The Qatar Airways baggage policy defines several rules for carrying items on a flight and in the hold. Its rules vary depending on the travel class of passengers. These terms hint at the allowance, fees, and possible restrictions as well. In accordance with these, one can bring standard, oversized, and overweight luggage.

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What is the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy?

Qatar Airways’ baggage policy is a framework of rules. These terms indicate the weight, size, and other general conditions regarding bags.

  • This policy allows bringing carry-on bags on board without a fee.
  • Fliers can bring any number of checked baggage.
  • Any bag that is brought onboard should fit well in the allocated space.
  • Hazardous or explosive items are strictly banned.

What is Qatar Airways’ Checked Baggage Policy?

The Qatar Airways baggage policy comes with certain rules for checked items. While traveling, a flier will need to keep the following in mind:

  • This allowance depends on the travel class and flight.
  • No maximum limit applies to the number of checked bags.
  • However, the maximum weight limit should not exceed 32 kg.
  • This limitation is dependent on the carrying capacity of the aircraft.

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Checked Baggage Size

On Qatar Airlines, the dimensions for checked baggage are:

RoutesLinear Dimensions per Bag (Maximum)
To or from Africa/Americas158 cm
From Dammam158 cm
From Dublin240 cm
For other destinations300 cm

Important: Irregular-shaped, improperly tied, and other checked bags are not accepted.

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What is Qatar Airways Carry-on Baggage Policy?

For carry-ons or hand baggage, Qatar Airways’ policy has rules varying from one cabin class to another. Travelers will also notice slight variations for different routes. 

  • Business/First Class passengers can bring 2 carry-on bags for free.
  • For Economy class, only 1 carry-on baggage is permitted.
  • Travelers can bring only 1 hand luggage on the flights flying to or from Brazil.
  • It should fit well under the front seat/space available in the overhead bin.
  • Flyers can bring gels and liquids in an air-tight container.
  • The maximum limit for liquids, aerosols, pastes, etc., is 100 ml or 3.4 ounces.
  • Partially filled containers are not acceptable.
  • The Qatar Airways carry-on baggage allowance includes transparent, quart-size, and re-sealable bags.
  • As per the prescription, baby foods are not included for the limit of 100 ml.
  • A passenger can bring 1 personal item onboard for free such as:
    • Handbag
    • Small briefcase
    • Blanket
    • Coat
    • Walking stick
    • Umbrella
    • Crutches (one pair)
    • Binoculars
    • Small camera
    • Reading material 
    • Carrying basket for an infant
    • Duty-free items

Size/Weight for Carry-on Luggage

With this airline, cabin luggage is subject to the following size and weight limits:

Size 50 cm x 37 cm x 25 cm
Maximum WeightEconomy: 7 kgBusiness/First: 15 kg (each bag)For Brazil: 10 kg

Class-Specific Baggage Allowance on Qatar Airways

The following tables consist of the baggage weight and quantity approved for Economy Class fliers: 

RoutesEconomy ComfortEconomy ClassicEconomy Convenience
Hand baggage1 bag/7 kg each1 bag/7 kg each1 bag/7 kg each
To/from the Americas and Africa2 bags/23 kg each2 bags/23 kg each2 bags/23 kg each
For other routes35 kg25 kg30 kg

For Business class travelers, the Qatar Airways baggage allowance is:

RoutesBusiness EliteBusiness ClassicBusiness Comfort
Hand luggage2 bags/15 kg each2 bags/15 kg each2 bags/15 kg each
To/from the Americas and Africa2 bags/32 kg each2 bags/32 kg each2 Bags/32 kg each
For All Routes40 kg40 kg40 kg

A traveler in the First Class can bring bags as per the following:

RoutesFirst Elite
Hand baggage2 bags/15 kg each
From/to the Americas and Africa2 bags/32 kg each
Other routes50 kg

For infants and kids flying with this carrier, the allowance is:

Baggage ConceptBaggage Allowance
Weight10 kg (In all travel classes)
Quantity + Weight1 bag of 23 kg (In all travel classes)

How Much are Qatar Airways Baggage Fees?

On Qatar Airways, fliers can pay for standard baggage. Also, fees apply for extra baggage, depending on the type.

