make the meal change more times, they would have to pay a fee to do so. 

Virgin Australia Flight Change Fee 

The airline provides exceptional policies to make the journey hassle-free. However, to maintain a smooth flow, the passengers are charged a small fee if they do not make the changes to their tickets on time. You may fight the cost to change flights in Virgin Australia below. 

  • Failure in making the changes to your ticket within 24 hours of the booking might make you pay a small fee of 100 USD to the airline. 
  • The cancellation charges usually depend on various factors such as the class of the ticket, the time of changes and the type of changes made. 
  • If you have bought ticket insurance, the airline allows you to make the changes 72 hours from the departure of the flight. 
  • The flight change fee is quite different from the fare difference between the two flights. You would have to pay the difference in flight fare even if the tickets are cancelled on time. 
  • If the passengers are changing their tickets via a call or by visiting the airport, they would have to pay a service fee ranging between 50 to 100 USD. 

Different Ways To change Your Virgin Australia Flight 

A good airline never keeps its passengers devoid of options. Every passenger is different and they want to proceed with the changes in different ways. Virgin Australia has several ways to modify your tickets without any trouble. 

Virgin Australia Change Flight Online 

We do not have an entire day to make the change, right? Now make any changes, anytime and anywhere with a tap. Follow these steps listed below to make the changes in the easiest way possible. 

  1. Browse through the official website of Virgin Australia.
  2. On the homepage, you can see a login option at the right corner of the page. Click on that to log-in. 
  3. Now that you have logged in, click on the “My Trips” option. 
  4. Enter the booking reference number and last name. Click on the manage button. 
  5. The airline would redirect you to some other page where you can see the “Modify my ticket” option. 
  6. You can make any sort of modifications to your ticket such as seats, date, meals etc. 
  7. Before making the modifications, teh airline would demand a change fee as per Virgin Australia flight change policy. 
  8. Voila! Your changes would be made in a tap. The airline would send a modified ticket to your mail ID. 

Virgin Australia Change Flight Via A Call

Want to try the good old way and speak to a professional? Consider it done. The airline has hired some of the most well spoken executives to help you out during the time of emergency. Follow the steps mentioned below if you are looking forward to changing the ticket in this way. 

  1. Dial the office of Virgin Australia as per your locality. 
  2. Wait for an executive to assist you throughout the change process. 
  3. Tell your PNR number and last name to the executive so that they can fetch the details. 
  4. Make sure to tell the executive about the changes you wish to make to your ticket. Be elaborative in order to avoid any issues. 
  5. The executive would then check your eligibility for the change and proceed accordingly. If needed, you would have to pay the flight difference to move with the modifications. 
  6. The change would be made successfully. You would receive an email regarding the change. 

If you are planning to take expert’s help, you would have to pay the service fee as demanded by the airline. The service fee usually lingers between 50 to 100 USD. 

Change Flight On Virgin Australian At The Airport 

 If you do not feel comfortable changing your ticket in the above-mentioned ways and need physical assistance in changing your ticket, you can opt for this method. 

  1. Walk down to the nearest ticket centre of Virgin Australia Airlines.  
  2. Please wait patiently while an executive comes forward to help you. 
  3. Elaborate on the kind of change you want to see in your ticket. The executive would check whether or not you can make those changes. 
  4. The executive would ask for your PNR number while they feed the details on their system. The fetched details would show whether you are eligible for the changes or not. 
  5. After successful completion of the change fee and other requirements, the executive would finally make the desired changes successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Virgin Australia Flight Change Policy 

Is it possible to change the names in Virgin Australia flight tickets?

Yes. As per the Virgin Australia flight change policy, you can change up to 3 characters of your name for free. However, the names can only be corrected, you cannot transfer it to some other person. 

If the passengers have made a mistake while booking their tickets, they can submit documentation supporting their real name. The airline would go through the documents and allow the changes accordingly.

Can I change my Virgin Australia Flight in any way I want to?

Virgin Australia provides every facility for the comfort of its passengers. However, as per the Virgin Australia flight change policy, the passengers are only allowed to make modifications in the way they booked the tickets.Passengers who have booked their tickets online can make the changes online. 

If the agents are involved in the booking process, the passengers must reach out to the agents directly. The airline would not do anything related to the changes.

Would I have to pay a flight change fee while making the changes in Virgin Australia?

Change fee for Virgin Australia depends on the time a passenger is making the changes. The airline provides a free change slot of 24 hours, if the passengers make any changes after that time, they would have to pay some fee to make the changes. 

Passengers with Basic Fare, Premier Fare and Business Fare can change their tickets for free. For classic fare, comfort fare and AM+ fare, a fee of 100 to 300 USD would be levied. 

Would Virgin Australia cancel my complimentary class upgrade while making the changes?

Not necessarily. However, in some cases if the airline has given you any complimentary class upgrade in your previous flight, it can even cancel it in case of any changes. You cannot question the airline or seek any compensation in this case.

Can I change my seat while travelling with Virgin Australia?

Yes. Following Virgin Australia flight change policy, the passengers can make any changes in their seats as per their desire. The airline also provides you with the liberty to choose your seats before checking in. 

However, if you were not able to book the seats at the time of booking, the airline would provide you with a seat as per the availability. 

Can I change my destination for the Virgin Australia?

The airline allows you to change your itinerary as per your desire. In case of any plan change you can visit the official website and modify your bookings online. 

Changing destination is quite hard if you are planning to change your domestic flight ticket to an international ticket. You would have to bear the flight difference fee between the two flights.

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