Virgin Atlantic Upgrade

Want to request a Virgin Atlantic upgrade for your next flight? No matter if you’re an Elite Frequent Flier member or a non-member, the airline offers plenty of chances and the options to request the flight upgrade.

Virgin Atlantic Upgrade

You shouldn’t give up hope. Although Virgin Atlantic seat upgrades are in high demand and there is limited availability, there’s usually a way to fancy an upgrade with Virgin Atlantic. 

Let’s take a look at what are the upgrade options available with Virgin Atlantic, and How you can make the most of it. 

Virgin Atlantic Upgrade with Miles

You can use your points to request to upgrade after you’ve made a reservation for your next flight.

You have the option of upgrading to Premium or Upper Class. Use the table below to figure out How many points you’ll need.

To/from UKEconomy Classic or Delight to PremiumPremium to Upper ClassEconomy Classic or Delight to Upper Class
Boston, Newark, New York JFK, Washington DC17,40047,40071,200
Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Tampa22,40047,40071,200
Nigeria and China22,40057,40086,200
South Africa and Indian Ocean25,00057,40086,200
Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle27,40067,400101,200

Note – All of the points listed in the table above are per roundtrip. The points for one way are simply half of the round journey.

Upgrade for infants with points

To request upgrade for not occupying a seat, you will be charged following points.

Economy to PremiumPremium to Upper ClassEconomy to Upper Class
1,000 points per sector2,500 points per sector3,500 points per sector

How to book a Virgin Atlantic upgrade with miles?

As you might anticipate, you may reserve Upper Class award tickets through Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club programme. Follow the easy steps listed below to complete the process:

  • Check out Virgin Atlantic’s website.
  • Choose “Book” from the menu.
  • The drop-down option will allow you to choose “Book A Flight.”
  • Enter your origin and destination.
  • Choose between “One-Way” or “Return.”
  • Choose a date for your trip.
  • Then, choose “Pay with Points.”
  • SHow “Advanced Options”
  • Choose “Upper Class” as your cabin type.
  • Select “Find My Flights”
  • By clicking “Next Step,” you can choose your flight.
  • Once you have seen the flight summary, select “Next Step.”
  • You will be requested to check in to your Flying Club account right away if you haven’t already.
  • Complete your booking.

Virgin Atlantic bid for upgrade 

You can place a bid through our online upgrade auction, called Your Bid, if you’re considering moving up to the next cabin. You might very well land a fancy new seat if your Virgin Atlantic upgrade bid is accepted. 

Keep in mind that there may not be room for an upgrade on your flight. It’s still worthwhile to check the Virgin Atlantic Manage Booking tab. Passengers can also inquire about upgrading alternatives at the airport if you miss your time to bid.

How to upgrade Virgin Atlantic flight through bidding?

Follow these steps to get an upgrade through bidding – 

  • Enter your booking details on the Virgin Atlantic webpage
  • Simply place an upgrade bid and let the airline know How much you’re willing to pay. 
  • Passengers can submit bid up to 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  • If your bid is approved, you’ve just earned an upgrade. To let you know, the airline will send you an email.
  • As long as your bid hasn’t already been accepted, you can make changes to it or cancel it.

Terms and conditions under Virgin Atlantic bid for upgrade program

To get the Virgin Atlantic upgrade, the following conditions will apply – 

  • You can bid to upgrade to the next cabin of service via the “Your Bid” auction service online. Provided, you must have a valid confirmed ticket issued by Virgin Atlantic. 
  • Your bid will be evaluated on a per-passenger basis.
  • Only flights, dates, and locations chosen by Virgin Atlantic at its sole discretion will be eligible for Virgin Atlantic Bid Upgrade and will be sHown on the Your Bid website.
  • When traveling on a multi-sector flight, passengers who want to bid for an upgrade for the entire flight must bid for each sector flown.
  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your bid from us once you have submitted it.
  • If your bid is accepted, payment must be made no later than two days before the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • You will receive an email notification if your bid is rejected at least two days prior to scheduled departure.
  • If your ticket was not issued by Virgin Atlantic or was for a different airline-operated flight, you will not be eligible for this promotion.

