Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Qantas Flight Change Policy, designed to shed light on the airline’s flexible approach to managing changes to your travel arrangements.

Qantas Flight Change Policy

This article aims to provide you with the essential information and guidelines you need to navigate through the Qantas flight change process seamlessly.

What are the Highlights of Qantas Flight Change Policy?

Here are all the aspects of the Qantas Ticket Change Policy – 

  • When making changes directly through Qantas Airways via phone, email, offices, or airport locations, please note that a service fee will be applicable, in addition to the change fee specified in the fare rules.
  • For passengers with Flex fares, the airline offers the flexibility to change your flight free of charge. Qantas Flex fare change fee would not be applicable. 
  • Saver fares are subject to a fee and any applicable fare difference.
  • Please note that Sale fares generally do not allow changes. These fares have more restrictions when it comes to changes and Qantas Airways Flight Cancelation. 
  • If you booked your Qantas flight through a third-party website or travel agent, please reach out to them directly to discuss available options.
  •  If Qantas cancels your flight, the airlines will reach out to you and provide options such as an alternative flight, a Flight Credit for future travel, or a refund.
  •  In case you test positive for COVID-19 in the week preceding your travel date, you can change your travel date without incurring a flight change fee. Please provide documentary evidence to support your request.
  • If you are unable to travel due to illness, Qantas may extend the validity of your ticket for up to 3 months, subject to a valid medical certificate.
  • If a co-passenger traveling on the same booking passes away, we may extend the validity of your ticket for up to 45 days after the date of the passenger’s death, provided you can provide a valid death certificate.
  • The Qantas ticket name change request would not be covered under this policy.

What are the guidelines for changing a Reward flight booking with Qantas?

Following Qantas flight change rules would apply to the Reward Tickets – 

  • Changes to Classic Flight Rewards can be made up to 24 hours before the first flight segment’s departure through qantas.com in the Manage Booking section.
  • Within 24 hours of your departure, the changes to the date, time, or cancellation can be made by contacting the airline’s customer service team.
  • Reward seat availability, Qantas award flight change fee, and additional point requirements may apply when making changes to your itinerary or class of travel.

Situations Where Changes Can’t be Made Online

  • If bookings were not created on qantas.com.
  • Requesting a name change on a Classic Flight Reward Booking.
  • Changes cannot be made online within 24 hours of the first flight’s departure.
  • Changes are not permitted once travel has commenced (
  • Classic Flight Reward bookings that have been previously changed.
  • Bookings containing Classic Flight Reward segments combined with Commercial Fares.

What are the Qantas Flight Change Guidelines for flights from the USA?

Below is the overview of the Qantas Airways flight change for flights from USA to Australia

Economy SaleEconomy SaverEconomy Flex
USD 500FreeFree
Premium Economy SalePremium Economy SaverPremium Economy Flex
USD 500FreeFree
Business Class SaleBusiness Class SaverBusiness Class Flex
USD 500FreeFree
First Class SaleFirst Class SaverFirst Class Flex
USD 600FreeFree

What are the Qantas Flight Change Guidelines for flights within Australia?

Below is the overview of the Qantas Airways flight change fee for flights within Australia – 

For assistance with changes or if you have a combined Qantas and Jetstar multi-city booking, simply call 13 13 13.

When making changes over the phone, please note that the applicable service fee must be paid.

Your new booking must be for travel anywhere on the Qantas network within 12 months of the original ticket issuance date.

Below is the overview of the Qantas Airlines Change Fee For Economy Class

Economy ClassEconomy FlexEconomy Red e-Deal
Change FeeFree + Change Fee applicable99 USD

Below is the overview of the Qantas Airlines Change Fee For Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy ClassPremium Economy FlexPremium Economy Saver
Change FeeFree + Fare Difference applicable99 AUD

Below is the overview of the Qantas Airlines Change Fee For Business Class

Business Class
Change FeeFree + Fare Difference applicable

How does the Qantas Airways Flight Credit Work?

Here’s a summary of the conditions associated with these Flight Credits:

Flight Canceled or Changed by Passenger – Flight Credits issued for bookings made from 1 October 2021:

  • Flight Credits cannot be used for multiple bookings.
  • The new fare amount when using the Flight Credit must be equal to the remaining Balance. Applicable fare difference needs to be paid if the new fare is higher than the original fare. 
  • Only fares available for booking with the Flight Credit will be shown during redemption. 
  • The Flight Credit must be utilized by booking before 31 December 2023. On that date, travel can be booked up to 19 December 2024.
  •  If the Flight Credit expires without use, the value will be forfeited unless the original fare conditions allowed for a refund and a refund request was submitted before the expiry date.

Flight Canceled or Changed by Qantas – For Flight Credits issued from 1 August 2022:

  • You must book and travel within 12 months of your original booking date.
  • If you prefer a refund instead of using the Flight Credit, you must request it before you start using the credit and before the expiry date.
  • In case your Flight Credit includes other individuals, you have the option to travel separately. 
  • When it comes to specific types of bookings, Flight Credits can be used for Multi-city and Jetstar bookings. 
  • Flight Credit cannot be applied to Round the World or Points Plus Pay bookings.

