Qatar Airways offers safe and comfortable flight for the minors travelling alone. Whether your child is travelling for a summer holiday or visiting an extended family member, you don’t need to worry knowing they’ll be in great company with Qatar Airways unaccompanied minor policy. 

Qatar Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy

This service covers children between 5 and 15 years of age. On board they will get service like – 

  • Free snacks and refreshments onboard
  • Priority boarding for the unaccompanied minors.

Here’s everything you need to know about the unaccompanied minor rules, how you can book the service, the documents required for minors travelling alone, and more.

Unaccompanied Minor Rules for Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways unaccompanied minor policy is for children aged between 5 and 15 years of age who are flying alone. 

In addition, the service also applies to the children between 5 and 11 years who are flying with their parents/guardians. Children will be considered accompanied if they are flying in the same cabin with a passenger over 16 years old. 

Similar to this, there are other rules and regulations that you need to know before booking  a flight for your unaccompanied minors – 

  • The unaccompanied minor service would not be applicable to the Qatar Airways operated flights. The service needs to be arranged separately for the outbound and inbound travel.
  • In case of a connecting flight with other airlines, the maximum connecting time allowed is 4 hours. 
  • An unaccompanied minor is not allowed to stay at the airport unless an adult guardian is arranged to escort the child at the transit point. 
  • For safety and security, the parents need to fill up and sign the Form of Indemnity as well as Qatar Airways unaccompanied minor form. 
  • The unaccompanied minor’s parents/legal guardian must stay at the airport for 15 minutes until the flight departs. 
  • The parents/guardian who would be greeting the unaccompanied minor at the airport must present the proof of arrival in order to obtain the gate pass.
  • At the time of travel, the Qatar Airways crew member will keep the unaccompanied minor’s passport until the flight arrives at the destination.

Documents Required Under Qatar Airways Minor Travel Service

The unaccompanied minor form is available on the airline’s website, and needs to be filled out prior to travel. In addition – 

  • Passengers need to submit two copies of the submitted form of each flight segment, and need to keep it handy at the time of travel. 
  • In the form, enter the name of the parent, who would be dropping off and picking up, exactly the same as appears on the government-issued photo ID. 
  • Qatar Airways unaccompanied minor age restriction for the adult picking up the unaccompanied minor must be 18 years. They must carry a valid photo ID.

How to Book an Unaccompanied Minor Service with Qatar Airways?

You can book a flight for your child in couple of ways – 

Method 1: By visiting Qatar Airways website

Select the advanced search option, and change the number of adults from 0 to 1. Then – 

  • Select the number of children travelling in each age group based on their ages on the day they need to be departed.

Method 2: By calling the airlines customer service

You can also call Qatar Airways customer service contact number, and an airline’s representative will be happy to assist you. You would be charged an adult fare and an Qatar Airways unaccompanied minor cost. In addition – 

  • The airline will need to know who is dropping off the child at the airport. You need to provide this info when you book your child’s flight. 
  • The airline will aptly assign a seat for your child where your child gets frequent care and attention. After you book the flight, you will get the seat assignment within the next 48 hours.

Unaccompanied Minor Fee for Qatar Airways

The Qatar Airways unaccompanied minor fee would be charged on top of the adult ticketed fare. Below is the overview of the minor fee according to the age group, and acceptance criteria. 

Age GroupAcceptance criteriaFare type eligibilityFee
2-5 yearsMust be accompanied by adult over 16 years of age when travellingChild fareNot applicable
5-15 yearsCan travel as unaccompanied minorsAdult fare150 USD each way per child
16 years and olderCan travel aloneAdult fare150 USD each way per child

Qatar Airways facilitates the task of traveling alone by providing an affordable, comfortable, and hassle-free service. The flight personnel are always available to help you throughout the journey if you need any assistance.

This is fantastic for parents who wish to send their children on short-distance trips alone or get them home from vacations in case the family car breaks down or is not available. Qatar Airways offers a safe and secure service for unaccompanied minors traveling flights.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

What documents do I need to sign up for Qatar Airways unaccompanied minor service?

A valid visa for the destination country, an individual passport that is valid for at least six months, and a re-entry permit are all requirements for your child to travel abroad. Make sure your child has had all the necessary immunizations, has undergone the needed physicals, and is carrying the required medical documentation. The documents are under the compliance of Qatar airways minor policy.

At what age can a child fly unaccompanied with Qatar Airways?

Adult tickets are available for purchase for solo travel for passengers between 5 and 15 years of age.

How do I know that my child has arrived at the destination airport?

At the departure and arrival points, Qatar Airways will contact you and your representative via phone. At whatever stage of the trip you’re at, the airline informs you about the expected time of arrival. Make plans for someone to meet your child at the airport.

How unaccompanied minors will collect the checked baggage at the airport?

Special tags will be assigned for the unaccompanied minor’s luggage. This will help airline’s staff easily retrieve them. Until your child is greeted by you or a representative of yours in the arrivals area, the airline will assist the minor through customs.

How will my child complete the check-in at the airport?

Qatar’s crew will welcome your child and help them with a quick and easy check-in for Qatar Airways. Please make sure that the person who is travelling with your child stays at the airport until the child is airborne.

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