You can purchase various types of tickets to fly with Singapore Air. They can be canceled, subject to various conditions. These conditions can be identified through the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy. It works as a framework of not only these conditions but several rules as well. Provided that you are well-familiar with this structure, you can apply for and obtain a refund too. 

Rules of the Singapore Air Cancellation Policy

When you have a reservation with this airline and you do not wish to proceed with it, you will be given the option to revoke it. You will have to check the rules applicable in this situation. By agreeing with them, you will be able to cancel your ticket. The Singapore Airlines cancellation policy defines every rule with clarity so that you can seamlessly go ahead with your decision.

  • You will be able to cancel your booking when:
    • It was reserved via the airline’s local office body. Or,
    • The reservation occurred using “official website”.
  • A traveler may have booked multiple tickets for a single itinerary. Assuming that a part of his/her itinerary has been completed but the rest of it is not, then the traveler will still be able to undo reservations. Any conditions associated with the ticket fare class may apply to this.
  • As per the cancellation policy, you may have booked flights with the airlines in association with its partner carriers. Cancellation, in this case, will apply to the entire trip and for every passenger who holds a booking for the same trip.
  • For travelers in Italy, additional rules may be found for canceling tickets.

Singapore Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour cancellation policy/feature of this airline works for those passengers who want to discontinue their trips on the same day. This is generally applicable to all of them for free cancellations or reversals with minimal fees. In certain cases, however, further information is available. 

Related to the USA in specific, the Singapore Airlines 24 Hour cancellation policy indicates that when a passenger is going to or coming from this location, his/her ticket should be cancelled within twenty-four hours. This will not invite any penalties. 

In addition, the following conditions also apply:

  • The ticket needs to be booked at least a week before the flight is expected to fly.
  • Your ticket must have been directly bought from the national airline of Singapore.

Note: Due to any errors or glitches, you may try but fail to revoke your booking in the first 24 hours of its purchase. Then Singapore Airlines cancel within 24 hours, provided that you request it.

Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation Procedures

To revoke a flight ticket all by yourself, you can refer to the online cancellation procedure supported by this airline’s carrier. For aid directly from the carrier, you can rely on offline procedures. Regardless of the option you pick, it will be best to exercise them before the 24-hour window closes.

Procedure 1: Use the Singapore Air Website

You can opt for online Singapore Airlines ticket cancellation by accessing the operator’s website. The procedure will require your ticket’s confirmation number. In addition to this, the name of the person who is mentioned as the passenger on the ticket will be another requisite. With just these basic details, both international and domestic flyers will be able to cancel their tickets.

See further how to cancel Singapore Airlines flights by reading the guidelines below:

  • Find the homepage of this carrier’s official website.
  • Tap on “Sign in”/“Log in”.
  • Via the correct credentials, you have to sign in to your Singapore Air account.
  • Go to the following page:
    • “Singapore Airlines Cancellations Webpage”
  • Input the information as follows:
    • “Confirmation Number”
    • “Name” of the passenger
  • Tap on “Continue”.
  • Opt for “Flight l Hotel l Car”.
  • Then look for “Manage Singapore Airlines Reservations”. 
  • Now, hit the link given for “Singapore Airlines Cancel Reservation”.
  • Going ahead to cancel Singapore Airlines flights, the option of “Manage Reservations” should be found. Then you have to press it.
  • In the next step, you have to choose “Cancel Reservation”. This will be present in the form of a button.
  • Following this, you need to mention:
    • “First Name”
    • “Confirmation Number”
    • “Last Name”
  • Then tap “Continue”.
  • You will find the details of your flight on the screen. After you have reviewed them, you can cancel the ticket. If you would like to apply for a refund, then you can choose “Travel Funds”. Otherwise, you can request the amount separately through other methods.

Procedure 2: Connect with Reservations Department

The Singapore Airlines cancellation policy gives you an offline way to connect with the carrier to revoke your tickets. You can dial +65-6223-8888 to reach its Reservations Department. The representatives of this carrier will listen to your request as well as ask for every crucial detail needed in this procedure. 

In addition to this, the representatives will also let you know whether or not you qualify for a refund. Accordingly, you will be able to apply for it.

Procedure 3: Place Your Request at the Airport

The representatives of this airline can be reached in person at the airport. As you get in touch with them in this way, you can expect better assistance. They can inform you about the requirements needed under the Singapore Airline cancellation policy. After you fulfill them, you can get a particular ticket revoked.

