With JetBlue pet policy, traveling with the furry would be hassle-free and not at all difficult. The airline gladly accepts small cats and dogs on both domestic and international flights. 

In this post, we will discuss all the requirements, and conditions that the passenger needs to know before booking the pet on the same trip. In addition, you will also get to know the carrier requirements, the pet fee, and much more.

JetBlue Policy For Flying with Pets

As per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, The admission of dogs (including service animals) and cats requires different restrictions, needs, and documents based on the passenger’s departure, destination, booking date, and travel date. The terms and conditions include – 

  • Vaccination, paperwork, and entrance restrictions for pets vary by destination, so double-check the criteria for each stop on your itinerary well ahead of time.
  • Pet entrance rules in the United States vary by country of origin, and failing to meet these standards may result in flight cancellation.
  • Passengers booked on Blue Basic fare are not permitted to carry hand luggage but one personal item is permitted alongside the pet kennel. 
  • Only one pet per carrier is allowed. The pet must be able to stretch, and turn around comfortably when the carrier is sealed.
  • All pets must remain in the pet carrier at the time of security, on boarding and upon arrival. 
  • The number of pets allowed on each flight is limited to six.
  • An approved pet carrier would be counted as the personal item and must fit under the seat. The carrier size must be within 17 x 12.5 x 8.5 inches and the combined weight of your pet and carrier must not exceed 20 pounds. 
  • Jet pet travel is restricted to the Mint fare. 
  • As per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, the pet travel is only permitted on the direct flights, and is not accepted on the interline and codeshare partner flights. 
  • TrueBlue members can earn 300 bonus points every flight segment when they book a pet, regardless of the travel route and the fare type. 
  • Pets are not allowed on flights to and from Trinidad & Tobago and London.

JetBlue Pet Check In TSA Screening 

At the security checkpoint, you must submit your animal to TSA security officers. In addition – 

  • JetBlue pet carriers are subject to search by the airport security officers.
  • The pet will not be placed inside the x-ray machine. 
  • If you are unable to keep your pet with you during screening, your pet will be subjected to an additional inspection that includes a facial and bodily check by security agents.
  • While the carrier is being inspected, you will be requested to hold your pet and pass through screening tools.

Checklist for Pet Travel on JetBlue

Traveling with your pet is a wake called when you know what to carry and whatnot. To make sure you have everything you need, tale a note of the items below – 

  • Vaccination certificate 
  • ID tags
  • Pet travel permit
  • JetBlue-approved pet carrier
  • Pet chews and toys
  • Food supplies for the trip
  • Your pet must get a pre-flight workout. That way, they’ll adjust more quickly and feel relaxed during the trip.

JetBlue Pet Policy Documentation

Find out all the requirements for the pet traveling within the United States, pet traveling on international flights, and pet entering into the US – 

Pet Traveling on Domestic Flights

The airline accepts pets on all flights traveling within the United States although the vaccination requirement may vary by state. However, vaccination documentation is required for pets in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Before traveling with a pet, customers must understand the animal import laws and obtain the relevant documents. Destination-specific travel requirements can be found on the IATA website

Pets Traveling on International Flights

As per the JetBlue pet policy, the airline does not accept pets on the flights to and from Trinidad & Tobago and London. Although the travel requirement for pets may vary from country to country. Failure to meet the requirement may lead to JetBlue flight cancellation. Passengers flying with cats or dogs from the following countries must enter the US through the NewYork JFK airport only – 

  • Columbia
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Guyana

In addition, pets entering the United States must carry the following documents to get the permit to travel to the US – 

  • Have a valid rabies vaccine certificate issued from the US
  • Must obtain a proof of microchip
  • Pet must be at least 6 months old
  • Health declaration/ fitness permit 

Note – Patrons traveling with pets from Barbados, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, or St. Lucia should start the travel process at least 30 days before departure to ensure that their pet is ready to travel.

Pets entering the US – As per the JetBlue pet travel laws, the pets entering the US must be at least  20 weeks old and must have a rabies vaccine at least 1 month before the scheduled departure. A vaccination certificate must be produced upon arrival and must include the following information – 

  • Owner’s name and address
  • Breed, sex, date of birth, pigment, and markings of the dog/cat
  • Microchip serial number
  • Date of rabies vaccination, product information, and the vaccination expiration date
  • The veterinarian who delivered the vaccination’s name, license number, address, and signature

To more about the US entry requirements for your pets, click here.

JetBlue Pet Carrier Size Requirements

As per the JetBlue pet policy, the pet kennel/carrier must be considered as the carry-on item. Your pet should be able to stand, sit, squat and move about freely inside the carrier. In addition – 

  • JetBlue pet carrier dimensions must not exceed 17 x 12.5 x 8.5 inches.
  • The total weight of the pet and the kernel must be within 20 pounds and must comply with the JetBlue pet carrier size requirements. 
  • If you are likely to purchase the carrier at the airport, the cost would be 55 USD.
  • Carriers with both soft and hard flanks are accepted.
  • During transit, take-off, and landing, containers must be placed beneath the seat in front of you. During the flight, you may keep the carrier on your lap.
  • Only one pet is allowed per carrier.
  • The soles of the carriers must be leak-proof and sufficiently ventilated.
  • During the trip, if you purchase an extra seat for your pet, you can place the carrier on the additional paid seat.
  • Carriers/kennels with openings that facilitate escape will not be approved.

