Understanding the ins and outs of luggage is essential to make your travels stress-free and comfortable. Here we will delve into Singapore Airlines baggage policy, covering everything from carry-on allowances to specialized items and how to deal with unexpected situations.


What is Singapore Airlines carry on baggage allowance?

Singapore Airlines carry-on baggage allowance varies based on your class of travel –

  • Suites, First Class, and Business Class – You’re allowed to bring along two pieces of cabin baggage, each weighing up to 7kg. Please ensure that the sum of length, width, and height for each piece doesn’t exceed 115cm.
  • Premium Economy Class and Economy Class – You can bring one piece of cabin baggage weighing up to 7kg. The dimension of the hand luggage must be within 115 cm.

Excess cabin baggage on Singapore Airlines

In the event that your cabin baggage surpasses the specified limits, it will be counted as checked baggage. Please note that extra baggage charges might apply. Baby strollers should be counted as carry-on baggage, and to be stored in the baggage hold, free of charge.

Personal item –

In addition to your cabin baggage allowance, you are allowed to bring one of the following items with you, free of charge –

  • Ladies purse/handbag.
  • Overcoat
  • Umbrella
  • Laptop bag
  • Backpack
  • Document folder
  • Walking sticks, crutches, or prosthetic devices
  • Duty-free goods (within allowed limits)

Please Note: The maximum dimensions for these additional items are 40x30x10cm each. If the total dimensions exceed 80cm, the item will count toward your standard cabin baggage allowance.

Singapore Airlines check the carry-on baggage Guidelines –

The airline conduct checks during both the Singapore Airlines check-in process and just before boarding to ensure passenger safety – 

Check-inCabin baggage that exceeds the set limits will need to be checked in
BoardingAny cabin baggage that surpasses the permissible limits will be collected and stored in the aircraft cargo compartment. If the combined weight or piece goes beyond your checked baggage allowance, an excess baggage charge might apply.
Food itemsIf you’re traveling to Singapore, visit the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) website for information on permissible food types and quantities.
The airlines restrict certain food items that emit strong odors or could potentially be offensive to others. 
Please note that carrying durians in your cabin or checked baggage is not permitted on our flights.

What is Singapore Airlines checked baggage allowance?

As per Singapore Airlines baggage policy, your checked baggage allowance with Singapore Airlines is determined by either the weight or piece concept, depending on your destination.

Singapore Airlines checked baggage Weight concept

Under the weight concept, applicable to all flights including those from Canada and the USA, your Singapore Airlines baggage allowance varies based on your travel class.

Travel ClassBase AllowancePPS Club MembersKrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold Members
Suites and First Class50 kg100 kg70 kg
Business Class40 kg80 kg60 kg
Premium Economy Class35 kg70 kg55 kg
Economy Flexi30 kg60 kg50 kg
Economy Standard30 kg60 kg50 kg
Economy Value25 kg50 kg45 kg
Economy Lite25 kg50 kg45 kg

Baggage allowance for infants under weight concept– Singapore Airlines baggage allowance for infants must not exceed 10 kg. Additionally, you can check in one item each from the following categories – 

  • An entirely foldable pushchair or stroller
  • Car seat or carrycot

Singapore Airlines checked baggage Piece concept

Under the piece concept, your Singapore Airlines baggage allowance is outlined as follows:

Travel ClassPiece Allowance
Suites and First Class2 pieces, up to 32 kg each
Business Class2 pieces, up to 32 kg each
Premium Economy Class2 pieces, up to 23 kg each
Economy Class2 pieces, up to 23 kg each

Valuable and fragile items – To ensure the safety of your belongings, it is recommended to avoid packing valuable and delicate items in your checked baggage. This includes –

  • Laptops
  • Medications
  • Securities and negotiable papers
  • Precious metals and silverware
  • Jewelry and valuable items
  • Business, travel, and identification documents
  • Perishable items

Checked baggage dimensions – Remember, the combined length, width, and height of your checked baggage cannot exceed 158cm (62 inches).

