Singapore Airlines understands that pets are valued family members, and their presence can add joy and companionship during travel.

singapore airlines pet policy

In this article, we will delve into the comprehensive Singapore Airlines pet policy. We will explore the guidelines, requirements, and facilities provided to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of pets on board. 

Singapore Airlines Pet Policy

Do Singapore Airlines Allows in-Cabin Travel For Pets?

Singapore Airlines pet in cabin policy does not permit pets in the cabin.

Only assistance dogs are permitted to fly on board. 

What is the Singapore Airlines Check-in Baggage Pet Policy?

Pets are allowed as checked luggage on the same aircraft however, there are certain restrictions and checklists. 

Pet Policy DetailsInformation
Allowed PetsDogs and cats
Minimum Age RequirementAt least 3 months ol
Check-inYou must present at the Singapore Airlines check-in desk up to 2 hours before departure.
Maximum Weight Limit (Including Carrier)70 lbs./32 kg
Travel restrictionsPets are not permitted on SQ21 flights departing from Newark to Singapore.
Booking deadlinePet must be booked up to 2 weeks before the scheduled departure
Transportation OptionsPets weighing more than 70 lbs./32 kg must be transported via air cargo.

Pets within the weight limit may be under the Singapore Airlines checked baggage guidelines

Documents required for Pet TravelHere are the essential requirements and documentation for traveling with your pet.

  • Import Licence (if applicable)
  • License / Transhipment 
  • Pet’s Passport 
  • Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Rabies Vaccination Letter

Under the Singapore Airlines traveling with pets guidelines, the following documents are required if pets are traveling to Singapore or have a flight connection in Singapore – 

  • Import License / Transshipment License – If your pet is traveling to or transiting in Singapore, acquire an import license or transshipment license, valid for 30 days.
  • Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Vaccination Records – Ensure your pet’s vaccination records include the microchip number of your dog or cat.

Important information – Visit the AVS (Animal & Veterinary Service) website for detailed information regarding pet import, export, or transshipment into, out of, or via Singapore.

Please note – You need to carry the aforementioned documents at the time of check-in. 

Restricted Breeds – As per Singapore Airlines’ pet policy, the following breeds are not permitted as checked baggage – 

AkitaLhasa Apso
BoerboelMastiffs – Neapolitan Mastiff- Dogue de BordeauxPerro De Presa Canario
Boston TerrierBoxer
Pit Bull –

American Pit Bull Terriers- American Staffordshire Terrier- American Bulldog- Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Brussels Griffon (Petit Brabancon)
PugBulldogs –
American BulldogFrench BulldogsEnglish Bulldogs
Shar-PeiShih Tzu
Chow ChowJapanese Chin (Chin, Japanese Spaniel,
Dogo ArgentinoJapanese Pug)
Fila Brasileiro

Pet Carrier – The acceptance guidelines under Singapore Airlines pet policy include – 

  • The door of the pet container must be made of heavy plastic, welded, or cast metal.
  • It should be strong enough to prevent your pet from bending or distorting the door.
  • Plastic doors are permitted if the hinges and locking pins are made of metal.
  • The hinges and locking pins must extend beyond the extrusions by at least 1.6cm (5/8 in).
  • The container must have handling spacer bars or handles along the middle of both long sides.
  • The container must have a minimum of four ventilation openings on all four sides.
  • The container must be either in one-piece construction or have nut and metal bolts tightly connecting the top and bottom.
  • All inside edges of the kennel must be smooth or rounded to prevent any potential injuries to your pet.
  • The container must have a firmly attached water container/bottle with outside access for refilling.
  • The height of the kennel must comply with the maximum acceptable limit, which varies depending on the aircraft type:
  • A330: Maximum height limit of 56cm
  • A350: Maximum height limit of 70cm
  • A380: Maximum height limit of 60cm
  • B777: Maximum height limit of 101cm
  • B787: Maximum height limit of 111cm
  • The combined weight of your pet and its container should not exceed 32kg.
  • Ensure that the container has a tag attached, displaying your name, address, and phone number.
Acceptable Pet containers on Singapore Airlines
Unacceptable Pet Container on Singapore airlines

Safety and comfort for your pet – Here are the important points to consider – 

  • Each dog or cat must be placed in a separate container or crate.
  • Your pet must be at least 3 months old to travel on Singapore Airlines.
  • A maximum of 2 puppies or kittens, between 3 to 6 months of age, may be loaded in the same container.
  • Each container or crate must contain a blanket or other absorbent materials.
  • Your pet must not exhibit signs of sickness or injury, such as shaking, trembling, or visible distress.
  • Your pet may wear a flat collar for identification purposes and added safety.

Pet Travel Fee – If you’re flying with a pet, it is not included in your free checked baggage allowance. It will be treated as extra baggage and subject to additional fees, excluding pre-paid or discounted rates. 

Charges will vary based on the weight of your pet and its container, except for flights to and from the USA, where charges are based on the piece concept.

