Qatar Airways goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service for pets while they travel. Qatar Airways pet policy adheres to international air travel standards and allows domesticated dogs, cats, and birds as checked baggage or in-cabin on either the same journey or a different one. 

Qatar Airways Pet Policy
Qatar Airways Pet Policy

In this post, we will delve into all the essential rules, guidelines, and procedures associated with traveling with pets inside the cabin or as checked baggage. Additionally, we will explore the fees and charges related to pet travel and more. 

What is Qatar Airways Pet Policy For In-Cabin Travel?

Here is all the details you need for the Qatar Airways pet policy in the cabin – 

Accepted Pets in CabinFalcons
Combined weight of pet and containerNot more than 8 kg
Check-inQatar airways check-in must be completed up to 2 hours before departure
Limit per PassengerOnly 1 pet is allowed per passenger
Age LimitMust be at least 8 weeks of age
Maximum Falcons per Aircraft6 pets are allowed on each aircraft
Restricted Travel RouteFalcons are not permitted to travel to and from Tunis.
Restricted PetsCats and Dogs are not allowed to travel on board with passengers

Qatar airways pet in cabin fee – The fee for bringing falcons on Qatar Airways varies from 115 to 630 USD, depending on the route. Below is the overview – 

From (Vertical)/To (Horizontal)AfricaEuropeFar EastAustralia; New Zealand;Japan;South KoreaThe Middle East;Indian sub-continentQatarThe Americas
Africa450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USDUSD 630
Europe450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USDUSD 630
Far East450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USDUSD 630
Australia; New Zealand; Japan; South Korea630 USD630 USD630 USD630 USD450 USD440 USDUSD 630
The Middle East;Indian sub-continent270 USD270 USD270 USD450 USD135 USD115 USDUSD 450
ISC270 USD270 USD270 USD450 USD135 USD115 USDUSD 450
Qatar900 QAR900 QAR900 QAR1620 QAR450 QARQAR 1620
AmericasUSD 630USD 630USD 630USD 450USD 450USD 450

Note – Service animals are the only pets allowed in the cabin at no cost.

Exceptions under Qatar Airways pet travel – The following exception would be applicable to the Qatar Airways In cabin travel program – 

  • Passengers with disabilities are now permitted to have one service animal in the cabin.
  • No fee would be levied or service animals.

How to book – After making your own reservation, get in touch with Qatar Airways directly to inform them that you will be traveling with a pet in the cabin. Follow these steps – 

  • Pay the required Qatar Airways pet travel fee
  • Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork completed.
  • You will get the confirmation receipt of the travel.

On the day of travel, make sure to arrive at the airport up to 3 hours before departure for travel. Summit all the necessary paperwork, and collect your boarding pass. 

Pet carrier – To ensure animal welfare, Qatar Airways may decline transport if the container is too small. Food and water must be provided in the travel container or kennel. 

Please note – The specific dimension for the in cabin pet travel is specifically not mentioned. Contact the Qatar Airways Customer Service for most accurate information. 

Required documentation – When traveling with falcons in the cabin on Qatar Airways, you will typically need the following documents:

  • Obtain the necessary falconry permit
  • Health certificate for your falcon issued by a certified veterinarian. 
  • If your falcon belongs to a protected or endangered species, you may need a CITES permit

The paperwork requirements may vary. It’s advisable to contact Qatar Airways customer service for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

What are the Checked Luggage Pet Travel Guidelines on Qatar Airways?

As per Qatar Airways pet policy, pets like dogs, cats, and birds can be checked as baggage if they meet health and transport requirements. Add to that – 

  • Service dogs can travel in the cabin for free on certain routes.
  • If a falcon is checked as baggage instead of being carried in the cabin, normal Qatar Airways pet travel costs for checked animals will be applicable.

Conditions – Qatar Airways does not accept animals transferring from flights operated by other airlines, and vice-versa.

