Headquartered in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, China Airlines is known to be the national carrier of the Republic of China. The airline carried more than 19 million passengers in 2017 and was recorded to be the 33rd largest airlines in the world. The hassle-free China Airlines cancellation policy and the exemplary services make it the most preferred airline for passengers all around the world. 

China Airlines Cancellation Policy

The top-notch facilities and world-class services are provided in the airline which ensures a comfy trip to your desired destination. In order to get a better understanding of China Airlines flight cancellation policy, make sure to read the guide thoroughly. 

China Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Having second thoughts about taking the flight? Do not worry, China Airlines cancelled flights policy is exclusively crafted for the passengers to make the cancellations as per their desire. The passengers must abide by all the rules set for cancellations to enjoy a trouble-free trip. The cancellations can be made in a myriad of ways, both online as well as offline. The passengers can check the ways in which the airlines allow them to make the cancellations. 

According to the China Airlines cancellation policy, you can cancel your ticket absolutely for free if you are making the cancellation within 24 hours of booking the tickets. The booking of the ticket must be made at least 7 days before the departure date if you want to get a 100% China Airlines Refund. 

China Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours 

A Mishap can happen anytime, for those times China Airlines has released some laid-back policies for the benefit of its passengers. One of which is its 24 hours free cancellation policy. 

  • China Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy gives the leverage to its passengers to make any cancellations for free if the tickets are cancelled within the given time span. The bookings must be made at least 7 days prior to the departure date of the flight. 
  • If the passengers are not able to catch on to the free cancellation window, they would have to pay a small cancellation fee as per China Airlines cancellation policy. 
  • However, the 24 hours policy does not work in every case. In some cases, the passengers would receive a refund even if they opt to cancel their tickets at the last minute while in some cases the passengers are not allowed to cancel their tickets at all. 

Several Ways To Cancel A China Airlines Flight

Cancelling the tickets has never been simpler than this. You can cancel your tickets both online as well as offline as per your convenience. Make sure to check out all the ways mentioned below and make the cancellations easily. 

Cancel China Airlines Flight Online

Cancelling the tickets online is probably the easiest way in which a passenger can cancel the ticket and apply for a refund. The passengers would not have to pay any no-show fee if they are cancelling the tickets online. 

  • Visit the official website of the airline dealing with cancellations (https://www.china-airlines.com/)
  • You would be able to find a “Manage” section
  • You can now enter your first name, last name and booking reference number
  • You would be able to see an option where the airline has mentioned some terms and conditions, the passengers would have to agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding with the cancellation 
  • Press on the “Next” button
  • You can now cancel your ticket as per your wish 
  • Make sure to fill out the refund form within 48 hours if you wish to get a full refund from China Airlines. 
  • Voila! The ticket cancellation would be made and you would be notified about it via the registered email ID or the contact number. 

Step by step guide to cancel China Airlines ticket via a call

Time travel might not be possible but a timeless experience is. All the passengers who do not feel comfortable in making the changes online can simply do it offline by giving a call at the China Airlines call centre. The airline has hired a group of executives with excellent communication skills, present to help out the customer during the time of need. 

  • In order to cancel your ticket offline, dial the help centre. 
  • An executive would be assigned to address your queries of t related to the cancellation or change. 
  • Make sure to explain the reason for the cancellation to the executive that is assisting you. 
  • The executive would keep you on hold for some time and look into the procedure. They would tell you about the cancellation status and the eligibility for a refund for your ticket. 
  • The refund would be initiated as per China Airlines cancellation policy. You would be subjected to a small service fee that has to be paid if you are cancelling your ticket via a call. 

Cancel China Airlines Flight Ticket At The Ticket Centre 

The passengers can even visit the nearest China Airlines ticket centre to cancel their tickets. The process is kind of similar to that of cancelling via a phone call. As soon as you visit the centre, an executive is assigned to you who will address your queries, make sure to explain your reasons for cancellation in detail. 