Infant baggage allowance for piece concept – For infants traveling in any class, one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 32 kg is allowed.

Pets as checked baggage – As per Singapore airlines pet policy, pet can travel as checked baggage and must be at least 3 months old. Please note that the combined weight of the pet and the approved carrier must be within 32 kg.

Singapore Airlines baggage weight and size guidelines

Here’s everything you need to know about the weight and size limitations for your Singapore Airlines baggage allowance –

  • Each checked bag must not exceed 32 kg.
  • When it comes to size, you must adhere to the following size guidelines –
    • Maximum length – 200cm
    • Maximum width – 75cm
    • Maximum height – 80cm

Understanding baggage rules based on your travel itinerary

When you’re traveling to or from Canada or the USA and your booking involve multiple carriers, the baggage policy of the first carrier on your booking might apply for your entire journey. Here’s what you need to know – 

  • If your first flight begins with Singapore Airlines from LAX, SFO, IAH, JFK, or on a US Airways flight with an SQ flight number, then Singapore Airlines’ baggage policy will be applicable.
  • if the first flight doesn’t have an SQ flight number, the baggage policy of the first carrier might apply to the entire itinerary. 
  • For journeys originating from any other US, the baggage policy of the operating airlines might apply.

What is Singapore Airlines baggage policy for non-standard baggage?

non standard baggage on Singapore Airlines

Non-standard baggage contains items that are different from regular suitcases or bags in terms of size, shape, weight, or content.

Non-standard baggage includes sports equipment, musical instruments, an urn as well a wedding dress. It may include additional or oversized baggage fees. 

Here’s all you need to know about handling non-baggage articles – 

  • Special baggage should not exceed dimensions of 200cm.
  • For items exceeding these dimensions, reach out to the Singapore Airlines luggage department.
  • Items exceeding 32kg cannot be accepted as checked baggage.

Wedding dress – Your wedding dress can be carried on board or checked in. For carry-on baggage, ensure it fits within the maximum dimension and weight allowance. Consider purchasing an extra seat if you prefer to have more space for your dress.

Urn/pet ashes – Carrying urns or pet ashes requires special attention such as –

  • Urns should be packed in a shock-absorbing material and a container with a secure lid.
  • Ensure the urn is securely sealed.
  • Carry the Certificate of Death and the Certificate of Cremation.
  • Avoid thick-material urns as they might obstruct X-ray screening.

What is Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment?

Your sports equipment will count towards your checked baggage allowance with Singapore Airlines. If your equipment surpasses this allowance, the standard Singapore Airlines baggage fees will be applicable.

  • Archery – It goes as checked baggage, provided it’s packed in a protective bag or a hard case. 
  • Avalanche rescue backpack – It can be carried as checked or carry-on baggage, provided – 
    • The backpack can’t contain more than 200 mg of gunpowder and should avoid flammable or toxic gasses. 
    • Gas cylinders are accepted if integrated into the backpack, but spares or removed cylinders aren’t allowed.
    • Airbags must have pressure relief valves.
    • Gas cylinders are accepted if integrated into the backpack.
    • Spares or detached cylinders are not allowed.
    • The battery should be removed, and once detached, it’s allowed as carry-on baggage
    • Avalanche packs with division 1.4s explosives and CO2 are prohibited.
  • Baseball – The airline accepts baseball equipment as checked baggage if packed in a hard case.
  • Bicycles – They are accepted as checked baggage. Pack your bicycle in a hard side case, cardboard, or padded protective case. Deflate the tires for smooth travel.
  • Bowling – Bowling equipment can be checked as Singapore Airlines luggage if packed properly.
  • Canoes/kayak – The airline accepts canoes as checked baggage. Please note motors and electrical components are not accepted as luggage. You need to contact the Singapore Airlines cargo team.
  • Golf – Use a protective bag or hard case to safeguard your golf gear. Battery-driven golf trolleys aren’t allowed on passenger flights. 
  • Hang gliding – Pack your hang-gliding equipment in protective bags or hard cases.
  • Scuba diving – Pack your gear in a protective bag or hard case. Empty compressed air cylinders and buoyancy vests. Remove the battery and bulb from the diving lights. You can take them as carry on baggage. 
  • Firearms – If you’re planning to carry firearms and ammunition for sporting purposes in your checked baggage, you need to keep in mind the following guidelines – 
    • Ammunition must be completely removed from the firearm(s).
    • Each passenger is allowed a maximum gross weight of 5kg (11lb) of ammunition for personal use.
    • Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles will not be accepted.
  • Fishing equipment – The airline accepts it as checked luggage. 