  • For travel to the United States, there is a temporary suspension on dogs arriving from countries considered high risk for dog rabies by the CDC. You can find more information on the CDC website.
  • Regarding travel to Canada, starting from September 28, 2022, commercial dogs from high-risk countries for dog rabies are not allowed entry. 
  • For transportation to and from Australia, Qatar Airways do not accept animals as checked baggage due to local regulations. 
  • Keep in mind that when traveling to Australia, animals can only be transported through Melbourne (MEL).
  • you can reach out to Post Entry Quarantine Services at [email protected].
  • Alternatively, you can reach 1800 900 090 or (61 3) 8318 6700 if calling from outside Australia.

Below is the overview of all other conditions – 

Accepted PetsNon-threatening domestic dogs, cats, and birds can be checked as baggage from most countries
Combined weight of pet and carrierNot more than 8 kg
Limit per PassengerThe combined weight of pet and carrier
Pet carrier size40 x 25 x 23 cm.
Age LimitMust be at least 12 weeks old

Restricted Breeds – Qatar Airways has restrictions on transporting certain breeds of dogs and cats, as they are more prone to heat stroke when exposed to stress or temperatures above 21°C (69.8°F).

As per Qatar Airways Cat Travel policy, the airline prohibits the following breeds of cats – 

  • Exotic
  • Persian
  • Shirazi

Also, the following breeds of dogs are also not accepted by the airlines – 

AffenpinscherBoxerJapanese Chin
Boston TerrierBrussels GriffonKing Charles Spaniel
Greyhound dogsEnglish/British Bull DogNeapolitan Mastiff
French BullDogPekingeseShih Tzu
French TerrierPug (all breeds)

Restrictions – As per Qatar Airways checked baggage policy, the airline do not accept – 

  • Primates transported for research purposes.
  • Animals under 12 weeks old.
  • Puppies and kittens under 7 months old.
  • Female animals with nursing young require a veterinary certificate for travel.
  • Pregnant cats or dogs require a veterinary certificate with no risk of birth during the journey.
  • Certain breeds (e.g., snub-nosed breeds) prone to heat stroke or stress at temperatures above 21 degrees Celsius.
  • Rodents (mice, rats, marmots, and rabbits) 

Pet carrier – The travel container for your pet needs to be big enough and have sufficient ventilation openings. It must also be properly constructed and strong enough to prevent escape. The Qatar Airways pet travel requirements include – 

  • Maximum container size: 40 x 25 x 23 cm.
  • The maximum combined weight of pet and container: 8 kg.
  • Qatar Airways may reject transport if the container is too small.
  • Food and water access required in the container.
  • Container size should allow normal movement and lying down.
  • Feeding containers are attached to the shipping container.
  • Multiple pets can share one carrier (two adults up to 14 kg each).

Multiple animals in carrier – When transporting multiple pets in one container, specific conditions must be met.

  • A maximum of two adult animals weighing up to 14 kg each, which are compatible in size, can be accommodated in the same container. 
  • Animals exceeding this weight must travel separately.
  • Up to three animals from the same litter, each weighing up to 14 kg and under six months old, can be transported together in a single container compartment.
Qatar Airways pet carrier dimension guidelines
Qatar airways pet carrier measurement

Pet food – Given that you won’t be able to access your pet throughout the trip, it is advised that you feed your pet with enough food and water for the duration of the trip in the traveling container or kennel. Take into account the following while you prepare your food and drink containers:

  • Food and water containers must be attached inside the shipping container.
  • Refilling of attached water bottles or dispensers is not allowed.

Pet care during transit – The Qatar Airways will strive to provide your pets with the highest level of care throughout their trip,  including any time spent waiting in the airport between flights.

Under the Qatar Airways pet transport service, the airline’s staff will make sure that if your transfer in Doha takes more than than 3  hours:

  • Pets can stretch and walk outside their kennels.
  • Staff monitors pets for stress and illness.
  • Kennels are cleaned.
  • Pets are provided with spacious and comfortable kennels during transit.

Please note – As per the Qatar airways pet policy, these services will not be offered if your connecting time is less than 3 hours. 

Fee for Qatar Airways pet travel as checked luggage – Compliance with the laws of all relevant countries is necessary when transporting animals internationally.

Qatar Airways pet travel expenses are calculated based on factors such as the animal’s size, weight, and the type of carrier or cage used.

