Nobody wants to spend unnecessary time standing in long lines at the airport, especially when there are better ways to streamline the process. That’s why Qantas check in policy offers various options to complete the formalities, from the comfort of your home to the airport.

Qantas check in

How to check in with Qantas?

You can conveniently check-in by using the Qantas App or through online check-in. Once you’ve done that and obtained your boarding pass, the only remaining step at the airport is to drop off your baggage, allowing you to relax and enjoy your flight without much further ado. 

Qantas offers several convenient methods for check-in which include – 

  • Online check-in – Visit the Qantas website to check in, receive your boarding pass electronically, and select your seat. This method is ideal for passengers who want to save time at the airport.
  • Mobile check-in – Download the Qantas mobile app and use it to check in, access your digital boarding pass, view flight details, and make seat selections. 
  • Self-service kiosk – Located at the select airports, can check in, print your boarding pass and bag tags, view flight details, change your seat, and even request a check-in for a companion traveling on the same flight.
  • Airport counter – Approach the Qantas check in counter at the airport and provide your booking information to the airline staff. They will assist you with the check-in process, and issue your boarding pass.

How does Qantas online check in work?

Qantas online check in

Before diving in, let’s confirm if your flight qualifies for Qantas check in online. 

  • For domestic flights, you can request Qantas Airlines web check in any time from 24 hours up to 30 minutes before your flight’s departure.
  • If you’re embarking on an international journey, you must be aware of the Qantas check in time which is 24 hours prior to your flight, right up until 90 minutes before takeoff.

Qantas online check in Step-by-step procedure

Follow these steps to request online check in Qantas Airways – 

  • Visit Qantas’ official website and click on the ‘Check-in’ tab.
  • Retrieve your booking by entering your booking reference and last name. Click on the Forward Icon to continue.
  • Now that we’ve located your booking, select the flight segment to complete the check-in. 
  • Select seats and add any other special request.
  • Simply navigate to the ‘Checkin/Print Boarding Pass’ button, usually found near your flight details.
  • Depending on your preferences and availability, you have two options for your boarding pass – Qantas mobile boarding pass or simply print the boarding pass at home. 

Eligibility criteria for Qantas Airways web check in

Below is the overview of the domestic and international flights that are eligible for Qantas Airlines web check in through the website as well as the mobile app –

First Flight Operated byNext Onwards Flight Inside 24 Hours Operated byQantas App Check-inOnline Check-in
Qantas domestic or QantasLinkNo connecting flightsYes oneworld partners, codeshare partners, or other designated international partners
Qantas domestic, QantasLinkYes Yes
Qantas international No connecting flightYesYes
Qantas internationalYesYes
Jetstar internationalNoYes
Oneworld partners, codeshare partners, other international partnersNoYes
Jetstar domestic, international or New Zealand domesticNoNoNo
Jetstar domestic, international, or New Zealand domesticNoNoNo

Other restrictions for online check in

  • Qantas unaccompanied minors are not permitted for online check-in
  • Passengers who request pet travel service. 
  • Passengers who need to request a Qantas flight change due to a major scheduled change or canceled flight. 
  • Passengers traveling in a group of 9 passengers or more under the same booking reference. 

How to request Qantas check in using a mobile app?

If you prefer to check in for a Qantas flight using the official mobile app, here’s how it works

  • Download the Qantas mobile app and launch it..
  • Tap “Check-in.”
  • Follow the simple steps to complete your check-in and receive your digital boarding pass.
  • Retrieve your boarding pass anytime, conveniently via the ‘manage booking’ option.

Ensure you have a confirmed reservation and are eligible for the Qantas online check in through the mobile app. 

Check-in time – Check-in from 24 hours up until 30 minutes before your domestic flight departs. For international bookings, you can check in from 24 hours up to 90 minutes prior to your departure.

How to access Qantas check in with self-service kiosks?

Follow the easy prompts to check-in and print your boarding pass. If you have checked bags, you can print bag tags at the kiosk before dropping them off at the bag drop. You can also – 

  • View your flight details.
  • Change your allocated seat.
  • Check-in a companion traveling on the same flight in the same cabin but on a different booking.
  • Input your Frequent Flyer details

Once done, issue your baggage tags and proceed to the Qantas check in baggage counter. 

How to do Qantas check in at the airport counter?

Qantas check in at the airport counter

In the rare case that self-serve kiosks are unavailable at your departure airport, simply approach the Qantas check in counter at the airport for friendly assistance. Here is a step-by-step guide – 

  • Arrive at the airport on time for the check-in. Qantas recommends arriving at least two hours before domestic flights and up to three hours for international flights.
  • Locate the Qantas check in area within the airport terminal. The counters are well-marked and easy to spot. 
  • If you have not checked in online or at a self-service kiosk, you will need to join the queue at the check-in counter.
  • When it’s your turn, present your booking information to the Qantas staff. 
  • Qantas staff will assist you with the check-in process. They will ask for your identification and verify your booking details.
  • Once your check-in is complete, you will receive your boarding pass. 
  • If you have checked baggage, you can hand it over to the airline staff at this point. They will weigh your checked baggage, attach baggage tags, and ensure they are properly loaded onto your flight.
  • Proceed to the security checkpoint with your boarding pass and identification. 
  • After passing through security, follow the signs to your departure gate. 

