Cathay Pacific Pet Policy does not allow pets to travel in the cabin with the exception applies to service or guide dogs. The airline allows pets to travel as checked baggage as well as cargo services.

cathay pacific pet policy

Follow the Cathay Pacific dog travel guidelines below to make the most of your travel with your pet.

What are the key takeaways from Cathay Pacific pet policy?

Here’s everything you need to know about Cathay Pacific Airlines pet policy 

Bringing your pet onboard – Only medically certified service dogs are allowed in the cabin. Additionally, 

  • Dogs, cats, and birds have the option to travel as checked baggage in the cargo hold
  • All other pets cannot travel under Cathay Pacific pet in cabin service. 
  • Pets must travel as cargo baggage on non-stop flights between Hong Kong and New Zealand

Cathay Pacific pet travel fee – The airline calculates the pet fee on a per-kilo basis using standard excess baggage rates, as per the baggage guidelines.

Pet Weight (lb/kg)Total Size (cm/in)Fee (USD)
Up to 50 lb / 23 kgUp to 158 cm / 62 inTwice the extra baggage fee per piece
50.01 – 70 lb / 23.01 – 32 kgUp to 208 cm / 80 inBase fee + USD 150 for exceeded limit
Exceeds 70 lb / 32 kgExceeds 208 cm / 80 in4x the fee per piece

Traveling with pups and kittens – Puppies and kittens must be fully weaned and a minimum of 8 weeks old to be eligible for travel.

Booking timeline – Passengers must make pet reservations at least 48 hours before their departure.

Breed restrictions – Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) cat and dog breeds cannot be accepted for travel.

Temperature conditions – Passengers need to request Cathay Pacific flight cancellation if the runway temperature at your departure airport is above 84°F (29°C) or below 45°F (7°C).

What are the Cathay Pacific guidelines for Pets as baggage?

cathay pacific pet as checked baggage

Pets are permitted to travel in the cargo hold as checked baggage on most Cathay Pacific flights. The other important conditions under Cathay Pacific pet policy include –

  • When departing from Hong Kong, contact the local Cathay Pacific office to check if they can accept your pet as checked baggage.
  • Cathay Pacific restricts pet travel on certain flights, such as those to San Francisco, LA, New York, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. 

Cathay Pacific pet carrier requirements

Your pet’s carrier must meet the following criteria – 

  • Carriers that exceed 203cm/80 inches in size and 70lb/32 kg in weight (including the pet) will not be accepted unless prior approval has been obtained.
  • Carriers must be lockable, escape-proof, and leak-proof.
  • Ample ventilation is a must.
  • The carrier should comfortably allow the pet to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around.
  • IATA-approved pet carriers are required.
  • The carrier must have absorbent material on the floor.

Cathay Pacific dog travel carriers – The carrier must be made of solid fiberglass or rigid plastic/metal with welded metal mesh. Wooden containers are not permissible.

Cathay Pacific carriers for cats – Must be composed of solid fiberglass, wood, rigid plastic, or metal. Welded and wire mesh containers are not recommended.

What paperwork is required for pets as baggage?

As per Cathay Pacific pet policy, your pet’s health certificate must specify that it’s being transported in an approved Cathay Pacific pet cargo crate. In addition – 

  • An acclimation certificate may be necessary for extreme weather conditions.
  • A veterinarian’s certification
  • Pet passport and other relevant import/export permits.
  • Cathay Pacific pet cargo price receipt.

What are the restrictions for pet travel as baggage?

Cathay Pacific pet transport is not permitted on the codeshare flights or any other flights outside Cathay Pacific. 