What is Qantas Same Day No Mistake Flight Change?

As per Qantas Change Flight Same Day Policy, the following conditions will apply – 

  • The airline waives service and change fees for correcting booking mistakes.
  • The policy applies only to bookings made on qantas.com.
  • Mistakes that are eligible for fee waiver include:
  • Spelling errors in your name
  • Mistakes in the time, day, or month of your flight
  • Errors in the destination or origin of your flight
  • Flight booked on the wrong route (e.g., NewYork to Sydney instead of Sydney to New York)
  • Passengers will be responsible for the flight’s changes.

What is Qantas Change Flight Policy Within 24 Hours?

The airline’s website does not offer any information related to Qantas changing flights within 24 hours.

However, passengers can request Qantas Flight Cancellation within 24 hours of purchase, provided – 

  • Passenger must be a member of Qantas Frequent Flyer Program
  • Travel must be within Australia
  • The scheduled departure must be 30 days from the first departure flight.

Qantas 24 hour flight cancelation would not be applicable on – 

  • International travel
  • Outside the 24-hour risk-free cancelation period
  • Booked through a third-party website
  • Reservation made using a Flight Credit
  • Passengers who availed Qantas Unaccompanied Minor Service.
  • Passengers who have requested Split Booking
  • Reservations that are previously reissued. 

What is Qantas Airways Schedule Change Policy?

Here are the steps to follow for Qantas Schedule Changes – 

Step 1  – Rebooking Qantas Flight

  • Rebook your Qantas (QF) flights to an alternative QF flight or connecting QF flights.
  • Ensure the new flights are on the same day or within a day of the original ticketed flights or the next available flight.
  • QF-operated and marketed flights should be booked in the same booking class.
  • P / U / Z / X booking classes are not permitted for rebooking.

Step 2 – Misconnections and Connecting Flights – If the Qantas schedule change causes a misconnection to a connecting flight on another airline:

  • Rebook the connecting flight on the same airline to an alternative flight operated by the same airline as before.
  • The connecting flight must be in the same booking class.
  • If the same booking class is not available, rebook to the lowest available class in the same cabin.

Step 3 – Misconnections to Regional Connecting Flights – If the Qantas schedule change causes a misconnection to a regional connecting flight

  • Rebook to an alternative regional connecting flight
  • Refer to the oneworld Table below for permitted airlines
RegionPermitted oneworld airline
AsiaCathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Malaysian Airlines
EuropeFinnair, British Airways, Iberia Airlines, Qantas
North AmericaAmerican Airlines, Qantas, Alaska Airlines

How Does the Qantas Flight Change Policy Work Due to Covid 19?

If you are medically unfit to travel due to a diagnosis of coronavirus, you can cancel the refundable and non-refundable fare. The following conditions will apply  –

  • Coverage is applicable only if your symptoms first appear.
  • Passengers can only request flight changes or cancellations if they have a valid travel insurance policy.

Note – There is no coverage if you buy a policy when you are already aware or should have been aware as a reasonable person, that you are unable to travel.

How to Separate Passengers From the Qantas Airways Flight Booking?

How To Change Qantas Flight? 

Passengers can request flight changes for Qantas reservations through the following ways – 

Qantas.com – Changing bookings online via qantas.com incurs no Change Booking Fees. The steps include – 

  • Visit qantas.com and navigate to the “Manage Booking” section. You will get the following prompt:
how to change Qantas flight?
  • Enter the Booking reference, flight credit number, or voucher reference in the required field. Enter the last name of the passenger, and then click on the Forward icon next to it to access your booking. 
  • Follow the prompts provided on the website to select your new travel dates, times, or destinations.
  • Review any applicable fare differences and change fees, if applicable, as per the fare rules.
  • Once you have made the desired changes, proceed to confirm and finalize the new booking details.

Qantas Contact Centres – Changes to bookings can be made through Qantas Contact Centres, offering convenient assistance over the phone.

You can find the contact number on the airline’s website. When you visit the airline’s ‘Contact Us page, you will be redirected to this page – 

Qantas flight change service for Australia

Any passengers who are calling outside Australia may find the Qantas Airlines contact number by visiting the Qantas Contact Us page –  

Follow these steps – 

  • Be prepared with your reservation information and personal identification details for verification purposes.
  • Inform the customer service representative about your intention to change your flight.
  • Provide the necessary details, such as your current reservation information and desired new travel dates, times, or destinations.
  • The representative will assist you by checking availability, providing options, and discussing any applicable fees or fare differences.
  • Once you have confirmed the changes and agreed to any fees or fare adjustments, the representative will update your reservation accordingly.