Upgrade Virgin Atlantic Flight with Delta SkyMiles

Delta SkyMiles is arguably your best option if you want to minimize carrier-imposed costs. Through Delta Miles, passengers can get the seat upgrade. 

To reserve a seat in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, proceed as follows:

  • Visit the Delta website
  • Enter your SkyMiles login information.
  • Choose “Plan a Trip.”
  • Enter your origin and destination.
  • Enter your travel dates and then select “Flexible Dates” or “Exact Dates.”
  • Additionally, you can search by month using “Advanced Search.”
  • Decide whether to display the price in “Miles.”
  • Pick your flights.
  • Check that the flight is operated by Virgin Atlantic; this information will be clearly displayed.
  • Review your schedule
  • Enter your information, pick your seat, and pay any applicable taxes or fees.

Virgin Atlantic only serves a select few U.S. airports, so a connection on Delta might be necessary. If a connection is necessary, Virgin Atlantic flights may occasionally not be included as an option in online search results.

On the other hand, there is a method to make this work provided – 

  • You can locate award space on Virgin Atlantic and a separate saver level award for a connecting trip. 
  • The connecting flight can be added by speaking with Delta through phone or online chat, saving you the trouble of making separate reward reservations.

Virgin Atlantic Flight Upgrade with Cash

Virgin Atlantic cash upgrades are accessible to passengers traveling on eligible tickets.

The price of an upgrade to the next class of service is sHown in a chart published by Virgin Atlantic. Your origin and destination will decide How much of an upgrade you receive.

If you’re flying on a discounted or a full-fare ticket and want to upgrade, you’ll need to pay a cash fee.


You can upgrade your Virgin Atlantic flight, provided that there are no restrictions in the class you want to move up to. You have the option of upgrading one class, such as –

  • Economy Classic or Economy Delight to Premium
  • Premium to Upper Class
  • Economy Classic or Economy Delight to Upper Class

Terms and conditions

When using Virgin Atlantic upgrade using cash, be sure to be aware of the following terms and conditions:

  • The upgrade would be applicable on one-way flight segments, and up to three flight segments in a single itinerary.
  • Upgrades are not available for the cheapest Economy Light and Virgin Holidays flights (V, N, and O codes).
  • The Economy Class fare codes which are eligible for upgrade include – Y, B, R, L, U, M, E, Q or X.
  • You can upgrade almost all Premium fares to Upper Class. The Premium Economy fares cades that are eligible to upgrade include – W, S or H.
  • Premium Economy ‘K’ fare codes are not eligible to upgrade Virgin Atlantic flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Virgin Atlantic Flight Upgrade

How do you bid for an upgrade on Virgin Atlantic?

Retrieve your reservation.  Simply place a bid and let the airline know how much you’re ready to spend for an upgrade. You can place a bid up to two days before the scheduled departure of your flight. If your Virgin Atlantic upgrade for bid is approved, you will be notified through your registered email.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic levies a change flight fee at the time of requesting an upgrade. The change fee varies with the destination. However, it may range between 200 – 450 USD per passenger per booking.

How much to bid for Virgin Atlantic upgrade?

Determine the regular price of a seat in business class. Aim for 20% to 40% of the residual cost after deducting the cost of the economy travel. Since the majority of bidders will select the minimum, place a slightly higher bid to beat the pack.

How to upgrade on Virgin Atlantic for free?

You can sign up for the Virgin Flying Miles club, whose members will always receive priority upgrade consideration. Flying alone and dressed smart casually has also been shown to improve the possibility of a Virgin Atlantic free upgrade.

How to get an upgrade with Virgin Atlantic?

You have three options for upgrading: paying cash, using Flying Club miles, or placing a bid in our online upgrade auction.

How to upgrade to Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic?

Depending on the route, the upgrade may only cost 7,500 Virgin points plus any applicable taxes and fees (up to $180-$200). Passengers do have the option to bid for an upgrade, though. The minimum bid depends on the number of available seats and how far in advance you decide to place one.


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