Restricted breeds – The airline does accept the following breeds neither as checked baggage nor as cargo – 

Dog Breeds

Chow ChowPug (all breeds)Tibetan Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles SpanielPekingeseStaffordshire Bull Terrier
BulldogMastiff (all breeds)Shih Tzu
Boston TerrierLhasa ApsoShar Pei
AffenpinscherJapanese Chin (Japanese Spaniel)English Toy Spaniel
Brussels GriffonDogue de BordeauxBoxer

Cat breed

Exotic shorthairSphynx catHimalayan cat
BurmeseScottish FoldPersian cat
British shorthair

Fees for pet travel as excess baggage on Cathay Pacific

To determine the Cathay Pacific pet travel cost

  • Identify whether the luggage policy is based on the number of items (pieces) or their weight.
  • If your flight’s baggage policy uses weight as the criteria refer to the table below – 
From / ToZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
Hong Kong SARUSD 13 per kgUSD 20 per kgUSD 25 per kgUSD 45 per kg
Zone 1USD 15 per kg
  • If your flight’s baggage is piece-based, use the outlined table below to calculate the cost for Cathay Pacific pet transport. The pet travel fee mentioned below is applicable when the weight and size of the pet and the carrier must be within 23kg (50lbs) and 158 cm (62in) respectively. 
From / ToZone 1Zone 2/3Zone 4Zone 5/6
Hong Kong SARUSD 200 per pieceUSD 260 per pieceUSD 300 per pieceUSD 400 per piece
Zone 1USD 240 per piece

If the total weight and size of the pet and its carrier exceed 23kg (50lbs) or larger than 158cm (62in), the following charges would be applicable – 

Additional ChargeZone 1Zone 2/3Zone 4Zone 5/6
From Hong Kong SARUSD 60 per pieceUSD 100 per pieceUSD 130 per pieceUSD 150 per piece
From Zone 1USD 80 per piece
  • If your pet and its carrier together are within 23kg (50lbs) and 203cm (80in), there will be an added fee of USD 200 for each set, as per Cathay Pacific pet policy.
  • If the combined weight of the pet and its carrier is over 32kg (70 lbs), and the overall dimensions surpass 203cm (80in), you’ll incur a charge equivalent to four times the extra baggage fee per set.

Zone details for pet travel fees

The Cathay Pacific pet travel cost is calculated based on the zones – 

Zone 1

  • Chinese Mainland, Macao SAR, Taiwan China
  • Central/East Asia – Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia (in Asia), South Korea
  • South East Asia – Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Selected routes – Between Taiwan China and Japan/South Korea
  • Between Thailand and Singapore
  • Between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

Zone 2

  • South Asia – Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Zone 3

  • Middle East – Bahrain, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Zone 4

  • South West Pacific – Australia, Fiji, New Zealand
  • Europe – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Africa – South Africa

Zone 5

  • North America – Canada, Mexico, United States

Zone 6

  • Central and South America – Brazil, Chile, Peru

How to book pets as cargo on Cathay Pacific?

If you’re considering sending your pet through Cathay Pacific pet cargo service go, we’ve outlined the procedures and requirements.

Cathay Pacific pet transport – If you’re choosing Cathay Cargo for your pet’s transportation, simply drop off your pet at the cargo terminal before departure.

Passengers can book Cathay Pacific pet travel cost through one of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association and Animal Transport Association authorized agents as mentioned below –

Company NameCertifiedEmailTelephone
Aeropet Company(IPATA)[email protected]852 2744-3330
Canlife Pets Moving Limited(ATA)[email protected]852 9544-933
Export-A-Pet Ltd (IPATA)(IPATA)[email protected]852 2358-177
Ferndale Kennels and Cattery(IPATA/ATA)[email protected]852 2791-933
International Pet Travel (IPATA)(IPATA)[email protected]852 3428-216
PetExportVet (IPATA)(IPATA)[email protected]852 2403-9628
Pet Holidays (Hong Kong) Company LTD (IPATA)(IPATA)[email protected]852 2287-824
Relopaws Ltd. (IPATA)(IPATA)[email protected]852 6485-0111

Pet breeds and size restrictions for cargo transport

Cathay Cargo accepts a variety of brachycephalic breeds from Hong Kong. However, they are permitted on the following routes – 

