Virgin Atlantic baggage policy introduces travelers with clear and concise guidelines, providing them a substantial allowance for both carry-on as well as checked baggage. Furthermore, the airline also extends the opportunity to accommodate extra baggage as well as special baggage allowance, thus enhancing the overall experience of passengers.

What is Virgin Atlantic carry-on baggage policy?

As per Virgin Atlantic baggage policy, your hand luggage should have maximum dimensions of 23 x 36 x 56cm (approximately 9 x 14 x 22 inches).

The baggage allowance with Virgin Atlantic varies with the class of service – 

Cabin ClassHand Baggage AllowanceIndividual Bag WeightCombined Bag Weight
Economy (Light, Classic & Delight)1 pieceUp to 10kg (22lb)N/A
Premium1 pieceUp to 10kg (22lb)N/A
Upper Class2 piecesUp to 12kg (26lb)Up to 16 kg (35lb)

Children baggage allowance – The table given below gives an overview of of the Virgin Atlantic carry-on baggage policy for infants and children

Age GroupHand Baggage AllowanceNumber of BagsIndividual Bag Weight
0-23 months (Infants and Toddlers)1 carry-on bag1Up to 6kg (13lb)
2 years and aboveSame as adultsSame as adultsSame as adults

The special considerations for the children include – 

  • You can bring a fully collapsible pushchair, which will be stored in the hold. Remember to hand it over at the gate.
  • Car seats can also be brought along, in addition to the regular check-in allowance.

For London Heathrow travelers – If your journey involves London Heathrow, it’s important to be aware regarding pushchairs/wheelchairs

  • With the exception of Virgin Atlantic special assistance wheelchairs, they won’t be delivered to the aircraft door upon arrival. They will be available for collection at the baggage claim.

Foldable buggies – The foldable buggies are permitted as cabin baggage. The following brands are acceptable to the airlines – 

  • GB Pocket
  • Britax Holiday
  • Silver Cross Jet
  • Baby Zen Yo Yo

What is Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance for checked luggage?

As per Virgin Atlantic baggage policy, all fares except Economy Light include a complimentary baggage allowance. 

Below is an overview of the baggage allowance with Virgin Atlantic based on the other class of service – 

Cabin ClassChecked-In Baggage AllowanceIndividual Bag WeightBag Dimensions
Economy Classic/Delight1 bagUp to 23kgUp to 90 x 75 x 43cm
Economy LightNot included (Purchase available)N/AN/A
Premium2 bagsUp to 23kg eachUp to 90 x 75 x 43cm
Upper Class2 bagsUp to 32kg eachUp to 90 x 75 x 43cm

Virgin Atlantic Economy Light baggage – While this ticket doesn’t automatically include a checked bag, passengers have the flexibility to purchase additional baggage during Virgin Atlantic check-in. 

Virgin Atlantic Children baggage allowance

For children or infants who purchase the seat, the baggage allowance with Virgin Atlantic flights would be the same as for adults. Additionally – 

  • For infants flying on a lap without a separate seat, they are eligible for one checked bag.
  • Please note that Economy Light tickets do not include this allowance for infants.
  • In addition to the checked bag allowance, you can bring a collapsible stroller and a car seat. These items will be collected from the passengers at the boarding gate and stored in the baggage hold. 
  • You have the option to purchase one bag per infant at the below-mentioned Virgin Atlantic baggage fees – 
Booking DateChecked Baggage feesCurrency
Before 28th July 2021£45 / $60GBP / USD
On or after 28th July 2021£50 / $75GBP / USD

Baggage allowance on select routes – If you’re traveling on following routes with a standard allowance of two checked-in bags, as per Virgin Atlantic international baggage policy – 

  • UK/US to Nigeria
  • UK/US/Canada to India
  • UK/US to Pakistan
  • UK to Australia
  • US to Lebanon, South Africa, Ghana, and Senegal

Things to keep in mind – 

  • If you’re traveling with companions, remember that luggage allowances cannot be combined.
  • In case your ticket number doesn’t start with ‘VS,’ it’s advisable to refer to the Partner Airlines and Connecting Flights.

What is the Virgin Atlantic extra baggage policy?

extra baggage policy of Virgin Atlantic

When it comes to bringing extra bags, here’s what you need to know – 

Virgin Atlantic Economy Light Baggage Allowance – For Economy Light ticket holders and others needing extra bags, you can conveniently add up to 7 extra bags per person during online check-in.

