Don’t be concerned about making changes to your name. The JetBlue name change policy addresses all of your concerns. You may easily make the necessary adjustments to the name by employing the elements listed beneath. The airlines allows passengers to modify spellings on their first and last names; however, the changes must be done within character, and you must also present supporting documentation. Continue reading for more information on the name change policy:

JetBlue Name Change Policy
  • Corrections need to be made through the official channels.
  • Passengers who want to change their name must provide supporting documentation together with the JetBlue change name form. 
  • As per the JetBlue name correction policy, the passengers are allowed to correct spellings on:
    • First names
    • Middle names
    • Family names
    • Nickname to a legal one
    • Inverted names
    • Correcting the format as per valid documents
    • Adding middle or last name
  • Legal changes are allowed due to marriage, divorce, or adoption.
  • The JetBlue name correction policy will not apply to bookings that are scheduled through unofficial platforms.
  • As per the JetBlue name change policy, the changes to the passenger name need to be made in advance. 
  • Passengers traveling on promotional tickets may not be eligible for a name change. However, before filing the JetBlue change passenger name request form, contact officials for a brief explanation of the procedure. Depending on the kind of ticket owned by the passenger, changes in the midst of a voyage are permissible.

JetBlue Change Name on Ticket Request Due to Marriage

Consider reading the following points to learn more about the JetBlue name change policy due to marriage or divorce:

  • To make required changes to the name, passengers need to submit supportive documents with the JetBlue change name form.
  • The legal changes can be done in multiple cases, some of them are discussed below:
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Adoption
  • Passengers can rectify errors in their name during mid-travel too. For detailed information on the mid-travel change communicate with the customer service team.
  • The JetBlue name change marriage rule states that the passenger who is changing the maiden name or family name after marriage can alter their name by submitting all the supportive documents such as marriage certificates or any government-issued documents.
  • As per the JetBlue name correction policy, bookings made through unofficial platforms do not qualify for change.
  • To waive the JetBlue name change fees, passengers can use a waiver code or speak to the airlines in advance.

JetBlue Name Correction Policy for Travel Agents

The JetBlue name correction policy allows customers to make necessary adjustments to their name in order for it to match the name on their government-issued ID or passport. The airline’s name policy enables passengers to replace or fix characters in their name while keeping their date of birth and gender the same. Changes to names will be done only if the adjustment does not jeopardize ownership and the original ticket form does not alter. Go through the described points and have a better idea about the JetBlue name correction policy for travel agents:

  • Bookings made through unauthorized channels will not be subject to the JetBlue name correction policy.
  • To change name on JetBlue ticket, the passenger will be required to submit government-issued documents or passports along with the name change form.
  • As per the JetBlue name change policy, name changes are not permitted if the passenger is willing to swap tickets to other passengers. 
  • To file a name correction request, the flights must be authenticated or operated by JetBlue Airlines (B6/279).
  • According to the JetBlue name correction policy, a traveler may change his or her name or the name of a co-passenger once per ticket. Any future name change requests will be accepted only if supporting documentation with the cause for the change is presented. In such circumstances, the airline will impose a name change fee based on the price category and other considerations.
  • On sort of tickets, the airline will charge a portion of airfare as a JetBlue name change fee.
  • The JetBlue name correction policy for travel agencies allows minor name changes in the middle of a trip. However, the changes need to match government-issued papers.
  • The JetBlue change name policy allows passengers to modify their names in characters, maiden name, middle name, or last name. However, the changes will have no effect on the date of birth or gender.
  • Changing both the date of birth or gender will be subjected to a charge based on the JetBlue change policy.
  • If a name change is not requested, a slight alteration to the date of birth is permitted due to scheduling constraints. Each passenger is only permitted to make one modification. So, to compensate on charges, always consider reaching customer service.

Fees to Change Name on JetBlue Ticket

One change is allotted per passenger. If the changes are requested multiple times the airline may charge a change fee based on fare category: 

  • Passengers traveling with Blue Basic fare need to pay a fee of USD 100 as change fees on flights to the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, Central America. On other routes, the airline will charge USD 200 as change fees. 
  • Owing to airline change policy, passengers traveling with Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Blue Refundable, Blue Plus Refundable, Blue Extra Refundable, Mint, Mint Refundable can make requested changes by paying fare differences. 
  • Passengers making a name change or correction request through the offline channel will be required to pay USD 50 or more as service fees depending on the types of fare along with other relevant charges.
  • Bookings made through unofficial platforms do not qualify for change.
  • On some types of tickets, passengers are not required to pay JetBlue name change fees. The name changes needed to be the same as per the government-approved documents.
  • The JetBlue misspelled name policy states that the airline will not accept modification requests if the passenger intends to swap tickets with other passengers.

How to Change/Correct Name on JetBlue Ticket?

Passengers can modify or correct their names through the airline’s mobile app, official website, customer service, sales offices, and airport counters. In this section, we’ve explained the procedure you may take to update your printed name.

Method 1: Change/Correction Name Online

  • Go with the suitable or available mode(website or app).
  • On the home page and select the manage my booking page. You may need to complete the user authentication process.
  • Enter the confirmation code and the last name of the passenger in the respective field.
  • Click on the Continue tab.
  • Select the trip.
  • Click on the change or modify tab.
  • Change your name as per passport or government-approved ID.
  • Attach supportive documents.
  • Submit the change form by tapping on the continue tab.
  • Pay the charges (if any).
  • The system will make corrections after checking your ticket’s eligibility.

Method 2: Change/Correction Name Offline

You can make corrections to your name through offline mode too. For which, you will need to communicate with officials through the customer service or visiting nearby sales offices or airport counters. Reach the respective team and with the assistant of the assigned agent make required changes to your name. You will need to submit a passport ID or any other government issues as supportive documents. 

Note: You may need to service and other applicable charges along with name change fees as you opt for an offline change method.

Can you change the name on a plane ticket to JetBlue?

Yes. You can change the name on a plane ticket on JetBlue Airlines. To change the name, you will need to submit supportive documents and the reason behind requesting changes.

Can I change a name on a JetBlue ticket?

Yes. The JetBlue name change policy allows the passenger to correct their name as per the name mentioned on their passport or government-issued ID.

How to change name on the JetBlue ticket?

You may change the name on planned tickets through the website, app, customer service number, airport counters, or any other method accessible to connect with the professional.

Can you change a JetBlue ticket into someone else’s name?

No. You can not change your whole name or transfer your ticket to someone else. If you do, the full ticket value will be forfeited by the airline under the JetBlue change name on reservation clause.

Does JetBlue allow a name change on tickets?

Yes. JetBlue allows a name change on tickets. However, you will be required to follow the clauses mentioned in the policy.

Does JetBlue require a middle name on the ticket?

Yes, the name of the passenger needs to be the same as the passport or government-issued ID on the booked ticket. If your passport name includes your middle name, you must also include it when reserving tickets.

What happens if you spell your name wrong in JetBlue?

JetBlue will not accept your tickets at the airport because the name must match the name on a passport or government-issued ID. If you made a mistake when booking, you can correct your name by following the passport or government-issued ID.

Can I submit the JetBlue change passenger name form online?

Yes. JetBlue allows its passengers to submit the JetBlue change passenger name form through online as well as offline portals.

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