People are often confused when it comes to making changes to their flight tickets due to the fear of shelling out extra bucks. Keeping in view this situation, Vueling Airlines has customized its entire Vueling Airlines flight change policy to help passengers make changes easily, save money, and enjoy rewards on the go. Keep reading the following guide to understand the Vueling flight change policy inside out: 

Vueling Flight Change Policy

Vueling Flight Change Policy: Key Highlights 

  • The Vueling flight change policy states that a passenger with a valid ticket can make changes for free within 24 hours of booking. When the risk-free period ends, he or she will be required to pay the change fee according to the purpose.
  • If the passenger has not used the tickets (before departure), they can alter the names of each passenger by paying Vueling name change fees. However, the ticket must have been bought from an approved source.
  • If the changes were made during the risk-free period, ticket types play no part. All bookings made on official websites are available for free changes. However, changes must be made within 24 hours of booking.
  • A TimeFlex ticket holder can make unlimited date changes for free of cost. However, the passenger needs to pay a fare difference (if the passenger opts for the upgrade in the class cabin or purchased some add-on services).
  • Passengers with Basic and Optima and Family fare tickets must pay a Vueling change fee if they want to make changes after the allotted time limit has expired.

Vueling 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

When you book a flight with Vueling, you have a 24-hour window to make adjustments to your itinerary if needed. You must use the airline’s 24-hour change policy to make the necessary corrections for free. Consider the following points  to learn more about the Vueling 24 hours flight change policy:

  • Under the Vueling 24 hours flight change policy, a passenger gets a chance to correct the error without paying a change fee.
  • The modification must be done within the same day of booking if you are looking to save more on change fees. Changes made during the specified time frame would have no effect on your wallet.
  • The Vueling 24 hours flight change period offers freedom to make changes without incurring change fees. You can change the name, date, age, or any other mistake for free of cost.
  • The form of the ticket has no bearing on change fees under the Vueling 24 hours flight change policy.

Vueling Airlines Flight Change Policy According to Fare Types

To provide its passengers with a comfortable travel experience, the carrier has made necessary updates to its flight change policies. The Vueling Airlines flight change policy is split into small segments based on the fare category of the passenger. Read on to learn more about the Vueling flight change policy for different fare types:

  • Basic fare ticket

It is the airline’s most affordable fare tier. The basic fare ticket is perfect for fanatic travelers who want to save money on the total fare. This fare type offers less comfort, more savings.


  • Date change is permitted for free with Flex Pack service. Only the fare difference is charged on the passenger account.
  • A Basic fare ticket holder can make adjustments to their scheduled ticket up to two hours before departure. However, the passenger needs to pay Vueling flight change fees.
  • When the traveler makes several changes, they must pay an adjustment charge in accordance with the Vueling flight change policy.
  • If the traveler is not entitled to the Flex Pack service scheme, the airline will charge EURO 50 per way/passenger.
  • The same-day flight change facility is available by paying Vueling flight change fees.
  • Due to covid-19, the airline has exempted the effect of the Vueling change fee on the passenger account. It guarantees that no costs will be charged by the airline and that travelers will be allowed to make free flight changes.
  • Optima and Family fare tickets

The Optima and Family fare tickets are quite similar to the basic fare ticket type. However, they offer additional benefits to passengers. These tickets are ideal for long-distance travelers traveling with friends and families. With Optima and Family tickets, you can bring more luggage and complete the check-in process quicker.


  • Passengers with Optima and Family fare tickets will not be charged a change fee on the first date change. 
  • Passengers who change their flight dates for the second or subsequent period must pay Vueling change fees.
  • Passengers with Flex Pack service can make modifications several times without incurring adjustment fees. However, the fare differential is charged on the passenger’s account.
  • You can change your flight on the same day of departure by paying Vueling flight change fees.
  • Passengers who have finished the check-in procedure are not permitted to change their scheduled tickets.
  • TimeFlex fare ticket

Vueling’s TimeFlex fares are classified as business class tickets. It is more expensive, than other tickety types but it provides greater comfort and flexibility to travelers.


  • Passengers with TimeFlex fare tickets can make free changes multiple times to their flight date and time.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes till the day of departure for free. They can choose between an early or late departure without incurring change fees.
  • For passengers who are not sure about the journey, they must book TimeFlex fare tickets.
  • The airline will not accept change requests if the passenger owns an invalid ticket (ticket purchased from the unofficial portal/third-party agents). 
  • As per the Vueling ticket change policy, a passenger will obtain a refund if the airline cancels the flight.
  • The passengers will need to pay change and service fees, if they opt for the offline cancellation method.  