Extra baggage allowance on select routes – Here’s a breakdown of the luggage you can bring with you to and from following countries –

To/From India – Please note that the below-mentioned baggage allowance with Virgin Atlantic applies to UK/USA to India or India to UK/USA

Cabin ClassMaximum BagsMaximum Bag Weight
Upper Class2Up to 32 kg each
Premium, Economy Classic, or Economy Delight2Up to 23kg each

To/From Nigeria – Please note that the below-mentioned Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance applies to US-Nigeria travel routes.

Cabin ClassMaximum BagsMaximum Bag Weight
Upper Class2Up to 32 kg each
Premium, Economy Classic, or Economy Delight2Up to 23kg each
Economy Light1Up to 23kg

To/From South Africa – Please note that the below mentioned Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance applies to/from South Africa – 

Cabin ClassMaximum BagsMaximum Bag Weight
Upper Class2Up to 32 kg each
Premium2Up to 23kg each
Economy Classic or Economy Delight1Up to 23kg
Economy Light1Up to 23kg
Economy Delight or Economy Classic2Up to 23kg each

To/From Pakistan – Please note that the below mentioned Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance applies from UK/USA to Pakistan or Pakistan to UK/USA

Cabin ClassMaximum BagsMaximum Bag WeightAdditional Notes
Upper Class2Up to 32 kg each
Premium, Economy Classic, or Economy Delight2Up to 23kg eachApplies to UK/USA to Pakistan or Pakistan to UK/USA

Virgin Atlantic Extra baggage fees

Virgin Atlantic extra baggage fees would be applicable per direction. The below-mentioned prices are based on the trip originating t/from US and UK

Number of bags being checked inEconomy LightEconomy Classic & DelightPremiumUpper ClassOverweightOversized
Bag 1

60 USD
IncludedIncludedIncluded100 USD300 USD
Bag 2100 USD100 USDIncludedIncluded100 USD300 USD
Bag 3200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD100 USD300 USD
Bag 4200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD100 USD300 USD

Paying for extra baggage at the airport – If you prefer, you can pay for extra bags at the airport. The cost remains the same, but the maximum limit is extended to 10 bags per person.

Overweight baggage – For premium and Economy classes, the limit is 23kg per bag. Upper Class allows 32 kg per bag. Exceeding it requires an overweight fee.

Oversized baggage – As per Virgin Atlantic baggage policy, oversized baggage refers to items that exceed the standard baggage dimensions of 90 x 75 x 43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches).

When it exceeds the oversized dimension – If any of your bags exceed 190 x 75 x 65cm, they cannot go as checked baggage but rather as cargo.

Oversized baggage fees – For oversized checked-in bags, a Virgin Atlantic baggage fee of £200 (or $300 US) per item applies.

To learn about the terms and conditions for the additional baggage allowance on Virgin Atlantic flights, visit the airline’s official website.

What sports equipment can you carry with Virgin Atlantic?

As per Virgin Atlantic baggage policy, passengers have the option to bring along sports equipment in lieu of one of their regular checked bags. 

  • Additional baggage consideration – If you plan to take extra sports equipment alongside your regular checked baggage, there might be an additional Virgin Atlantic bag fee involved.
  • Weight limit – Your sports gear must fall within the range of 23 kg to 32kg and you’re opting to include it as checked baggage.
  • Oversized sports item – In the case of oversized items or those exceeding 32kg, the airline’s staff at Virgin Atlantic Cargo might be able to assist.

Below is an overview of the sports items along with its weight/item allowance – 

Sport itemsEquipment AllowedBaggage Allowance
Archery1 bow
1 quiver
Included in baggage allowance

Must carry separate bags for bows and arrows.
BicyclesOne empty cylinder One regulator Buoyancy control jacket
Mask Pressure Gauge Fins
Spear gun (unloaded, with spears packed separately)
Snorkel Diver’s knife Weight belt
Max weight – 23kg
CricketBats, balls, wickets, and padsMax weight – 23kg
DivingPartial deflation is required before acceptanceMax weight – 23kg
FencingFencing swordsIncluded in baggage allowance
Footballs and Rugby BallsFootballs and Rugby ballsPartial deflation required before acceptance
GolfOne bag (14 clubs) A dozen balls
One pair of golf shoes
Max weight – 23kg
HockeySticks, balls, and padsMax weight – 23kg
KitesurfingOne board
One sail
Max weight – 23kg
LacrosseLacrosse equipmentMax weight – 23kg

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of sports items covered here. To learn about the other sports items, visit the sports equipment page on the official website.

