Ethiopian Airlines, formally referred to as Ethiopian, is a well-reputed airline that is owned completely by the government of its country and was founded on 21st December 1945. Initially, the airline hosted only domestic flights until 1951 when it decided to expand and fly internationally. Currently, Ethiopian Airlines holds the 4th position amongst the most popular airlines all around the world. The airline offers numerous flexible facilities for the comfort of its travelers and is known for its exceptional services. Ethiopian Airlines flight change policy is quite easy and can allow the passengers to make the desired changes without any trouble.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you are someone who is uncertain of their plans, you’re in luck because no one understands it better than Ethiopian Airlines. The passengers can make any change in date, name as per their requirement in this airline.  If you want to have more information about the Ethiopian Airlines flight change policy make sure to go through the guide. 

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Change Policy 

Ethiopian Airlines has a simple flight change policy. However, do not forget to check whether the flight is operating in your area and your destination or not. The easiest way to Ethiopian Airlines change flight schedule is online whether you’ve booked it in the same way or bought it from the airport. The airline has changed a lot of its policies and has now become more flexible due to COVID 19. 

Ethiopian Airlines schedule change policies are specially crafted for its passengers to help them in the time of an emergency and change their tickets in their desired manner. You can make one free change in your ticket for free. According to the Ethiopian Airlines flight change policy, a passenger has to make the change 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

Ethiopian Airlines Change Booking Fee

A passenger has the liberty to make any modifications at least 24 hours before the flight departs, for free. However, it is only allowed once per passenger and the flight would impose some amount if you are changing it for the second time. 

If there’s a significant difference in the fare of your first flight and the changed flight, you might have to pay the difference as a change fee. The cost of which are mentioned below- 

  • For the Ethiopian route, the cost to change the flight would fall approximately 10 USD. 
  • For the route of North America, the passengers would have to pay a fee of 200 USD
  • For any other route, the passenger would have to pay 100 USD as a fee.

Ethiopian Airlines Change Flight Online 

Probably one of the easiest methods to change Ethiopian Airlines flight, a passenger can make any modifications with a tap on a screen. Below are the detailed steps to change your tickets online. 

  1. Go to the official website of Ethiopian Airlines from where you booked your ticket.
  2. Navigate to the booking page. 
  3. Login by entering your email ID and password.
  4. You’ll find a “Manage booking” section. 
  5. Enter your flight details so that the information can be fetched, press on the “next” button
  6. Enter your name, contact information and all the basic details (The details of the passenger has to be entered) 
  7. You can now make any change that you wish, make sure if the airline is providing the option to change the name on the ticket or not. 
  8. Voila! The passengers will then receive a  “The change has been made” confirmation on your contact details. 

Change Your Tickets Via A Phone Call 

Time travel isn’t possible, but the timeless experience is, and Ethiopian Airlines has never failed to prove so. If you are finding trouble in changing your ticket online, you can simply do it by calling at the customer care centre. A professional team is hired exclusively to address the queries of the passenger, you can dial on  customer service number and explain your situation and the reason for changing the flight ticket to the executive assigned to you. They will then check the eligibility and tell you about all the possible options before making the change.

Ethiopian Airlines Travel Date Change 

You can change the dates of your travel as per your desire. If you want to push off the date, you can do so by visiting the official website of Ethiopian Airlines. If a passenger has booked his/her ticket via a third party, such as agents, it is highly recommended to contact them and request to make the changes. You can make 1 free date change in your ticket when traveling with Ethiopian Airlines. Make sure that the flight that you want to take is functioning on the day and the time. 

Make sure to change your ticket a day before the departure of the flight if you want to avoid Ethiopian Airlines change flight date fee. 

This airline is people’s favorite for a good reason, whether we talk about Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy, the end minute changes or the ultra-flexible Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger is blessed with every possible facility to assure a great flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Ethiopian Airlines Flight Change Policy

How to change the Ethiopian Airlines ticket? 

