Korean Air pet policy allows 1 pet per passenger in cabin and 2 pets per passenger as checked pets. When you carry pets on Korean Air flights, the seats will be allotted to a designated seat for pets. You can carry cats, dogs, and birds with Korean Air.

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Korean Air pet policy is rather lenient as compared to other airlines but there are still some rules, regulations, and restrictions that you must adhere to if you want to travel with your pets hassle-free.

What kinds of pets are permitted on Southwest flights?

pets permitted on Southwest flights

Only these pets are permitted to fly under the ​​Korean Air pet policy with the given requirements:

  • Pet cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds

Please Note: Pets must be at least 8 weeks old for travel inside the cabin. To travel pet under the baggage hold, the minimum age must be 16 weeks.

Does Korean Air allow pets in cabin?

Yes, Korean Air pet policy allows small cats, dogs and birds as pets to travel in the cabin if the air regulations are being followed –

Can be carried on boardTotal weight of pet + carrier is 7kg or less
Permitted to travel as checked petsTotal weight of pet + carrier is 45 kg or less

Some additional rules for Korean Air pet travel

  • In some countries, transport may be limited if the weight is more than 32kg.
  • There is enough room for the animal to stand, lie down, and move about. 
  • A lock-secured container that is screwed down hard enough that it cannot be broken, even by internal impact.
  • Must be made of durable materials, including wood, metal, and plastic (for carry-on, soft materials, such as fabric and leather, are allowed).
  • Also, be equipped with water resistance and suitable ventilation.
  • Without prior approval, dogs are not permitted to travel with you.

What are Korean Air pet carrier requirements?

Korean Air pet carrier

These dimensions must be followed so that it is easy for Korean Air pet in cabin and checked baggage –

TypesKorean Air Pet Carrier Dimensions
For Korean Air Pet In CabinCarrier’s each linear less than: A-32cm/12.5in, B – 45cm/17.5in, C – 19cm/7.5in Maximum height of soft type carrier: 25cm/10in or lessThe carriers for carry-on must fit to store under the seat.​
For Checked BaggageThe total sum of the carrier’s width, length, and height should be less than 291cm/114in.
The maximum height is 84cm/33in.

Do You Know?

Two birds, two dogs, or two cats that are both younger than six months old may be kept together in the same carrier, following the given Korean Air pet carrier size.

What are Korean Air pet travel requirements?

As per Korean Air pet policy, for flights within Korea, pet travel must be booked up to 24 hours prior to departure. For international flights, pet travel must be arranged up to 48 hours before scheduled departure. 

CategoryReservation time deadline
Korea Domestic24 hours before flight departure
International48 hours before flight departure

Conditions for Korean Air pet travel internationally

Internationally Korean Air pet policy has certain rules that need to be followed, including: 

  • A microchip must be implanted when traveling on an international flight. 
  • The microchip identification number must be noted on the certificate for animals who are less than 90 days old or are from rabies-free nations. 
  • Passengers are required to carry government-issued quarantine certificates when traveling with pets. 
  • The quarantine certificate must clearly state that a “rabies-neutralizing antibody” test was conducted within 24 months of the intended accompanying travel. 
  • Pets from non-rabies-free countries and dogs and cats 90 days or older must abide by the aforementioned requirements.

Arrive at the airport and check-in

As per Korean Air pet policy, passengers are not allowed to check in online when traveling with pets. Passengers need to complete Korean Air check-in at the airport.

  • Make sure to go to the airport at least three hours prior to the flight’s departure. 
  • Pet travel incurs additional fees, regardless of luggage.

Passengers with animal allergies

Korean Air flying with pet policy is open to accommodate customers with animal allergies –

  • Pets will be assigned seats aside from those of other passengers flying with non-compatible animals.
  • Once a seat is occupied by the pet owner and pet, there is no seat change guarantee.
  • Animal-allergic travelers are highly encouraged to notify the staff of their health condition when making a reservation.
  • Pet travelers must also complete the agreement at check-in.
  • In the event of an emergency, both you and your pet must be capable of performing any medical treatments that were advised to you by your physician.

What are Korean Air pet travel restrictions?

Korean Air pet policy applies certain restrictions for passengers traveling with pets, such as –

  • All other kinds of animals, including pigs, turtles, chicks, hens, and rabbits, are restricted from traveling with the airlines or being checked as luggage.
  • Avoid using any sedatives or sleep aids since they may influence your pet’s blood pressure and body temperature.
  • Animals that are unstable or violent, smell bad or are unwell, or are pregnant are not permitted on the airplane. 
  • If it is believed that your pet would bother other passengers by continually producing loud noises, such as barking, transportation may be disallowed.
  • In order to minimize the inconvenience to other passengers, you must abide by the cabin crew’s demands (usage of a muzzle, etc.) if your pet creates noise during the trip.
  • Animals that are violent or vicious, as determined by the Korean government, will not be permitted on the airplane.
  • Brachycephalic breeds are prohibited from being transported as checked luggage because of their anatomical vulnerability to respiratory problems or death during flights.
  • If specific requirements are satisfied, Korean Air carry-on baggage is permitted as mentioned in the Korean Air pet policy.

Are Korean Air service dogs allowed on board?

Korean Air service dogs

The Korean Air pet policy allows only trained dogs to travel as service animals on the flight in cabin.

Here are certain points to consider for Korean Air service dog travel –

  • For a passenger with particular requirements, service animals can fly unrestricted.
  • Nevertheless, a Korean Air service dog cannot be given a seat. 
  • There is no need to complete the pet transportation declaration form for passengers traveling with service dogs. 
  • In many nations, entrance may need a quarantine certificate.

What care you should do during Korean Air pet travel?

For a comfortable travel experience, follow these suggestions/guidelines –

  • Give food and drink to your pet no later than two hours prior to departure.
  • Make sure to put absorbent bedding inside the carrier. 
  • The carrier should have your name and phone number typed in English. 
  • It is absolutely forbidden to remove your pet from its container.
  • It is also forbidden to place the carrier on a seat or in your lap.
  • According to the laws of the destination country, if you carry animals for commercial objectives such as sale, adoption, participation in an event, breeding, and research, the entrance of the animals may be banned. 

How much is the Korean Air pet fee?

Korean Air pet fee varies with the travel route. You may quickly pay the pet cost in advance through the Korean Air official website after confirming the pet travel service.

Below is the overview of the pet travel fee –

Region32kg or less
(Pet + Cage)
32kg – 45 kg or less
(Pet + Cage)
Domestic Travel USD 2549 USD
Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao/MongoliaUSD 150USD 300
Southeast Asia/Southwest Asia(including Guam and Palau)USD 225USD 450
The Americas/Europe/Middle East/Africa/OceaniaUSD 300USD 600

Please Note – If the weight changes after advance payment, the cost could be adjusted using the weight that was measured at the airport on the day of the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the pet reservation time deadline?

The reservation must be made 48 hours before flight departure.

Are there any pet travel charges?

Yes, the charges range from USD 25 to USD 600 depending on the travel destination.

What kinds of pets are allowed as service animals?

Only dogs are allowed to travel as service animals.

What is the reservation time deadline for international flights?

It is 48 hours before departure for flights that go to international destinations.

Is a microchip identification number necessary for pets?

Yes, it is vital. The number must be noted on the certificate for animals that are less than 90 days old.

Is Korean Air pet friendly?

Yes, Korean Air pet policy allows dogs, cats, birds and service animals to travel with passengers in cabin and in cargo.

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