Qatar Airways works to extend the top-notch service to your feathered and furry travelling companions. In conformity with international air travel standards, Qatar Airways pet policy permits domestic dogs, cats, and birds as checked baggage, either on your journey or on a different one. The airline only allows service to be carried inside the cabin, and is confined to certain restrictions. 

Passengers need to inform the airlines about the requirements to travel with pets at the time of booking that enables Qatar to comply with the regulations of many nations along your route of travel. To prevent any inconvenience or delays, if this is not possible, passengers need to add or modify the pet travel up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure

Qatar Airways Pet Travel Policy

In this post, we will understand all the rules and guidelines associated with the pet travel inside the cabin as well as the checked baggage, the fees associated with the pet travel, and more.

In-Cabin Travel for Pets on Qatar Airways

Here is all the details you need for the Qatar Airways pet policy in cabin – 

Pets Allowed in Cabin

The airlines accept only falcons under Qatar Airways pet transport inside the cabin. Only 1 falcon is allowed per passenger inside the cabin. Permitted falcons per aircraft are up to 6, subject to the laws of the country of destination.

Fee for Pet Travel in Cabin

Only service animals are allowed inside the cabin for free of charge. The Qatar Airways pet fee for falcons ranges between 115-630 USD, depending on the travel route. 

Travel Restrictions for Pet

As per the Qatar Airways pet travel policy, domestic cats and dogs are not allowed to travel inside the cabin. Falcons are not permitted to travel to and from Tunis.

Exceptions for Pet Travel

On some flights, only trained service animals are welcome in the cabin for no additional price. The service dogs must be instructed to help disabled passengers. Service dogs may fly for free as checked baggage in the aircraft holds on several itineraries. You must reserve pets at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

Travelling with Pets as Checked Baggage on Qatar Airways 

On a number of routes, service dogs are welcome as complimentary checked luggage in the aeroplane hold, as per the Qatar Airways pet policy. 

Qatar Airways pet travel cost would be applied if a falcon is transported as checked luggage.

Here’s a rundown of the requirements under the pet container, pet food, and care offered during the transfer. 

Qatar Airways Pet Carrier Requirements

The travel container for your pet needs to be big enough and have sufficient ventilation openings. It must also be properly constructed and strong enough to prevent escape. The Qatar Airways pet travel requirements include – 

  • The maximum size of the container must be within 40 x 25 x 23 cm.
  • The combined maximum weight of the pet and the Qatar Airways pet travel kennel must not exceed 8 kg.
  • If the container is too tiny, Qatar Airways reserves the right to reject transport for any animal.
  • The animal must have access to food and water in its kennel or travel container.
  • The size of the container must always allow the animal to stand in a normal stance, turn around without difficulty, and lie down naturally.
  • Feeding containers – Container(s) that can be filled from the outside without having to open the shipping container needs to be present. It must be attached inside the shipping container. 
  • As per the Qatar Airways pet policy, the multiple pets may share the same pet carrier. Two adult pet up to 14 kg each can be shipped in the same container

Pet Food

Given that you won’t be able to access your pet throughout the trip, it is advised that you feed your pet with enough food and water for the duration of the trip in the travelling container or kennel. Take into account the following while you prepare your food and drink containers:

  • Water and food containers must be present and attached inside the shipping container.
  • Refilling is not permitted for water bottles or other dispensers that are attached inside or outside the shipping container.

Pet Care During Transfer

The Qatar Airways will strive to provide your pets with the highest level of care throughout their trip,  including any time spent waiting in the airport between flights.

Under the Qatar Airways pet transport service, the airline’s staff will make sure that if your transfer in Doha takes more than three hours:

  • Animals are permitted to leave their kennels to exercise and walk around.
  • Animals are watched for symptoms of stress and illness.
  • Cleanup of kennels
  • During transit, animals are given a larger, more luxurious kennel.

Please note – As per the Qatar airways pet policy, these services will not be offered if your connecting time is less than 3 hours. 

Fee for Pet Travel as Checked Luggage

The laws of the nations of origin, destination, and any other countries where the pet would be shipped must all be followed when transporting animals.

The laws of the nations of origin, destination, and any other countries where the pet would be shipped must all be followed when transporting animals.