Vueling Name Change Policy

After knowing the policy according to the fare type, it’s time to discover about the Vueling name change policy. 

  • The Vueling name change rule specifies that a passenger must hold a valid ticket for making modifications.
  • Vueling allows passengers to change their names. However, the passenger must make the request within the time frame specified.
  • There are no change penalties to pay if the modification was made within the risk-free time.
  • Vueling will charge EURO 40 as change fees, if the modifications were done after the risk-free period. 

Vueling Flight Change Fees

Vueling Flight Change Fees

The Vueling change fee is determined by a variety of factors including the time of change and the type of tickets. More details on airline change fees can be found below:

  • Any changes made after the risk-free period require the passenger to pay a change fee, according to the Vueling flight change policy.
  • The passenger with the Basic, Optima, and Family tickets needs to pay EURO 40 to 50 (per passenger/way) as change fees.
  • A TimeFlex fare ticket holder would not be charged any airline change fees, even modifications made outside the risk-free period.
  • The traveler who has purchased the Flex Pack service package does not have to pay any change fees. This program assists passengers with Basic, Optima, and Family tickets in saving money on change fees.

Methods to Change Flights with Vueling Airlines

Vueling, like most airlines, provides flight change services via multiple networks. Many people choose to make changes online because it saves them time and resources. However, changes can still be made in the official offline change methods. The downside of offline procedures is that you must physically visit the site (official outlets), pay more money (service fees), and put in more work. Examine all approaches and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Online change process

The online method is simple and easy to perform. You simply need to visit the official website or open the mobile app and implement the following steps:

Step 1- On the login page, enter your username and password to complete the account authentication process.

Step 2- Go to the manage booking option.

Step 3- Fill the required fields and follow on-screen instructions to visit my trip section.

Step 4- Select the ticket, make necessary changes, pay the change fees according to the Vueling flight change policy.

Step 5- It will take time as the system will apply your command.

Step 6- Once the change process is completed, you will get a confirmation mail on your registered IDs with the new modified ticket.

Offline change process

The offline method is offered through customer service number and Vueling counters. Before choosing the offline method, bear in mind, you need to invest more money, time, and effort.

The present situation is dire, and traveling is not advised. If you agree with us, always make adjustments over the phone rather than hitting the Vueling counters. To modify tickets over the call, implement the following steps:

Step 1- Dial the Vueling customer service number or any other toll-free number as per your location.

Step 2- Follow the command, implement it, and get connected with the officials.

Step 3- Offer all the important documents and ask the agent to initiate the change request process on your behalf.

Step 4- The agent will file your request. 

Step 5- Based on availability, will arrange the trip to meet your needs.

Step 6- Pay the Vueling flight change fee using one of the available options. Following the effective completion of the payment process, the most recent tickets will be delivered to your registered phone number or email address.

Frequently Asked Questions – Vueling Flight Change Policy

How can I change the seat assignment via the Vueling customer service number?

To change the seats, call the Vueling customer service phone number . Select the language, select the link agent option, and you will be paired with the available agent. The agent will request your name, confirmation code, and other necessary details. 

Once you have furnished all the necessary details, the agent will change your seat depending on the availability. You must pay the following charges:

Within 24 hours: No change fee + fare difference
Outside risk-free zone: Change fee + fare difference
With Flex Pack service: No change fee + fare difference

Can I change my flight date with Vueling?

Yes. You can easily change the flight date with Vueling Air. For this, you need to pay change fees according to the Vueling Airlines flight change policy. A passenger must pay the price differential in compliance with the Vueling flight change policy.

How much do I need to pay for changing my partner’s name?

To change your partner’s name, you need to pay a change fee, the outcome of the change request is uncertain as it directly depends on the airline policy and availability. 

Within 24 hours: No change fee + fare difference
Outside risk-free zone: Change fee + fare difference
With Flex Pack service: No change fee + fare difference

Do I need to pay for changing my flight return date?

Yes. If modifications are done outside the risk-free period.
No. If modifications are done within 24 hours of booking.

How to change the passenger name with Vueling?

To change the passenger name with Vueling, you have multiple methods. Some of them are mentioned below:-

‒ Live chat feature available on the mobile app and official website.
‒ Vueling Customer service number .
‒ By mailing on the official email address.
‒ Airline airport counter.
‒ By visiting the manage my booking page. This section is available on the mobile app and official website.

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