Regardless of the fare class you have selected, Condor Flight Change Policy allows you the flexibility to change the travel date, time, and destination. You can revoke the reservation for any limited fare using the airline’s Flex service. 

Condor Flight Change Policy

Here, we provide a thorough overview of how to change your Condor flight booking, the restrictions and conditions you must remember to change your reservation, how to change your flight if Covid-19 affects your trip, and much more.

Guidelines When Making Condor Change Flight Request

On the Condor Airlines website, you may submit a modification request for flight change. You will need to get in touch with your travel agencies if you booked your flight through them. In addition – 

  • Airlines do not allow you to change phone numbers and other information of passengers. 
  • Passengers can change the round trip flight segment or make a partial change and/or travel date. 
  • The number of passengers in the reservation cannot be altered. 
  • You must pay the difference between the rebooking price and the original price if you change your flight’s schedule and the new cost is greater than the original. The original ticket price is relevant if your rebooking price is less than the original one. 
  • As per Condor Airlines change flight policy, passengers can make Condor change flight requests up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Airlines do not allow changing the number of passengers and other information.
  • Additionally, no extras can be edited.
  • You may be charged Condor rebooking fees, which you will be informed of after selecting your flight.
  • Passengers can request flight change within 24 hours of booking for free

Pro Tip – As a result, passengers can also request Flight Cancellation within the same time frame. 

How to Rebook Your Condor Flight?

Passengers have the option to rebook their flights online as well through the airline’s contact center. 

Change/Rebook Flight Online

You may be charged Condor rebooking fees, which you will be informed of after selecting your flight. Follow these steps to change Condor flight online – 

Condor Change Flight
  • Visit and log in to see your reservation. 
  • To rebook, use the “Change” option on your dashboard.
  • Submit your search request along with the necessary changes in the form given. 
  • Then, you’ll see all of the alternative flights. 
  • Choose a new flight, review the information, and verify your details. 
  • A summary of your modified booking will then be displayed to you.
  • Confirm your new reservation. 
  • You will be responsible for paying the price difference if there is one between your new flight and the original flight. 
  • Following that, you will get confirmation for your changed flight.

Condor Flight Change Contact Center

If you want to change the flight reservation of a specific passenger in the booking, you can get in touch with the airlines directly. To apply the travel voucher against your next reservation or to adjust the flight’s route, get in touch with the airline. Call the Condor flight change reservation hotline to talk with an airline representative.

How much does it cost to Change a Flight?

The majority of airlines provide their clients the option to modify their flights, but only within the conditions of their own rebooking or change policies. As part of their own policy, Condor Change flight fee would be applicable as per the aforementioned guidelines.

Note – The Condor flight change fee is permitted for the originally booked class and season. The fee may vary depending upon the group size, travel route, and the class of service. 

Condor Rebooking Fee:

From the date of booking until 29 days before the departure10% charges apply
28th day till 15 days before the departure25% charges apply
14 days before till the day of departure40% charges apply

Note – The aforementioned charges are applicable on the adult base fare, as per guidelines under Condor Flight Change Policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Condor Flight Change Policy

How can I change my Condor flight booking?

If you made your reservation through, you can simply make changes on your own by going to “My Booking.”
Please get in touch with your provider if you made your flight arrangements through a travel agency or other third party other than

How can I upgrade my reservation from Premium Economy Class?

Log into My Booking to upgrade your reservation if you made it directly through our website or service center. For more details or to upgrade your reservation to Premium Economy Class, get in touch with us as well.
Remember that bookings for Economy Light cannot be upgraded.
If you did not make your reservation directly with Condor, please get in touch with your travel agent.

Why wasn’t I able to change my booking on Condor’s website?

Most likely, you used a travel agency or other third-party supplier to book your flight instead of If so, kindly get in touch with your provider.
Please get in touch with our service center if you did make a reservation at but are unable to make changes to it online.

How long do I have to change my online reservation?

By visiting “My Booking,” you may quickly make changes to your reservation up to 24 hours before departure.

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