Any Korean Air passenger can cancel their Korean Air flights in the wake of any unavoidable situation or a mistake while making the reservation. This prevents the situation from spiraling out of control as you may not lose the entire money spent on the Korean Air ticket. However, it is not that simple. Korean Air cancellation policy is a bit complicated due to which you may fail to avail the right refund amount or other services and products. But no more. The below guide will make you familiar with your rights as a passenger on Korean Air flight cancellation policy.

Highlights of Korean Air Cancellation Policy

  • As per the Korean Air ticket cancellation policy, the passengers can easily cancel the reservation made with Korean Air from seven (7) days to 1 day (24 hours) before the departure of the flight. 
  • In case the passenger has a refundable ticket then s/he can further apply for a refund on the particular canceled reservation. 
  • According to the Korean Air cancellation policy, the passengers are eligible for a Korean Air flight cancellation fee if the cancellation is performed after the granted time of 24 hours. 

Korean Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Just like most of the airlines, the Korean Air also provides the 24-hour cancellation policy that allows the passengers to cancel the reservation within the initial 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket with Korean Air without any Korean Air cancellation fee. While providing the flexibility to the passengers, the Korean Air allows the passengers to cancel the air tickets on the same date of reservation or 24 hours without having to pay the charge for that. But for this policy to work, there must be at least a week (seven days) for the flight to take off along with the 24-hour condition. In case any one of the two statements does not verify then the Korean Air flight cancellation fee will be applicable to the passenger performing the cancellation. If both the conditions are true then the passenger is eligible for having a full refund after performing the cancellation. 

How to Cancel Korean Air Tickets?

The passengers who do not understand the cancellation procedure can execute the steps mentioned below to cancel Korean air ticket:

  • Start off with the official website of Korean Air to start the cancellation process. 
  • If you have an account with Korean Air then you need to type in your details to log in into the account and then proceed with the process.
  • Simply start off by going to the home page of the website. 
  • Look for the title of “My Trips” or “Bookings” and initiate it by making a choice on the same. 
  • You can see that all the reservations made with Korean Air are listed down in this tab but then you are required to choose the booking that you are sure of dropping. 
  • After the ticket has been selected by you for the dissolution, a pop-up message will attempt to intervene as it will require you to verify whether you are sure of the action selected. Tap on the option of “Yes” in case you desire to proceed with the cancellation procedure of the booking chosen and tap on the option of “No” if you don’t in case you do not desire to proceed with the cancellation. 
  • On tapping the option of “Yes” the ticket selected from the menu will be removed. 
  • You will obtain an SMS or an email about the reversal of the reservation enacted.
  • In case there is a refund on making the cancellation then you will get it credited in the same account through which the reservation was made. 
  • Kindly note that the refund will be credited once the deduction of the Korean Air flight cancellation fee (If any) is done from the refund amount. 
  • If there is any difficulty in the cancellation process then contact the Korean Air executives.

Korean Air Flight Cancellation Fee

On making a cancellation with Korean Air there will be a charge or fee imposed by the airline. The fee is determined by various factors like the departure point of the scheduled flight, destination of the scheduled flight, time of cancellation, type of fare purchased, the duration between the cancellation the departure and many more:

  • Passengers flying to any domestic destination with Korean Air will not need to pay any cancellation fee for making any changes in their flight booking.
  • Cancellation fee  for passengers flying to international destinations with Korean Air will be calculated differently depending on various factors. Passengers from Canada will be required to pay CAD 30.
  • Passengers from Indonesia are required to pay IDR 350,000 for initiating a change or cancellation.
  • Most importantly, in case the passenger applies for a refund the Korean Air cancellation fee will be imposed for both domestic and international flights that will be determined by the flights.

Visit the official website of Korean Air if you wish to explore the Korean Air cancellation policy in detail or cancel Korean Air flight without any hassle.

Korean Air Refund Policy 

The exemplary refund policy further strengthens the service and enhances the passengers base by a lot. Korean Air refund process is fast, efficient and very easy. The passengers can seek a refund at the snap of a finger unlike the traditional way of wandering around the airline. 

