Breeze Airways baggage policy is designed to provide you with information on what you can bring on board, what items are considered as carry-on or checked baggage, and any fees that may apply. 

We aim to make your travel experience with us as comfortable and convenient as possible, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our baggage policy before your next flight.

What is Breeze Airways baggage policy for personal items?

1 personal item on board for no charge, regardless of the fares. A personal item can be a purse, briefcase, small backpack, and a hand bag. 

Breeze Airways personal item size must be within 17 x 13 x 8 inches.

Fare typesNice fareNicer fareNicest fare
Personal itemIncludedIncludedIncluded
Maximum dimension (inches)17 x 13 x 817 x 13 x 817 x 13 x 8

What is Breeze Airways carry-on baggage policy?

As per Breeze Airways baggage policy, the airline allows 1 carry-on bag per passenger. In addition – 

  • Breeze airways carry-on baggage size must be within 24 x 14 x 10 inches (including handles and wheels). The weight of the hand luggage must be within 35 pounds.
Fare typesNice fareNicer fareNicest fare
Carry-on baggageNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
Maximum dimension (inches)          24 x 14 x 1024 x 14 x 1024 x 14 x 10
Maximum weight (in lbs)353535

What is Breeze Airways Baggage Policy for checked baggage?

Breeze airways baggage policy for checked baggage include 1 checked bag for nicer fare and 2 checked bags for nicest fares. The baggage is included with the airfare. In addition – 

  • The Nice fares include the option to purchase checked luggage. 
  • If more bags are required, they will be regarded as Excess Bags.
  • Checked luggage must not exceed 50 pounds and be within 62 linear inches (length + width + height). 
  • Any checked luggage that is larger than allowed or weighs too much will be charged extra as an overweight or oversized bag.
  • Bags weighing more than 99 pounds or having total dimensions (length + breadth + height) greater than 80 linear inches won’t be accepted.
Fare typesNice fareNicer fareNicest fare
Checked baggage permittedNot Included1 Included with airfare2 Included with airfare
Maximum dimension (linear inches)                  626262
Maximum weight (in lbs)505050

Does pet accepted under Breeze airways baggage policy?

Pet carriers are permitted as carry-on luggage and must fit under the seat in front of the addition – 

  •  Guests are allowed to bring one personal item on the aircraft in addition to the pet carrier.
  • The pet carrier must not exceed 17 x 8 x 13 inches (length x width x height). 
  • Please make use of a carrier that will fit there. Carriers cannot fit beneath first-class seats. 

For more information, visit Breeze airways pet policy. 

What is military baggage allowance for Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways military baggage policy says, when flying with airlines, guests are given one (1) carry-on bag and two (2) free checked bags. Add to that – 

  •  Retired military, ROTC, and families of active-duty personnel will all be subject to the standard luggage fees. 
  • Only military personnel on active service are eligible for the allowance.
  • No additional luggage should be added during the booking process.
  • Military passengers need to add the baggage at the time of check-in at the airport. 
  • To receive the complimentary bags, visitors must check in at the ticket desk and provide a valid military ID.
  • Carry-on luggage must weigh no more than 35 lbs, and checked luggage must not not exceed 99 lbs.

What is oversized and overweight baggage allowance for Breeze Airways?

Additional bag fees will apply to bags that weigh more than 50 lbs or exceed 62 inches in length, breadth, and height. Following condition will apply – 

  • Prices for overweight and oversized bags are assessed in addition to the Breeze airways checked baggage fee.
  • Oversized and overweight bags will incur additional fees for both weight and size.
  • Bags that exceed 99 pounds in weight or 80 inches in total size (length + breadth + height) are not permitted.
  • Breeze baggage fee are per person, per direction.
  • Prices are for a la carte purchases.

Below is the overview of the oversized and overweight excess baggage fee – 

Weight/Size RangeApplicable Fee (in USD)
51 to 71 pounds20
71 to 99 pounds50
63 to 80 overall inches50

How to add baggage to your Breeze airways reservation?

