In times of unpredictability, it becomes quite common for passengers to change their travel plans due to the changes in the time and route of the tickets bought by them. China Airlines, therefore, has introduced a policy that would effectively guide its travelers to make changes on tickets quite easily. The China Airlines flight change policy informs travelers about the specific rules and the fee charged to make changes with the airline. 

China Airlines Flight Change Policy

China Airlines Change Flight Rules

Passengers who would like to make changes to their already bought tickets should be aware of the rules for doing it. As per one of the rules, in case of any modifications done within 24 hours, no fee would be applied. This is one of the rules that need to be followed by the passengers. 

Other rules that are needed to change the flight under China Airlines are as mentioned below: 

  • Passengers are required to pay a change fee in case any changes are done after a day (24 hours) of ticket purchase.
  • A request for a change in the flight ticket has to be placed well before the time of China Airlines check-in.
  • According to norms of China Airlines change flight time, the fees differ with the time left for departure and the type of ticket bought. For instance, within the same time of making a change, the fee percentage for Premium Class tickets will be lesser than that of Economy Class tickets. 
  • The fee charged for making changes in international flights is different from that of domestic flights. 

China Airlines 24-hour Change Policy

This policy is helpful for passengers who by any chance have selected the incorrect flight or have entered their names wrongly. In that case, if the change is done within the day of its reservation, no additional fee would have to be paid. The following are some of the important rules of the 24-hour change policy.

  • No fee can be charged according to the 24-hour change policy.
  • Only valid tickets of the airline can be modified without paying a fee as per the policy.
  • The 24-hour policy does not apply to tickets bought by availing of awards or promotional codes.
  • Free changes are allowed only till 24 hours from the time of purchase. In case of a lapse, normal fee rates would be applicable in case of the changes made. 

China Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy 

China Airlines offers same-day change to customers in exchange for some fees. A passenger may be required to change the flight or travel destination. In that case, the same-day change policy will be quite useful. 

The following are some important features of the same-day policy of China Airlines:

  • The passengers are needed to depart on the same day to the same destination in case they change the flight route or time.
  • Same-day changes are subject to flight and seat availability of the airline.
  • The difference in fare is to be paid by the passenger if applicable. 

Types of China Airlines Change Policy  

China Airlines allows its flyers to make different types of changes. These help to provide better flexibility to the flyers. In compliance with the China Airlines flight change policy, given below are the different types of changes that a traveler can make on their bookings with the airline:

  • Changes in the time and date of flight departure.
  • Other itinerary changes include hotel booking.
  • Seat changes.
  • Return flight ticket changes.
  • Passenger name change.

China Airlines Name Change Policy

China Airlines Name Change on Ticket

At times it may happen that after making a reservation travelers find that there is a spelling error in their name entered. This is indeed an issue as the spelling of the passenger’s name should be identical to the name in the passport. In that case, travelers are required to follow the renaming rules mentioned below that have been set according to the norms of Air Security. 

There are specific conditions based on which changes in the name of passengers can be allowed. The conditions are provided below:

  • It is to be noted that only one-time change is permissible and also only one of the conditions listed below can be availed of for modifying names.
  • To modify the first name of the passenger not more than 4 letters can be allowed.
  • No more than 4 letters are allowed to be modified in case of the title or surname of an individual.
  • For the last name modification, no more than 2 letters are allowed.
  • Upside down from the first to the last name of the passenger can be done by keeping the spelling identical. 
  • No new booking record is needed for the 1st and 2nd conditions. Tickets can be issued in exchange for a service charge.
  • A new booking with the correct name is to be created for changes under conditions 3 and 4. 
  • During ticket reissuing, when the original class of the ticket is not available, a passenger can opt for a higher class ticket. However, he or she would be subjected to pay the difference of fare as per the airline norms.
  • In case of any confusion, passengers can contact the ticketing office of China Airlines. 

China Airlines Change Flight Date Policy

Passengers who are all under the same booking can be eligible for rebooking of tickets in case of a China Airlines change flight date and time. Also, ticket rebooking is possible when changes are made only on the date and time of the flight. In case of a change of route the local customer care branch or ‘Customer Care Center’ of the airline has to be contacted. 

How Can I Change My China Airlines Flight Ticket?

Under the China Airlines flight change policy, travelers are given the option to modify their tickets by directly visiting the website or by contacting the customer care center of the airline. Both the methods are useful according to customer convenience. The following information will help to understand how to make changes to the flight tickets.

Note: In case the flyer wants to go for an online method for ticket change, filling in the correct details is needed for the identification purposes set by the airline.

Method 1:  Online Ticket Changes

Online Ticket Changes

Passengers often opt for the online method as it saves time. This method requires the passenger to log in to the website. Then, the customer must go to the “Manage Booking” tab. The traveler will find the list of bookings made by him or her with the airline. The booking that is to be changed is needed to be selected and applied for a change China Airlines flight. While re-entering the details one should also mention the original booking reference number. After making changes a China Airlines ticket change fee can be needed to be paid to complete the process. 

