Detailed Information About Qantas Airlines Change Flight Policy

Founded in November 1920, Qantas Airways is one of the oldest airlines still in operation. The Australian flag carrier survives in its original form owing to a number of factors including world-class facilities, exclusive offers, and its Qantas flight change policy.

So if you are flying with Qantas soon, the following guide on Qantas flight change policy will come in very handy.

Qantas Ticket Change Policy: Key Highlights 

Qantas ticket change policy is simple and designed to help passengers have full control over their journey. It saves you both time and money without much of a fuss. Here’s a quick glimpse: 

  • The ticket changes are absolutely free if the passengers make them within the free change span set by the airline. 
  • Passengers who have bought insurance have the right to cancel their tickets 24 hours before the departure date absolutely for free. 
  • If the flight has been cancelled by the airline, the passengers would be reimbursed for the inconvenience caused. 
  • The airline would waive the change fee if the passengers decide to change the date of travel. 
  • Qantas Airlines does not entertain any changes in the destination, whether domestic or international. 

Qantas Ticket Name Change Policy 

  • Qantas Airlines change policy sets the rule for the name change to be allowed for specified domestic purchases and corporate fares. 
  • If the passengers have not issued the tickets, they are required to cancel the previous bookings and create a new booking by the name they wish to change. 
  • Qantas does not permit name changes for any international trip, you can contact customer service in case of emergency. 
  • Name change requests would not be entertained online. You can reach out to the contact centres of the airline. Please note that a small service charge may apply to your name change request. 

Qantas Ticket Date Change Policy 

  • Making any change in the date or time of the flight is easily accommodated by the airline. The passengers can make desired changes by visiting the official website of Qantas Airlines. 
  • Group bookings are given special attention. If you have booked several tickets and want to make changes to an individual ticket, make sure to separate the ticket from the rest of the booking. Passengers with the changed ticket would be provided with a different booking reference by Qantas Airlines. 
  • Date change can only be made as per the fare of the passengers purchased. 

Qantas Airlines Destination Change Policy 

  • The passengers can change their destinations by requesting the airlines, the amount would be credited in the form of flight credits. The passengers can then make a new booking with a new destination. 
  • If you have booked a round trip and want to make a destination change in one way, you can simply retrieve your booking by entering your flight details. Select the “Find Flight” and select your flight with a new destination. 
  • The passengers would have to pay the difference in the flights even if they are making the changes within the free change span. 

How To Change Qantas Flight? 

With an aim to make flying easier for passengers all around the world, the airline has provided a myriad of ways to make the modifications. Enjoy a list of options mentioned below and choose your desired way to make the modifications to your Qantas ticket. 

Probably one of the easiest ways to make any change in your ticket is by modifying it online. The passengers would not have to pay even a penny if they are changing it online following Qantas flight change policy. 

How you can make the changes online?

  1. Visit the official website of Qantas.
  2. Go to the Manage Booking section on the homepage of the airline. 
  3. Enter your booking reference number/ Voucher reference along with your surname.  
  4. Click on the continue option and go to the change/modify option. 
  5. You can then make any desired change you want in the date/seat/meal etc. 
  6. Save the changes you have made with Qantas.  
  7. You will get a confirmation about the change on your registered mobile number or the email ID. 

Change Qantas Airlines Ticket Via Call 

If you are not sure about making changes online, you can take professional assistance on call by Qantas:

Qantas Airlines Ticket Change At The Airport 

Qantas Airlines ticket change can be done in person with the airline’s representatives at the airport. Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Visit the ticket counter at the airport. 
  2. An executive would be assigned to you to assist you in your booking. 
  3. You can raise any query and ask the executive to make the changes to your Qantas Airlines ticket. 
  4. The executive would check your change fee and proceed with your decision for change in the ticket. 

Qantas Flight Change Rules 

To maintain the exemplary policies of the airlines, the passengers are subjected to certain rules as levied by the airlines. 

  • The passengers must use their flight credits within 12 months of booking, after one year, the amount would nullify. 
  • While taking services from the help centre or the ticket office of Qantas Airlines, the passengers would have to pay the service fee. 
  • If the new booking is more expensive than the previous one, the passengers would have to pay the difference. 

Qantas Same Day Flight Change Policy

  • The ultra-flexible Qantas same day flight change policy allows the passengers to make any relevant changes to their tickets without charging a penny if the changes have been made within the same day as the booking day. 
  • The tickets must be booked at least 7 days before the departure date so that the airline has enough time to accommodate the changes as demanded by its passengers.
  • If you are changing the ticket after the free window, the passengers would have to pay a small fee as decided by the airline. 

Qantas Change Flight Within 24 Hours

Uninvited emergency situations can surprise us anytime but Qantas has prepared some exclusive policies to protect your trip for those times of need. 

