How often do you think about having a perfect trip, free from all the hustle-bustle? Very often, right? However, the trip becomes a complete mess if your airline does not allow you to make changes to your bookings. But what do you have to worry about? If you are booking a ticket with Air Italy, we would say you’re rather lucky. Unlike most airlines, here, the passengers can proceed with any wish they have. Air Italy flight change policy is quite relaxed and ensures a smooth process. 

Air Italy Flight Change Policy

Want us to walk you through Air Italy change flight rules in detail? Read along and find relevant questions to all your queries. 

All You Need To Know About Air Italy Change Booking

We simply cannot afford to run through every single website to check different change criteria, can we? So we decided to make your task simpler by jotting down all the change-related rules in one place. Run through the following points and prepare yourself for any end-moment emergency. 

  • As per the Air Italy flight change policy, the passengers can make any changes to their tickets for free within 24 hours of booking. The tickets must be purchased at least 7 days before the departure date. 
  • If the changes are made within the free change span, the passengers would not have to pay a single rupee. However, if the changes are made after 24 hours, they would have to pay the Air Italy change fee. 
  • The airline would demand the difference in airfare even if the passengers are making the changes within the given time frame. These updated charges are required to make any date changes. 
  • The passengers are allowed to make the changes in several ways both with the help of the internet and offline. It is highly advisable to make the changes via the point of purchase. 
  • In any case of a group booking, the passengers can contact the global contact center and get their changes made. In other cases, they can even separate the individual bookings from the group bookings. 

All-Inclusive Changes For Air Italy 

Whether you wish to make changes to the date of your travel or the seats, the airline allows you to do it all. Here are the changes that one can easily make to their Italy flight ticket. 

  • Air Italy date change can be done up to a year from the date of purchase. The change date policy is kind of strict and does not allow the passengers to extend the time. 
  • If the passengers wish to make any name changes to their tickets, they can directly send a document for name verification and request the changes. 
  • Destination changes depend on the ticket. While in some cases, the airline might allow the passengers to make the changes while in others, it would not. 
  • Seat changes can be done even when the passengers have checked in. The airline allows pre-booking of the seats at the point of purchase. 
  • As per the Air Italy flight change policy, the airline has the right to cancel any complimentary service promised in the previous flight. The passengers cannot complain regarding this. 

Air Italy Change Flight Fee 

As flexible as this airline is, there’s always a limitation to it. The change fee is applied when a passenger is not able to abide by the change rules as set by the airline. 

  • Air Italy change fee is not based on a common ground for every passenger. The change fee usually depends on several factors such as the destination, the time of change, and the type of ticket (refundable or non-refundable). 
  • The change flight fee is seen to be higher for passengers taking international trips than the passengers opting for domestic ones. 
  • Passengers who have insured their tickets have nothing to worry about the change fee. The airline does not take any charges from them even while making end-moment changes. 
  • The change flight fee starts from the 25th hour on any normal ticket. The airline provides a risk-free change window for a day. 
  • If you wish to know the accurate change fee, you can directly contact the airline to know more about it. You can also check it online. 
  • The passengers are only allowed to make free changes once to their tickets. If they are making the changes twice, the airline would charge them for the same. 

Various Ways To Change Flight on Air Italy 

At the end of the day, life is all about options. The more options an airline provides, the more passengers it attracts. Air Italy is quite sorted in that manner, there are a myriad of ways in which the passengers can make the changes. Make sure to scroll down and check out the change ways as per Air Italy flight change policy. 

Air Italy Change Flight Online 

Making modifications to your ticket is as simple as tapping on your screen and there it is, done! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, yes. The passengers can enjoy altering and modifying their tickets from the comfort of their couch. Below is how one can proceed with the changes via the web. 

  • Open any server of your choice and visit the official website of Air Italy. 
  • You can choose the language which you like
  • You can now see a “My Bookings” section on the top part of the home page. 
  • Now that you have clicked on the flight option, enter your booking reference number and your last name. 
  • Click on the search button. 
  • You would be able to see your flight details on the screen. 
  • You can now make the changes to your tickets when you have finally logged in. 
  • Pay the difference amount (if any) to proceed with the changes you wish to make. 
  • Voila! The alterations would be made in these simple steps. You would receive a new ticket on your email ID and contact number regarding the same. 

Step By Step Guide To Make Changes Via a Call

Air Italy cannot assure you of time travel but it most certainly can assure you of a timeless experience. Is making the changes online not your cup of tea? Then we think this way is exclusively crafted for you. 

  • The airline is known for its executives who are masters in solving the problem of the passengers. 
  • You can give a call at and talk to an executive about the change process. 
  • They would need to tell the booking reference number and last name to the executives. 
  • The executive would then check the eligibility of the passengers before proceeding with the changes. They would tell you about the difference in airfare. 
  • Make sure to be as elaborate as possible, regarding the changes. 
  • Voila! The changes would be made and a new ticket would be released to your given mail ID or any other contact details. 
  • The passengers would have to pay a little administrative fee when the changes are made with the assistance of an executive. 

Change Your Air Italy Ticket At The Airport

Offline modifications can be done in 2 methods, the other way is by visiting the ticket center at the airport. If you like to book and modify your ticket in the most reliable way possible, this is the best way to go about it. 

  • Walk down to the ticket center and seek help from an executive. 
  • The executive would ask you for your booking reference number and name to retrieve the flight details. 
  • Explain the changes you wish to make to your executive before you forward the alterations. Carry a document if possible (in certain cases, name changes are only made after verifying the documents)
  • The executives would go through your eligibility and tell you about the change fee as per the Air Italy flight change policy. 
  • The changes would be made in the snap of a finger and you would get a new ticket right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Italy Change Flight Policy

Can I Change My Flight Ticket while Traveling on Air Italy?

Yes. Air Italy flight change policy clearly reads that the passengers are allowed to modify their tickets as per their wish. In certain cases, the passengers cannot make any changes to their tickets. They can contact the airline in this case.

How to Change the Date in Air Italy Tickets?

You can change the date on your ticket in two ways without any hassle. If you are changing it online, you can visit the website of Air Italy> Log in> go to the Manage Booking section> enter your PNR number and last name > Make any desired changes.

If you wish to do it offline, you can either directly give a call at the global contact center or walk down the airport.

Can I Change My Seats on Air Italy?

Air Italy flight change policy says that the passengers can change their seats without any hassle. If you have pre-booked a seat, you can directly go to the website and make the changes as required. (The changes have to be made via the point of purchase).

You can change the seat as per the availability at that moment. Please note that there are some seats reserved for special passengers in an emergency. The airline would not allow you to book those seats.

What is the Change Fee on Air Italy Flights?

Change fee in Air Italy immensely depends on the itinerary of the passengers. It varies as per the destination, the type of tickets (domestic or international, refundable or non-refundable), and the time at which you are making the changes.

You can contact the airline for a clearer view of the change fee crafted for your ticket.

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