The flag carrier of Australia, Qantas was founded in November 1920 and is recorded to be in the top 3 oldest airways in history. With its international passenger service starting in 1935, the airway broadened its passenger base by a large number. Qantas is known for its exemplary services and hassle-free Qantas flight cancellation policy. The 4-star airway provides a world-class service to its passengers and takes every extra step to make the flight a memorable one. If you want to know more about Qantas flight cancellation policy, make sure to go through this guide thoroughly and find the relevant solutions to your cancel and refund related queries. 

Qantas Cancellation Policy 

The passengers can book a flight in Qantas in any way they like, both online as well as offline. If you are booking the ticket online, you can go to the official website and do so, if you wish to book it offline, you can either give a call at the help centre or grab it directly from the airport. Qantas flight cancellation has to be done in the same way in which the passengers booked their ticket. Meaning, if the ticket was booked online, the cancellation can only be done online, people who booked their tickets offline would have to cancel in the same way. 

According to the Qantas flight cancellation policy, all the passengers with a valid ticket in Qantas have the right to make the cancellations absolutely for free if the cancellation is done within 24 hours from the time of booking. If the changes are made after the free cancellation window the passengers would have to pay a certain fee as per Qantas cancellation policy. The fee would depend on several factors, if you have insured yourself, you can make the changes anytime you want. All the fees charged on cancellations are made per ticket, if two fares are combined, Qantas will make the cancellation fee as per its conditions. Qantas refund is initiated after the cancellation made by the passengers. 

Qantas International Cancellation Policy 

Qantas allows the passengers to make the cancellations to their ticket for free within 1 day regardless of the fare type (domestic or international). The airway serves many destinations and has got a rule for cancellations and fees. If a passenger misses out on the free cancellation window, you would be charged as per your destination and fare type. The international cancellation fee is usually more than the domestic cancellation fee. If you have purchased a group ticket and wish to cancel one ticket, Qantas would use special conditions and make the refund accordingly. 

Cancellation Fee Qantas 

If a passenger is not able to cancel the tickets within 24 hours due to some reason, they can cancel them later. However, the airway would apply a certain fee depending on several factors. Passengers having a ticket for domestic flights are usually charged less than passengers travelling internationally. If you wish to know about your cancellation fee, go through the conditions mentioned below. 

Domestic Cancellation Fees 

  • Passengers with a “Red e-deal” in Economy class can not make any cancellations with Qantas. 
  • The passengers with a “Flex Economy” ticket can make the cancellations 30 minutes before the departure of the flight at a small fee of 99 Australian dollars. 
  • Tickets of “Premium Economy-Saver” can be cancelled before 60 minutes of departure at a small cancellation fee of 99 Australian dollars. 
  • All the passengers with a ticket of “Premium Economy-Flex” can cancel their tickets 60 minutes before the departure of the flight without paying any extra cancellation fee. 
  • Passengers travelling with a business class ticket can make cancellations at any time without having any cancellation charges imposed. 

International Cancellation Fees

Qantas cancellation fees International is different for different destinations. Qantas serves a wide range of passengers from all around the world, functioning in several countries. If you wish to know about your cancellation fee as per the destination, type of ticket purchased and the time of cancellation, you can visit the “Cancellation rules and fee” page of Qantas and check out the fee imposed on you. You can also give a call at the local Qantas office and talk to an executive about the cancellation fee. 

How To Cancel A Qantas Flight? 

The passengers can make the cancellations in their desired way. The airway provides a plethora of options to its passengers for their comfort. In order to learn about all the possible ways to make the cancellations, both online and offline, go through the points mentioned below to cancel your tickets. 

Qantas Flight Cancellation Online

Cancelling your Qantas flight online would be the easiest option. The passengers would not have to pay any amount to make any cancellations if they are making it on their own. 

  • Visit the official website of Qantas.
  • Go to the Manage Booking section on the homepage of the airway. 
  • Enter your surname along with your booking reference number/ Voucher reference. 
  • Click on the continue option and go to the cancellation tab. 
  • If you are sure about cancelling, press the cancellation button. 
  • Fill out the refund form if you want to get the remaining amount. 
  • Voila! The passengers would receive a cancellation notification on their given Mail ID or the contact number. 