Additional piece pet fee on Singapore Airlines

How to book – Here are the general steps you can follow:

  • Once you’ve confirmed that your pet can be transported as checked baggage, make a reservation for your flight ticket.
  • Reach out to Singapore Airlines to inform them that you will be traveling with a pet as checked baggage. 
  • You may be asked to provide the details  of the following information – 
  • Type/breed/species
  • Gender
  • Name
  • Age
  • Color
  • Weight of pet
  • Singapore Airlines typically requires pets to be transported in an airline-approved pet carrier or crate.
  • Provide the details of the dimension and the weight of the container.
  • Obtain all the required documents for your pet.
  •  On the day of your flight, arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure. 
  • They will guide you through the process of checking your pet as baggage.
  •  Upon arrival at your destination, proceed to the designated area to collect your pet. 

Ensure that your pet is in good health and not showing any signs of distress or discomfort.

Route restrictions – The following travel route do not permit pet travel as checked baggage – 

  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • Denpasar, Bali
  • Manchester
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Hong Kong
  • Sri Lanka

Is it possible to transport pets as cargo baggage on Singapore Airlines?

If your pet weighs more than 70 pounds/32 kilograms or if it’s not a dog or a cat, you must make arrangements for it to travel as cargo in Singapore Airlines pressurized and AC area as mentioned in Singapore Airlines pet policy.

Pet Allowance in Cargo – As per Singapore Airlines pet policy, the following guidelines would be applicable – 

Pet Policy DetailsInformation
Allowed PetsLive animals, tropical fish, insects, and reptiles a
Minimum Age RequirementAt least 3 years and above
Check-inContact official Singapore Airlines.
Pet carrier requirementSame requirement as pets traveling as checked baggage
Maximum Weight Limit (Including Carrier)70 lbs./32 kg
Travel restrictionsPets are not permitted on SQ21 flights departing from Newark to Singapore.
Booking deadlinePet must be booked up to 2 weeks before scheduled departure

Required documents – Singapore Airlines requires specific documents for traveling with pets:

  • Government-issued licenses/permits for import/export/trans-shipment.
  • Valid health certificate from an authorized veterinarian within 10 days prior to departure.
  • Rabies vaccination certificates.

Temperature Restrictions for Pets – Singapore Airlines has temperature restrictions for dogs during travel. If the temperature exceeds 85°F (29.4°C) or falls below 45°F (7.2°C), dogs are not permitted. However, dogs can be allowed if accompanied by an acclimation certificate when the temperature is below 45°F.

What are the Restricted Dog Breeds on Singapore Airlines?

The list of dog breeds is the same as how animals travel as checked luggage and is mentioned in the aforementioned section. 

Please note – The airline does not accept the following cats as restricted breeds – 

British Shorthair
Exotic ShorthairHimalayan
Scottish FoldPersian

How to book pets as cargo travel – To book pets as cargo travel with Singapore Airlines, you can follow these steps:

  • Check with Singapore Airlines to confirm if pet cargo travel is available on your chosen flight and if there is space for your pet.
  • Once you have all the information and requirements in place, proceed to book the cargo travel.
  • Follow Singapore Airlines’ guidelines on preparing your pet for cargo travel, which may include crate requirements, feeding instructions, and any specific preparations for the journey.
  • Pay the required fees associated with pet cargo travel
  • Follow up for the confirmation email that you may require on the day of departure.

Upon arrival at your destination, follow the instructions provided by Singapore Airlines to submit your pet from the designated cargo area.

What are the Guidelines to Travel with Assistance Dogs on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines pet in cabins as service animals is free of charge service. 

As of April 1, 2023, emotional support dogs are no longer permitted to travel on Singapore Airlines flights.

The following conditions may apply – 

  • Assistance dogs are trained to assist individuals with disabilities.
  • The dog must be at least 4 months old
  • Smaller dogs up to the size of a 2-year-old child may sit on the passenger’s lap.
  • Larger dogs must be seated on the cabin floor in front of the passenger seat.
  • All dogs must not occupy a seat and must be leashed or kept in a pet carrier throughout the flight.

Arrival in Singapore – No pet transport container is required for check-in. Upon arrival in Singapore, your dog will undergo a veterinary inspection. If it meets import conditions and is healthy, it can enter Singapore.

Check all the requirements for assistance dogs.

Required documentation – Here are the following documents that are required at the time of check-in – 

  • Import and/or export permits 
  • Transshipment license
  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Rabies vaccination letter

Note – If your flight duration exceeds 8 hours, additional documentation is needed.

Restricted Breeds – The restricted breeds are the same as pet travel as checked luggage. 

Restricted Destinations – As per Singapore Airlines do in cabin policy for service animals, the airline does not allow travel to/from the following destination – 

  • New Zealand
  • Brunei
  • Bali
  • Dubai
  • Maldives

Whether you are traveling with an assistance dog or considering transporting your pet as checked baggage, it is essential to familiarize yourself with Singapore Airlines pet policy which highlights the specific requirements, procedures, and documentation needed.

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Is there a reservation time for pets?

It is recommended to book the pet travel up to 48 hours before scheduled departure.

Can large pets travel too via Singapore Airlines?

Yes. But they must be transported as checked luggage or cargo.

What is a suitable time to check in with your pet?

Passengers traveling with pets must complete the check-in up to 2 hours before scheduled departure.

Can pets travel in a cabin with Singapore Airlines?

Yes, pets can travel in the cabin of Singapore Airlines, but this is specifically for recognized assistance dogs only.

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