What if after booking the reservation you realised that you’ve misspelt your name? Or, what if you want to change the family on the grounds of marriage, divorce, or any other legal compulsion? With Tap Portugal name change policy, it helps you with all the issues of name correction/name change issues. No matter, you made a ‘typo’ error at the time of booking the Tap Portugal flight, there’s no need to panic! 

Tap Portugal Name Change

In this post, we have covered all the rules and guidelines associated with the name change, what type of name correction/change error the TAP Portugal fixes, the airline’s fee associated with it, and more. 

Rules to Change the Name on the TAP Portugal Reservation

As per the TAP Portugal name change policy, a change of name occurs when a traveller’s name is changed to that of another passenger on the reservation; TAP does not permit this. In such cases, it is necessary to cancel the existing PNR and create a new one with the new name and with the correct name.  According to the market/fare regulations, the initial ticket must be refunded. In addition – 

  • Name correction/name change applicable on the unused flight segments only. 
  • The airlines must be the validating carrier. The TAP Portugal name correction is not applicable on codeshare or interline agreement flights. 
  •  The airline allows the name change on the grounds of marriage or under divorce decree provided that passengers need to produce a valid copy of the legal document.
  • Only 1 name change per reservation would be permitted.
  • It’s acceptable to travel under your maiden name if you’re on your honeymoon or get married while you’re away.
  • The key thing is that the name on the flight ticket ,must matches with the passport or government-issued photo ID.
  • A written declaration certifying the name changes must be submitted, together with a copy of the new passenger’s passport, if the name and/or surname change is done at the airlines office.
  • Passengers must request the name change up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Name change for infants is permitted for free.
  • The passenger category such as adult, kid, senior, etc. cannot be altered (for example, a child’s ticket cannot be changed to an adult ticket).
  • Each traveller who has already  purchased the name-change option needs to request separately for the date or other changes to the booking.

Guidelines to Correct the Name on the TAP Portugal Ticket

As per the TAP Portugal name correction policy, the name corrections are exclusively permitted on the TP-operated flights. Reservations that include other airline flights or TP marketing flights are not eligible for the name correction. The said request is permitted with the following cases – 

  • Up to 3 letters – Please get in touch with the airlines if your name (up to 3 letters misspelt) needs to be corrected (the service is available for all ticket types). A name adjustment cost of $200 may apply. 
  • Incomplete surname – If the ticketed TAP portugal reservation has the incomplete last name. For instance, Green/John Mr to Green Smith/John Mr
  • Inverted first and last name – When the first and the last name is reversed. For example – Mr Smith John to Mr John Smith
  • Nickname to last name – If the passenger has inserted a nickname to its first name or last name, it can be corrected provided that the details must match the passport or government issued photo ID. If passengers have a nickname to first as well as the last name, it would be requested under the name change, and the applicable TAP Portugal name change policy will apply. For example – Ms. Kathy Green to Ms. Katherine Green
  • Title error – Passengers can request the title error if they have inserted Mr instead of Mrs or vice-versa. For example – Mrs John Smith to Mr John Smith.
  • Last name swap – If the passenger has two last names and they need to be swapped to match the passport or government issued photo ID. For example – Mr. John Green-Smith to Mr. John Smith-Green
  • Add a middle name – TAP Portugal middle name request can be approved under the name correction when the passenger needs to add, or omit the middle name so that name credentials match with the identification. For example – Mrs. Fernanda Santos to Mrs. Fernanda Maria Santos.
  • First name misspell – If the passenger needs to swap the letter or there is a missing letter or an extra letter, it is permitted under the TAP Portugal name correction.

How to Change or Correct the Name to Your Booking?

According to the TAP Portugal name change policy, there are numerous options for passengers to make necessary changes to their names or other information. You can initially make these adjustments via live support, online, at the airport as well as over the phone. 

