With Korean Air name change policy it is possible to change/correct the name depending upon the ticket type and the fare rules associated with the ticket. However, the name on the ticket must appear exactly identical to the government-issued photo ID. 

Korean Air Name Change Policy

In this post, we will cover how you can change/correct the name on the already issued ticket, what are the rules that you need to comply with before making a correction, the airline’s penalty that you need to pay, and much more. 

Korean Air Change Name on Ticket Rules

As per the Korean Air name change policy, the name change or correction is allowed on the completely unflown flight segments, and the passenger type (adult, child, infant) cannot be changed. 

Similar to this, there are the other terms and conditions that you need to understand before submitting the name change request to your Korean Airlines reservation – 

  • The name change/correction is only possible if the ticket issued is a Korean Air document and booking consists of flight segments operated by Korean Air. 
  • In case your name has been misspelt, you can correct up to 3 characters to your first, middle or last name. A name correct[ion fee in the amount of 250 USD may apply for the international booking, and 150 USD for the flights within South Korea. 
  • The infant is excluded from the name change fee if the name that needs to be altered pertains to an adult travelling with an infant.
  • The Korean Air name change due to divorce, or marriage is permitted, and is subject to a fee. Passengers are required to submit a copy of official documents confirming that the change of name has taken place after the ticket was issued. 
  • A written declaration confirming the changes, as well as a copy of the passport, must be presented if the name and/or surname change is done at the Korean air ticket office.
  • Within 24 hours of purchase, if the passenger needs to change or correct the name, they need to cancel the flight, claim a full refund and then book with the correct name. To know about the flight cancellation rules, read the Korean Air cancellation policy.

Korean Air Change Name Request

When one or more following exclusions will apply, you can request the Korean air name change.

  • The ticket includes that the flight must be operated and marketed by Korean Air.
  • If the itinerary include travel to and from South Korea
  • More than 3 letters of the first name or last name need to be corrected. 
  • In the event where the name correction has been requested once and requires further correction and the ticket needs to be reissued a second time.

Correction to the middle or first name

Airlines will make a correction to the first or middle name and reissue the ticket by charging the Korean Air change name fee. If the ticket was issued in a higher class of service, a fare difference will apply.

Addition to the last name without changing the name

In case the passenger got two last names, and wants to add another one without changing the initial one, the airlines will reissue the ticket. For example, Elizabeth Smith to Elizabeth Alderson Smith. 

First and last names are inverted

In the flight booking where passengers have mistakenly booked a flight ticket with inverted names, the airlines will correct the names in the PNR. Only the Korean Air name change fee will apply. 

Married/maiden name change

In case the passenger booked a Korean air reservation with the maiden name and update their name on the passenger after booking the flight, you need to submit the proof of the name change (a copy of marriage certificate or the divorce decree), and this will be amended for a name change fee.

Korean Air Skypass Name Change Policy

To request the name change to your Skypass mileage plus account, select an option and follow the steps below. Passengers need to comply with the Korean Air name change policy, as the name on the Skypass mileage account must match the government-issued photo ID that will be shown at the airport. 

Simple Name Change or Correction

The following are considered simple name change/correction, and do not require supporting documentation. 

  • Correct the spelling of the first name. (e.g. Wills to Will).
  • Correct the spelling of the last name. (e.g Bezoss to Bezos).
  • Alter the name to and from a nickname.(e.g. Max to Maxwell, Elizabeth to Liz).
  • Change or correct a prefix, suffix or title. (e.g. Mrs to Ms).
  • Add or delete a middle name or initial. (e.g Steven Carlson Smith to Steven C Smith).
  • Rectify inverted first name and/or last name.

Complex Name Change

All other name changes must be requested in writing or over the phone. Passengers need to submit a copy of one of the following supporting legal documents to safeguard the security of your SkyPass mileage account:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Legal name change document
  • The previous and present names that were reflected on government-issued photo ID.

Note: You may submit a name affidavit explaining your name change, together with a copy of your government-issued identity, if you are unable to supply one of the documentation mentioned above.

How to Change Name with Korean Air?

Passengers can change or correct the name by calling the airline’s customer service phone number or through the Korean Air online website. 

Method 1: Korean Air Change Name on Ticket Online

Passenger can request only the name correction online for the flight booking that were purchased through the airline’s website. All you need is go to the Manage Booking section, and follow these steps – 

  • Enter the booking reference and the last name of the passenger. 
  • On the booking summary page, select the passenger’s name that needs to be corrected.
  • No more than 3 letters of the first name or last name can be corrected on the airline’s website. 
  • Select the ‘Change name’ button, and enter the correct name in the relevant field. 
  • Once you confirm the changes, you will be redirected to the checkout page. 
  • Enter the payment details and complete the payment process. You will receive the updated email itinerary with the correct name on the e-tickets. 

Method 2: Korean Air Change Name over the Phone

Dial the Korean Air name change phone number and you can correct the name as well as the changes the name due to any legal considerations. You can request a name change up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Korean Air Name Correction Policy

To complete the name correction, the flight reservations need to meet the following criteria – 

  • The Korean Air must be the validating carrier. 
  • All flight segments in the booking PNR must be operated by Korean Air.
  • Passengers need to submit the request up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure for all international and domestic travel. 
  • Passengers can request only 1 reissue per ticket. Any additional name correction would be considered under the Korean Air name change policy, and are subject to change fee and the fare difference. 
  • If requesting a name correction, any changes to the travel date, destination, fare classes are not permitted. 
  • During mid-travel, only minor name corrections are permitted as per the Korean Air name correction policy.
  • At the time of requesting the name correction, the date of birth and the gender cannot be changed. Making corrections to the date of with and the gender would be subject to the Korean Air flight change policy
  • Only 1 correction per passenger is permitted.  

Korean Air Name Change Fees

As per the Korean Air name change policy, the following correction or change types are subject to the change fee, and may requires you to pay the fare difference, such as  – 

Name change requestsAirline’s penalty (in USD)Fare difference, if any
Correction to the middle name200Yes
Correction to the first name200Yes
Correction to the last name200Yes
Addition to the last name without changing the name200Yes
First and last names are inverted150No
Married/maiden name change200Yes

Korean Air name change policy, which gives you the flexibility to change your name depending upon the ticket type and also allows you to enter a different spelling than that on your passport, is aimed at offering convenience to the travellers. You can easily modify your reservation and enter a preferred name for your ticket. What’s more, you can even request for a free name change within 24 hours  of your flight booking until check-in time if the airline’s rules  do not permit the changes on-the-fly. All you need to do is follow the procedures that have been put in place by Korean Air and everything will be sorted out without much hassle.

Korean Air Change Passenger Name – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to correct a name on the Korean air Skypass name change?

You need to make necessary changes to your name on the Skypass mileage account by filling this form. Submit a copy of the appropriate supporting documentation for a significant name change. The airlines will take two weeks to process the Korean Air name change request on your SkyPass Mileage account.

Does Korean Air allow you to change the name on the ticket?

Yes, passengers can request only the name correction online for the flight booking that was purchased through the airline’s website.

Can I

request the Korean air name change for free?

Passengers who booked the reservation within 24 hours of purchase can change the name for free provided that the scheduled departure date must be selected 7 days in advance.

Does the Korean air charge change the name on the ticket?

Passengers having inverted names need to pay 150 USD. For all other corrections to the name, you need to pay 200 USD.

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