The Spirit Airlines lost and found policy exists with the intent to bring back a missing property to its rightful owner. Among several policies of the carrier, this one focuses on guiding a traveler about what to do when the baggage or an item is missing. The policy considers several factors associated with the instance. Whether it is the location of the lost luggage, finding it, or accounting for compensation, the policy comes with thoughtful formation to include most aspects. Through different approaches such as a form, report, phone number, and on-airport assistance, Spirit can aim to find your possessions.

Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy

An Overview of Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy

The carrier has established its lost and found policy for helping the passengers find the items or bags they may unintentionally leave behind. Travelers can understand this as a set of guidelines. It defines how they can approach Spirit Air for informing about such occurrences as well as the mediums through which the carrier can assist in finding the missing baggage/items.

Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy

Spirit’s lost and found policy can also come to use when certain things possibly belonging to the fliers are found, mainly in the aircraft, after the journey ends. The carrier sends these items or baggage to the concerned department. Later, you can make a request for providing them back.

Ensuring whether Baggage/Item is Lost or Delayed

Prior to using the policy for lost things, it can be helpful to ascertain whether they have been missing or delayed. In both instances, you can approach Spirit Airlines baggage department for help. However, the medium of connecting can vary. Therefore, before you file a request for retrieving your items, baggage, etc., it can be essential to connect with the low-cost air operator to check for delays. 

Location of Lost Luggage

It is essential to understand that the airline’s policy can be effective when you can determine the possible location where you might have lost your possessions. Considering this, Spirit Airlines lost and found assistance’s utilization can be better. It can be common to lose your luggage on the flight. In addition, the following may also be the locations to consider:

  • At the airport premises
  • Any lounge or such place associated with the airport
  • At the time of security check

Please Note: When a traveler has missed or lost his/her bags or items in locations other than these, America’s low-cost airline may not account for finding them.

How does Spirit Lost and Found Policy Work?

The air operator tries to ensure that the passengers do not have to face instances in which they lose their belongings. Even then, when these instances occur, Spirit lost baggage policy can work in varying ways to locate them. The airline suggests that the travelers file reports or submit forms at the earliest. You can share the concern for finding back the items on the call. In addition, Spirit Air considers connecting with the airport to be useful for the purpose.

Please Note: These ways to retrieve your baggage can work depending on certain factors including your location, the time of the request, etc.

Option 1: Form Submission

A functional approach to get back your bags and items exists with the Spirit Airlines lost and found form. The document can require both your personal information and that of the missing things. You can fill and submit it online on the official website. On the successful verification of the information presented in it, you should be able to receive your luggage.

Prior to submitting the form, kindly make your report for the lost things at the airport. Within 4 hours of your arrival, as a traveler heading to US Virgin Island/Puerto Rico, you can make the report. When flying internationally, a period of 21 days can be agreeable for filing it. 

  • To access the form, you may manually look for the bag claim page.
  • The information to enter can include the passenger’s last name as well as “File ID”.

Please Note: You can obtain a “File ID” when you make the report of missing properties at the airport.

  • Tap on “Create Online Claim”.
  • You should now see several directions. Please execute them.
  • In the process, the spaces for adding additional information are given. Filling in the same is essential for the greater effect of the Spirit Airlines lost and found feature.
  • Attach the documents as asked including:
    • Purchase proof for the lost items/baggage
    • Photo identification recognized by the government
  • Press the “Submit” button.
  • Once you submit the lost and found form, the details/attachments sent along may be verified by Spirit Airlines. Afterward, the search for finding the claimed possessions can begin. You can expect the items to be found in a duration of 30 days. After this, the process of supplying them to the original owner begins. 

Option 2: Filing a Report

Considering that your items can be valuable, the carrier founded in 1983 has set up an effective medium to find the lost ones by report filing. The basic requirement of the medium is to determine whether or not the item is checked. This can help the carrier to understand if the item/baggage was checked or carry-on. Following this, executing the Spirit Air lost luggage/item finding process in a better direction is possible.

  • To file the report, you can consider clicking on the link:
  • Select one of the following tabs:
    • “My Item was Checked”
    • “My Item was Unchecked”
  • On selecting the second tab, the option “File a Report” should be available. Press it.

When you choose the former tab, it will redirect you to another page of Spirit Air. Make a selection in relation to your checked baggage. Accordingly, the directions to use the feature for lost and found on Spirit will show up.