The customer care executive would then check your cancellation status and let you know about the cancellations fee for China Airlines (If any). They would then check your eligibility for the refund and let you know about it. Like the help centre, the passengers would have to pay a small service fee. 

China Airlines Cancellation Fee 

According to the China Airlines cancellation policy, the passengers who have cancelled their tickets within 24 hours are not subjected to pay any cancellation fee. 

china airlines cancellation fee
  • According to the China Airlines cancellation policy, the airline will impose a certain fee depending upon the fare purchased by the passenger if the cancellation was not made within the given span. 
  • The cancellation fee depends on several factors such as the number of tickets booked, the departure point, destination on the tickets, time and date of cancellations from the departure date of the China Airlines flight. 
  • The airline charges a cancellation fee of 200 USD as per the status of the ticket. The cancellation fee also depends on the class of the ticket purchased. 
  • If a passenger has insured the ticket, they would not have to pay anything as the cancellation fee. Some of the tickets are non-refundable, meaning the entire amount of the ticket purchased would be taken as China Airlines cancellation fee. 

China Airlines Refund Policy 

According to the China Airlines cancellation policy, only those tickets are eligible for a refund that meets the conditions as set by the airline under the refund policy. 

  • The passengers can seek a refund online if they have made the flight bookings via the official website, airport ticketing counter or call centre. 
  • Passengers who have opted for “Do not cancel reservations” or the passengers who do not show up for their flights after completing the check-in process are not eligible for any refund. 
  • If the passengers make the payments via a credit card, the refund would be initiated to the same credit card. If the payment has been made via cash, the airline would get in touch with the passenger to reimburse the amount to their given account number. 
  • The refund amount takes approximately 7 to 20 days to reflect in the source account. China Airlines cancellation policy does not include the reimbursement of the service charge while making the refund. 
  • Passengers who have insured their tickets can cancel them at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight and seek a full refund. 
  • In some cases, the tickets are non-refundable under which condition, the passengers would not be provided with any refund at all. You can also check whether your ticket is refundable or not at the time of booking the ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions – China Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel the China Airlines flight ticket?

Yes. China Airlines is one of the best and allows the passengers to cancel their tickets during the time of need. You can cancel the tickets both offline as well as online as per your wish. If you have involved any third party such as agents, you can only make the cancellation by contacting the agents.

Can I get my refund from China Airlines without registration?

Yes. If you have cancelled the ticket within 24 hours, you can simply seek a refund from the airline by visiting the page dealing exclusively with the refund status. The passengers need to fill out the refund form within 48 hours along with the relevant details of their name, flight booking reference number, etc. Although the registration might not be necessary, however, you would have to enter the details if you want a refund to your source account.

How to get a refund from China Airlines?

The passengers can apply for a refund in a number of ways. The refund can be sought both online as well as offline, if you wish to apply for it online, you can visit the official website and go to the page dealing with the refund status, fill out the form using the flight details. If you wish to apply for the refund offline, you can simply give a call at the customer service centre or visit the local ticket centre of China Airlines as per your desire. The refund would be processed in accordance with the China Airlines cancellation policy.

What happens when China Airlines cancels my flight ticket?

As per China Airlines cancellation policy, if the flight is cancelled by the airline the passengers can either seek a full refund or can opt to take the next alternative flight given by the airline.

In some cases, the airline will also try to compensate for any cancellation or delay by reimbursing for the meals and accommodations that you buy at the airport. You can simply send the bill while the airline refunds for the purchase made at the airport.

Is China Airlines safe to travel with?

Yes. The airline is considered to be one of the best airlines not only in the country but in the entire world. China Airlines has reported the lowest number of accidents as per the data collected from its history. The impeccable safety records especially for international flights make the passengers have more faith in the airline.

Where is China Airlines based?

The airline is based in Taipei, the headquarter of which is situated in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. The airline is seen to be a flag carrier of the Republic of China and serves numerous destinations all around the world.

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