Cathay Pacific is a 5-star airline that functions domestically as well as internationally and has a wide base of passenger range due to its exceptional top-notch services and the ultra-flexible policies for its passengers. Having its headquarter in Hong Kong, the airline has quite literally expanded due to its demand. It is no wonder why Cathay Pacific has now successfully taken over the Emirates. Now change ticket Cathay Pacific without any hassle, make sure to run through the article and know about the basics to the most significant detail about the airline. Read along to get the easy Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy. 

Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy

Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy 

The best way to change the flight tickets is online, whether the passenger has booked it via the web or grabbed it from the airport. Cathay Pacific airline change flight can be done instantly without having to go through the long and tedious traditional processes. Cathay Pacific change flight policy is specially crafted to provide its passengers with the liberty to make the changes hassle-free. The passengers can now make any relevant changes at a small amount by paying the Cathay Pacific ticket change fee. 

Cathay Pacific Changing Flight Cost 

If you’re rebooking the flight due to some reason you might have to face a rebooking fee of 150 USD for promotional fares and the premium save fares while the standard or economy air just have to pay a penalty of 50 USD. Change ticket Cathay Pacific without any hassle by doing it online. The flight change fares are applicable as per the class in which the passenger is deciding to travel, the ideal fee for different classes would look something like this- 

  • Standard economy for        $50
  • Premium economy for        $150
  • Rerouting for                         $150

Cathay Pacific Date Change Policy

Cathay Pacific is known to be one of the largest international airlines that flies between America and Asia. The set of rules for Cathay Pacific booking change depending on a certain situation. For standby customers, have a different set of procedures than usual passengers flying from the airline. 

The passengers can change the date of their flight for free within 1 hour of booking while done via the internet, when you change flight Cathay Pacific online, a new e-ticket would be sent to your email directly by the airline. However, there are certain conditions when the airline changes its policy which are-

  • Peak season and demand, the new routes, if added
  • If the time is changed from morning to night and vice versa 
  • If the flight is not functioning anymore on that day
  • Any change in the flight number

Cathay Pacific Change Flight Online

When it comes to Cathay Pacific change flight policy, the passengers are lucky because the process is very simple and can be done by anyone in the blink of an eye. If you want to make Cathay Pacific change in travel dates online, follow these simple steps to get your work done. 

  • Make sure to visit the official website of Cathay Pacific Air and enter the relevant booking details.
  • Now you will get to see the option of “Manage My Travel”
  • Give the details of your booking so that your flight can be fetched
  • Now that you have selected the individual flight, press the corresponding button to make your desired changes. 
  • Voila! Your flight details are changed, a sum of money might have to be paid depending on the date, fare etc.

Cathay Pacific Change Name on Ticket 

Apart from all the perks that this Airline offers, the only drawback that the passengers might have to face is that Cathay Pacific Airline does not allow the change in name on the flight ticket. If you have miss pelt your name by mistake, you can change it for free but if you are planning to reissue the ticket on the name of a different person, that would not be possible. 

However, if you wish to sell the ticket by entirely changing the identity, you would not have the leverage to do so. It is highly advisable to cross-check your name before finally booking your ticket if you wish to save on the hassle and trouble. There’s no Cathay Pacific name change fee applicable however the passengers might have to face some issues and stay on hold due to it. The document proof is required for confirmation. 

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy

Cathay Pacific cancellation policy is flexible, you can simply visit their website and cancel the ticket in the way you bought it. The passenger can also try to contact the customer help center at the toll-free number for better assistance. 

If you have bought the ticket from a third party such as travel agents, get in touch with them and request for a cancellation. Make sure to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the booking time if you want to get a 100% refund. Cancelling the ticket later might result in partial refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to change meal preference in Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is a passenger’s favorite for a reason, it takes care of the smallest to the most significant issues of its customers. If you want to change the meal preference and have some specific dish that you’d want to eat, you can make the desired changes under the “Manage booking” section. However, you will have to make the changes 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

How to change air ticket date Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific’s flight date can be changed by booking at their official website, a small amount of fees is applicable as per the type of fare that you chose.

Can I change the passenger name Cathay Pacific?

Yes, if you are changing the name for yourself then you might do so by visiting their website without having to pay any amount, however if you are planning to change and reissue it in the name of some other person, that would not be possible.

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    My father received an email from the airline informing him that the flight will be departing six days late. I was so concerned that I contacted the officials and requested that the earlier trip be rescheduled. The agent reviewed the policy to change Cathay Pacific flight and instructed me that I would have to pay a 20% surcharge if I rescheduled the flight. I paid the bill, and the agent completed the trip according to my expectations.

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