Option 3: On Phone Call

The airline comes with customer service that is reachable on call. Thus, for reporting an item that you have lost, you can use this offline medium to seek help. It can work as Spirit Airlines lost and found phone number. The agent may ask you for relevant details to locate the possession. The agent may provide you with a reference number for the complaint made. An important suggestion is that you securely keep the number with you for future purposes.

Tip: Spirit lost and found phone number can additionally be useful to check the status of the claim for property, luggage, etc. This can be one of the purposes for which the reference number can be relevant.

Once the carrier succeeds in finding the property, the concerned Spirit lost and found department remains available for approaching. You can put your queries as to how the luggage is given back to you. If required to visit a location, then you may ask for relevant time and date details.

Option 4: Connect with Airport

It is worthwhile to know that Spirit Airlines lost and found guidelines can include the procedure for recovery when the items are possibly misplaced at airport terminals. As per the carrier, you can connect with the terminal of the airports with which you were traveling at the soonest. The terminals can have baggage service offices or BSO to cater to misplaced possession complaints. 

Tip: You may use “” to find the information related to the airport, terminals, and BSO.

Considering whether you were flying to or from Chicago O’Hare International Airport/ORD Airport, FLL or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), etc., the operating hours and duration of every BSO can vary. You can dial the phone number of the concerned office to check for the same and make your complaint. Or, you may visit it for help.

Tip: It can be interesting to know that on Spirit, lost baggage mediums that work online can remain available for utilization at any hour. Time limitations are applicable for the offline ones. As per your convenience and preferences, the ideal way should be selected.

Spirit Airlines Lost Baggage Compensation

As a flier of Spirit Air, you may retain the right to ask for compensation when it has not been able to find the lost/missing baggage. The recompense is hopefully made in an instance wherein the item is found but is damaged.

Spirit Airlines Lost Baggage

Please Note: The low-cost air service is not liable for damages existing prior to flying with it.

Speaking of the former situation, you can expect to get a payment of nearly €1.414 or $1.61 along with the expenses incurred. Spirit Airlines lost baggage compensation can account for expenses ranging from the cost of taxi service to clothes. 

In the context of the damaged products/luggage you receive, the recompense is determined and shown by the owner. You can take the damaged belongings to a repair shop. You can obtain the bill or document verifying the repair cost and share it with the airline headquartered in Florida. When the damaged item costs at least $50/€44.01 and is beyond repair, the purchase proof is submitted to receive the compensation.

When your property gets mislaid while traveling, you can follow more than one approach to access it again. On Spirit Air lost and found remains a useful policy that can aid travelers in such an instance. Thriving to exceed expectations with more effort, remember its guidelines should an occurrence like this surround you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Spirit Airlines have a Lost and Found department?

With Spirit, lost and found department can be found available. A passenger can connect with it by dialing the phone number associated with the department. It can help launch a fresh search for missing items. Additionally, it can check the items or baggage already reported in the department and find the one that belongs to you.

How do I file a claim for lost items with Spirit Airlines?

The claim can be made depending on where you lost your items. The incident may happen on a flight, at the arrival/departure airport, or on the way to commute to the airport. The Spirit lost and found claim can be made by visiting the website to fill in a form/report. To do so offline, calling the airline can be the best.

Does Spirit Airlines deliver lost luggage?

The airline may deliver the luggage or ask the rightful owner to collect it from a specified location. This can depend on the processes formed by the carrier. You may contact it to check the status of the claim. When found, the airline should direct you with the proceeding instructions.

Will the airline lose my luggage?

The airline can lose belongings, however, even a passenger can be responsible for the same. Having made the Spirit Air lost luggage policy, the airline attempts to be careful while handling your items. For additional security, you can be more cautious and keep a check on what belongs to you.

How often does Spirit Airlines lose luggage?

It administers every step possible to keep the luggage of the passengers secure. Nevertheless, the possibility can be rare but exist. Hence, it has established the Spirit lost baggage/property guidelines.

What is the lost luggage record for Spirit Airlines?

On the basis of general observations, it may be said that Spirit Air may lose 1-2 bags/items per 1000 travelers. Notably, it has also succeeded in finding back the possessions. To arrive at the exact number, getting in touch with the carrier can be thought of.

How to know if the airline was unable to find my bag?

Usually, the Spirit lost baggage finding procedure can be active for nearly a month. On being unsuccessful, the operator can notify you, probably via email. You may check the registered account for the electronic message.

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