How to obtain Qantas boarding pass?

Paper boarding passes are no longer required when traveling with a Qantas Airways flight. You have multiple convenient options for accessing your boarding pass when flying with Qantas. You can easily retrieve it from your Qantas App, save it to your Apple Wallet, or access a forwarded boarding pass via SMS or email. 

  • Online check-in – Once check-in is complete, you will have the option to either download and save your digital boarding pass to your mobile device or print a physical copy.
  • Mobile check-in – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the check-in process, access the Qantas mobile boarding pass, and make seat selections.
  • Kiosk check-in – Just follow the instructions displayed on the kiosk screen and print your boarding pass at the kiosk.
  • Counter check-in – Qantas Airways representative will assist you with the check-in process, issue your boarding pass, and check in any checked baggage 

What is the recommended Qantas check in time?

The Qantas check in online is available as early as 24 hours before scheduled departure. For the latest Qantas check in time refer to this table below – 

Flight TypeLatest Check-in and Bag Drop Time
Domestic Qantas codeshare services (QF5000-QF5999) operated by Jetstar40 minutes
Domestic connecting to international travel (QF400 and above)45 minutes
Domestic flights from Australian international terminals (QF1-QF399)60 minutes
Group check-in for domestic flights or for flights from Australian international terminals60 minutes
InternationalEconomy/Premium Economy – 90 minutes, Business/First – 60 minutes
International Qantas codeshare services operated by Jetstar60 minutes
Travel on oneworld, codeshare, or other international partnersContact the operating airlines for recommended check-in times.

Please Note: If you’re traveling with checked baggage, do not forget to drop your checked baggage at least 30 minutes before for domestic travel and 90 minutes for international travel.

Requirements domestic flight check in

If your domestic flight departs from an international terminal, there are specific considerations to keep in mind for Qantas domestic check in –

  • Identification required – Customers aged 18 and above are required to provide valid photo identification.
  • Location – You’ll need to check in at the international terminal of the city you’re departing from.
  • Arrival time – The check in time for international flights Qantas will apply. It is recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • Security screening – These flights are subject to international security screening. Please be aware of the baggage policy on the amount of liquids, aerosols, and gels you can carry in your hand luggage.
  • D Sticker – Airport Customer Service Agents will check your ID and attach a ‘D’ (Domestic) sticker to your boarding pass.
  • Boarding pass –  It’s essential to keep your Qantas boarding pass and present it at Customs clearance points both at the beginning and end of your domestic trip.

Requirements for check in for international flights

When you’re heading overseas, you can now check-in online, receive your boarding pass, and select your seat from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. The check in time for international flights Qantas opens 24 hours before your flight departure and closes 90 minutes before takeoff. 

There are specific considerations to keep in mind for Qantas international check in – 

  • Arrival time – To check-in for international flights at the airport, you must arrive 2 hours before departure. 
  • Required documents – Ensure you have your booking reference, e-ticket, passport, and any relevant travel documents handy for hassle-free check-in assistance.
  • International premium service – For First passengers, Platinum Frequent Flyers, and Oneworld Emerald members, the airline offers dedicated First Check-In Suites at selected international airports. This is offered to fast-track the check-in service through immigration. 
  • Premium passengers – The Business and Premium Economy passengers, Gold and Silver Frequent Flyers, and oneworld Ruby members have access to dedicated Qantas check in premium counters at all international airports. 

No more last-minute rushes or lengthy waits, as Qantas empowers you to take control of your check-in process. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first flight, make the smart choice by choosing the Qantas for a stress-free check-in and memorable travel. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do Qantas Club members get priority boarding?

Yes, Qantas Club members, along with Platinum One, Platinum, and Gold Frequent Flyers, are eligible for priority boarding on Qantas flights.

How to get a Qantas boarding pass on an iPhone?

You can get a Qantas boarding pass on your iPhone using the Qantas mobile app, simply download the app, log in to your Qantas account, and follow the online check-in process.

Does Qantas have boarding groups?

Yes, the specific groups and procedures may vary based on the elite status and tiers of the Club members, Frequent Flyers, and passengers with any special assistance.

Can you check in online for Qantas international flights?

Yes, online check-in for international flights is available from 24 hours before the scheduled departure time and remains open until 90 minutes before the flight’s departure.

How long before a Qantas flight can I check in?

For both domestic and international Qantas flights, online check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. The Qantas check in closes 60 minutes prior to a domestic flight, and 90 minutes prior to an international flight.

Why can’t I check in on the Qantas app?

The airline might need to verify your passport, visa, or other travel related documents, that’s why you are not eligible for mobile check in.

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