JetBlue Pet Policy for Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals

Service animals are generally dogs that are trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability and are permitted to fly on board with JetBlue. The JetBlue pet requirements include – 

  • The airline accepts trained service dogs only. 
  • All service animals must be under the owner’s control at all times and must be leashed before or after the flight. 
  • Before allowing a service animal to travel, its conduct will be evaluated at the airport to confirm that all safety standards are being followed as per the JetBlue pet policy.
  • All documents must be provided to JetBlue 48 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Service animals under training are not accepted for travel with JetBlue. 
  • The animal(s) must fit inside the footprint of the seat(s) you have purchased. If your animal(s) is too big to fit in the seat(s) foot space you purchased, you can either purchase an additional seat(s) to ensure travel or wait for another flight that has sufficiently empty seats.
  • The service animal must not occupy another passenger’s seat.
  • An animal must remain seated on the floor and is not allowed to stroll on board before or during the flight. 
  • A JetBlue crew member will provide assistance to and from the animal relief facility upon request.

Required Documentation for Service Animals

As per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, the following are required – 

  • US Department of transportation service animals air transportation form. You can download this form.
JetBlue Transportation Form
  • Fill up the additional details for service animals. 

The above documents and form must be completed and submitted 48 hours before the scheduled departure. In addition – 

  • If the passenger is traveling with more than 1 service animal, they need to submit a separate form for each trained service animal. 

You may require additional document at the airport – 

  • Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island requires vaccination documentation for the service animals
  • Other international destinations have additional requirements other than vaccination and health declaration.  
  • It is the passenger’s obligation to ensure that their service animal has all of the necessary papers.

Requirements for Emotional Support and Psychiatric Service Animals

As per the JetBlue pet policy, the airline accepts only cats, dogs, and miniature horses as emotional support or psychiatric animals and is limited to 1 animal per passenger. Passengers flying with emotional support or psychiatric service animals must notify the airline of their intent to travel. In addition, passengers need to download the following forms at least 48 hours prior to the departure. 

  • Medical/Mental Health Professional Form – The doctor who is currently providing the passenger’s mental health and the professional who prescribes the emotional support or psychiatric service animal must fill up this form. It requires their signature and their registered approval stamp.  
  • Veterinary Health Form – A veterinarian must fill out this form, detailing and attesting to the animal’s immunization and fitness to travel.
  • Confirmation of Animal Behavior Form – This is a notarized customer certification that the emotional support or psychiatric service animal has been professionally trained to act in public and that the owner takes full responsibility for any damages.

Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service paperwork is mandatory. The guardians need to accompany the animals and are to be handed to JetBlue officials for inspection upon request. Before allowing the animal for transportation, the conduct of the animal will be examined at the airport to ensure that all safety standards are met.

How to Add a Pet to Your JetBlue Flight Booking?

You can book your pet on JetBlue’s website, through the mobile app, or by calling the airline directly. 

Through phone – After you make the JetBlue reservation online, speak directly to the airline’s executive at to book your pet travel. Please submit all the documents and form up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure for hassle-free travel. 

Online – Passengers can add their pets to the booking process through the JetBlue Manage Booking section. Submit all the forms online, and pay the required fee. You need to carry the JetBlue pet travel confirmation printout alongside the other documents as aforementioned.

JetBlue Pet Fee

As per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, passengers need to pay the fee to transport their pets.  The service would be collected by the airlines upfront if booking online, or at the airport counter on the day of travel.

Below you can find the JetBlue pet fee for all flights operated and marketed by JetBlue. 

Fees per flightFlights within the United States and Canada [in USD]International flights [in USD]
Pet in the cabin125250
Pet in the holdNot permittedNot permitted
Pet as cargoNot permittedNot permitted

The JetBlue pet policy offers the most hassle-free process and the requirements to get your pets transported anywhere within or outside the United States. Pet booking with JetBlue is made faster and easier to comfortably assist passengers with all the requirements, and the airline manages all the aspects on your behalf. You can book the pet travel service online or by contacting the airlines.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How strict is JetBlue with pet carriers?

The number of pets allowed on each flight is limited to six. The pet carrier must fit under the seat in front of you as one personal item. The pet’s total weight must not exceed 20 pounds. Failure to comply with the JetBlue pet travel requirements may result in flight cancellation.

Does JetBlue allow pets in the cabin?

As per the JetBlue pet policy, the airlines allows small cats and dogs to be transported inside the flight cabin in the FAA-approved carrier. The carrier must be placed under the seat in front of you.

Does JetBlue allow pets in cargo?

No. The airline does not accept small pets or service animals in the cargo.

How do I add a pet to my JetBlue flight booking?

You can book your pet on JetBlue’s website, through the  mobile app, or by calling the airline directly.

How much does JetBlue charge for pets?

The JetBlue pet fee to transport animals inside the cabin is 125 USD each way for the flights within the United States and 250 USD each way for the pet travel outside the United States.

Does JetBlue accept small pets in the cabin?

Yes the airline accepts the small pets inside the cabin and is subject to a fee. 

Does JetBlue require a pet health certificate?

Yes, pets entering the United States or traveling within or outside the United States must carry a rabies vaccine certificate, a proof of microchip, and health declaration at the time of travel.

How early to check in for JetBlue with a pet?

After booking the travel where your pet is confirmed to fly, If you’ve already paid the pet fee and your pet is confirmed to fly, you can check in online, on through the airline’s app, or at an airport kiosk 24 hours before the trip.

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