Passengers can add baggage on the Breeze airways flight booking online, over the phone, as well as at the airport. 

Online – To add the bags, do the following – 

  • Log into the Breeze Guest account that was used to make the reservation on the app or under Log In.
  • You may view your forthcoming reservations by going to the My Trips page. 
  • Click the reservation you want.
  • On the website, select View Flight Options from the drop-down menu, and then select Edit Guest Bags from the right-hand column.
  • The Edit button on the app will direct you to the Edit Guest Bags menu item.
  • Choose how many carry-on and checked luggage you want to bring. Prices are going to be shown here. 
  • Select any bags you no longer require and deselect them.
  • Tap or click on the check box next to Apply Bag Selections to Return Flight if you only want to edit bags on one flight of a round-trip reservation. 
  • Bags can be added or removed from either your departing or return flight.
  • Click Save Changes after you’re done adding or changing bags.
  • When a bag is marked as Included, it is included in the fare type and is not refundable.
  • You can choose to cancel the changes on the Trip Details page or click the blue Checkout button to complete the transaction.
  • There may be additional fees.

Phone: The general process of adding checked baggage through an airline’s representative is as follows:

  • Contact the airline’s representative: You can contact the airline’s representative through their customer service hotline, email, or by visiting their website.
  • Provide your booking information: You will need to provide your booking information, such as your name, flight details, and ticket number.
  • Choose the number of bags: You can then choose how many bags you would like to add to your booking.
  • Pay the baggage fee: Once you have confirmed the number of bags, you will need to pay the baggage fee. This fee can vary based on the airline’s policy and the size, weight, and destination of the bags.
  • Confirm the booking: After you have paid the fee, you will receive confirmation of your baggage booking, and the representative will provide you with a reference number.

At the airport: Here are the steps you can follow to add checked baggage through an airline representative:

  • ContactBreeze Airways: You can contact the airline through their customer service center or by visiting a local airport ticket counter.
  • Provide your booking information: The representative will ask for your booking information, such as your flight details and passenger name.
  • Discuss baggage options: The representative will discuss with you the available baggage options, such as the weight and size limitations, and the associated fees.
  • Select baggage option: Based on the options discussed, you can select the baggage option that best suits your needs.
  • Pay for the baggage: Once you have selected the baggage option, you can make the payment for the baggage through the representative using a credit card or other accepted payment methods.
  • Confirm the baggage addition: The representative will confirm the baggage addition and provide you with a receipt for the payment.

How much is the fee to add baggage with Breeze Airways?

Breeze airways baggage fees have no longer set rates. Baggage fee are subject to change until purchased. 

For the best deal, passengers are advised to order bags in advance using the website or the app. To check the latest price based on your travel route, visit the Breeze luggage calculator. 

Baggage fee purchased throughBaggage fee (in USD)
Online or in the app 50
Airport Team member50
Airlines representative (over the phone)50

Please note – As per Breeze airways baggage policy, passengers adding checked bags online must complete the purchase up to 4 hours before scheduled departure.

What is Breeze Airways Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment?

Your sports equipment must comply with our carry-on and checked bag size and weight regulations, or you’ll be charged for overweight and/or oversize bags. When checking your equipment, you will be asked to sign a limited liability release form.

The table below lists the sports and game equipment that is both allowed and prohibited as per Breeze Airways baggage policy. 

