Ethiopian Airlines, formally referred to as Ethiopian is a renowned airline that is owned completely by the government of its country and was founded on 21st December 1945. Initially, the airline hosted only domestic flights until 1951 when it decided to expand and fly internationally. Currently, Ethiopian Airlines holds the 4th position amongst the largest airlines in the world. Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy is a no brainer and can be done in the blink of an eye. The world-class services pamper its passengers with all the necessities, from the minute to the major ones while the flexible policies make it easy for people to travel with Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Plans are uncertain and no one understands it better than Ethiopian Airlines, from end minute changes and modifications that can be easily done via the hassle-free Ethiopian Airlines ticket cancellation policy to the amazing facility, the airline will provide it with all.  Say no to the long tedious process of cancellation by booking your tickets with this airline. 

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy 

The passengers can book the tickets either online or through the official website of the airline as well as the ticket counter, and the cancellation of the tickets have to be done in the way you booked your ticket. For instance, if you booked your ticket online, you can make the changes online. However, if you booked the tickets offline, you’ll have to go to the counter to make any alterations. Make sure to go through the entire article to have in-depth knowledge about the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy and save yourself from any trouble caused at the last minute. 

The smooth Ethiopian Airlines ticket cancellation policy is provided to make the modifications trouble-free for its passengers. If you want to avoid the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation fee, make sure to cancel your ticket within  24 hours of the booking. 

Ethiopian Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

According to the Ethiopian Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, the passengers hold the liberty to cancel their flights within 24 hours or 1 day from the day of booking. If you successfully cancel the booking within 24 hours, you do not have to pay any amount as the cancellation fee, regardless of any fare type that you choose that is from Lavish business class rides to the budget-friendly ones. 

In case you miss out on the free cancellation policy window, a certain amount of fee would be levied on the passenger. The cancellation fee majorly depends on the destination, the type of fare, and most importantly, the time of cancellation of the tickets. If you wish to have in-depth information regarding the cancellation fee, you can connect with the customer service of the airline anytime you want. 

Ethiopian Flight Cancellation Fee

As mentioned earlier, to cancel the booking in Ethiopian Airlines, the passengers will have to bear a certain fee if the booking isn’t cancelled in 24 hours. To get the refund, partial or complete, depending on several factors, one needs to pay a certain amount as an administrative charge for the ticket.  If the overall price of the ticket falls less than the administrative charge of the airport, no amount shall be refunded to the passenger. Also, if the ticket is not cancelled before 24 hours of departure of the flight, a passenger would get absolutely no refund. If you want to get detailed information about the cancellation policy and functioning of Ethiopian Airlines, make sure to contact the customer service, sales offices or fill out the request form of Ethiopian Airlines. 

How To Cancel A Flight On Ethiopian Airlines? 

Ethiopian flight cancellation can be made in several ways, and the airline provides a plethora of options to its passengers to choose one as per their convenience. Cancel flight Ethiopian Airlines in any method which suits you, make sure to run through the following points to know about all the possible ways to cancel your ticket. 

Ethiopian Cancel Flight Online 

  • Browse through Ethiopian Airline’s official website 
  • Then the passenger logs in to your account by using your credentials.
  • After logging in, enter the details at the “Manage Booking” section on the home page which will redirect you to a different page, specifically dealing with the cancellations. 
  • Enter your name and confirmation number before pressing the ‘continue’ button.
  • Click on the provided link to go to the Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellations button.
  • Make sure to cross-check your details before canceling and then click on the Continue button.
  • Make sure to submit your Ethiopian cancelled flight refund at the same time as per your eligibility. 
  • Now that the process is done, you would receive an email or SMS on your registered mail ID or contact number.

Cancel Your Tickets Via A Phone Call 

Time travel isn’t possible, but the timeless experience is, and Ethiopian Airlines has never failed to prove so. A professional team is hired specifically to address several queries of the passenger, you can connect to customer support and explain your situation and the reason for cancellation to the executive assigned to you. They will then check the eligibility and release the cancellation refund as per the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy. 

Cancel Ethiopian Flight At The Airport  

One other way to cancel the ticket is by visiting the nearest airport to cancel the ticket. Visit the Ethiopian Airlines ticket office and talk to the person present in the office, make sure to be elaborating while explaining the scenario. The refund would be initiated after being checked by the executives and would be credited to the same account used while booking.

Ethiopian Airlines Refund Policy

The airline features an array of policies for its valuable customers and treats them the way they need to be treated. You can request a 100% refund if you have followed the policy and cancelled the flight within 24 hours of booking. The refund for Ethiopian Airlines doesn’t involve a troublesome process, usually, the process is super easy which makes it the favorite airline in the eyes of its passengers. You can reach out to the customer service and explain your reason for cancellation. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

I booked a ticket via Ethiopian Airlines but I have to cancel it due to some reason, can I cancel the ticket? 

The passenger can cancel the ticket via the above-mentioned process which is through the Internet, phone call or by visiting the nearest airport. You will get the refund depending on the day you are cancelling it and the type of seat you chose. Cancellations are usually subjected to the circumstances and limitations of the fare selected at the time of purchase. 

What should I do if my flight gets cancelled? 

It’s not a passenger’s fault if a flight gets cancelled due to some reason. The passengers hold the liberty to claim a 100% refund, and you can also ask the airline to book the next flight as per your requirement. 

The tickets by Ethiopian Airlines refundable? 

Mostly, the tickets are refundable. However, it immensely depends on the source and the destination it is highly advisable to check the refund status of the ticket before booking the flight in Ethiopian Airlines. 

Can I cancel my tickets both online as well as offline? 

Yes. You can cancel the ticket in the way you bought it. Meaning if you bought the ticket online, the cancellation would be done in the same way, if you bought it offline, you’ll have to walk down to the airport to cancel the ticket. The passengers can also look into the Ethiopian Airlines flight change policy and make the modifications without having to cancel the ticket.  

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