As per RyanAir cancelation policy, the airline does not allow passengers to cancel the flight once the reservation is ticketed. However, certain exceptions may apply where the airline allows flight cancelation and offers a refund, 

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In this guide, we will cover all the rules and guidelines to make the most of your cancellation request with RyanAir, its cancellation fees, flight cancellation by the airline itself, refund policy, and more. 

Guidelines under RyanAir cancelation policy

Passengers are not allowed to cancel the flight, rather the airline offers the RyanAir flight changes where passengers can alter the flight date, time as well as destination. A certain exception applies when you cancel a RyanAir flight – 

  • Cancel due to flight delay – Unless your flight is delayed by 5 hours or more, you are supposed to cancel the flight and claim the unused portion of the flight ticket as a refund.
  • Bereavement – The airline offers cancellation under bereavement reasons (must be an immediate family member) where passengers need to make the flight cancellation request at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • Other reasons – Passengers/co-passengers can cancel the flight in case of serious illness.
  • Timeline – In cases where the booking cancellation is not permitted, passengers can change the flight up to 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • Schedule change – If there is a schedule change for 5 hours or more, you have the option to pick the alternate flight or cancel/refund the booking without paying RyanAir cancellation fee.

Ryanair cancellation policy within 24 hours

For flights to/from Canada and the United States, passengers have the option to cancel the flight and request the full refund, provided – 

  • The scheduled departure must be booked at least 7 days in advance.
  • The booking includes a flight operated and marketed by RyanAir.
  • Ryanair cancellation policy within 24 hours would not be applicable to any codeshare or interline flight segment in the reservation.
  • The 24-hour cancellation is not applicable to group booking as well as the award bookings, as per RyanAir cancelation policy.

Note – if canceled within 24 hours, passengers can expect the refund in 7-10 business days in the original method of payment. 

How to cancel the RyanAir Flight?

RyanAir offers no option to change the flight. Rather you can request the flight change online (Refund application form) as well as over the phone. 

Alternatively, flights can also be changed at the airport up to 150 minutes before departure. 

RyanAir only allows you to cancel the flight if  

  • RyanAir canceled the flight.
  • Flight gets delayed by 5 hours or more.
  • Death of a family member
  • Passengers fall seriously ill.

In all the other scenarios, the airline will forfeit the ticket amount and do not offer any refund.

Cancel your flight ticket online with Ryanair Website 

If you fall in one of the above categories, follow these steps to cancel the flights online – 

  • Go to the official RyanAir website and access the My Booking tab.
  • You can Log in to the RyanAir account with your email address and password. You also access through the Reservation Number and the email address. 
  • Then, click on Retrieve your booking. 
  • Select the flight you need to cancel.
  • Make sure to review the RyanAir cancelation policy. Please ensure that the flight can only be canceled if the flight is disrupted or delayed by RyanAir.
  • After completing the cancellation, you should receive a confirmation email

Cancel RyanAir flight through customer service

Visit the Ryanair website and find the help center page. Find the contact number. Before calling, keep your booking reference handy.

  • Speak with a live representative from Ryan Air
  • The airline agent will guide you through the cancellation process.
  • Ryanair will only process cancellation if there’s an involuntary flight cancellation. 
  • Once the cancellation is processed, ask for a reference number.

When does RyanAir Cancel the Flight?

There are circumstances where airlines have to cancel the flight. In those scenarios, passengers are entitled to get a refund for the unused portion of the fare. Plus, passengers can also claim RyanAir flight cancellations compensation. 

Here are the following circumstances where passengers are entitled to get compensation – 

  • Flight delay for 5 hours or more.
  • Airlines cancel the flight, and the reasons for the cancellation must be within the airline’s control. The exception applies to unforeseen circumstances.
  • If the passengers missed the connecting flight, and you arrive at the destination no earlier than 3 hours or more. 

RyanAir flight cancellations compensation

As per RyanAir cancel policy, passengers whose flight has been delayed or canceled can refer to this table to get the compensation – 

Flight cancelation/flight delay (flight distance)Compensation amount (in USD)
Below 1500 Km300 USD
Between 1500 and 3000 km450 USD
Beyond 3000 Km725 USD

Right to care

Passengers while waiting at the airport for an alternate flight or in case of flight delay are entitled to the following benefits under the Right to Care – 

  • Free meals and refreshments
  • Accommodation if the delay or alternate flight requires an overnight stay
  • Hotel transfer
  • Access to 2 free international calls

How to request a refund in case of flight disruption

In that case, passengers will receive an email from the RyanAir Customer service team about flight cancellation or delay. The airline offers the following options – 

  • Request a refund on the unused portion of the fare
  • Schedule an alternate flight on the same day as departure at no additional fee
  • Change your flight to the new date. No Ryanair cancellation fee would be applicable. 

To request RyanAir cancellation, 

  • You need to click the link mentioned in your email. 
  • Access your reservation through My booking tab on the RyanAir website and claim a refund.
  • If you booked through a travel agent or online travel agency.

Besides you can also request the Refund application form here

Everything About RyanAir Refund Policy

As per Ryanair refund policy, the Dublin based carrier offers non-refundable or restricted fare. In addition – 

No show – If the passengers didn’t show up for the flight, no refund can be claimed. The seat you booked would be operated vacant in the passengers’ absence.