Sports ItemAdditional information
ArcheryAlways carry hard-sided containerPassengers can check One (1) bow, one (1) quiver, 12 arrows, and a small- to medium-sized target.
BallsCarry sports balls either as checked or carry bags.
BaseballOnly checked luggage is allowed to contain up to two (2) baseball bats. Every other piece of gear can fit in a carry-on or checked bag.
Bodyboards, Boogie boards, Skimboards, WakeboardsYour checked bag is one (1) board that is less than 62 linear inches long.
BowlingOne (1) pair of bowling shoes and one (1) bowling ball are allowed in carry-on bowling bags, which must fit under the seat in front of you.The overhead containers may not be used to store bowling balls.Bags for bowling may also be inspected.
CampingKnapsacks, sleeping bags, and backpacks can all be checked or carried on.
Firearms and Ammunition
One (1) sports gun case containing no more than two (2) rifles, two (2) shotguns, or four (4) pistols is allowed per guest. Ammunition weighing up to 11 lbs can be checked. It must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging or in a similar piece of fiber, wood, or metal that is made particularly to transport ammunition.
FishingYou are allowed to check or carry on up to two (2) fishing rods, one (1) reel, one (1) landing net, one (1) pair of fishing boots, and one (1) gear box.Large fishhooks and other potentially hazardous objects are only permitted in checked bags and must be well-sheathed and packaged.
FootballOne (1) set of pads, one (1) pair of shoes, one (1) uniform, one (1) helmet, and one (1) mouthguard are all allowed in your carry-on or checked baggage.
GolfGolf bags with one (1) set of clubs, one (1) package of four (4) golf balls, one (1) glove, tees, and one (1) pair of golf shoes that are checked are free from oversize fees. Golf gear should be transported in a hard-sided travel case, per our recommendation. Only checked luggage is permitted to contain golf clubs.
HockeyOne (1) hockey equipment bag and two (2) hockey sticks that are wrapped together are allowed per guest. 
Kitesurfing BoardsOne (1) kitesurfing board, complete with a board, mast, and boom, is available for inspection. Boards must be packed carefully to protect other luggage.The checked bag’s maximum dimension is 62 linear inches.
LacrosseYou may check one (1) bag containing lacrosse equipment and two (2) lacrosse sticks that have been wrapped. There are no fees for larger bags for lacrosse sticks.
Martial ArtsWeapons used in martial arts can fit in checked luggage. 
PaintballYou can check paintball supplies in a lock-free, soft- or hard-sided bag. The use of compressed gas cylinders is prohibited.
Sport parachutes are acceptable as checked or carry-on luggage. Flares and gas cylinders are examples of hazardous accessories that are not permitted.
Pool cuesPool cues must fit within certain dimensions in order to be accepted as checked baggage.
Skateboards, Longboards, and SkatesOne (1) non-motorized skateboard or longboard may be checked in a suitable bag or container. Your skateboard must fit within the permitted carry-on baggage dimensions and be placed wheels up, preferably under the seat.
ScubaOne (1) mask, one (1) snorkel, one (1) pair of fins, and one (1) weight belt can all be checked as a single item in a suitable bag or container. Unloaded spearguns, knives, and other sharp weapons must be packed only in checked luggage and sheathed or tightly wrapped. No scuba tanks are permitted.
Ski and Snowboard Equipment
One pair of snow skis or one snowboard packed in an appropriate container or bag, along with a set of poles, a helmet, and a pair of ski boots, constitutes one (1) item of checked ski equipment. If a separate boot bag is included with the one (1) item, it must actually be a boot bag. If not, there will be an extra fee for checked bags. All sizes of skis and snowboards are accepted. The bag will be charged extra if it is larger than 62 linear inches or weighs more than 50 pounds.
TennisRackets and other tennis equipment can be packed in either carry-on or checked luggage. 
Water Ski Equipment
One (1) pair of water skis, one (1) tow line, and one (1) life preserver belt or vest are all allowed in a water ski backpack. Water skis of every size are accepted. The bag will be charged extra if it is larger than 62 linear inches or weighs more than 50 pounds.

Following sports items are prohibited with Breeze Airways – 

BicyclesBoatsCamping stoves
Javelin/pole vaulting equipmentFuelKayaksLarge archery targetsPaddleboards
Paintball compressed gas cylindersScuba tanks (empty or full)ScullsSurfboardsWindsurfing equipment

Can I carry assistive devices with Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways makes an effort to provide its passengers with the finest amenities for a comfortable journey. The airline offers free use of assistive aids for passengers with disabilities.