What are the requirements for carrying musical instruments on Virgin Atlantic flights?

While taking musical instruments with you, here are three options to accommodate its safe transportation- 

As hand luggage – For Virgin Atlantic carry-on baggage allowance, the instrument should fit within the following dimensions – 

Cabin ClassBaggage Size (cm)Baggage Weight (kg)
Economy/Premium23 x 36 x 56Up to 10
Upper Class23 x 36 x 56Up to 12

Placing musical instruments next to your seat – You can book a window seat for your instrument. When transporting the musical instrument, passengers are not allowed to occupy emergency exit seats. Alternatively – 

  • Your instrument can rest on the seat or floor, secured by the seat belt.
  • Instruments up to 75 kg (165 lb) are accepted, with the center of mass not exceeding 30 cm (12 inches) above the seat cushion. 

In the baggage hold – As per Virgin Atlantic baggage policy, the airline allows musical instruments to be checked as luggage. However, an additional fee may apply. The procedure includes – 

  • Carry your instrument through a security checkpoint. 
  • The airline will collect it at the departure gate for hold storage, ensuring protection.

When you carry the musical instrument in the baggage hold, always remember – 

  • Use a rigid protective case. This is to safeguard your instruments from bumps and turbulence.
  • Cellos may go as checked baggage if the height adjustment spike is not removed.
  • Double basses are securely stored in the hold.

What are the restricted items on Virgin Atlantic flights?

Below are the details about the items that are deemed dangerous as carry-on luggage and items that are dangerous but permissible in checked baggage.

Items deemed dangerous that are strictly prohibited as carry-on luggage

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list below to help you travel responsibly – 

  • Cigarette lighters and matches
  • Compressed gasses
  • Smart bags
  • Explosives
  • Corrosives
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Radioactive material
  • Oxidizing material
  • Weapons and disabling sprays
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Electroshock weapons
  • Poisons and infectious substances
  • Security cases with dangerous goods
  • Hoverboards and segway boards
  • Shock absorbers

To know more about the items that fall under the aforementioned category, check out the list of dangerous items on Virgin Atlantic

Additional restrictions based on destination

Certain travel routes have unique restrictions. The following items are not permitted when traveling to the following destinations – 

DestinationProhibited Items
Antigua/Barbados/GrenadaButane lighters, absorbed fuel lighters, battery-powered lighters, novelty lighters
ShanghaiNail polish, nail polish remover, safety matches, and lighters
DelhiLighters, dry coconuts
India (from)E-cigarettes
India (to/from)Lighters, dry coconuts

Items considered dangerous, permissible in checked baggage but restricted from hand baggage – Here’s a breakdown of items that are not allowed beyond security and as part of the Virgin Atlantic carry-on baggage allowance – 

  • Firearms and projectile devices
  • Stunning devices
  • Sharp-pointed or sharp-edged objects
  • Workmen’s tools
  • Blunt instruments
  • Explosives and incendiary substances

To know more about the items that falls under the aforementioned category, check out the list of dangerous items on Virgin Atlantic.

Items of risk, permissible on board but necessitating prior approval

Here are the permitted items that require prior approval – 

  • Scissors – Scissors with blunt or round-ended blades, whether metal or plastic, that are less than 6cms in length are allowed. Additionally, scissors with metal blades and pointed tips under 3 cm are permitted.
  • US airports – At US airports, you can carry metal scissors with pointed tips and a cutting edge of 4 inches or less. Metal scissors with blunt tips, plastic scissors, and ostomy scissors are also allowed.
  • Safety matches – Safety matches are generally permitted in limited quantities on most flights, except for those to or from the Caribbean.
  • Hypodermic syringes – If you require hypodermic syringes for medical reasons during the flight, you are allowed to carry them in the cabin. 
  • Tools – At US airports, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and certain other tools (excluding crowbars, drills, hammers, and saws) are allowed, provided they are 7 inches or less in length.

What are the restrictions on duty-free liquids?