For Extra Baggage (Bulk Rates):

Qatar Airways excess baggage fees depend on the route chosen and the mode of booking allowance. Accordingly, the rates are as follows: 

Traveling to/fromQatarEuropeIranKorea/ JapanCentralAsiaEast/SouthAsiaAustralasiaLevantGCCPakistan and ISC
QatarQAR 45QAR 28QAR 50QAR 50QAR 50QAR 70QAR 28QAR 28QAR 40
EuropeUSD 13USD 30USD 13USD 15USD 15USD 15USD 25USD 13USD 13USD 15
Korea and JapanUSD 13USD 15USD 13USD 40USD 40USD 30USD 55USD 13USD 13USD 30
Central AsiaUSD 13USD 15USD 13USD 15USD 30USD 15USD 15USD 13USD 13USD 13
East/South AsiaUSD 13USD 15USD 13USD 40USD 15USD 30USD 40USD 13USD 13USD 30
AustralasiaUSD 20USD 25USD 20USD 55USD 15USD 40USD 55USD 20USD 20USD 20
Pakistan and ISCUSD 13USD 30USD 8USD 30USD 13USD 30USD 20USD 13USD 13USD 30

Baggage fees on Qatar Airways for routes like the United States, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, and Africa are:

Number of BagsJourneys between Qatar and AfricaJourneys on Other Routes
1st bagUSD 150/CAD 200USD 250/CAD 325
2nd bagUSD 175/CAD 230USD 275/CAD 360
3rd bagUSD 200/CAD 260USD 300/CAD 390
4th bagUSD 225/CAD 290USD 325/CAD 420
5th bagUSD 250/CAD 320USD 350/CAD 450

Preferred rates are charged by Qatar Airlines when bags are added up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure. However, the bags should be added at the airport or customer centers only.

Traveling to/fromQatarEuropeIranKorea/JapanCentralAsiaEast/South AsiaAustralasiaLevantGCCPakistan and ISC
QatarQAR 50QAR 40QAR 70QAR 65QAR 60QAR 90QAR 30QAR 30QAR 45
EuropeUSD 20USD 30USD 20USD 40USD 30USD 30USD 45USD 20USD 20USD 30
IranUSD 10USD 20USD 10USD 30USD 30USD 20USD 30USD 10USD 10USD 20
Korea and JapanUSD 20USD 40USD 20USD 40USD 40USD 30USD 55USD 20USD 20USD 30
Central AsiaUSD 20USD 30USD 20USD 40USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 20USD 20USD 30
East/South AsiaUSD 20USD 30USD 20USD 40USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 20USD 20USD 30
AustralasiaUSD 30USD 45USD 30USD 55USD 39USD 39USD 55USD 30USD 30USD 39
LevantUSD 20USD 20USD 10USD 30USD 30USD 20USD 30USD 10USD 10USD 20
Pakistan and ISCUSD 20USD 30USD 20USD 40USD 30USD 30USD 40USD 20USD 20USD 30

For travel between Qatar-Africa and other routes, baggage prices are:

Between Qatar and AfricaUSD 100/CAD 130
Between Brazil and Buenos Aires (For each extra bag)USD 80
Qatar-Africa (For each extra bag)USD 100
Other routesUSD 200/CAD 260

A standard fee on additional baggage is payable if a flyer chooses to buy it before 6 hours of his/her flight. This charge is as follows: 

Traveling to/fromQatarIranLevantGCCAustralasiaJapan/KoreaCentral AsiaSouth/East AsiaEurope/PakistanISC
QatarQAR 60QAR 50QAR 40QAR 140QAR 110 QAR 100QAR 90QAR 60QAR 80
IranUSD 20USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 50USD 45USD 40USD 30USD 30USD 30
LevantUSD 25USD 20USD 20USD 20USD 50USD 45USD 40USD 30USD 30USD 30
AustralasiaUSD 50USD 50USD 50USD 50USD 85USD 85USD 60USD 60USD 60USD 60
Japan/KoreaUSD 40USD 45USD 45USD 40USD 85USD 60USD 60USD 55USD 50USD 50
Central AsiaUSD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 60USD 60USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40
East/South AsiaUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 30USD 60USD 55USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40
Europe/ ISC/ PakistanUSD 30USD 30USD 30USD 25USD 60USD 50USD 40USD 40USD 40USD 40

When flying on the routes below, the baggage charges are: 

Baggage Piece/WeightJourneys between Africa and QatarJourneys on Other Routes
For every extra bagCAD 170/USD 130CAD 330/USD 255
Overweight bags (23-32 kgs)CAD 100/USD 75CAD 100/USD 75

Baggage fees For Sports Equipment

Qatar Airways accepts sports equipment as checked baggage. Flyers can bring the same for free unless the weight limit is exceeded. For the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Africa, the fee is: 

Accepted WeightApplicable Charges

Baggage Fees for Carrying Pets

Under the baggage policy of Qatar Airways, pets are accepted in checked baggage. The checked baggage allowance for Qatar Airways pets varies as per the route, size, and weight. 