  • Qantas Airlines 24 hours policy gives leverage to its passengers to make any changes to their tickets within 24 hours of booking without paying Qantas changes fee. 
  • If the passengers are not able to make the changes within 24 hours, they would have to pay any amount for making the modifications.
  • If the amount for the changed flight is more than the amount for the previous ticket, the passengers would have to pay the difference in fee even if the changes are made within the given span. 

Qantas Flight Change Fee

The airline takes every extra effort to provide a timeless experience. However, if the passengers fail to follow the Qantas flight change policy, they would have to pay a small fee for it. 

The change fee for Qantas are as follows:

  • All the passengers who booked a domestic flight through the contact centres have to pay 10 USD to make the changes to their ticket. 
  • The passengers who booked a domestic flight through the group sales and Qantas Airport locations have to pay 45 USD to make the changes.  
  • If a passenger is making some changes in an international flight, they would have to bear a fee of 75 USD. 
  • If a passenger is making any modifications on a flight to or from New Zealand with Qantas, they would have to pay 77 USD to do so. 
  • All the passengers buying New Zealand Trans Tasman tickets have to pay 45 USD to make any modifications to their ticket. 
  • Passengers buying a domestic Trans Tasman ticket would have to pay 45 USD to get the changes done in their tickets. 
  • Qantas change fee international flights are more than the domestic flights, the passengers would be able to see the change fee during the time of making the change.
  • If the passenger is making the changes online, they would not have to pay any service fee, however, if the passengers are making the changes offline, they would have to pay a total of 60 USD to make any relevant changes done. 

Qantas Award Flight Change Fee 

Frequent Flyers get special treatment in the form of credit awards in Qantas Airlines. The passengers would be able to make the changes as per Qantas flight change policy. 

  • The flight change fee for an award flight is applied to the ticket at the time when the passengers are making the changes. 
  • The change fee may vary as per the loyalty points that are given to the passengers. 
  • At times, the no-show fee would nullify the entire amount while making the changes. 
  • The passengers can simply save on the change fee by making separate bookings for the tickets that are bought from the award fee. (If you book multiple tickets by your frequent flyer account, the award amount would be equally distributed to all the tickets, increasing the cancellation fee. If you are unsure about the plan, book one ticket from the award amount to save up on the cancellation fee)

Frequently Asked Questions – Qantas Change Flight Policy

Can I change my booking to Qantas Flight? 

Yes. According to Qantas flight change policy, you can change your booking in Qantas without having to go through any trouble. The airline also has a free change window of 24 hours which allows the passengers to make any change absolutely for free. 

How do I change my Qantas flight? 

Changing your flight in Qantas can be done in the same way in which a passenger booked their seats. If the booking was done online, you can make the changes online absolutely for free. If the booking was done via a help center, the changes can only be done in that way, so is the case with the tickets bought at the airport. 

Qantas flight change policy has clearly mentioned that if the passengers have involved any third party during the time of booking, they need to approach the agents directly. The airlines would not be responsible for making any changes for the passengers. 

How much does it cost to change a Qantas flight? 

All the passengers who are making the change online within 24 hours can do it for free, as per the Qantas change flight policy. If you have missed out on the free change window, you would have to pay a certain fee. 

Domestic flight ticket change takes merely 10 USD while in international flights, the passengers would have to pay 75 USD. The charges even depend on the source of booking, where the passengers can do it for a cheap rate online. 

How to change Qantas flight booking online? 

If you wish to make the changes in Qantas online, make sure that you have bought the ticket in the same way. To make the changes, you can visit the official website of the airline, go to the manage booking section and enter your PNR number of the flight along with the passenger’s surname.

Click on the continue button to get redirected to the change/modify page. Now that you have been navigated to the other page, find the change option and make the changes that you wish to. Make sure to save the change before you close the tab. 

Can I change my Qantas flight destination? 

No. Qantas flight change policy does not entertain any modifications in the destination. If there is a situation where the passengers wish to make any changes in the destination, the only option is to cancel the ticket and rebook it. 

Cancellation can be made within 24 hours if you do not wish to pay any additional fees for it. You can apply for the refund by filling out the refund form on the website. You can book a new flight with Qantas with the destination that you wanted to change. 

Can I change my Qantas International flight? 

Yes. You can change both domestic as well as international flights for a nominal fee if you are making the changes after 24 hours. As per Qantas change flight policy, you can change the date/time/seat and meal in your ticket but you would not be allowed to change the destination in your ticket. 

How do I change my name on a Qantas frequent flyer? 

The name changes can be made in the same way as the rest of the changes. You need to visit the official website, go to the manage booking section, find the change/modify option and change the name as per your desire. 

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