Let’s understand how you can request the TAP Portugal change name on ticket with the following methods – 

Method 1 – Name Change/Correction through Customer Service

The name on a reservation can be changed offline via the airline’s customer service. It will give passengers a chance to speak directly to the airline’s executive to fix your issue. To contact the carrier, call the TAP Portugal customer service hotline. You will then take the following actions after speaking with the airline’s intermediary:

  • If a name change or correction is what you’re after, let the airline know. The representative will then ask you for more information. 
  • Your entire name, the booking reference number, and other information are required. 
  • If you want to change your last or first name as a result of a marriage or divorce, you must also produce  the relevant legal documents.
  • After locating your reservation, the agent will inform you of the costs that may be incurred. Only then will he or she begin the subsequent Tap Portugal name change process when you agree to the fees or costs. 
  • Finally, wait for the change’s confirmation. You will eventually get a new confirmation on your registered email.

Method 2 – Change/Correct  Name via Email

Passengers can utilise the TAP  Portugal email service to correct or change name on the booking. The name can be easily changed or corrected using this service. Submit your name change related query on [email protected].

Make sure to provide your reservation code and the e-ticket number. Add all the necessary documentation to that. You must include any court-approved documentation when changing your name legally. Wait for the airline to respond after that.

Method 3 – Modify or Update Name on Airport Counter

Some passengers may be able to update their name on their ticket by going to the airport. The airline’s representatives will carefully consider your request and offer assistance as necessary. Provided that the name correction or name request can be requested up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

You will be asked to carry the valid legal document for identification. Then, if there are any fees, the TAP Portugal’s representative will notify you. 

The airline will proceed with the process as soon as you pay the required fee and supply all the necessary paperwork. Finally, you will receive a confirmation in the name that appears on your flight ticket.

Method 4 – Name Change via Twitter and Facebook Messenger

The airline can be contacted via social media for name changes. By contacting airline’s through Twitter or Facebook Messenger, you can change or correct  your name. Through the tools or information shown there, you can quickly contact the airline.

Share your concern on the TAP Portugal name change in full when contacting the airline using one of these pages. You must abide by all of the instructions provided by the airline in response to your request for a name change or correction.

Method 5 – Name Change/Correction through the Official Website

Through the TAP Portugal Manage booking section, passengers can complete the name correction freely. You will simply need to provide the last name and the airline’s booking confirmation.  Only name correction is allowed online. Follow these steps – 

  • Visit TAP Portugal official website.
  • Navigate to the Manage Booking section and enter the airline’s six-digit PNR  and the last name.
  • Make any necessary adjustments or revision to your names after that, then verify everything again before submitting.
  • You could also be required to upload a legal document.
  • If eligible, you need to pay the TAP Portugal name change fee.
  • You will receive a confirmation code after the request is processed.

TAP Portugal Name Change/Correction Fees

TAP Air Portugal name change fee applies to the TP-operated flights only, and is applicable per passenger per reservation. To request name change or name correction, the following rates will be applicable –

Name Change/Correction Fee (in USD)
For domestic flights100
Europe, Morocco, Tunisia and flights between Accra and São Tomé140
Intercontinental flights175
To / from Dominican Republic200

When it comes to fixing a typo or legal name change on your ticket, The airline is typically helpful and understanding. It’s also vital to keep in mind that the name change request differs from the name corrections. TAP Portugal name change policy permits users to modify their names for legal reasons such as marriage or divorce , but the flight tickets are never tradable. 

Name correction requests allow passengers to correct the typos or to add/omit the characters from the first name, middle name, or last name. 

FAQs Related to Tap Air Portugal Change Name on Ticket

I mistakenly added a wrong title to my name. How can I fix this issue?

As per the TAP Portugal name change policy, the name on the ticket must be exactly identical with the passport or government issued photo ID. To fix that, contact the airlines up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Is it possible to trade my existing flight reservation to another passenger?

No, the airlines do not allow swapping of passengers. In that case, you need to cancel the ticket and then rebook the flights for the desired passengers.

How much is the TAP Portugal name change fee?

The name change varies with the airline’s route. For all flight booking within Portugal, the fee to change or correct the name is $100. For all other travel routes outside Portugal, refer to the TAP Portugal name change fee section above.

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