Mobility aids listed below are acceptable for free when packaged separately:

Canes \Crutches\Walkers\Scooters\Medications \wheelchairs

Any mobility aid that can fit in the overhead compartment or beneath a seat is allowed on board.

Furthermore, the following Breeze Airways luggage policy standards pertain to the safe carriage of mobility aids:

  • The door dimensions of this carrier’s aircraft are 35 x 43 inches.
  • Therefore, it can only handle devices that are inside specified dimensions.
  • Some aids can be taken apart when required.
  • When you get to the destination, the carrier will put your device back together.

What are the restricted and prohibited items with Breeze Airways?

Breeze airways has tight guidelines for what is permitted on board, keeping the safety of the entire trip in mind. Additionally, it adheres to the rules established by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The following items are strictly prohibited from admittance by this airline:

DronesLive Lobster
Engine-powered equipment (purged of fuel)
HoverboardsMicrowavesEPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radiobeacons)Metal Detector
Solar PanelsSegway (allowed as an assistive device)FishReptiles or other small pets

The airline allows – 

  • Liquids
  • Aerosols
  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Paste

Please note – 

  • These substances must be kept in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml/3.4 fluid ounces. 
  • These containers must be placed in one transparent resealable bag in order to get past the security checkpoint. 
  • There is a quart-sized transparent resealable bag restriction for each passenger.
  • Dry ice weighing less than 5.5 pounds can be tested with the right labeling.

The following table provides a summary of the topics covered on the official TSA website:

FlammableFirearmsFoodMedicalHousehold Tools, and ElectronicsSharp Objects
Arc Lighters Plasma LightersE-LightersBB gunsAlcoholic beveragesCastBreast pumpsCrochet hooks
Blasting CapsCap gunsBaby foodBlood sugar test kitAxesDart
CO2 CartridgeFirearmsBreast milkCaneCattle prodsCigar cutter
CigarsFlare gunsCooked foodContact lens and solutionCorkscrewKirpans
CigarettesGun lightersFresh meat and seafoodEpiPensCrowbarKnitting needles
Chlorine for Pools and SpasHolsterCoffeeExternal medical devicesCurling ironLock picks

To make sure they are aware of the rules, travelers should carefully review the TSA website. The security organization also emphasizes the following points:

  • The checkpoint determines who is eligible for particular commodities or items.
  • If security screening determines that an object poses a threat, it might not even be authorized.
  • While screening, you may be required to turn on your devices.
  • Failure to do so may result in rejection.
  • The regulatory body will have the last say on whether or not anything can be carried.

What is the Breeze airways policy for damaged/delayed baggage?

Passengers flying with Breeze airways must avoid having their bags delayed or damaged. It makes an effort to respond quickly to reduce the loss with the help of Breeze Airways baggage policy.

  • At the airport, the traveler needs to inform an airline’s representative.
  • Make sure you give accurate information.
  • If your contact information is inaccurate, please look into name change options.
  • This must be informed within an hour of the arrival of the flight.
  • If a passenger’s bag is lost or damaged while traveling to or from Canada, they may be eligible for compensation.

Contact Breeze airways through Social Media

If you need to contact Breeze Airways, you can do so through the following methods:

  • Phone: You can reach their customer service department by calling their toll-free number.
  • Email: You can send an email to their customer service department for assistance.
  • Facebook messenger: You can fill out an online contact form through facebook messenger to submit your inquiry.

In addition, you can contact airline through the following social media handles


In conclusion, Breeze Airways baggage policy is designed to allow passengers to carry all the necessary items they need for their trip, while ensuring a safe and efficient flight. Passengers are allowed to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag for free, with additional checked baggage available for purchase. 

With its generous baggage allowance and affordable options for additional luggage, Breeze Airways provides a flexible and convenient way to travel with peace of mind.