Cancel Your Qantas Flight Via A Call 

The passengers can even make the cancellation offline if they do not feel safe in making the cancellation on their own. You can give a call at the local Qantas office, the airway has a team of well-spoken professionals who are exclusively hired to address the queries of valuable passengers. In order to proceed with the cancellation via a call, you need to make a call at Qantas, you would be provided with an executive, explain the reason for cancellation to them and request them to proceed with it. 

The executive would then put you on hold and tell you about the possible options as per Qantas flight cancellation policy.  The passengers would have to pay service fees if they are making any changes via the help centre, even if the changes are being made within 24 hours. 

Cancel Qantas Flight Ticket At The Airport 

You can cancel your ticket at the airport as well. The procedure for doing so is quite similar to that of calling the airway, only that you need to be present physically. The passengers would go to the Qantas office in the airport and seek assistance from a customer care executive. You can then elaborate on the reasons for cancellation while the executive checks out the best option. The refund shall be initiated based on Qantas flight cancellation policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Qantas Flight Cancellation Policy

How much does it cost to cancel a Qantas flight?

Qantas flight cancellation charges are different for domestic flights and international flights. If you are making the changes online, you would not have to pay any service fee, however, if you are making the cancellation via the call centre of Qantas or by visiting the airport, you would have to pay a service fee along with the cancellation fee.

How to cancel Qantas frequent flyer membership?

Qantas is an airway providing its service to more than 20 countries on several continents, if you are someone who travels a lot, Qantas has some special offer for you which is known as Qantas Frequent Flyer. There are several perks of the membership, some of which are reduced airfare, additional facilities, flexible Qantas flight cancellation policy and much more. However, if you wish to cancel the membership, you can do so by visiting the official website and find the frequent flyer option, you can then log in with your membership details and cancel the subscription.

What should I do if Qantas cancels my flight?

If the flight has been cancelled by the airway, the passengers do not need to worry about it. You can simply go and seek help from the ground staff if the flight is cancelled during the time of departure. In that case, the passengers are provided with tw9o options, they can either choose to take a 100 percent refund or opt for the next alternative flight that is sent by the airway. If the flight is cancelled during the time of departure, you can even seek compensation for the discomfort caused to you. However, if the flight has been cancelled due to some unavoidable reason which is not under the airway’s control, Qantas is not accountable to pay any compensation for the same.

Does Qantas have a 24 hours cancellation policy?

Yes, Qantas does have a 24 hours free cancellation policy which allows the passengers to cancel their tickets absolutely for free if they are making the changes within 24 hours of booking. If you are cancelling the ticket online, you would not have to pay any additional service charge but if you are making the changes offline, you would have to pay a certain fee even if the cancellation is made within 24 hours.

Does Qantas have a 24 hours full refund policy?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to seek a 100 percent refund if they cancel their bookings by following Qantas flight cancellation policy. Refund initiation greatly depends on the class of the ticket a passenger holds, in some cases a passenger would not be able to cancel their ticket, even when the cancellations are made within the released span. Make sure to check your ticket and conditions before booking.

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    As a regular flyer of Qantas, I have never had any discomfort while travelling with this airline. Yes, I have faced some cancellations due to unfavourable weather but one thing that I loved about the airline is that they always compensated more for the cause. The passengers were not only provided with complimentary meals and coupons but in certain cases, we were also provided with accommodation even if the flight was delayed by 3 hours. I have always loved the experience that I had with Qantas, looking for more journey together.

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    I Wendy Jaensch, can not fly from Adelaide on
    QF1975 at 10 55am to Sydney.
    Sydney to Canberra on QF1435 .
    Please cancel these flights as I have booked
    flights to return on the 26 th November QF1974
    to attend a ceremony of Life for a family member.

  3. Ana Luisa Luque on Reply

    I cancel an international flight because of my mothers death 24 hrs before the flight
    Can I have a full refund of the ticket ??
    I have the death certificate and my birth
    Route was Sidney Aust to Cristchurch NZ
    Please help

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