Japan Airlines offers a range of check-in options designed to cater to your preferences and make your travel preparations smoother than ever. Whether you’re a tech-savvy traveler or prefer the traditional approach, Japan Airlines check in process offers tailored boarding solutions to suit the travelers’ needs.

Japan Airlines check in

What is Japan Airlines online check in?

Save time and skip the lines at the airport by taking advantage of online check in service – 

  • Access web check-in from 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time until 60 minutes.
  • You can use JAL’s QuiC online platform to effortlessly select your preferred seat, complete your check-in process, and receive your digital boarding pass. 

Eligibility – Online check-in is not available for certain flights – 

  • Service is not available for charter flights or codeshare flights operated by other airlines.
  • If you require Japan Airlines special assistance.
  • If you’ve booked through a travel agent.
  • When multiple passengers are traveling on different flights on the same day. 
  • If a passenger shares the same first and last name in the same flight booking. To know more, refer to the Japan Airlines name change policy.
  • If flight information in your booking has been updated but not reflected on your ticket.

Advance check-in – Register for advance web check-in from the moment you book your flight until 24 hours before your first flight’s departure.

Details required for web check-in – You must have the following details ready when you request Japan online check in

  • E-ticket or receipt for your flight.
  • Passport details for each passenger traveling.
  • Valid email addresses for all passengers 

Online methods – Passengers can request web check in, mobile app, and as well as automatic Japan Airline check in.

Please Note – Passengers who need to request a Japan Airlines flight cancellation, need to void the check-in request first.

Steps involved in the Japan Airlines web check in process

Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing Japan Airlines check in –

japan airlines web check in steps
  • If you’re a JAL app user, tap “Apply automatic check-in” on the top of the screen within the app. (More details in the section below).
  • For online check-in, press the “Check in now” button.
web check in process for japan airlines
  • You can search for the flight booking either through the Reservation Number, e-ticket number, or Authorization Number.
  • If you’re searching through the Reservation Number, add the flight number, departure date, and the name of the passenger. 
japan airlines web check in process
  • If you’re doing the web check-in with partner airlines, choose the “Passengers who have booked the flight operated by other airlines” option.
  • Select the number of passengers that are required to be checked in. If your booking comprises only one passenger, this screen will be bypassed.
  • If your travel companion has a separate record location, you can select the “ADD PASSENGER” button. 
japan airlines passenger selection
  • Confirm passenger and flight details. Tick the box indicating agreement to restricted item policies. Click the “Confirm” button to proceed.
  • Review assigned seat details or opt to change via the “Seat Map” button. If content with the current seat assignment, click “Continue”.
Japan airlines web check in seat map
  • Select the passengers’ seats. Confirm by pressing the “Confirm Seats” button.
japan airlines online seat selection
  • Add your booking details for verification.
  • Enter passport details. Confirm by checking the box and clicking the “Confirm Details” button.
  • Enter your contact information.
japan airlines online check in contact details
  • Choose how you’d like to receive your boarding pass.
  • Your check-in process is now complete.

How to perform Japan Airlines check-in automatically?

Let’s dive into the steps to streamline the check-in process – 

  • Click on the “Web check-in” option located on the top page.
auto check-in with japan airlines
  • JAL app users can easily initiate the process by selecting “Apply automatic check-in” from the top of the app screen.
  • Press the “Apply automatic check-in” button.
  • Opt for the “Check in now” button.
japan airlines auto check-in steps
  • Enter all necessary information to complete the registration by simply pressing the “REGISTER” button.
  • You will receive a Japan airline boarding pass 24 hours before your scheduled departure. 
  • Ensure your documents include a 2D barcode. Passengers need this for successful boarding. 

How does kiosk check-in work for Japan Airlines?

Passengers can request to check in through the airport counter as well as through self-service check-in kiosks.

Check-in through the kiosk – If you have an e-ticket, but do not hold a boarding pass – 

  • You can check-in 1 hour before departure
  • For domestic flights within Japan, no check-ins are required.

Features of check-in kiosk

The kiosks offer a range of functionalities – 

  • Perform check-in for your flight with ease.
  • Personalize your journey by selecting your seat. 
  • Print your boarding pass.
  • Obtain a luggage receipt for JAL TEBURA service.
  • Secure your e-ticket itinerary.
  • Print luggage tags

Requirements for kiosk check-in

Ensure you have the following items at hand for the kiosk check-in on Japan Airlines:

For JMB MembersFor Non-JMB Members
JALCARD/JMB CardMobile Phone with JAL IC (NFC) function
2D Barcode printout (e-ticket itinerary/receipt)2D Barcode printout (e-ticket itinerary/receipt)
8- or 12-digit Order Number8- or 12-digit Order Number

How to request kiosk check-in

Follow these simple steps for Japan Airline check-in via the kiosk

  • When you visit the kiosk, select one of the following items on the display screen –
kiosk check-in with japan airlines
  • Select “Check-in” as your desired service.
japan airlines kiosk check in steps
  • Adhere to on-screen instructions to check in for up to 6 passengers.
  • Once check-in is complete, the confirmation screen will detail your boarding essentials.
japan airlines kiosk check in completion

Timeline – Ensure each passenger adheres to these deadlines – 

  • Carry the required items for boarding.
  • Pass through the security checkpoint a minimum of 20 minutes before departure.
  • For checked bags, arrive at the Japan Airlines baggage counter at least 30 minutes before departure.