Qatar Airways Standard Checked Baggage Charges

While traveling to or from Canada to the United States, the baggage fees on Qatar Airways will vary as follows:

Number of BagsApplicable Costs
1st bagUSD 250 or CAD 325
2nd bagUSD 275 or CAD 360
3rd bagUSD 300 or CAD 390
4th bagUSD 325 or CAD 420
5th bagUSD 350 or CAD 450

What are Qatar Airways Baggage Restrictions?

Passengers must know the Qatar Airways baggage restrictions to pack items under the approved allowance and aspects.

  • No more than 2 carry-on bags are allowed per passenger. 
  • No fixed number of checked baggage items is observed but weight limitations apply. 
  • Each cabin class and route has a different weight restriction. 
  • If the bag is more than the suggested dimensions, it will be considered oversized baggage and be charged.

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How to Buy Baggage with Qatar Airways?

To purchase baggage with Qatar Airways, flyers can dial +1 877 777 2827. Or, they can buy the allowance online through the airline’s office website.

  • Visit the official website of Qatar Airways and choose “Manage/Check-in”.
  • Enter the booking reference number and passenger’s last name to sign in.
  • Select “Retrieve Booking”.
  • After this, all itineraries will appear on the screen.
  • Choose an itinerary to add baggage.
  • Make the payment through the accepted mode.
  • Complete further steps (if any) to finish buying baggage.

Qatar Airways Restricted Items

Due to safety reasons, this airline are restricted certain items. Qatar Airways baggage-restricted items have been listed below:

Items Restricted on Carry-on Baggage Items Not Allowed in Checked Luggage 
Firearms and guns E-cigarettes including e-pipes and e-cigars
Battery-powered devices Loose or spare batteries 
Clinical or medical thermometerGels and liquids
Internal combustion Drones (With or without batteries)
Security-type devices E-cigarettes lighters
Permeation devices Fuel cells 
Sharp objects Barometer 
Disabling devices 
Camping stoves 
Battery-powered mobility tools with spillable/non-spillable/lithium batteries 
Powder-like substance 
Explosive and incendiary substance devices 
Electroshock weapons 
Workers tools 

Bottom Line

Qatar Airways policy for baggage highlights essential terms to carry approved items under certain allowance. The policy allows flyers to get familiar with the size and weight limitations for several routes and classes. Accordingly, they can reserve and pay for checked and cabin luggage allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Qatar Airways excess baggage fee?

As per Qatar Airways baggage policy, extra baggage charges depend on where you’re flying to and from. For instance, if you’re flying from UAE to the USA, you can purchase an additional kilo for 50 USD online three hours prior to the scheduled departure., or 60 USD at the airport

How much is the baggage allowance for infants with Qatar Airways?

Yes, Qatar Airways is quite compassionate with the infant baggage policy. As per Qatar Airways baggage policy, passengers are entitled to carry one extra piece of hand luggage weighing a maximum of 10 kg on all domestic and Gulf travel routes. For flights traveling to the USA, Canada, Europe, and South America, passengers are entitled to carry one handbag luggage of 10 kg, and one little extra bag weighing a maximum of 10 kg.

How to maximize your Qatar Airways baggage allowance?

Here are the following two ways that you can maximize your Qatar Airways baggage allowance –

Upgrade to Premium Class – By upgrading to Business or First Class, you can take up to 50 kg on most of the travel routes with Qatar Airways. Please ensure that any checked baggage must be within 32 kg. So don’t bring one giant suitcase and think that you won’t be forced to pay the Qatar Airways excess baggage fee.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club – If you regularly fly with Qatar Airways, you can be a part of a privileged flying club that exclusively allows you to carry additional weight, an extra suitcase, or an extra 15 kg.

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