SizeTotal weight and dimensionsAdditional baggage rate
MediumUp to 32kgTo/From Qatar: USD 200All other routes: USD 350
LargeBetween 32 kg and 75 kgTo/From Qatar: USD 300All other routes: USD 450
OtherTotal weight: greater than 75 kgTotal dimensions: larger than 118 inches (300 cm)To be handled as cargo

Please note – Animals exceeding size and weight limits are transported as cargo.

How to book – Passengers can request the pet travel at the time of time. It is an exactly similar process where passengers add baggage to their booking. You can request online as well as through phone.

It is always recommended to talk to Qatar Airways executive to request the due service. The steps include – 

  • contact Qatar Airways directly to inform them that you will be traveling with a pet as checked luggage.
  • They will guide with the documentation, fee required and other relevant conditions that may apply to your travel.
  • Make sure you have all the required paperwork completed and ready to present.
  • Submit the relevant document and the required fee.

On the day of arrival, submit the copy of the Qatar Airways pet travel receipt and other relevant documents to initiate the check in process. 

Inform the airline staff that you have a pet traveling as checked luggage, and they will guide you through the necessary steps.

Required documentation – The following documentation is required:

  • Pet Health Certificate
  • Vaccination Records
  • Import and Export Permits for the destination country. Consult with the respective Embassies.
  • Microchip number is required for international travel. 

It is essential to consult with the Qatar Airways checked baggage team for accurate information. 

Is it possible to transport animals as cargo with Qatar Airways?

As per the Qatar Airways pet policy, animals that are larger than the permitted limits of 300 cm in size and 75 kg in weight may be carried as cargo. 

Qatar Airways Cargo offers a fully-equipped center for live animals, including food provision. Passengers need to make a note of the following considerations – 

  • Qatar Airways transports various animals, including amphibians, birds, crustaceans, fishes, mammals, and reptiles.
  • Multiple pets can be booked under a single master air waybill.
  • Passengers must provide suitable food attached to the container, along with feeding instructions.
  • Prior approval is required from the Doha hub team for providing medicine to cats and dogs.
  • Two adult animals of similar size and compatibility can be shipped together in one container.
  • Dedicated area with jumbo fans and water provided for exotic animals during transit.
  • Re-oxygenation and oxygen cylinders available for tropical fish and certain species upon request.

Restricted pets – Qatar Airways restricts the booking of certain types of animals, these include – 

  • Puppies and kittens under 12 weeks
  • Live animals transported for research
  • Pigs
  • Gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and bonobos captured from the wild
  • Whales, dolphins, porpoise, and orcas 
  • Cats of Exotic and Persian breeds.
  • Below is the list of the dog breeds that are not accepted.
Neapolitan MastiffFrench TerrierDogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff)Affenpinscher
PekingeseGrey Hound (with the exception of pets)English / British Bull DogBichon Frise
Pug (all breeds)Japanese ChinFrench Bull DogBoston Terrier
Shar PeiKing Charles SpanielBrussels GriffonBoxer

Pet Allowed – Amphibians, birds, crustaceans, fishes, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles.

Changes and cancellations – Changes are welcome. Qatar Airways pet travel cost would not be applicable. Free cancellation is permitted. Please note Qatar Airways flight cancellation guidelines do not apply. 

Services offered in transit in Doha – The airline has a dedicated pet relief and care center at Doha International airport. There’s a dedicated pavilion for cats, dogs and exotic animals. In addition – 

  • Special rooms for cats, dogs, and exotic animals
  • Services offered include feeding, watering, veterinary care, bathing, exercise, and health checks
  • Temperature-controlled stables for comfortable accommodation
  • Re-hydration services for day-old chicks
  • Re-oxygenation available for fishes

Required documentation – Required documentation includes air waybill, permits, certificates, and CITES permit

Pet Carrier – Compliant containers with IATA Live Animals Regulations must be used for live animal transport. To know about the Qatar Airways pet carrier that complies with cargo travel, refer to the kennel calculator on the airline’s website.

Simply enter the pet’s dimension in the required field like this

Qatar airways kennel calculator

And the suggested Pet’s Kennel information would be provided by the airlines – 

Qatar airways pet kennel measurement

Pet Fee – Enquiries should be directed to Qatar Airways Sales and Reservations team at the departure airport. 