  • The passengers can make Korean Air refund requests both online as well as offline. The airline demands the passengers to make the request via the source of booking, right after the cancellation. 
  • The refund usually takes 7 to 10 days to reflect in the bank account. In some cases, if the refund is delayed the passengers can directly contact the customer care executive. 
  • Korean Air refund policy clearly mentions that the passengers can only seek a refund if they have purchased a refundable ticket. If the passengers have non refundable tickets, the airline is not liable to compensate them. 
  • In order to apply for a full refund, the passengers must cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking. The bookings must be made at least a week prior to the departure date. 
  • The refund amount also depends on the class of the tickets purchased. A passenger with an Economy Lite ticket must abide by the 24 hours rule. On the other hand, a passenger with a business class ticket can cancel the booking for free up to a week before departure.  
  • Refund applications must be submitted at least 30 days from the expiration date of the Korean Airline’s ticket. For international trips, the passengers must submit the refund request at least 91 days before the departure date. 
  • Korean Airlines refund process would not be commenced if the passengers have not submitted a document along with it. A photo ID or the E-ticket of the customer can be submitted as the document. 
  • If the passengers have paid for their tickets via the credit card, the amount would reflect back in their credit card. If they have made the payment via cash or cheques, the airline would reach out to the passengers. 
  • If the passengers wish to take the refund in the form of cash or cheques, they can walk down to the ticket centre to do so. (This is only possible for the passengers who have paid the amount in the same way).

Frequently Asked Questions About Korean Air Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my flight with Korean Air?

Yes. Korean Air cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel their flights as per their desire. The cancellation of the booking depends on the type of ticket you have purchased. 

If you have bought a refundable ticket, the airline will let you cancel it. Non-refundable tickets cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

Can I cancel the Korean Air award ticket?

You can definitely cancel your award ticket if you do not wish to use it. The award ticket can be used later as the airline reimburses the miles after cancellation. You can directly use the miles in the next ticket. 

As per the Korean Air ticket cancellation policy,  the used miles would be deducted from the award fee when you make a refund request for a partially used or completely unused ticket.

Can I cancel the seat reservation for Korean Air?

The passengers can cancel the seat reservation without any hassle. Korean Air cancellation policy is as flexible as it can get, cancelling the seats within 24 hours of bookings would be free. 

Please note that you would not be allowed to cancel your tickets if you have bought a non-refundable ticket.

How to cancel a flight reservation on Korean Airline?

You can cancel a flight reservation in a myriad of ways while travelling with Korean Airlines. If you wish to make the cancellations online, you need to go to the official website to do so. If you wish to make the cancellations offline, you can either give a call at the global contact centre or walk down to the ticket centre. 

Reading the Korean Air cancellation policy, you would realise that in the case of a third party involvement, cancellations cannot be made directly. If you are involving the agent in the booking process, make the cancellations via the agents only.

Can I get a refund on Korean Air?

Yes. You can apply for a refund if you do not wish to travel by Korean Air. However, the airline has complete liberty to deduct the cancellation charges from the refund if the passengers do not cancel their tickets within the risk free cancellation period.

Passengers buying non-refundable tickets are not allowed to get any refund from the airline. You can check the type of ticket you are buying during the time of booking.

How do I get a refund from Korean Airlines?

In order to get a refund from the airline, the passengers would have to follow some steps. The passengers must fill out the refund form after cancelling their tickets online. If they are cancelling the tickets via a call or the ticket centre, they must ask the customer support executive to fill out the refund form right away.

What happens when Korean Air cancels my tickets?

If Korean Air cancels your ticket at the end moment, you would have two options in your hand. You can either opt to take a full refund from the airline or you can opt for the next alternative flight as arranged by the airline. 

Korean Air cancellation policy states that the airline would also provide food and beverages to its passengers in case of any delay. In certain cases, the airline would also provide you with accommodations.

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