One of the crucial aspects of Air Travel is the passenger’s name on the flight reservation. Be it a simple typo, or a legal change, there are plenty of reasons passengers might need to correct their names. Understanding these reasons in the context of China Airlines name change policy is important for a smooth travel experience.

china airlines name change

Why passengers might need to change their names?

There are various situations that might necessitate China Airlines change name requests – 

  • Passport discrepancies – If the name on the booking and the passport are different, you need to make a name change to ensure that the information matches official identification.
  • Legal name change – If a passenger undergoes a legal name change due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons.
  • Spelling errors – Even a minor spelling error in the name could lead to issues during security checks or boarding.
  • Nickname vs formal name – Using a nickname during booking that doesn’t match the formal name in the passport can lead to problems.
  • Name format requirements – Some airlines, including China Airlines, have specific formatting requirements for passenger names. If you do not meet these requirements during booking, you might need to make a name change.
  • Transgender name change – Passengers who have undergone a gender transition and changed their names might need to request a change name on ticket to reflect their new identity.

What are the China Airlines ticket name change guidelines?

According to the China Airlines name change policy, passengers must ensure that their names exactly match the names on their passports. It’s essential to be aware of the following key rules –

  • Codeshare flights – If the China Airlines name correction policy involves airlines other than China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines, passengers need to request China Airlines flight cancellation for the original ticket with the associated fee. 
  • Timeline – According to China Airlines name correction policy, you need to submit the request for name correction up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Check-in – Passengers who have already completed China Airlines online check-in are not permitted to make the request.

China Airlines first name middle name change

If the China Airlines name change request involves modification on the first name or middle name, and it is less than 4 characters – 

  • No new PNR/Booking record locator would be created.
  • The ticket can be reissued, and a service fee will be applicable

Title modification

In case the title requires modification and it is less than 4 letters – 

China Airlines Last name modification

To request a name change for changes less than 2 letters, you need to follow the following procedure.- 

  • Create a new booking with the correct name, subject to seat availability within the original booking class
  • Tickets would be rebooked. China Airlines name change fee applies. 
  • If the original booking class is unavailable, passengers can choose a higher booking class. Here the airlines will recalculate the original fare with potential fare/tax adjustments and a reissue fee.

Inverted name format

If the name needs to be rearranged (first name and last name swapped), provided that all the spelling and title remain correct – 

  • New PNR will be issued keeping the same itinerary.
  • Reissue fees apply alongside the applicable fare difference. This applies when the original fare rule is not applicable. 

Please Note – For passengers who purchased tickets through travel agencies, it’s advisable to contact them directly for China Airlines change name on ticket request. 

What are the tips to avoid name related issues while booking?

Here are the various scenarios that provides clear examples of how China Airlines name input should be done correctly – 

Full name from passport – To maintain accuracy with passport details, the traveler’s full name should be inputted without spaces or punctuation. If changes are required after payment, name change fees may apply. 

Birthdate for children/infants – For tickets involving children or infants, providing accurate details is crucial. If these details are not accurate, passengers may be considered a no-show on the flight. This is a requirement in accordance with civil aviation laws.

Names having long characters -It is recommended to book your ticket through China Airlines customer service if a traveler’s name in English is longer than 50 letters or if an infant’s name, combined with an adult’s name, exceeds 36 letters.

How to add correct information while booking?

Below is the overview of how you can add correct information when you book your flight ticket – 

  1. Full Name on passport – 

Family name – WANG

Given name – CHUN-HAO

Gender – Male


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)
  1. Only first name on passport – 

First name – Neenarani

Gender – Female


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)
  1. Only family name on passport

Family name – Sazali

Gender -Male


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)
  1. Adopted husband’s family name 

Family name – Chen, Wang

Given name – Shufen

Gender – Female


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)
  1. Name with suffix

Family name – Washington

Given name – Grover

Suffix – Junior

Gender – Male


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)
  1. Middle name on passport

Family name – Wonder

Given name – Edward

Middle name – Richard

Gender – Male


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)
  1. One-letter family name 

