Change is inevitable, especially while booking a flight ticket. Imagine tucking yourself away on a dreamy trip with utmost luxury and comfort. The passengers can make any sort of change they wish to and assure a trip to reminisce till eternity. Out of all the favourable policies, Hainan Airlines flight change policy still remains the most exceptional. 

Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you are taking a flight with this airline any time soon, make sure to go through this guide. We will walk you through the Hainan Airlines flight change policy in detail to ditch any last-minute trouble for the passengers. 

Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy: Key Highlights 

Passengers can make all sorts of changes while travelling with Hainan Airlines. If you are oscillating between the scenic window seat or the comfy aisle seat, do not worry, the airline has you covered. We have provided all the information regarding the changes below. 

  • According to the Hainan Airlines flight change policy, the passengers have the liberty to make any changes to their ticket for free. The changes must be made within 24 hours of booking. 
  • The passengers can Change flight Hainan Airlines in several ways, both online as well as offline. The changes must be made via the point of purchase to avoid any mishap. 
  • While changing the date of the Hainan Airlines flight, the passengers would have to pay the difference in the airfare of the two flights.  The amount has to be paid even if the changes are made within the free change window. 
  • The passengers can change their seats in Hainan Airlines online. Reserving the seat in advance is the best way to assure your desired seat. If the passengers have not pre-booked their tickets, the airline would randomly allot them with any seat. 
  • Meal changes can be done by clicking on the “My Booking” section. The passengers are allowed to change the meals as per their desire without paying any additional cost. 
  • The passengers should not request a class upgrade in case the airline cancels the complimentary class upgrade in the new flight. 
  • Name changes in Hainan Airlines can be done by submitting the passport as proof. The airline allows the change in errors, however, the passengers cannot sell their tickets. 
  • Changing the destination can be done in a snap but the passengers should make sure that the airline is flying to the destination they wish to travel to. 

Hainan Airlines Change Fee 

Hainan Airlines levies a certain amount of fees if the passengers fail to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking. You can find the relevant fee below. 

  • Passengers travelling in an economy class can make the changes by paying 200 USD to the airline. The change fee would be taken after the change has been made. 
  • Passengers who have got their Business Class tickets can make the changes by paying a small fee of 250 USD to the airline. 
  • If the passengers are making the changes via the call or by visiting the service centre, they would have to pay a small service fee. The fee would range somewhere between 50 to 100 USD. 
  • Hainan Airlines change flight fee is usually more for international trips than domestic trips. The alterations are made easily in domestic flights therefore the charge is low. 

Different Ways To Change Flight In Hainan Airlines

Changes in Hainan Airlines can be made in a myriad of ways. The prior motive of the airline is to serve its passengers in the best way possible, therefore, the passengers would find innumerable ways to make the alterations. 

Change Hainan Airlines Flight Ticket Online 

Probably the easiest method to make any change is to do it online, from the comfort of your couch. The airline does not charge any service fee to passengers who are making the changes in this way. 

  1. Browse through the official website of Hainan Airlines.
  2. As soon as you select your language and location as per your comfort, the airline would redirect you. 
  3. Press on the ‘Manage My Bookings’ section displayed on the homepage. 
  4. Type your E-ticket number and last name along with the ID number. Click on the ‘Get’ button. 
  5. The airline would fetch your details. You can click on the change option and make the kind of change you wish. 
  6. Seats, meals, dates and itinerary changes can be made in a jiffy, make sure to be attentive while making the alterations. The airline would demand a small change fee according to the Hainan Airlines flight change policy. 
  7. When the changes are made, you would receive a notification regarding the same. 

Cancel Your Hainan Airlines Ticket Via A Call 

  1. Dial the help centre of Hainan Airlines. 
  2. Speak to a representative who would be assisting you with your change request. 
  3. Tell your Ticket ID and last name to the executive. Elaborate on why you are cancelling the tickets. 
  4. The executive would check your eligibility and inform you regarding the change fee as per the Hainan Airlines flight change policy. 
  5. Your tickets would be modified as soon as you have made the payment. The airline will send you a change confirmation right after. 

Cancel Your Hainan Airlines Ticket At The Airport 

  1. Walk down to the ticket centre of Hainan Airlines at the airport. 
  2. Look around for assistance, an executive would be provided to you. 
  3. Make sure to tell what kind of change you wish to make. Clarity results in avoiding mishaps. 
  4. The executive would tell you about the eligibility for making the changes. You will have to pay a small fee as desired by the airline. 
  5. When the change fee is paid, the desired changes would be made. Check your mail ID for a new ticket sent by the airline. 

The airline would charge a small service fee ranging between 50 to 100 USD for making the changes via this method. You can pay the change fee before making the change or along with the airfare difference in your flight tickets. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy

Can I change my flight any time I want to?

Although you can make the changes anytime you wish, the airline has set a free change span. When you make any alterations to your ticket within 24 hours, the airline does not demand any change fee from you. You can make any change in dates, meals, flights, itinerary or seat. 

If you make the changes at the end minute, the airline would not accommodate your request. If the airline accepts your change request, you would be charged heavily for it.

Am I allowed to make the changes to my ticket as many times as I like?

No. Although the airline has innumerable leverages for its passengers, they are not allowed to make amendments to their tickets endlessly. Hainan Airline entertains one change per ticket for free. If the passengers are willing to make change more than once, they would have to pay for the same.  

What happens when Hainan Airlines delays my flight?

In case the airline delays the flight by more than 4 hours, the passengers would be provided with two options. They can either opt for a 100 percent refund or they can opt to take the next alternative flight as sent by the airline. 

If the flight is delayed by more than 4 hours, the passengers would also get accommodation from the airline. Constant food and beverage supply would be maintained to compensate for the inconvenience caused to the customer.

Does Hainan Airline charge any fee for making the changes?

If the passengers make the changes within 24 hours, the airline would not charge a single penny from them. However, if they miss out on the free cancellation window, they would be implied with the charge. The change fee majorly depends on the destination, the time of change and airfare. 

The airline would imply a fee ranging between 250 to 400 USD as per the class of your travel. If you are changing your ticket via a call or at the airport, you will have to pay 50 USD as a service fee.

Can I change my Hainan Airlines flight ticket online?

Yes. If you have booked your tickets online, you can easily make the changes online. The airline clearly states that the changes or cancellations must be made via the point of purchase. 

If you are booking your tickets with the help of an agent, the airline is not responsible to make any changes in that matter. You must connect to the agents to make any relevant change in tickets.

Is Hainan Airlines safe amidst the COVID pandemic?

Yes. The airline is quite safe considering it takes all the protocols to eradicate any chances of infections. You can notice constant sanitisation, the seating arrangement is made taking care of the passengers. You would have to take a COVID test 2 days before the departure of the flight. Make sure to carry your mask and sanitiser, the airline would take care of the rest.

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