You can change the Ethiopian Airlines ticket in several ways. If you wish to do it online, you can visit their official website and make the changes from the “Manage booking” section or drop an email to customer support. If you wish to make the changes offline, you can give a call toll-free number. If you have got the ticket from a travel agent, you can simply tell him about the requirements and ask him to make the modifications. 

How to change seats in Ethiopian Airlines? 

If you do not like your seat and wish to change it, you can do so by visiting the website and clicking on the “Select or change seat” option to choose the seat of your choice. However, the seats would only be provided as per the availability and numerous other conditions. 

Why Ethiopian Airlines isn’t allowing me to change my ticket online? 

Ethiopian Airlines reservations can be easily changed online without any inconvenience if a passenger is not able to change his/her ticket online, there can be several reasons behind it. Make sure that you are visiting the right website. Enter your details and make the changes that you want, sometimes the airline does not allow any changes on certain tickets and it’s clearly mentioned during the time of booking. 

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  1. Yared Kidane on Reply

    I want to change my flight ✈️ to this day 20/06/2021
    My bookingnumber 2470509
    Please 🙏

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    Hello Ethiopian Air line ,I want to change my flight ✈️ to this day 03/11/2021
    My Ticket No 0712129605442.

    please help me
    thank you

  3. Rita Haywood on Reply

    I brought a package with Travelocity to go to South Africa before Covid hit. We were scheduled to leave in April 2020. Our flight was canceled and we were given a credit. I want to know how can we use one of your partners airlines. We have tried to find a package using Ethiopian airlines but could not fine anything leaving out of Washington DC. I read your have several partners airlines and one was United airlines, How can we change and use United airlines. We do not want to go to South Africa at this point. We want to use our credit and Travelocity is saying we could do it if we find a flight that have both Ethiopian and United on the same ticket. We could not find anything so we just want to use the credit on another airline. Please what can we do to make this change. Travelocity is not a helpful company to work with. Please help us out.

  4. Phiona Kitakule on Reply

    I would like to change my tickets from Gaborone to Uganda scheduled for 29th June 2021 to 4th July 2021

  5. Yohane Mike macheke and Lawrence abitinego Chinula on Reply

    I would like to to change the return to ticket date from 23 July.

    The return date should be 15 September.
    We are two men. Our booking reference are



    I want to change my flight ✈️ to this day 12/09/2021

    TERMINAL 1 DEPARTURE 22 JULY at 22h 05 min


    I want to change my flight ✈️ to this day 12/09/2021

    departure Frankfurt TERMINAL 1 DEPARTURE 22 JULY at 22h 05 min

    thanks you

  8. Nancy Jemes on Reply

    My parents were stuck in transit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as there was a massive delay due to severe weather. There was no next flight available for the next 72 hours. Obviously, they would be missing their next connection to Paris before they fly back to Los Angeles. They offered spectacular hospitality to my parents. Not only they booked them a four-star Hilton property, covered their meals and communication, arranged airport transfer, and offered us a full refund of the unused segment of the flight. Our precious flight was a connecting one, having a 2 hour stop in Paris, and then 6 hours to New York before we touch down to Los Angeles. They arranged a flight to my parents which was straight to Los Angeles, and also offered them the seats to Business Class. This whole experience makes me consider Ethiopian Airlines every time.

  9. Yaregal on Reply

    hi every body this is Yaregal Worku from Nairobi, i want to extend my flight for 24 hours becuse of COVLD tast plese help
    my ticket nymber is 0712131593718 full name Yaregal Worku Alboro
    and the same to MULUWAS EMBIYALE AYELE and ticket number 0712131555305

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    Good day
    I would to change my date of departure from Jeddah to Cape Town Date 22nd January to 14th January.
    Reference no. VZZMFA
    Ethiopian Airline flight ET 0847
    Ridwaan Abbas :E ticket 0712135444346
    Shafieka Abbas :E ticket 0712135444348
    At what cost.
    Thank you
    Ridwaan Abbas

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