Have a change in plans? No worries! With Swiss Airlines flight change policy, you can have flexibility in your travel you could have never imagined. And all it takes is a minimal Swiss Airlines fee. In this post, we will comprehensively discuss everything about the alterations and cancellations with Swiss Airlines. 

Swiss Airlines Flight Change Policy

Before we discuss, let’s understand what reservations are eligible for Swiss Airlines flight changes :

  • A Swiss Airlines e-ticket must start with 724
  • A ticket must be paid or booked through a credit voucher
  • Swiss Airlines flight booking must be active for your ticket. 
  • It is not possible to rebook open tickets or tickets without  the corresponding flight segments online
  • It is online possible to rebook one-way or round-trip tickets with single flight routes. 

Reservations that are not eligible for Swiss Airlines flight changes :

  • Swiss Airlines booking if clubbed with another flight segment
  • Swiss Airlines reservations are not confirmed yet.
  • Swiss Airlines ticket status must be something else other than O (open)
    and A (available).
  • Swiss Airlines tickets that are part of group bookings. 
  • Swiss Airlines’ change flight process would not be possible for tickets that do not display the tariff calculations. 
  • Swiss Airlines booking that contains special services such as transportation of an animal/medical equipment, etc

How to change flight with Swiss Airlines?

You can change flight with Swiss Airlines via online as offline methods

Online – 

If you have the booking with Swiss Airlines and you wish to change the same, follow the steps that are listed below to change the flights :

  • Launch the web browser and go to the official website of Swiss Air
  • Click on the Swiss Airlines manage reservation tab. 
  • To change flight with Swiss Airlines, enter your six-digit booking reference along with the last name of the passenger. 
  • Click on ‘Edit Booking’m to proceed.
  • Select the flights that need to be altered, and click on the ‘Change flight’ button. 
  • Choose a new date and time. 
  • Review your new Swiss Airlines itinerary.
  • Pay the required fee and fare difference, if applicable. 
  • You will receive Swiss Airlines change flight date confirmation on your registered email. 

Offline – 

You can initiate Swiss Airlines change bookings by calling one of our travel support members at our Swiss Airlines phone number at . Over the phone we serve you with the following service :

  • Swiss international Airlines change flight
  • Swiss Airlines cancellation 
  • Swiss Airlines reservations check
  • Swiss Airlines change seat
  • Swiss Airlines same day flight change
  • Helping passengers with Swiss Airlines refund

Swiss Airlines Change Flight Fee

Times have changed, and so has the way we plan our trip. All around the world, countries are changing their prevention measures and entry requirements from one day to another. That’s why Swiss Airlines flight change policy offers you the following options :

  • You can bow rebook or reschedule the date and destinations in all fare categories, and a class of services, both on short-haul and long-haul flights. This applies to all new and existing Swiss Airlines bookings until February 2021. 
  • As per Swiss Airlines cancellation policy, all the bookings can be canceled for a refund up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure. 
  • After February 2021, passengers will pay a 200 USD as Swiss Airlines flight change fee. 
  • Within 24 hours from purchase, there is no fee to change flight with Swiss Airlines. 
  •  Swiss Airlines change flight fee would be 200 USD, regardless of the fare type and class of service selected. 

Swiss Airlines Same Day Flight Change

To promote flexible travel,  Swiss Airlines recently introduced the same day flight change policy. Some of the highlights include :

  • Travelers flying or Flexible Economy and Business Class categories are allowed to reschedule their flights on an earlier or later flight on the same day without any charge
  • Under the Swiss Airlines policy, passengers will no longer face an additional surcharge or  Swiss Airlines flight change fee, even if the originally selected fare type is no longer available. 
  •  Swiss Airlines change booking can only be initiated on the day flight is scheduled, only if the seats are available in the selected class of service.
  •  Swiss Airlines flight changes for the same day can be done by calling us on or via  Swiss Airlines’ change my booking tab online. 
  •  Swiss Airlines same day flight change would not be valid on the codeshare flights or for those who already completed the check-in process or purchased essentials travel services such as extra baggage, meals, etc

How to change Swiss Airlines flight for free?

Like our life, we can’t take our travel plans for granted. It requires alterations and cancellations, which may cost a fortune sometimes. It costs as much as we bought the tickets for. Under the Swiss Airlines flight change policy, there are certain ways that help you get the modifications done to your flight without paying a single dime. Here’s how:

  • Use the 24-hour window – Swiss Airlines change booking can be accomplished for free if passengers get the alterations done within 24 hours from purchase. As per Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, all flights which originate to/from the U.S, Canada, and Europe can be canceled or modified within 24 hours of booking without incurring the Swiss Airlines flight change fee. However, passengers may need to pay a fare difference, if applicable. 
  • Swiss Airlines’ same-day flight change policy – Travelers flying or Flexible Economy and Business Class categories are allowed to reschedule their flights on an earlier or later flight on the same day without any charge. Swiss Airlines change booking can only be initiated on the day flight is scheduled, only if the seats are available in the selected class of service.
  • Root for a refundable fare – If you want to add flexibility to your travel plans, always go for refundable fares with a Swiss Airlines reservations.  Swiss Airlines’ refundable fares are generally 20% higher than its non-refundable counterpart and also offer a 100%  Swiss Airlines flight refund if you cancel anytime before departure. 
  • Travel insurance – Paying an extra protection premium to your Swiss Airlines flight booking will cover flexible changes and cancellations. For all the unforeseen circumstances that affect your travel plans, an insurance cover will help you get the change or cancellation done for free and may help you with the additional compensations. 

Swiss Airlines Flight Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to change the Swiss Airlines flight which is a part of a vacation package purchase with you. What do I need to consider?

The changes processed on a Swiss Airlines booking portal are not just limited to flights. You can definitely make changes to your entire travel package provided that the other travel essentials must be booked with Swiss Air. It is our sole responsibility to process the flight change and to make sure that the other services that are part of a travel package must be changed as well. Feel free to reach our travel support desk at our Swiss Airlines phone number at

How can I get a Swiss Airlines refund for an unused ticket?

Unfortunately, passengers could not able to claim a Swiss Airlines refund for an unused ticket online. If you have bought a refundable fare and is still unused, please call our Swiss Airlines cancel booking helpline at , and ask one of our executives to delete the flight segments in order to prevent a No-show status. Thereafter, your Swiss Airlines refund would be automatically processed. 

How can I change flights with Swiss Airlines?

For Swiss Airlines change flight date process, you can do so via the ‘Manage booking’ tab on the airline portal. If you’re making changes within 24 hours of purchase, you will get the waiver on Swiss Airlines change flight fee. Only fare difference would be applicable. 

Can I change my booking after check-in online?

No, only Swiss Airlines tickets with ‘open’ status can be changed online. If you wish to rebook or reschedule the checked-in flight, feel; to reach us at our Swiss Airlines phone number at . Our agents may ask you to provide your six-digit booking reference as part of the caller’s verification and to proceed with the changes on the flight. 

Can a name be changed after a Swiss Airlines reservation is confirmed or issued?

The correct name of the passenger is a must for hassle-free travel with Swiss Air. Passenger’s first and last name must be exactly identical to the travel documents and must be entered correctly. There is also a file to add suffix and prefix to a name and also a middle if it is exactly mentioned in any government-issued photo ID.
Any subsequent name changes including the name correction to a ticket are not allowed once the ticket is confirmed or issued.

Will be given a new booking reference post-Swiss Airlines change flight?

No, your six-digit booking reference or 13-digit e-ticket number will remain the same after the rebooking or rescheduling of your flight.

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