British Airways baggage policy includes 1 free checked bag and the carry-on bag with the ticket cost.

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The fee would be applicable if you purchase extra baggage. There’s a variation in the British Airways baggage fees if you’re traveling from London Heathrow or London Gatwick. The same rules are applicable for all the primary hubs located in the US. 

The baggage rules of British Airways can be a bit tricky to understand, but we’re here to help make it clearer for you!

How much is the British Airways hand baggage allowance?

To make it easy for you, we’ve laid out the British Airways baggage rules for the size and weight of your essential bags.

British Airways Baggage Policy and baggage allowance

Personal Item

  • Size must be within 16 x 12 x 6 inches.
  • Should weigh no more than 51 pounds

British Airways carry on baggage

  • Size should measure around 22 x 18 x 10 inches (similar to a medium-sized suitcase)
  • Should weigh no more than 51 pounds

Lap Infant Carry-on baggage

  • When you’re flying with a baby sitting on your lap, you can bring an extra cabin bag.
  • Should weigh no more than 51 pounds

Carrying Strollers on board

  • Your stroller must be fully collapsible.
  • Size must be within 46 x 15 x 15 inches when folded.

Exceptions under British Airways baggage policy

Larger strollers should go as checked baggage. Upon arrival, they must be picked up at the baggage carousel in the baggage hall.

What is British Airways checked baggage allowance?

The British Airways baggage policy allows checked baggage starting from 51 pounds (23 kg) up to a maximum of 70 pounds (32 kg), and it may vary according to your fare class.

Here’s the overview of the British Airways baggage policy for checked baggage – 

ClassChecked BagsWeight Limit per Bag
Economy1 bag51 pounds (23 kg)
Premium Economy2 bags51 pounds (23 kg)
Business Class2 bags70 pounds (32 kg)
First Class3 bags70 pounds (32 kg)
Children (2-11)1 bag + 2 additional items51 pounds (23 kg)
Infants (under 2)1 bag + 2 additional items51 pounds (23 kg)

Please Note: The aforesaid baggage allowance is applicable for flights to/from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, flights between Japan and Europe, connecting flights between India and the USA, Bermuda Triangle, or Canada, as well as flights to and from Saudi Arabia going to the USA, Canada, or Bermuda.

Weight limit 

Fare TypeAllowance
Economy51 pounds (23 kg)
Premium Economy51 pounds (23 kg)
Business Class70 pounds (32 kg)

Baggage dimension

Your checked bag should not be larger than 35 x 30 x 17 inches (90 x 75 x 43 cm). Checked baggage allowance may vary for the Business Class.

How much is the British Airways extra baggage fee?

British Airways has not published any information regarding the excess baggage fee, but always asked its passengers to use the British Airways baggage calculator.

Below is the overview of the baggage fee we have researched based on this tool –

For carry-on baggage

Short-haul to/from London City Airport

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
First bag£30-£35 £75 
Second bag£65 £75
Additional bags£80£95 

Short-haul to/from London Gatwick Airport

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
First bag£25-£35 £50-£75 
Second bag£45-£65 £50-£75 
Additional bags£70-£80 £80-£95 

Short-haul to/from London Heathrow Airport

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
First bag75 USD115 USD
Second bag90 USD115 USD
Additional bags115 USD135 USD

Short-haul to/from Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
First bag50 USD100 USD
Second bag90 USD100 USD
Additional bags90 USD100 USD

Long-haul to/from U.S./Mexico from London Gatwick

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
First bag70 USD75 USD
Second bag90 USD100 USD
Third bags170 USD200 USD

All other Long-haul flights

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
First bag70 USD75 USD
Second bag90 USD100 USD
Third+ bags170 USD200 USD

Checked baggage fee for Economy Class Euro Traveller (Plus and Plus Flex)Flights to/from London Gatwick

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
Second bag£45-£65 £50-£75
Third and additional bags£70-£80£80-£95 

Checked baggage fee for Economy Class Euro Traveller (Plus and Plus Flex)All Other Routes

RouteOnline PurchaseAt Airport Purchase
Second bag90 USD100 USD
Third and additional bags90 USD100 USD

Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus) – Below is the overview of the British Airways baggage fees 

Purchase MethodBaggage Allowance Fee
Purchased Online/In Advance170 USD
Purchased at the Airport200 USD

For Business Class (Club Europe)

RoutePurchase MethodBaggage Allowance Fee
To/from London GatwickOnline in Advance90 USD
At the Airport100 USD
All other RoutesOnline in Advance100 USD
At the Airport110 USD

First Class (Club World and First Class)

Purchase MethodBaggage Allowance Fee
Purchased Online/In Advance170 USD
Purchased at the Airport200 USD

What is the overweight and oversize fee for British Airways?

British Airways charges extra for oversized as well as overweight baggage. Refer to the table below for fees as per British Airways baggage policy –

Baggage CategoryFee
Overweight (51 to 70 pounds, 23 to 32 kg)100 USD
Oversized (within size limits but exceeding weight allowance)Additional charges at the airport (weight limit: 32 kg)

What is the British Airways baggage allowance on partner airlines?

As per British Airways baggage policy, passengers flying in any of the codeshare or interline agreement flights have a separate baggage allowance. This is applicable on flights that are operated other than British Airways.

