Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines is amongst the major low-cost carrier of the U.S. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The airline covers up destinations such as Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, Midway, Las Vegas, Dever, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Arizona, Nassau, Belize City, Liberia, San Jose, Punta Cana, Mexico City and many more.

Southwest Airlines carries maximum domestic passengers of any US airline. Its fleet consists of Boeing 737s and Boeing 737-800s. The total fleet of the airline is over 750 aircraft and it flies to more than 100 destinations in 45 states and 10 different countries.

Canceling and changing a flight is not that difficult in today’s world. Everything is digitalized and made very convenient to use. Each airline has its own rules and policies related to changes and cancellation. The airline schedule changes are certain to happen and this also provides you the flexibility for making your flight itinerary better. There are many factors involved which are used for getting the more appropriate routing than the original.

Sometimes the airlines may change your itinerary or flights due to some reasons. In this case, the airline offers some compensation, but if the case is opposite and you want to change or cancel the flight reservation, the airlines will charge a penalty fee. The process may be time-taking and complex for the first-timers, but the experienced ones will find it easy.

How To Change Southwest Flight?

You can enjoy the ease of changing flights with southwest airlines if you have booked an online ticket with them. You need to contact the airline’s representative for making changes in your itinerary of the flight.

Step 1

Go online and sign-in to your account with Southwest

Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and click on the “Log In” button located at the top-right side of the homepage. Now enter your username/account number and password to log in. 

Step 2

Select the option of “Change/Cancel Flight”

once you log in to your Southwest account, select the option of “Change/ Cancel Flight”. You will find this option on the right side of the home page.

Step 3

Enter the Confirmation Number and First, Last Name 

Enter your confirmation number, first name, and last name. Now click on the change flight button.

Step 4

Select “Change Flight” or “Cancel Flight”

Now choose from “Change Flight” or “Cancel Flight” according to your requirement and then click on “Search”.

Step 5

Search for the Flights You Want to Change

Look for the flights which are there in your reservation ticket and check the boxes next to the flights you want to change or update. You can also search for new cities and new dates if you want to avail of better prices on the same day.

Step 6

Select for New Flights

After step 5, choose the option of “Select New Flights” and click on the continue button.

Step 7

Review your Flight Selection and Prices of the Same

Once you are complete with all the above-mentioned steps, select the new flights and recheck the pricing. Now click on “Continue” and then “Purchase ”.

Other than the online flight change solution, you can also choose the offline method for changing flight or cancellation. In this method, you can cancel your reservation through phone or mail. 

Southwest Change Flight Phone Number:

Reservations Department +1-855-284-6735

Southwest Airlines Customer Relations +1-855-284-6735

Mail Address-Southwest Airlines Refunds Department, P.O. Box 36649, Dallas, Texas 75235-1649

From the above-mentioned methods, you must be now clear about “how to change southwest flight”.

Southwest Change Flight Fee

Southwest Airlines does not charge any change fee for its domestic as well as international flights. The process followed is mentioned below:

No Change Fee Will Be Charged

You may need to make changes or amendments in your travel plans due to some emergency situation or sudden change of plan. Southwest Airlines welcomes your modifications in booking and they provide maximum flexibility by not charging any change fees.

  • If you wish to make changes in flight itinerary, then you just have to pay the fare difference. No further change charges or hidden charges are applied.
  • The Airline does not charge you for your sudden plan changes or emergency situations.

The Airline says- “So you can rest assured when booking your next Southwest Airlines flight that change fees do not fly with us.”

Southwest Change Flight Refund

All reservations are not refundable. A ticket’s refund policy depends on the type of fare you have purchased, you may be eligible or not for a refund according to your fare type.

Refundable Tickets

If you bought fully refundable tickets, the unused amount will be refunded in full to you. The airline credits the balance in your future travel account (reason may be any to change the reservation).

You can request for a refund in the following ways:

If your outbound flight has not departed till now, you can raise a refund request:

  • Through the official website of Southwest Airlines. You need to cancel your flight ticket first for starting this process.
  • You can also cancel your reservation by calling on Reservation Department number-  +1-855-284-6735.
  • You can also write an mail to the airline’s refund department.

But if your outbound flight has already departed, you can submit your refund request:

  • Through calling on Reservation Department number- +1-855-284-6735.
  • You may also call customer service managers for this request.

If you canceled a reservation online with Southwest Airlines but did not request a refund at the same time, you can submit afterward:

  • By calling on Reservation Department number-1-800-435-9792.
  • You may also call on Customer Relations Number +1-855-284-6735.
  • By writing an email to the Refunds Department.

Fully Refundable Flights Include:

  • Flights booked through points.
  • Business select class fares.
  • Anytime fares.


  • If a passenger has combined the refundable fares with Wanna Get Away or non-refundable fare and the passenger fails to travel without informing the airlines at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, then the airline does not refund any amount.
  • You can request a refund if your ticket is valid and not expired.

Non-Refundable Tickets

The airline’s policy states that the non-refundable tickets are not applicable for refunds but the passengers are allowed to use the amount as travel credit for future travels. There are no cash or credit card refunds.

If the delay of flight occurs due to bad weather, the airline offers a new seat in the next flight to its passengers or refunds for the unused ticket balance or travel credit for future travel.

Additional Refund related Information

Southwest airline’s reusable funds:

  • All of the unused refundable tickets can be used for future travel or they get refunded within 1 year of the date of issue.
  • You will get the refunds in the same payment terms which you used for payment.
  • The refunds of tickets purchased through a debit card/credit card will be credited in the same debit card/credit card within seven days of raising the refund request.
  • Your bank may take up to 10 days approximately to credit the refund amount in your account.

Refund Time

The Refunds Department processes all of the refunds within 7 business days to the account of passengers from the date of refund request.

Depending on your bank, it may take up to 10 days to get the amount credited in your bank account.

Southwest Same Day Flight Change

If you want to make changes or amendments in your flight itinerary, then Southwest Airlines provides you with the best service for making changes in flights. You can even ask for the flight change on the same day of your reservation, the airline allows its passengers to make changes in their flight with them and does not charge any fees for this service. You may choose from the online or offline method of changing flights with southwest airlines. The online method means visiting the official website of the airlines and following the steps of changing flights. And the offline method means requesting flight change or cancellation through the call or mail to the reservation department. Both of the ways are really convenient for a passenger and you also don’t get charged with any penalty or fees for changes and cancellations of flights. 

Southwest Flight Change Policy 24 Hours

A passenger is eligible for the full amount refund if he cancels or makes changes in the flight within 24 hours of purchase. The airline provides you 24 hours window for changing and canceling flights without any penalty or charges. For any refund, you will have to fill up a short refund request form.

You will get your refund in the original form of your payment. For refund requests after 24 hours, the amount of non-refundable tickets will be transferred into your travel credit account for future travel. All tickets may not be refundable, the refund policy depends on the ticket type purchased.

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