Specifics for Canada and USA travel

When traveling to or from Canada and the USA, most sports equipment is generally treated as one piece of baggage. However,

  • A canoe is treated as 2 pieces of baggage, as per Singapore Airlines baggage policy.
  • Baggage charges for your sports equipment will adhere to the Singapore Airlines baggage allowance that applies to traveling to or from Canada.

What is Singapore Airlines baggage policy for musical instruments?

Depending on your instrument’s size and weight, the Singapore Airlines baggage team offers various travel options –

  • Checked baggage – For larger instruments like cellos and full-sized guitars that surpass standard cabin baggage allowances, you can check them in as part of your checked baggage. If your instrument exceeds the free baggage allowance, Singapore Airlines baggage fees will apply.
  • Cabin-seat baggage – As per Singapore Airlines baggage policy, your instrument should adhere to the following size and weight limits – 
Dimensions127cm x 45cm x 30cm (depth)
WeightUp to 40kg

If you’re traveling with a smaller musical instrument like a violin, you can bring it with you as part of your cabin baggage.

DimensionsUp to 115cm
WeightNot exceeding 7kg

What is Singapore Airlines excess baggage fees?

If passengers exceed the Singapore Airlines baggage allowance limits, there are additional baggage charges that may apply.

Pre-Purchase additional baggage – Passengers can purchase additional baggage online up to 6 hours before their departure. Discounted rates of 10 to 25 % are available. 

Last-minute additional baggage – Even if you’ve completed online check-in, you can still purchase last-minute additional baggage between 48 hours and six hours before departure.

Flexible options for different itineraries – For non-US and non-Canada itineraries – 

  • Pre-purchase additional baggage in blocks of 5kg up to 100kg per flight.
  • Passengers can choose from extra baggage pieces, additional weight within the free allowance, or oversize baggage. Singapore Airlines extra baggage fees may apply. 
  • Passengers can purchase any of the following combinations –
    • You can opt for up to two extra baggage pieces in addition to your free allowance
    • If your baggage within the free allowance exceeds the weight limit,m, you have the option to add extra weight to each piece.
    • You can choose to include oversize baggage making sure it is within the Singapore Airlines luggage size limit of 158 cm.

Pre-purchase discounted weight pricing for Non-US and Canadian travel routes

The table below shows the Singapore Airlines extra baggage fees that apply when you pay online –

From / ToSingaporeBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
Band 1USD6/kgUSD12/kgUSD18/kgUSD23/kgUSD27/kg
Band 2USD12/kgUSD18/kgUSD23/kgUSD28/kgUSD33/kg
Band 3USD17/kgUSD23/kgUSD28/kgUSD33/kgUSD38/kg
Band 4USD21/kgUSD27/kgUSD33/kgUSD38/kgUSD42/kg
Band 5USD5/kgUSD5/kgUSD5/kgUSD5/kgUSD5/kg

Last-minute discounted weight pricing for Non-US and Canadian travel routes

The table shows below the last-minute Singapore Airline baggage fee for extra baggage for weight concept. The fee mentioned below is for the last-minute online purchase between 48 hours and 6 hours online –

From / ToSingaporeBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
Band 1USD8/kgUSD15/kgUSD21/kgUSD27/kgUSD33/kg
Band 2USD14/kgUSD21/kgUSD27/kgUSD34/kgUSD39/kg
Band 3USD20/kgUSD27/kgUSD34/kgUSD40/kgUSD45/kg
Band 4USD26/kgUSD33/kgUSD39/kgUSD45/kgUSD51/kg
Band 5USD6/kgUSD6kgUSD6/kgUSD6/kgUSD6/kg

Pre-purchase discounted piece pricing for US and Canadian travel routes

The table below shows the Singapore Airlines extra baggage fees for piece concept when you pay online – 

From/to (Per KG)Between U.S. and CanadaOther Itineraries
Additional Piece of Baggage (All Classes)Band 1$120SIN – Band 3$40
Band 2$160Band 5$40
Band 3$200Others$120
Band 4$280
Overweight baggage from 50 to 70 Pounds (23 to 32 KG)Band 1$80SIN – Band 3$40
Band 2$100Band 5$40
Band 3$140Others$80
Band 4$180
Oversized baggage (Exceeding 62 Inches (158 CM))Band 1$80SIN – Band 3$40
Band 2$100Band 5$40
Band 3$140Others$80
Band 4$180

Last-minute discounted piece pricing for US and Canadian travel routes –

The table shows below last-minute Singapore airline baggage fees for extra baggage for the piece concept. The fee mentioned below is for the last-minute online purchase between 48 hours and 6 hours online – 

From/to (Per KG)Between U.S. andOther Itineraries
Additional Piece of Baggage (All Classes)Band 1$135SIN – Band 3$45
Band 2$180Band 5$45
Band 3$225Others$135
Band 4$315
Overweight Charge 50 to 70 Pounds (23 to 32 KG)Band 1$90SIN – Band 3$45
Band 2$113Band 5$45
Band 3$158Others$90
Band 4$203
Oversized Charge (Exceeding 62 Inches (158 CM))Band 1$90SIN – Band 3$45
Band 2$113Band 5$45
Band 3$158Others$90
Band 4$203

Band 1 – Hong Kong SAR – China, Japan, Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, Taiwan – China and points in North America (direct flights)

Band 2 – Singapore

Band 3 – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Asia Subcontinent (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Australia, New Zealand.

Band 4 – Countries/ regions outside of Band 1, Band 2 and Band 3

Band 5 (sector) – Copenhagen – Rome, Barcelona – Milan

To know more about the additional baggage purchase check out the Singapore Airlines Additional Baggage Terms and Conditions.

What if your baggage is delayed or damaged on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines damaged baggage

Here are the steps to take if you encounter delayed or damaged baggage during your journey – 

  • If your checked baggage is delayed, file a report online or visit the Singapore Airlines lost and found office at the arrival airport.
  • You’ll receive a unique 10-character File Reference Number for future reference.
  • Trace your baggage through our online baggage portal and receive email updates for up to 7 days to stay informed about its status.
  • If your baggage isn’t located within 7 days, you have two options – 
    • File a claim with your local Lost and Found Office or at Singapore Airlines official website.
    • File a claim with your travel insurance company.

Addressing damaged baggage

If you notice damage to your checked baggage upon arrival, promptly report it to the Singapore Airlines representative at the airport. 

Keep in mind that minor damages like dirt marks, scuffs, or minor cuts may not be eligible for compensation. Also, damage to improperly packed items or those within overstuffed bags might not be covered.

Singapore Airline’s liability for lost and damaged bags

Singapore Airlines takes responsibility for delayed, lost, or damaged checked luggage. The liability is limited to SDR 17 per kg per passenger or SDR 1,288 per passenger.

Please note that specific items like assistive devices, mobility aids, wheelchairs, and other disability assistance devices may have different compensation criteria.