When it comes to purchasing liquid duty-free items, the following restrictions may apply, as per Virgin Atlantic baggage policy – 

  • Departing from the UK – At EU airports, including the UK, you can bring any size of liquid item under Virgin Atlantic carry-on baggage allowance. Items must be kept in sealed bags and are restricted from being opened until you reach the final destination. 
  • Connecting flights in the EU, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland – You can bring liquid duty-free items above 100 ml through security if purchased in the EU, Iceland, Norway, or Switzerland. Proof of purchase is required.
  • Transiting in the EU from Singapore – You can carry duty-free liquids within Virgin Atlantic carry-on baggage allowance.
  • United States – You can carry duty-free liquids on flights to the US. 
  • China – Up to 1 liter of liquid is allowed on domestic flights, excluding alcohol.
  • India – Duty-free liquids are allowed on flights to Delhi. For onward connections in India, pack duty-free liquids as checked baggage. Must be within the Virgin Atlantic baggage weight limit.
  • Dubai – In Dubai, carry duty-free liquids in a sealed, tamper-evident bag with a clear receipt displaying purchase details. Liquids over 100 mL without receipts are not permitted.
  • Hong Kong – For international connections in Hong Kong, duty-free liquids from London Heathrow are allowed if kept in a sealed bag with proof of purchase. Note the restrictions on flights from Hong Kong to Australia.
  • South Africa – Duty-free liquids are permitted for flights to Johannesburg or domestic transfers within South Africa. 

What to do if the bags are delayed, damaged, or lost?

Claim for lost baggage by Virgin Atlantic

We’ve outlined the procedures to help you navigate the lost baggage process with ease – 

Claiming for Virgin Atlantic delayed baggage – If your baggage is delayed, and you need to purchase essential items, follow these steps –

  • Complete the Claiming Essential Items form.
  • Attach your receipts to the Virgin Atlantic delayed baggage claim form.
  • Submit the form by clicking “send.”

Virgin Atlantic lost and found departments offer reimbursement of £65 or $75 per day for essential purchases. In that case, you need to submit the receipts within 21 days once your baggage is returned.

How to claim lost baggage?

If your baggage hasn’t arrived after 21 days of reporting it missing, follow these steps-

  • List your lost items in the Irretrievably Lost Baggage Log.
  • Save the log to your device.
  • Complete the “Irretrievably Lost Baggage” form.
  • Attach the saved log, receipts, and additional logs to the form.
  • Submit the form by clicking “Send.”

You can also send the lost baggage form to the following address-

UK Postal addressUS Postal address
Virgin Atlantic
Customer Care
Fleming Way
Virgin Atlantic
Customer Care
5787 Vineland Road
Suite 204,
OrlandoFlorida, 32819

How to claim the damaged baggage?

If your baggage arrives damaged or with missing items, here’s what to do – 

Remember, whether you’re a sportsperson, a musician, or a shopper, Virgin Atlantic baggage policy is well-defined and caters to the diverse needs of passengers. By adhering to the restrictions on dangerous items and duty-free liquids, you contribute to the safety and smooth operation of your flight. And in case of any untoward incident such as delayed, damaged, or lost bags, these baggage guidelines equips you with actionable steps to act fast on your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many kg of baggage is allowed on Virgin Atlantic?

For all Economy and Premium Economy fares, it is up to 23 kg for each checked bag. For Upper class, the Virgin Atlantic baggage weight is up to 32 kg.

How do I add extra baggage with Virgin Atlantic?

To add extra baggage to your Virgin Atlantic booking, you can usually do so during the online check-in process or through the “My Booking” section on the airline’s website.

How strict is Virgin Atlantic carry-on policy?

Virgin Atlantic’s carry-on policy is generally enforced to ensure safety and convenience for all passengers.

How many pieces of hand luggage are allowed on Virgin Atlantic?

Passengers in Economy and Premium cabins are typically allowed one piece of hand baggage. In Upper Class, you can bring two pieces as Virgin Atlantic carry on size with baggage allowance.

What is the baggage in hold on Virgin Atlantic?

It refers to checked luggage that is stored in the cargo compartment of the aircraft during your flight.

Is Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance per person?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic’s baggage allowance is typically specified on a per-passenger basis.

How much does 1 kg of excess baggage cost with Virgin Atlantic?

It’s recommended to visit the airline’s official website or contact their customer service for accurate information on the additional Virgin Atlantic baggage fees.

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