If you’re calling outside Qatar, simply visit this office list of Qatar Airways to get the relevant contact details.

How to book – Visit the official Qatar Airways Cargo website, and navigate to the Contact Us page.

  • Click on the Live animals tab, and fill this form
  • After you fill this form, the airline will contact you within 12 hours.

You can also reach directly to the airline’s website. Follow these steps – 

  • Contact Qatar Airways directly 
  • Inquire about the availability, procedures, and any necessary documentation for booking the pet cargo service.
  • Provide the required information about your pet, including species, breed, size, and weight.
  • Follow the instructions provided by Qatar Airways to complete the booking process.
  • Ensure that you have all the necessary documents, such as health certificates and vaccination records, as per the airline’s requirements.
  • Pay any applicable fees or charges associated with the pet cargo service.
  • Receive confirmation of your booking from Qatar Airways, including details of the transportation arrangements for your pet.

How does QA facilitate the travel of service dogs or emotional support animals?

As per Qatar Airways Pet Policy, a maximum of 2 pets are allowed per passenger in the cabin. The other guidelines include – 

  • Service animals must be individually trained dogs benefiting passengers with disabilities.
  • Passengers traveling to and from the USA must complete specific forms.
  • Service dogs must be contained, harnessed, leashed, or tethered during the flight and at the airport.
  • Passengers are responsible for providing food and water for their animals
  • Booking must be completed up to 48 hours before scheduled departure.
  • Online check-in is available
  • Airport check-in must be completed up to 1 hour before departure.
  • There is no weight restriction, as per Qatar Airways emotional support animal policy. 

Travel Route – The Qatar Airways permit following countries for ESA and service dog travel – 


Required Documentation – Passengers must have the necessary health documentation and certifications for the destination country. Travelers to and from the USA must complete 

The other documents include – 

  • Health declaration and current vaccination record. 
  • As per the Qatar Airways pet policy, passengers need to show proof that the dog is a service dog or emotional support animal. 
  • Qatar Airways pet reservation service demands the proof that the accompanying dog is a service dog, fully trained, and at least four (4) months old at the time of booking or when checking in at the airport

Containment – During the flight, service dogs should fit on the passenger’s lap or under their foot space. Add to that – 

  •  The support dog must be restrained with a harness, leash, or collar. 
  • The accompanying owner is responsible for providing food and water to the animal while traveling with Qatar Airways.

How to book a Qatar Airways pet reservation – Follow these steps – 

  • Checking the Qatar Airways pet travel guidelines page for eligibility, carrier requirements, and travel document information.
  • Initiating a chat or calling Qatar Airways pet reservations using the provided link.

Qatar Airways understands the significance of accommodating passengers with pets while ensuring animal welfare and regulatory compliance.

Qatar Airways Pet policy encompasses pet transport as checked baggage or cargo, acceptance of service dogs and emotional support animals in the cabin, and guidelines for pet carriers and documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are there any breed restrictions with Qatar Airways?

Certain domestic dog and cat breeds that are unable to maintain a normal body temperature and are consequently more prone to heat stroke and breathing problems are not accepted under the Qatar Airways pet travel service. These breeds include – 

Exotic, Persian, and Shirazi cats
Mainly pure breeds of snub nosed dogs such as Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Bulldog.

How does a traveler ship a pet or an animal with Qatar Airways?

If passengers choose to take the same flight, they can bring their caged, domesticated pets as excess baggage.

All other livestock and animals must be shipped as cargo. Contact your local Qatar Airways pet cargo office or visit for further information on the transportation of livestock, tropical fish, small mammals, and birds. Qatar Airways pet travel cost may apply.

How much does it cost to travel with a pet?

Whether or not your free checked baggage allowance has been used, you will be charged the standard excess baggage fees for pets traveling as excess luggage. Prices are per container, up to a combined weight of 32 kg for the animal and crate.

Does Qatar Airways offer water and food for pets?

No. The passenger is responsible for giving their animal enough food and water for the trip. But if the trip involves a stopover for more than 3 hours, the airline staff will take care of your pet by giving it food and clean water.

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