Qantas Travel Outlets and Airport Locations – Qantas travel outlets and selected Qantas airport locations provide in-person assistance for booking changes. All you need to do is  –

  • Locate a Qantas travel outlet or a selected Qantas airport location.
  • Visit the outlet or location in person during their operating hours.
  • Approach a Qantas staff member and inform them that you would like to make changes to your flight reservation.
  • Provide your reservation details and desired new travel dates, times, or destinations.
  • Inquire about the new flight options and any change fee associated with it. 
  • Confirm your new flight option, and the genet will process the changes to your reservation. 
  • Your new itinerary would be updated and the details of the same would be sent to the registered email address. 

How much is the Qantas Flight Change Fee?

No Change Booking Fees are applicable for changes to a booking in Business or First class, including 

Qantas change the flight date request. 

Depending on the fare type purchased, a change fee may apply when modifying a booking online, over the phone, or at any ticketing office. 

Fare type – USAFee per passenger per booking

By staying informed, passengers can navigate the Qantas Flight Change Policy confidently and ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience.

Whether it’s a last-minute change or a necessary adjustment due to unforeseen circumstances, Qantas strives to provide the necessary support and flexibility to meet the changing needs of its passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I change my booking to Qantas Flight? 

Yes. According to the Qantas flight change policy, you can change your booking in Qantas without having to go through any trouble. The airline also has a free change window of 24 hours which allows the passengers to make any change absolutely for free. 

How do I change my Qantas flight? 

Changing your flight in Qantas can be done in the same way in which a passenger booked their seats. If the booking was done online, you can make the changes online absolutely for free. If the booking was done via a help center, the changes can only be done that way, as is the case with the tickets bought at the airport. 

Qantas flight change policy has clearly mentioned that if the passengers have involved any third party during the time of booking, they need to approach the agents directly. The airlines would not be responsible for making any changes for the passengers. 

How much does it cost to change a Qantas flight? 

All the passengers who are making the change online within 24 hours can do it for free, as per the Qantas change flight policy. If you have missed out on the free change window, you would have to pay a certain fee. 

Domestic flight ticket change takes merely 10 USD while in international flights, the passengers would have to pay 75 USD. The charges even depend on the source of booking, where the passengers can do it for a cheap rate online. 

How to change Qantas flight booking online? 

If you wish to make the changes in Qantas online, make sure that you have bought the ticket in the same way. To make the changes, you can visit the official website of the airline, go to the manage booking section and enter your PNR number of the flight along with the passenger’s surname.

Click on the continue button to get redirected to the change/modify page. Now that you have been navigated to the other page, find the change option and make the changes that you wish to. Make sure to save the change before you close the tab. 

Can I change my Qantas flight destination? 

No. Qantas flight change policy does not entertain any modifications in the destination. If there is a situation where the passengers wish to make any changes to the destination, the only option is to cancel the ticket and rebook it. 

Cancellation can be made within 24 hours if you do not wish to pay any additional fees for it. You can apply for a refund by filling out the refund form on the website. You can book a new flight with Qantas with the destination that you wanted to change. 

Can I change my Qantas International flight? 

Yes. You can change both domestic as well as international flights for a nominal fee if you are making the changes after 24 hours. As per Qantas change flight policy, you can change the date/time/seat and meal in your ticket but you would not be allowed to change the destination in your ticket. 

How do I change my name on a Qantas frequent flyer? 

The name changes can be made in the same way as the rest of the changes. You need to visit the official website, go to the manage booking section, find the change/modify option and change the name as per your desire. 

What are the different types of changes I can make to my flight?

You can make changes to various aspects of your flight, including travel dates, times, destinations, and even cabin class upgrades. The Qantas Flight Change request is subject to fare rules associated with the booking and availability.

How much does it cost to change my flight?

The Qantas Flight Change cost varies with the ticket type and Route. Usually, if you booked a flight online, through the airline’s website no fee would be levied.

How do I change my flight?

You can change your flight through different channels, including qantas.com, Qantas Contact Centres, and the nearest Qantas outlets in your city.

What are the deadlines for changing my flight?

The airlines haven’t mentioned or specified the deadlines on the airline’s website. Considering that you’re holding an international booking, flight change can be requested up to 3 hours before scheduled departure.

What to do if you need to change a flight?

Follow the guidelines provided by Qantas, such as using the available channels for making changes, reviewing the fare rules, and being aware of any applicable fees or fare differences.

How do I get a flight refund from Qantas?

Refunds for flight cancellations or changes are subject to the fare type purchased and the specific terms and conditions of your booking.

Can I contact Qantas by phone?

Yes, you can contact Qantas by phone through their dedicated contact centers.

Can I get a refund if the airline changes the flight time?

In such cases, the airline reviews the refund query case by case. Passengers need to contact the airline directly to inquire about the refunds.

What to do when a Qantas airline changes your flight?

If Qantas changes your flight, they will generally provide alternative options or re-accommodate you on another suitable flight.

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