The Qatar Airways pet travel cost  is determined based on the animal’s size, weight, and kind of carrier or cage as listed below – 

SizeTotal weight and dimensionsAdditional baggage rate
MediumUp to 32kgTo/From Qatar: USD 200All other routes: USD 350
LargeBetween 32kg and 75kgTo/From Qatar: USD 300All other routes: USD 450
OtherTotal weight: greater than 75kgTotal dimensions: larger than 118 inches (300 cm)To be handled as cargo

Transporting Animal as Cargo with Qatar Airways

As per the Qatar Airways pet policy, animals that are larger than the permitted limits of 300 cm in size and 75 kg in weight may be carried as cargo. The other conditions under the Qatar Airways pet cargo service includes – 

  • Regarding the acceptance of a maximum weight or size of the container, Qatar Airways pet travel team will continue to adhere to regional laws or airport restrictions.  If a country has weight or carrier size restrictions, the animal will be scheduled and flown by Qatar Airways pet cargo service.
  • Only routes directly operated by Qatar Airways Cargo are allowed to transport animals.
  • As confirmation is needed for the transportation of animals as supplementary luggage, get in touch with the Qatar Airways office closest to you.
  • Changes are welcome and lived at no charge.
  • Free cancellation is permitted; the leftover value may be granted for further transportation or a refund.
  • Rates could change at any time without prior notice.

Travel of Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animal with Qatar Airways

Only flights operated by Qatar Airways and some authorised itineraries are allowed to transport service dogs. About the Qatar Airways pet travel, the passengers must arrange the travel up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

There will be a maximum of two canines allowed per passenger in nations where more than one dog may be transported in the cabin, as per Qatar Airways emotional support animal policy.

Documents Required for Service or Emotional Support Animals

Passengers must possess the health records and other certifications that the destination country demands. Both the hardcopy and electronic versions of the DOT’s “U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation” form and “U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Relief Attestationform must be completed. This is for the passengers flying to and from the USA. 


On the plane, service dogs must fit on the passenger’s lap or under their foot space. The support dog must be confined in some way while traveling on our aircraft, such as a harness, leash, or other type of collar. In addition – 

  • The accompanying owner is responsible for giving the animal food and water under the Qatar airways traveling with pets.

Proof of Service or Emotional Support Animal

Qatar Airways pet reservation service demands the proof that the accompanying dog is a service dog, fully trained, and at least four (4) months old at the time of booking or when checking in at the airport.  In addition – 

  • Passengers need to carry other certifications from the licensed veterinarian such as health declaration and current vaccination record. 
  • As per the Qatar Airways pet policy, passengers need to show proof that the dog won’t need to relieve itself during the journey. Or, that passengers can handle the dog’s excrement properly so that there are no health or sanitary issues during the travel.
  • It is advised you to exercise the dog and restrict its fluid intake before the flight to get it ready for the trip.
  • Hardcopy or electronic version of the U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation” form is required.

Age and Weight Restriction

For travel to a specific location, there can be some age limits under the Qatar Airways pet travel policy. In addition – 

  • There is no upper limit on weight
  • The support dog cannot be accommodated in a spot where it might hinder the aisle, the emergency exit, or the leg room in front of the passenger next to you.
  • If there is room on the plane and your assistance dog cannot be accommodated at your seat, the airline will offer a different seat.

How to Book a Qatar Airways Pet Reservation?

Check Qatar Airways pet policy well in advance to find out about the health certificate and kennel requirements, breed restrictions, and any other restrictions to your destination. You can book – 

  • By visiting the Qatar Airways website 
  • Visit the Qatar Airways pet travel guidelines page for information about the pet eligibility, requirements of pet carriers and travel documents. 
  • Contact Qatar Airways pet reservations by initiating a chat with the airline’s representative. You can also call the airlines customer service. 


The most important thing is to have a good well-rested pet and to be prepared for anything such as paperwork and paying an extra storage fee if needed. Update yourself with all the rules and guidelines under the Qatar Airways pet travel policy, carry your pet’s vaccination records, and have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Transportation might seem pricey, but when you consider the effort, time, and money it takes to properly travel with your furry friend, it’s not that pricey at all. 

Are there any breed restrictions with Qatar Airways?

Certain domestic dog and cat breeds that are unable to maintain a normal body temperature and are consequently more prone to heat stroke and breathing problems are not accepted under the Qatar Airways pet travel service. These breeds include – 

Exotic, Persian, and Shirazi cats
Mainly pure breeds of snub nosed dogs such as Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Bulldog.

How does a traveler ship a pet or an animal with Qatar Airways?

If passengers choose to take the same flight, they can bring their caged, domesticated pets as excess baggage.

All other livestock and animals must be shipped as cargo. Contact your local Qatar Airways pet cargo office or visit for further information on the transportation of livestock, tropical fish, small mammals, and birds. Qatar Airways pet travel cost may apply.

How much does it cost to travel with a pet?

Whether or not your free checked baggage allowance has been used, you will be charged the standard excess baggage fees for pets traveling as excess luggage. Prices are per container, up to a combined weight of 32 kg for the animal and crate.

Does Qatar Airways offer water and food for pets?

No. The passenger is responsible for giving their animal enough food and water for the trip. But if the trip involves a stopover for more than 3 hours, the airline staff will take care of your pet by giving it food and clean water.

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