Keep in mind that the policy can help you undo your booking from the airport but a cost may apply. You can ask about the cancellation fee and on complying with it, you can go ahead with the procedure.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Fee

With this carrier, you can find several types of fares. The range can include Life, Flexi, Standard, and Value ticket types. These types can come with certain conditions defined in the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy. Since the fare can vary, these conditions may also not be the same. The conditions may include charging fees on cancellations in certain situations. This indicates the prime reason why the airlines may not always give the benefit of free cancellations.

In a situation in which you are asked to pay a Singapore Airlines cancellation fee, the amount will be decided on the basis of the timeframe. Mainly, it will relate to the 24 hours of purchasing your flight tickets.

TimeframeCancellation Fees ($)
After twenty-four hours100-500
Within twenty-four hours100 to 400

Please be aware that this air operator can apply no-show fees as well. Presuming that you have reserved Singapore Air tickets but have not been present at the time of boarding, you will be put in the no-show category. Then your flight will be cancelled by the airline and along with this, a fee will be applied. Both KrisFlyer members and other flyers can be susceptible to this term.

Fare ClassNo-show/Cancellation Fees ($)
Saver Fees75
Advantage Fees50
Economy Class100
Premium Class200
Business Class300
First Class300

Singapore Airlines Refund Policy

Your flight ticket can carry a date or deadline for cancellation. When you have canceled your ticket in compliance with the same, you will be eligible to connect with Singapore Airlines and ask for your refund. This is an important indication put forth by the Singapore Airlines refund policy. In addition to this, several other points need to be kept in mind.

  • Direct purchases made via this carrier are eligible for using this policy.
  • Only those flyers who have bought refundable tickets can claim refunds.
  • It is best to apply for refunds online. Kindly use the website of the airline for this purpose.
  • Refunds can be received for Singapore Airlines non-refundable tickets as well. In this case, however, any taxes that are refundable will be given back. The rest of the amount will not be returned to the travelers.
  • The account associated with your debit or credit card will reflect the amount of the refund. This must also be the account through which your ticket has been bought.
  • Complete refunds may not always be provided to travelers. Fees relating to refunds and cancellations can be deducted regardless of whether the tickets are refundable or non-refundable. This will mainly depend on the situation.
  • When a passenger is flying to/from the United States of America, cancellations have to be initiated via the local office of the airline in the region. After this has been done, a refund request can be placed.

How will Singapore Airlines Refund Cancelled Flights?

After Singapore Airlines ticket cancellation, a flyer can make a request for a refund. This request can be presented online in two different ways. Both will utilize the original website of this airline. Prior to using any of these ways, you should have the correct Booking Reference number relating to the flight you want to reverse.

Option 1: Through the Manage Booking Feature

On the site of this carrier, you will see a Manage Booking feature. For the management of your ticket, this feature should be accessed. It will comprise several links. You are required to pick the one for canceling your booking. This method can certainly work for refundable tickets. A Singapore Airlines non-refundable ticket’s value may also be received back through this. If not the whole amount, then you may possibly get the value of the associated taxes.

  • Come to the original website owned by Singapore Airlines.
  • Then move to its section “Manage Booking”.
  • Here, you have to provide the “Booking Reference”.
  • Afterward, you will find “Cancel Booking”. Press the link for the same.
  • You have to follow every direction appearing on your display.
  • Soon, the option to seek a refund for a cancelled flight will come up. Use this to get your money back.

Option 2: Via the Assistance Request Form

The Assistance Request Form of this airline works in various instances to provide you with help. It can be of use even when you want to seek a refund. The Singapore Airlines cancellation policy hints at the use of this form at the earliest. See to it that your details are rightly added to this document. Your name, in specific, must be correct and the same as that of the passenger who booked the ticket originally. By doing so, you will soon receive the ticket’s value back.

Read further to understand how will Singapore Airlines refund cancelled flights using this form:

  • Type “Singapore Airlines Request Form” in your browser.
  • Press “Enter” and choose the official link showing this form.
  • Under “What can We Help You with?”, choose “Cancel My Booking for a Refund”.
  • Scroll further and read the information associated with the cancellation procedure.
  • After agreeing with the same, you have to view “Why are You Requesting for a Refund?”.
  • Choose “Your Flight was Cancelled”.
  • Then you have to provide the following:
    • “SQ Booking Reference”
    • Your title
    • “First/Given Name”
    • “Last/Family Name”
  • Below the option “How can We Reach You?”, specify your email ID.
  • Add your contact information.
  • Select the checkboxes below this and hit the button “Submit”.