If the travel includes a flight segment with BA, it is the operating airline that decides the baggage allowance for the whole itinerary. 

The following airlines allow 1 checked bag up to 90 x 75 x 43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16in) and 23kg (51lb) if the flight segment includes British Airways

  • Sun Air
  • American Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Finnair
  • China Southern
  • Qatar Airways
  • Japan Airlines

What is British Airways baggage policy for musical instruments?

Passengers are allowed to carry 1 musical instrument as hand luggage or as checked baggage. However the allowance varies as per British Airways baggage policy – 

As carry-on baggage

The item must fit under the hand luggage allowance provided the length must be within 80 cm.

  • You can also carry a small wind instrument or violin as carry-on baggage. The dimensions must be within 80cm x 45cm x 25cm (31 in x 18in x 10in). 

Passengers paying for the seat

In case the musical instrument exceeds the baggage allowance, passengers can purchase an extra seat.

  • Musical instruments such as guitar or cello must not exceed 140cm x 50cm x 40cm (55in x 20in x 16in).
  • To pay for the seat for a musical instrument, it must be requested no later than 24 hours before departure. 

As checked baggage

Musical instruments that exceed 50lb/23kg should go as checked baggage. 

  • If you have also redeemed your baggage allowance with the ticket, you may be asked to pay british airways baggage fees.

Does British Airways baggage policy allow sports items?

Any sports item that fits as a hand luggage, can be carried for free. Also if the dimension must be within the checked baggage allowance, it’s free.

Any sports items that are heavier or larger than the allowed checked baggage allowance (51lb/23kg and 190cm x 75cm x 65cm) should go as cargo.

However, the baggage allowance varies with the following sports items – 

Non-motorized bicycles

They can be brought as checked baggage and are included in the allowance as mentioned in the ticket. If the checked baggage allowance is exhausted, you need to pay British Airways checked baggage fees. If carrying a bicycle, you must request up to 72 hours before departure. 

  • The dimensions of the bicycle must not exceed 190cm x 95cm x 65cm (75 inches x 37.5 inches x 25.5 inches) in size.

Diving equipment

You can bring these items as checked luggage. The divining equipment that are allowed as checked baggage includes – 

  • Scuba regulator
  • Snorkel
  • Face mask
  • Diving lamps (with some special rules)
  • Weight belt
  • Tank pressure gauge
  • Tank harness
  • Spear guns
  • Fins
  • Empty cylinder tank.
  • Buoyancy control device

Golf Clubs

Golf equipment/kits are considered as part of checked baggage by British Airways. It must be packed in a protective bag/case.

  • If you bring an umbrella or parasol separately, it will count as an additional checked baggage item.
  • Extra fee may apply if it exceeds your baggage allowance.

Ski and Snowboarding items

  • You can bring your gear as part of your checked baggage allowance.
  • If it fits within the size limits, you can take them as hand luggage.

Surfboards and Kayaks

For small kayaks with paddles or short surfboards, you can include them in your checked baggage.

  • They must be in a protective bag
  • The dimensions must not exceed 190cm in length.
  • Personal items like clothes are not permitted with the equipment.
  • Kayaks or Surfboards that are larger than 190 cm should go as cargo baggage.

Rackets, Rods, Sticks, and Cues

  • Items like tennis or squash rackets, snooker, billiard, or pool cues, and hockey sticks can be part of your checked baggage
  • These items, if carried separately, should be counted under British Airways extra baggage allowance. 

British Airways baggage policy is essential for passengers to avoid extra charges or any restrictions to ensure hassle-free travel. The airline offers free checked baggage and carry-on allowance, but additional baggage comes with the price. The rules for hand baggage size and weight are clearly mentioned above. Checked baggage allowances vary by fare class, and there are weight and size limits for each class of service. 

As per British Airways baggage policy, oversized and overweight baggage incurs extra charges. The airline also accommodates sports equipment and musical instruments both as checked or carry-on baggage. These special items must adhere to the specific guidelines. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How much does British Airways charge for baggage?

The British Airways baggage fees varies for international and domestic flights. For international long-haul flights, the fee for the first bag is 70 USD. For the second and third bag, it is 90 and 100 USD respectively. 

How to track lost baggage British Airways?

Passengers whose baggage is delayed can track the status using this British Airways missing baggage tool. You need to enter the baggage tracking report number and the passenger’s last name. You can also call the British Airways baggage tracking phone number at 0124-412-0715.

How much is excess baggage British Airways?

If your bag weighs more than 23 kg, the airline charges 100 USD per overweight bag each way.

How to buy extra baggage on British Airways?

You can add extra baggage to your flight ticket via Manage My Booking link online before you head to the airport. You can also pay for the extra baggage at the airport. However, the baggage fee would not be discounted when you add baggage at the check-in counter. 

What is not allowed in hand baggage British Airways?

Items such as knives, scissors with blades longer than 6 cm, and razor blades are not permitted in the carry-on baggage. Items like pepper spray are also not permitted. 

Does British Airways allow extra baggage for students?

No. British Airways does not offer extra free baggage allowance for students on any fares. The ticket will still have the British Airways baggage allowance relevant to the fare class and the travel route. 

Can I claim compensation for delayed baggage British Airways?

No. Any baggage that is reported as missing for more after 21 of filling the report are liable for the lost baggage compensation.

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