Family name – E

Given name – YOKOHAMA

Gender – Male


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)
  1. Vietnamese name

Family name – Nguyen

Middle name – Thi Linh

Given name – Quyen

Gender – Female


TitleFamily Name
(Last Name)
Given Name
(First Name)

Changing name on ticket vs Transfering ticket to another person

The terms “China Airlines name change on a ticket” and “transferring the ticket to another person” are distinct processes, each with its own guidelines –

China Airlines name change –

  • Typically, name changes are requested when minor errors, such as spelling mistakes or formatting issues, are there.
  • A service charge might apply for processing the name change.
  • It do not involve transferring the ticket to another individual

Ticket transfer to another person –

  •  It involves changing both the name and the passenger associated with the ticket. 
  • China Airlines do not permit ticket transfers, under any circumstances.

How to change name on a China Airlines booking?

Here is the step-by-step procedure for making name change request for your flight booking – 

  • Reach out to China Airlines customer service via phone. 
  • Specify that you need to change the passenger’s name on an existing booking.
  • Provide essential details like PNR number/e-ticket number, flight details, and your contact information.
  • Explain the reason for the name change whether it is a spelling mistake, formatting issue, or any other discrepancy.
  • The airline’s representative will evaluate your name change request based on the China Airlines name change policy. 
  • You might need to provide supporting documentation. This could include a copy of your passport, official identification, or any other legal documents.
  •  Pay the required fees associated with the name change.
  • China Airlines will update your name as soon as they receive the request.
  • You’ll receive a booking confirmation reflecting the corrected passenger name for your itinerary. 

We’ve mentioned below the list of contact numbers if you’re calling from one of the following destinations – 

Region / CountryTelephone NumberOffice Hours
Taiwan412-9000-8528Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 18:30
Sat, Sun: 08:30 – 17:30
Japan+81-3-6378-8855Daily: 09:00 – 12:00,
Sat, Sun: 13:00 – 17:30
Hong Kong+852-2868-2299Mon-Fri: 08:30 – 18:30
Sat: 08:30 – 17:00
Sun closed
China+86-400-888-6998Mon-Fri: 08:30 – 18:30
Sat: 08:30 – 17:00
Sun closed
North America+1-800-227-5118Mon-Fri: 09:00 – 17:30
Sat, Sun: 07:00 – 15:30

What documents are required for China Airlines name change?

The following documents might be required to initiate a name change process – 

  • A copy of your passport 
  • A copy of your marriage certificate if the China Airlines change name request is due to the marriage 
  • A copy of the divorce decree or court order if the name change is due to divorce.
  • You might need a driver’s license or any other national identification.
  • You might also require a notarized affidavit explaining the reason for the name change.
  • Ticket confirmation and booking reference on hand

What is the China Airlines name change fees?

The overview of the China Airline name change fee is not mentioned on the China Airlines official site. So, when it comes to name change, the potential fee would be applicable depending on the extent of your modification, whether you want to change your first name, last name or middle name.

By embracing knowledge and preparedness, passengers can navigate name changes with confidence, contributing to a hassle-free travel experience with China Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How much does to change the

name on ticket on China Airlines?

The name change fees vary for different changes, passengers need to contact China Airlines customer service at 00-886-2-412-9000, and ask for the concerned fees

How to change the

name at the China Airline membership number?

You need to contact the airline’s customer service. Provide the required documentation, such as your membership details and any other documents if applicable.

How to change the name on an airline ticket from China Airlines?

Contact their customer service to initiate the process. You may be asked to submit the required documentation and pay any associated fees.

How to change name at China Airlines membership number?

To update your name on your China Airlines membership account, you should contact the China Airlines customer service team

How to change name on airline ticket China Airlines?

If you need to change the name on your airline ticket with China Airlines, it’s best to get in touch with the airline’s representative.

Can I still fly with China Airlines if my name is spelled wrong?

No. Minor spelling errors on airline tickets can be corrected without major issues. It’s recommended to contact China Airlines’ customer service as soon as you notice the mistake.

How do I correct a spelling mistake on a China Airlines domestic flight ticket?

If you’ve discovered a spelling mistake on your domestic flight ticket with China Airlines, reach out to their customer service promptly.

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