Singapore Airline Canceled Flight Guidelines

This airline may be bound to revoke your cancellations under some circumstances. To inform you about the exact scenario, it will send a text message, notification, or WhatsApp message. In the case of a notification, you will have to check your mobile application for it. Otherwise, you may also receive an email.

Regardless of the circumstance, you should be aware of the following benefits provided by the Singapore Airline canceled flight policy:

  • The option to rebook your trip will be available.
  • For your ticket’s unused parts, a refund will be given.
  • Find out whether your flight was scheduled for operation prior to April 1, 2021. If yes, then credits, as well as bonus credits, can be expected.
Fare ClassCredits (SGD)
Premium Economy100

Singapore Airline Cancelled Flight Compensation

Due to weather, technical, political, or nature-related issues, the airline may cancel your flight but compensate you in return. Initially, it will put you on another flight in case you find this agreeable. Otherwise, you will be provided with money. 

The Singapore Airlines flight cancellation compensation is determined on the basis of your flight’s distance. 

Flight DistanceCompensation (€)
Less than or equal to 1500 km250
Between 1500 km – 3500 km400
Equivalent to 3500 km or beyond600

Kindly be aware that compensation may not always be given to you. The Singapore-based airline can inform you at least 14 days prior to the departure that your flight will be discontinued. The compensation, in this case, may not be expected. 

Likewise, the following can prevent you from obtaining a canceled flight compensation:

  • An exceptional event may take place without involving the fault of this carrier. The Singapore Airlines flight cancellation policy guides that you may not be offered definite help in this scenario.
  • Between/before seven to thirteen days prior to the departure, if you were informed about the revocation, then this benefit may not be given. Particularly when another flight was offered to you, a compensation request may not be considered.

In Essence
To assist you in emergencies, the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy has been formed. Mainly, when you have to cancel your ticket on a certain day and time, this policy will guide you. Given that you are fully aware of its terms and the latest guidelines, you can make the best of the value of your flight ticket even when you revoke it.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What happens if Singapore Airlines cancel my flight?

In an unusual circumstance, this carrier can revoke your flight. It will not leave you helpless in the situation. You can rebook your flight or ask for a refund amount. When Singapore Airline cancel flights, it will present such options. You can choose one and proceed ahead.

Can I cancel my Singapore Airlines flight?

The cancellation policy of this airline is meant for enabling revocations. Given that you agree to its terms, you will be able to cancel your flight. These terms can be inclusive of the timeframes and the other conditions pertaining to your ticket class.

How to cancel Singapore Airlines flights?

With the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy, you get 3 procedures to revoke your flights. You can dial the flight cancellation customer service. Or, use the website and manage your booking. Otherwise, you can get assistance at the airport.

How much is the Singapore Airlines booking cancellation fee?

The Singapore Airlines cancellation charges is $100. This is to be paid when you revoke your ticket within 24 hours of its booking. When this duration is passed, the amount can go up to $500 as well. No-show fees can start from $75 onward.

What is the refund policy of Singapore Airlines?

After your ticket has been cancelled, either by you or the carrier, you can obtain a refund against it. To obtain it, the Singapore Airlines refund policy will be used.

How long does it take for Singapore Airline refunds?

In around 20 days, you can get a refund for your flight ticket. This air operator may also provide it within 10 days. The duration can depend on how and when you reversed your booking. To be certain about the date of receiving it, you may ask the operator itself.

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    I made a reservation with Singapore Airlines, but I ultimately had to change my plans. Because I purchased my ticket online, I revoked it there. The airline had no issues with the cancellation of the flight after it had been booked. They charge a very minimum cancellation fee as I canceled the flight in more than 24 hours hours. The next time I have to cancel a flight, I’ll remember to do so within 24 hours of booking in order to receive my money back.

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    I booked my ticket with Singapore airlines. I made the payment via cash, later I had to cancel my flight. I made the cancellation by dialing at the airline office. The executives were extremely supportive and I was asked about the desired account for refund. The airline took the effort to initiate the refund in my desired bank account.

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