Restrictions – Japan Airlines check in through the kiosk is not available under the following circumstances – 

  • Travel on codeshare flights operated by another airline.
  • Possession of a non-machine-readable passport.

What is the recommended Japan Airlines check in time?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to check in time and procedures –

MethodFlight TypeTimingBaggage
Online Check-in (QuiC)International24 hours to 1 hour before departure2 hours before departureApplies to Japan Airlines, partner airlines
Online Check-in (QuiC)For Finnair codeshare flightStarting 36 hours before departure2 hours before departureNA
Online Check-in (QuiC)Domestic (Japan)24 hours to 1 hour before departure30 mins before departure30 minutes before departure
Self-Service KioskInternationalArrive at the security gate 20 mins before takeoff. The boarding gate closes 10 minutes before departure2 hours before departureNA
Self-Service KioskDomestic (Japan)1 hour before departure2 hours before departureNA
Airport Counter Check-inInternationalLatest 60 minutes before departure60 minutes before departureNA
Airport Counter Check-inDomesticLatest 30 minutes before departure30 minutes before departure30 minutes before departure

Please Note – Here are the Japan Airlines airport check-in counter hours

What documents are needed for Japan Airlines check-in?

Make sure you have the following documents handy at the Japan Airlines check-in counter – 

  • Your flight’s booking confirmation or reservation number.
  • A valid passport.
  • Your e-ticket itinerary or receipt.
  • If you’re traveling to a country that requires a visa.
  • If you require special assistance, such as medical or mobility support, relevant documentation may be required.
  • Keep your printed or e-boarding pass handy.
  • If you’re traveling with children, a birth certificate is required to validate the age.
  • Frequent flyer or loyalty program membership cards.

How to get Japan Airlines boarding pass?

Japan Airlines offers you a range of convenient options to retrieve your boarding pass – 

Receive Japan Airlines boarding pass by e-mail – You’ll receive a printed or mobile boarding pass directly in your inbox. Simply request a copy of the printed boarding pass or save the mobile boarding pass (2D barcode) from the email onto your device.

Japan Airlines print boarding pass – The home print boarding pass will be displayed on a separate screen for you to print and carry along.

Mobile boarding pass – Access your Mobile Boarding Pass directly on your screen. Save it to your Google Wallet for convenient use.

What are Japan Airlines check in baggage guidelines?

Baggage must meet specific weight and size requirements to ensure a smooth travel experience. Below is the overview –

Fare ClassMaximum WeightMaximum BagsMaximum Linear Dimension
Economy / Premium Economy50 pounds (23 kg)2 bagsUp to 80 inches (203 cm)
Business / First Class70 pounds (32 kg)3 bagsUp to 80 inches (203 cm)

Japan Airlines offers options that cater to every traveler’s preferences. By providing an array of choices, Japan Airlines ensures that you’re in control of your travel preparations, allowing you to focus on stress-free travel.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to check-in with Japan Airlines?

You have the option to check in online or at the airport, depending on your preference and convenience. You can also streamline the check-in by requesting the auto check-in. At the airport, you have the option to request self-service kiosk check in. 

How to check-in online with Japan Airlines?

To check in online with JAL, simply visit their official website or use their mobile app. Enter your booking details, follow the prompts, and you’ll receive the digital boarding pass 

Can you check-in online for Japan Airlines international flights?

Yes. Japan Airlines offers online check-in services for both domestic and international flights, making your travel preparations smooth and hassle-free.

How many bags are allowed to check-in on Japan Airlines?

Economy class passengers can usually check in one bag, premium economy and Business Class can check in two checked bags. The number of bags you can check in depends on your ticket type and destination.

How early can you check-in for Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines typically allows passengers to check in online 24 to 72 hours before their flight’s departure time, depending on the route and departure airport.

What time is check-in for Japan Airlines international flights?

For international flights, check-in is available up to 1 hour before your flight’s scheduled departure time.

What is electronic check-in on Japan Airlines?

Electronic check-in with Japan Airlines allows you to complete the process online, receive your boarding pass electronically, and choose your preferred seat before arriving at the airport.

Is web check-in suspended for Japan Airlines flights?

Web check-in services are usually available for all JAL operated flights so, there might be exceptional cases that could affect online check-in.

Is there an easy way to check-in on Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines offers auto check-in that completes the web check-in process on automation. Passengers will receive the boarding directly in their inbox up to 24 hours before the departure.

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