The Web Check In Neos Air Online policy presents multiple rules to help fliers confirm their availability for flights. These terms are important to abide by for boarding planes. The policy defines specific rules for international and domestic fliers. They can initiate airport or online/web check-in depending on the policy’s provisions and limitations.

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What are Neos Air Check-in Rules?

One can check in on Neos Airlines, as per its policy, 2 hours to 40 minutes before take-off on medium and short-haul flights. According to another rule, for long-haul flights, the timing is 3 hours to 60 minutes before departing. 

  • Also, fliers requiring special assistance can complete Web Check In Neos Air Online at the airport:
    • 2 hours prior to a short-haul flight’s departure.
    • 3 hours before a long-haul flight’s take-off.
  • Passengers with disabilities can request specific seats during check-in at airports.
  • While checking in, travelers can avail of extra baggage allowance.
  • This allowance is available 72 to 3 hours before departure.

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What are the Rules to Check in Online on Neos Air?

Those with direct bookings with Neos can check in online. Also, flyers with baggage on Neos Air can check in through the web. They must arrive at the airline’s counter 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

  • Additionally, under the Secure Flight program, online check-in is available:
    • 24 hours before the scheduled take-off
    • And, 3 hours up to departure
  • For foreign/Italian airports, the following applies:
    • Neos Air online check-in begins 48 hours prior to departure.
    • One can complete the process up to 3 hours before a flight takes off.
  • Group bookings with up to 9 fliers qualify for this procedure. 
  • 48 to 3 hours before take-off, flyers can reserve extra baggage during the process.

How to Check in on Neos Air?

A flier can conduct Web Check In Neos Air online and offline. For this, the available mediums include the airline’s website or its ticketing counter/kiosk at the departure airport. These methods are suitable for individual and group check-in, on complying with the necessary terms.

Method 1: Via the Website

For reservations with Neos or a tour operator, web check-in is accessible. Depending on how the booking was made, the instructions to perform this method slightly differ. However, the personal details of a passenger are a common requirement while performing it via this airline’s website.

  • Once the website of “Neos Air” is open, select “Check-in” on the homepage.
  • In this tab, choose one of the following:
    • “Neos Reservation”
    • “Tour Operator Reservation”
  • When selecting “Neos Reservation”, fill in these details:
    • “PNR Code”
    • “Surname”
    • “Name”
    • “e-Mail Address”
  • In case one opts for “Tour Operator Reservation”, add the following information:
    • “T.O. Code”
    • “Surname”
    • “Name”
    • “e-Mail address”
  • Go through the terms on the screen and select:
    • “Not Agree”
    • Or, “Agree”
  • Afterward, click on “Access to Web Check-in”.
  • Follow additional instructions on the screen to end the process.

Method 2: At Airports or through Kiosks

Travelers of Neos can check in offline at airports. They can move to this airline’s counter. Here, they can deposit their luggage and provide their personal information to the agents who will then conduct the process. 

A traveler of Neos can opt for self-check-in as well. For this, he/she can approach the kiosk, add personal details, and follow the directions on the display.

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What is the Neos Check in Fee?

When completing check-in using Neos Airline’s website, it is usually free. The carrier may apply a charge when a traveler books an extra service or add-on. In this case, the process can invite a cost online or at the airport.

  • In case checking in with extra baggage, the fee is:
    • Between $11 to $12 for short-haul flights
    • $17-$19 for long-distance flights
  • Location-specific charges can apply when checking in with extra luggage.
  • If the piece concept applies to baggage under 10 kg, then the Neos check in cost is $50. 

How to Collect Boarding Passes on Neos Air?

Depending on how one checks in on Neos Air, boarding passes can be collected. When completing the process online, one can receive the digital pass on the registered email ID. Otherwise, printed passes are provided. However, a traveler flying from JFK Airport, in specific, who checks in online will receive the pass from the airport counter.  

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What are Neos Air Check-in Limitations?

Check-in on Neos is limited for certain passengers. They may either execute the process at the airport or through the airline’s website. In some cases, the carrier may completely restrict them from initiating this process and prevent boarding planes. 

  • Neos Air check-in is restricted due to:
    • Incorrect/aggressive behavior of a flier during the journey.
    • Carrying baggage belonging to third parties/other travelers.
    • Flying with forbidden objects
  • For airports in the following locations, online check-in is unavailable:
    • Turin
    • Hamburg
    • Bamako
    • Amman
    • Dubai
    • Dakar
    • Nanjing
    • Point a Pitre
    • Olbia
    • Prague
  • Neos Air online check-in is unavailable when flying on these routes:
    • Milan Malpensa – Cairo
    • From/to Amritsar
    • Return stopover flights from Egypt heading to Italy


With Neos Air, travelers can seamlessly check in online or offline when they are aware of the rules. Through the carrier’s policy, they can not only know these terms but restrictions as well. By applying the same, they can initiate the process, reserve extra services, and board planes with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to check in Neos Airlines ticket


Using the website of this airline, one can check in a ticket online.

What time is check-in for Neos flights?

Usually, a minimum of 2 hours before departure, one can check in offline with this carrier.

How many hours do I need to check in before my flight on Neos?

In general, before departure, one requires 48 hours for the offline and 3 hours for web check-in.

Is it better to check in online or at the airport with Neos?

Neos ensures smooth online and airport check-in. Hence, the mode is dependent on preferences.

What happens if I don’t check in online on Neos?

In case online check-in is necessary but not performed, a flier may be denied boarding.

Can I fly without online check-in on Neos?

It’s possible to fly without checking in online if the process isn’t necessary. Otherwise, boarding may be denied.

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