What items are restricted on Singapore Airlines flights?

In order to keep your journey safe there are certain items that the Airline have restricted for the passengers to bring with them whether as carry-on or checked baggage under the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy.

Items not permitted in Singapore Airlines checked baggage

Singapore Airlines restricted items
  • Explosives
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Security-type cases with hazardous content
  • Compressed gasses
  • Lighters and matches
  • Oxidizing substances and flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids and corrosive materials
  • Disabling devices
  • Poisons and radioactive materials
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Other hazardous materials

To learn more about the restricted items in detail, check out the Singapore Airlines baggage restrictions.

Items not permitted in Singapore Airlines carry-on baggage

As per Singapore Airlines, carry-on baggage policy the following items are restricted as hand luggage – 

  • Knives and sharp objects – This includes hunting knives, swords, and pocket knives.
  • Sharp/bladed objects – Items such as scissors, ice picks, nail clippers, embroidery, crocheting, and knitting needles that are considered illegal by local law.
  • Weapons and devices– Whips, nan-chakras, batons, stun guns, and handcuffs.
  • Sporting equipment – Baseball/cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, and billiard cues.
  • Devices with spillable batteries – Items containing spillable batteries.
  • Medicinal and toiletry articles – Including aerosols like hair sprays, perfumes, medicines containing alcohol, hand sanitizers, and alcohol-based disinfectants (limited to 0.5 KG or 0.5 L per article and 2.0 KG or 2.0 L in total weight). Aerosol release valves must be protected to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Electronic devices that cannot be switched off – Examples include devices like Furby toys.
  • Non-weapon toy guns – Plastic water guns or similar items.
  • Items deemed security hazards – Items considered security hazards by local law or those that resemble restricted items.
  • Knee defenders – While the carriage of knee defenders or similar devices is not restricted, their use on board is strictly prohibited. 

For all other devices line e-cigarettes, lithium batteries, personal transportation devices, and other country-specific restrictions, visit the Singapore Airlines baggage policy official page.

Staying informed about restricted items helps ensure the safety of all passengers on board. By adhering to the Singapore Airlines baggage policy, you contribute to a smoother journey for yourself and fellow travelers. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How much baggage is allowed on Singapore Airlines?

The Singapore Airlines baggage allowance varies based on your travel class and destination. The allowance varies with the weight and piece concept.

How many kg baggage does Singapore Airlines allow?

In Economy Class, it typically allows 23 kg. Premium Economy, Business, and First Class have allowances up to 32 kg.

What if my baggage is 1 kg overweight?

If your baggage exceeds the allowed weight by a small margin, you might face additional charges. 

How much does extra baggage cost per kg for international flights?

The cost of extra baggage per kg for international flights can vary. Singapore Airlines often offers discounted rates if you pre-purchase additional baggage online. 

Can I take 2 pieces of baggage on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, Singapore Airlines allows passengers in certain classes to carry 2 pieces of baggage. 

Do Singapore Airlines allow extra baggage for students?

Singapore Airlines may offer extra baggage allowances for students traveling to certain destinations. It’s best to check with the airline for specific details.

Is a laptop bag included in hand baggage on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, a laptop bag or a small personal item is usually allowed in addition to your main hand baggage. 

Can I put my laptop in checked baggage on Singapore Airlines?

It’s generally recommended to carry valuable and delicate items like laptops in your hand baggage.

How early can I check my baggage on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines allows you to check your baggage 2-3 hours before your scheduled flight. 

Is Singapore Airlines strict on baggage allowance?

Yes, Singapore Airlines generally enforces its baggage allowance. To avoid extra charges or inconvenience, it’s best to adhere to the specified limits and dimensions.

What are the prohibited items for checked baggage on Singapore Airlines?

Prohibited items for checked baggage include explosives, weapons, flammable materials, and corrosive substances. Refer to the related section in this article.

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