Breeze Airways baggage policy varies with the fare as the airline offers Nice, Nicer and Nicest fares. Nice fare is the basic fare which allows only 1 personal item for free. Nicer fare includes 1 checked and carry-on bag for free. The Nicest fare allows 2 checked bags and carry-on bags for free. 

breeze airways baggage policy

In this article we will delve into the details of the breeze airlines baggage policy, its guidelines, fees, allowance, how you can avoid paying baggage fee and more. 

Guidelines About Breeze Airways Baggage Policy

Follow these guidelines to get aware of the Breeze Airlines baggage guidelines – 

  • Breeze Airways Carry On Baggage Allowance – 1 carry-on bag is allowed for the passenger who purchased Nicer and Nicest fare. Nice fare allows 1 carry-on baggage for an additional fee.
  • Breeze Airways Checked Baggage Allowance – Nicer fare includes 1 checked bag, Nicest fare includes 2 checked bags. Nice fare allows checked baggage for a fee.
  • Personal Items – The airline allows 1 personal item for free. Breeze Airways does not have any information on the weight restriction for personal items. 
  • Baggage policy for infants on lap – No carry-on baggage is allowed for lap infants. A diaper bag would be considered as checked baggage, and as part of breeze airways checked baggage allowance. 
  • Stroller check-in policy – 1 stroller and 1 car seat is allowed for free of charge. 
  • Military baggage policy – Active-duty military personnel are entitled to 2 checked bags and 1 hand luggage for free.

What is Breeze Airways Checked Baggage Policy?

As per Breeze airways baggage policy, passengers with Nicer and Nicest fare include a checked baggage with the flight ticket . However, they must be aware of the following guidelines – 

  • Checked Baggage Size – 62 linear inches
  • Checked Baggage Weight – 50 pounds
  • Checked Baggage Time – 2 hours before departure
  • Checked Baggage Tracking
  • Checked Baggage For Domestic and International Flights – Breeze Airways baggage policy is available for domestic travel only. 

What is Breeze Airways Carry On Baggage Policy?

As per Breeze Airways carry-on baggage policy, the airline allows 1 carry-on bag with the Nicer and Nicest fare. Carry-on baggage is paid for the Nice fares. The other related guidelines include – 

  • Carry On Baggage Size – 22 x 14 x 9 inches (including handles and wheels)
  • Carry On Baggage Weight – 35 pounds
  • Carry On Baggage For Domestic and International Flights – Breeze baggage policy for carry-on baggage is not available for international flights. 
  • Carry On Personal Equipment – 1 personal item is allowed for all fares. 

Know About Breeze Airways Baggage Fees

Below is the overview of the fee for the baggage that needs to be purchased as check-in or carry-on bag.

  • Checked Baggage Fees – Breeze airways baggage fees is dependent on routes. ALso, the airline advises passengers to make the most of bag price checker tools. Below is the overview of of the checked baggage fee  – 
Checked BagFee range (in USD)
1st Bag35 to 41
2nd Bag45
3rd Bag50
  • Carry On baggage fees – Breeze airways baggage fees for carry-on bag would be applicable on passengers who purchased Nice fare. A fee of 35 USD may apply for hand luggage. 
  • Overweight baggage fee – 20 USD for weight between 51 and 70 pounds. 50 USD for weight between 71 to 99 pounds.
  • Oversized baggage dimensions – 50 USD breeze airlines baggage fees for bags whose dimension range between 63 to 80 linear inches. 
  • International Flights Baggage Fees – Breeze Airways does not offer international travel. 
  • Military Baggage Fees – No baggage fee will apply for Active-duty military personnel.
  • Baggage fees for sports equipment – breeze airways baggage fees apply as per checked as well as carry-on baggage allowance.

Breeze Airways Sports Equipments Policy

Breeze Airways allows sports items as checked as well as carry-on baggage depending on how they comply with the applicable weight and size requirement. Below are the details of the sports items that are allowed as checked as well as carry-on baggage. 

Sports ItemChecked BaggageCarry-On Baggage
Archery EquipmentAllowedNot permitted
Sports BallAllowedAllowed
Baseball GearBats are permitted as checked baggageOther gears should go as hand luggage.
Skimboards1 board is allowed. Must not exceed 62 linear inches.Not permitted
Bowling EquipmentsBowling balls are permitted as checked baggage1 pair of bowling shoes and 1 bowling ball must fit as carry-on baggage.
Camping gearAllowedAllowed
Firearms and ammunitionAllowedNot Permitted
Fishing GearAllowedAllowed
Football equipmentAllowedAllowed
Golf equipmentGolf clubs goes as checked luggageNot Permitted
Hockey equipmentHockey bags include 2 hockey sticks that must go as checked bags.Not permitted

Note – This is not the exhaustive list of sports items. To know all other sports equipments, visit the Breeze Airways official website

How to purchase luggage with Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways allows passengers to pay for the checked or carry-on baggage online or through customer services. Here are the following ways – 

  • Sign in to the Breeze Guest account on the airline-s website and then add luggage through My Trips sections.
  • Sign in to the Breeze guest account through iOS or Android PlayStore and click My Trips section.
  • You can also call the Customer Service team at 801-401-9000.

Assistive Devices With Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways baggage fees are not chargeable for mobility devices like wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, scooters, and other related devices. 

Items that are restricted to carry with Breeze Airways

The following items are not permitted as checked or carry-on baggage. 

  • Liquor items
  • Gasoline powered tools and equipment.
  • Corrosive materials.
  • Explosive items
  • Poisons
  • Radioactive items.
  • Flammable materials

Some Tips To Avoid Breeze Airways Baggage Fees

Follow these tips to get your checked bag for free while traveling with Breeze Airways – 

  • Always purchase Nicer and Nicest fares which include a checked bag with the ticket price.
  • Active duty military personnel are exempted from Breeze Airways baggage fee.  

What are Breeze Airways Baggage Fees Restrictions?

Certain restrictions may apply on the checked and carry-on baggage related to size and weight while flying with Breeze Airways. These include – 

  • Carry-On Baggage Restrictions – Up to 2 hand luggage allowed. 
  • Checked Baggage Restrictions – No more than 3 checked baggage allowed per passenger.
  • Baggage Weight Restriction – Bags exceeding 99 pounds are not permitted. 
  • Baggage Size Restrictions – The size of the checked bags that exceed 80 linear inches are restricted for travel. 

What is Breeze Airways Military Baggage Policy?

As per breeze airways military baggage guidelines, active US duty military personnel are entitled to free checked as well as carry baggage. Below is the overview of the details – 

  • Breeze Airways Airlines checked baggage military – 2 free checked baggage per passenger.
  • Breeze Airways Airlines Military baggage weight limit – 50 pounds (22 kg) for each checked luggage.
  • Breeze Airways baggage fees for retired military – The retired members need to pay the actual Breeze Airways baggage fees. 

Breeze Airways baggage policy is generous for the Nicer and Nicest fares where free checked and carry-on luggage are included with the ticket price. Add to that, the airline does not allow checked luggage over 99 pounds. Excess baggage fee may apply if the size exceeds 62 linear inches or 50 pounds.