Eligibility for refund

Passengers can only claim a refund if  –

  • If denied boarding
  • Airline cancel or delay the flight
  • The airline failed to operate according to the schedule. There must be a change in flight schedule for 5 hours or more.

Death of a family member

Passengers can also claim a full refund if there is the death of an immediate family member.

Refund amount disparity – At times, passengers may get a refund amount different from what they have paid initially. This is because you may have booked the following services or add-ons – 

  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Parking
  • Travel Insurance
  • Package that includes Hotel or car rentals or a combination of both

In that case, the airline only refunds the booking amount for the flights. To claim a refund for the extras, you need to contact the third-party vendors. Click here for the contact details for third-party suppliers. 

Refund timeline

Passengers who booked the flight ticket online, get the refund of the ticket value in the RyanAir Wallet within 24 hours. If you wish to credit the refund to your bank account from the wallet, it may take 5 business days. 

Refund from the online travel agent

Before claiming the refund from the online travel website or your travel agent, you need to download and complete the customer verification form.  After you fill this form, the airline will process the refund directly. 

Refund status

After you receive the refund for the flight disruption, you can check the status of your refund via email.  

Understanding RyanAir cancellation policy is essential for any traveler, while the airline is very f flexible when it comes to Flexi Plus and fares. However, it is important to be aware of the refund circumstances and terms and conditions associated with the refund. 

By understanding the guidelines behind the RyanAir refund policy, passengers can make informed decisions and ensure hassle-free travel with this budgeted airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Can I cancel my Ryanair flight and get a refund?

The airline does not offer a refund under any circumstances, except if the flight is canceled or delayed for 5 hours or more.

Can you cancel Ryanair’s flight online?

Yes, passengers can access the My Booking tab on the RyanAir homepage to request the flight cancellation. You can also contact the RyanAir customer service to initiate flight cancellation. 

What do I do if my Ryanair flight is canceled?

In that case, you are eligible to get a refund of the unused part of the ticket. The airline will send you the flight status over email alongside the refund link to cancel the flight online. 

How to cancel a Ryanair flight within 24 hours?

You can only cancel a RyanAir flight within 24 hours if the travel route is to/from the United States and Canada. If eligible, you can cancel online or through RyanAir flight representatives over the phone.

Can you cancel the Ryanair flight within 24 hours of booking?

Yes, passengers can cancel Ryanair flight within 24 hours from the date of purchase if the scheduled departure is 7 days or more at the time of requesting Ryanair flight cancellation and the flight is not a part of group booking.

Can I cancel Ryanair within 24 hours for domestic flights?

No. Ryanair cancellation policy within 24 hours is only applicable for flights to/from the United States and Canada. 

How to get a refund from Ryanair?

You can get a refund through My Booking tab or through the airline’s customer service center. 

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    I enjoy flying, however owing to poor weather, I am considering canceling my RyanAir flight. For this, I checked the official website and went to the policy page to grasp the stipulations listed in the RyanAir cancellation policy. Since I do not want to pay more than my buddies did. Thanks to this page, I was able to have a better understanding of the cancellation policy.

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    ‘’On a recent trip to Chicago, my wife collapsed at the airport returning home. Ryanair staff was so helpful, arranged an ambulance, protected and stored our luggage and other important belongings like my wife’s phone, wallet, and jewelry, and arranging an alternate flight for free when my wife was well again. She got assistance at the airport which was really really good. Then she collapsed at the airport on the flight home, and the gain staff was really helpful and professional and arranged medical assistance at our destination. Thanks to the Ryanair cancellation policy as they did not charge us for the alternative flight and provide us with the full refund on our return flight back home. Ryan made everything easy and stress-free as possible, and I would like to thank them sincerely. ‘’

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    My opinion of Ryanair has been restored, as I requested a refund due to being unable to travel due to the death of a close family member and although I had to write an application to the officials, they gave me a full refund. I wasn’t expecting such a grateful response, Ryanair truly deserve a good review from me.

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    My entire travel experience of 25 years, I never had problem in terms of facility and hygiene. They keep there policy flexible for their valuable customer. Customer service executive are very supportive and they helped me to cancel my flight booking with ease.

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    I feel extremely thankful to Ryanair because my wife and my two children traveled to Barcelona, on the trip before landing my wife got very sick and all the staff helped her, but the nicest thing I experienced was that the staff took care of my two children in the hospital while my wife was waiting for medical attention. Thank you, Ryanair once again.

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    My return trip on Sunday was at 3:45 pm, when I got to the airport to check-in, they informed me Ryanair cancel flight because the plane wasn’t safe to fly. No notice at all about the cancellation, but Ryanair cancellation policy have a statement “if flight was cancelled by airlines then you can reschedule your flight or cancel without a single penny”. But I want to go for a full refund, please let me know the process.

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    I flew so many times with Ryanair. The cabin crew was kind and the flights are very cheap.
    I had booked ticket (dated 27 June 2022 ) with Ryanair for my family trip but there was a lot of bad feeling about the strikes of EU airlines, thousands of others our flight was cancelled. I want to thank airline for my immediate refund, posted to the original payment source, when Ryanair canceled my flight.

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    Due to some reasons, I have to cancel my return flight ticket. I can not able to fetch source by witch I can cancel my booking or option to reschedule the flight online. If I want to cancel return ticket then, how do I cancel a Ryanair flight and get a refund.
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