  • Hong Kong to London
  • Hong Kong to Melbourne

There is an embargo on the live animals under the following animals as per Cathay Pacific Airlines pet policy 

  • Animals are transported for laboratory experiments, research, or testing purposes.
  • Greyhounds meant for dog racing or any other commercial purpose.
  • Korean squirrels and skunks
  • Shipments labeled as “Hunting Trophy”, “Animal Trophy”, and “Mounted Trophy”.
  • Birds cannot be shipped.
  • Shark and ray fins.
  • Transporting cetaceans for amusement or entertainment purposes is not permitted.
  • Shipping ivory and related items is restricted.
  • Rhino horns
  • Tiger pelts and bones

Seasonal restrictions – As per Cathay pet policy, cargo travel for pets is only accepted between January-May and October-December.

Cathay Pacific pet cargo carrier requirements – Breeds with snub noses are accepted in a container that is 10% larger than the standard size. In consideration of animal well-being, each container can only accommodate one snub-nosed animal.

What are the documents required for pet as cargo?

As per Cathay Pacific pet travel international policy, your pet must be certified by a veterinarian as healthy, free from communicable diseases, and fit for travel. The requirements include – 

  • Health certificate
  • Import/export permits
  • microchip documentation
  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Acclimation certificate

What is Cathay Pacific policy regarding service dogs?

cathay pacific policy for service dogs

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling under Cathay Pacific service dog policy – 

Guide dogs – As per Cathay Pacific dog policy, the airline allows passengers with disabilities to travel with guide dogs on board. This category includes hearing, guide, and service dogs.

Cathay Pacific pet travel cost – No fee would be applied for Cathay Pacific dogs in cabin service. 

Requirements – Guide/assistance dogs must hold accreditation from one of the following organizations – 

  • Assistance Dogs International
  • Assistance Dogs Europe
  • International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)

Booking – As per Cathay Pacific pet policy, reservations for the service dog must be made at least 48 hours before departure.

To know more, check out the guidelines on Cathay Pacific traveling with animals.

General guidelines for service dogs on Cathay Pacific

Here are the key points to consider – 

  • The guide dog must be a dog, at least 4 months old, and fully trained. 
  • Dogs undergoing training must follow Cathay Pacific pet policy for travel.
  • The guide dog must remain on the floor below a seat, at the passenger’s feet, or in their lap if smaller than a 2-year-old infant.
  • The guide dog must not encroach on the aisle, or another passenger’s seat.
  • It must not occupy a seat and should remain seated on the floor even if larger than a 2-year-old infant.
  • Under Cathay Pacific service dog guidelines, the dog must accompany the passenger at all times.

Behavior – Certain behavior is recommended as per Cathay Pacific pet policy 

  • The guide dog should always be leashed, harnessed, or tethered.
  • Excessive barking, growling, biting, lunging, or jumping on people is not permitted.
  • Urinating or defecating within the cabin, gate area, or terminal is strictly prohibited.

On the day of departure – Passengers must arrive at the Cathay Pacific check-in counter up to 3 hours before scheduled departure. 

By following these key takeaways, you can embark on your journey with the confidence that you’ve considered every aspect of your pet’s travel needs. Cathay Pacific pet policy aims to create a comfortable and safe environment for your beloved pets as they join you on your adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Cathay Pacific allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, Cathay Pacific does allow pets in the cabin but only as guide or service dogs. 

Can my pet sit on my lap on the plane?

Small service animals or guide dogs that are allowed in the cabin can either remain seated on a floor without occupying an aisle or sit on the passenger’s lap. 

How much does it cost to fly with a pet in a cabin on Cathay Pacific?

The airline does not charge any fee for service dogs to fly under Cathay Pacific in cabin travel service. 

Does Cathay Pacific accept dogs?

Yes, Cathay Pacific generally accepts service or guide dogs who can assist visually or hearing impaired passengers.

Can I fly in cargo with my dog?

Cathay Pacific provides options for flying with pets in the cargo hold. However, specific regulations and procedures are needed to be followed.

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