Method 2: Offline Ticket Changes

Travelers can also make changes by paying a visit to the customer care center to meet with the officials physically. Also, as given under China Airlines change flight norms one can give a phone call to the helpline number of the airline at and ask for assistance. On request, the officials may also enter changes on behalf of the customer. 

The offline method is often useful for travelers who are required to make changes on their return flights. Since the modifications would be done on only one side of their journey, it is best to consult with airline officials and then apply for China Airlines change return flight. 

Note: Sometimes, when flight changes are beyond your or the airline’s control, you can opt for cancellations. To do so, you should be familiar with the China Airlines cancellation policy.

China Airlines Change Fees

A fee is needed to be paid by customers after making the ticket changes. During ticket rebooking, customers are informed about the China Airlines change flight fee. Change fee usually varies with the type of changes done and also the time at which a change is done. For instance, change can be free in case of modifications done within 24 hours of booking. Again, applying for route changes is more costly than making a simple change in the passenger name. If a ticket is bought through a travel agent, then the fee has to be paid as per the charges set by the agent. 

Why do Passengers Change or Modify Tickets?

A change applied for the time or schedule of a ticket is usually because of a change in the travel plan. This may happen due to several reasons. According to China Airlines change flight date policy, passengers can change travel dates in case they have to prepone or post their traveling plans. Tickets can also be modified due to an error in the name of a passenger or the case of a missed flight. Modified tickets can also be provided in case of any delayed or canceled flights. 

Given below are some common reasons for changing specifications on air tickets:

  • Change in the travel plan
  • Error in passenger name, age, or gender
  • Travel restrictions due to COVID-19
  • Change of the flight schedule done by the airline

Change Due to COVID-19

With the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, China Airlines has come up with some change norms keeping in mind the suitability, safety, and security of the passengers. 

Change Due to COVID-19
  • In the backdrop of COVID-19, passengers are not allowed to change seats on their own. This rule is set according to the requirements of pandemic prevention under the administration of Civil Aviation. Hence, the purchase of InFlight Chargeable seats is temporarily suspended. For knowing updated information regarding COVID-19 rules, one may contact the airline office. 
  • Flyers may need to change the flight schedule due to the possibility of infection caused by the virus. Under such situations, it would be best to reach out to the local branch offices of the airline and apply for a change or a refund. 

There are some rules of China Airlines that are commonly followed for making ticket changes. These rules are related to flight ticket rebooking and fares charged for making changes. A quick look at the rules given below will give a better idea of China Airlines flight change policy. 

Reissue or rebooking of tickets is applicable only for tickets that are bought and issued from the website of China Airlines. The following are the conditions under which rebooking of online tickets cannot be done: 

  • Rebooking in the form of an upgrade to an award ticket or miles ticket is not possible. 
  • Reissuing tickets for making modifications to the multi-city itinerary is also not allowed by the operator. 
  • Tickets cannot be reissued in case of a change when booked with additional chargeable services like pre-paid baggage and such.
  • Rebooking also cannot be done when the booking record is being changed by the local branch office or the ‘Customer Care Center’. 
  • Changes will also not be entertained when the ‘Credit Card Verification’ process has been failed. 
  • Fare is calculated according to the fare rule. Service charge and difference of fare are included with the changed fare. 
  • Travelers are required to re-select special services like meals, seats, and such during rebooking their tickets.
  • Rebooking should ideally be done with the same credit card as was done during the original booking. Otherwise, customers are requested to verify their credit cards at least 24 hours before departure. 


The China Airlines flight change policy is helpful for passengers seeking to make any booking changes. The airline makes every effort to make sure that the travelers do not face any unrequited hassles during their journey. Hence, in case of any change required to be done the customer can go through the policy and get a clear idea about the change process and fees associated with it. 

Can I change my flight date on China Airlines?

Passengers can change the flight dates according to China Airlines change policy. They are required to apply for rebooking on making these changes. A fee can be charged after rebooking of the ticket is confirmed to be done.

Can I change the seat number in China Airlines?

Going by the China Airlines change seat policy, passengers are allowed for a seat change but they might have to pay a separate fee for that. However, during the onset of COVID-19, they may not be allowed to change their seats to avoid the spread of the disease. For obtaining the correct answer, it would be ideal to look for updated information by visiting the official website of the airline.

Does China Airlines charge itinerary change?

China Airlines charges for making itinerary changes. Passengers who want to change the route are needed to contact the local branch office of the airline. In case of the absence of a local office, travelers can directly contact the ‘Customer Care Center’ of the airline. The China Airlines change flight fee will be charged after calculating the difference of fare and the service charge.

How do I change my flight on China Airlines?

This airline offers many change options to modify the flight destination and time, as a part of the China Airlines flight change policy. Usually, travelers may apply for ticket changes from the official website of the airline. However, in case of any confusion, the changes can be done with the help of customer service.

How much is China Airlines change ticket date fee?

A fee is charged for changing dates as per the fare rules of China Airlines change flight date policy. Depending upon the class of the ticket booked, the fare difference is determined. The fee that is finally to be paid is based on the difference of fare and the service charge for issuing the changed ticket. 

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