A Complete Guide to Philippine Airlines Change Flight Policy

Founded in 1941, Philippine Airlines is one of the oldest airlines operating from the heart of Asia. The airline functions domestically as well as internationally and commands a huge fan base owing to its top-notch services and ultra-flexible policies. Headquartered in PNB Financial Centre in Pasay, the airline has quite literally evolved as a result, now, the Philippine Airlines change flight procedure can be done without any hassle. Run through the following guide to know everything about the Philippine Airlines flight change policy. 

Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

Philippine Airlines flight change policy

The best way to change the flight tickets is online, whether the passenger has booked it via the web or grabbed it from the airport. The desired changes in the flight can be done instantly without having to go through the long and tedious traditional processes. The Philippine Airlines flight change policy is specially crafted to provide its passengers with the liberty to make the changes hassle-free. The passengers can now make any relevant changes by paying the Philippine Airlines flight change fee. 

Philippine Airlines change fee

According to the Philippine Airlines flight change policy, any change and cancellation made within 24 hours of the booking will allow you to make any desired changes for free. If the passenger is rebooking the flight after 24 hours due to some reasons they might have to pay a rebooking fee of 150 USD for promotional fares and premium save fares while the passengers with standard or economy airfare just have to pay a penalty of 50 USD. Change bookings of Philippine Airlines without any hassle by doing it online or dial toll. The flight change fares are applicable as per the class in which the passenger is deciding to travel. 

Philippine Airlines date change policy

Philippine Airlines is one of the most preferred airlines. The set of rules for Philippine Airlines booking change depending on a certain situation. For standby customers, there’s a different set of procedures. 

The passengers can change the date of their flight for free within 1 hour of booking when done via the internet. You can simply drop a mail to make any changes online. A new e-ticket would be sent to your email directly by the airline. However, there are certain conditions when the airline changes its policy such as: 

  • Peak season and demand, the new routes, if added
  • If the time is changed from morning to night and vice versa 
  • If the flight is not functioning anymore on that day
  • Any change in the flight number

Philippine Airlines name change policy 

Apart from all the perks that this Airline offers, the only drawback is that the passengers can only change their name if they have booked their tickets from the official website of the Philippine Airlines. The changes have to be made at least 24 or 48 hours before the departure of the flight. You have the liberty to either change the name completely or correct the miss-pelt name. However, a small fee might be charged for changing the name. 

However, if you wish to sell the ticket by entirely changing the identity, you would not have the leverage to do so. It is highly advisable to cross-check your name before finally booking your ticket if you wish to save on the hassle and trouble. There’s a small Philippine Airlines name change fee applicable which depends on the fare type, the tickets and the date of booking. However, the passengers might have to face some issues and stay on hold due to it. The documents are required for the proof. 

How to change flights in Philippine Airlines? 

Changing flights with Philippine Airlines is quite simple. One can simply change the flight by dialing toll-free number or online by dropping an email or you can visit the Philippine Airlines ticket counter physically if you wish to change flight Philippine Airlines in the blink of an eye. 

However, a rebooking penalty might be charged depending on various factors such as when the passenger is willing to fly, which class he/she shifted to and the time. 

If changes are being made to a domestic flight, approximately 12% of VAT (Value Added Tax) would be added to the entire penalty amount that will be collected on a ticket. Some tickets cannot be re-booked, meaning the passenger would have to cancel the ticket and book the ticket once again so it is highly advisable to check the ticket once before booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

How to change the flight schedule in the Philippine airline? 

One can simply make any desired changes by contacting the customer support executive of Philippine Airlines or dropping an email. The cost to change flight Philippine Airlines might vary as per your booking. However, some tickets do not have the liberty to be modified to make sure to check the ticket before booking. 

How to change the seat in Philippine Airlines

To make any changes in your seating, you need to go to the check-in home page and retrieve your bookings. Press on the Change Seat option and choose any seat of your choice. 

How to change the flight date on Philippine Airlines? 

Philippine Airlines change date can be done in a jiffy, the procedure is entirely the same as it was for the schedule change. You can either e-mail the airline’s office or you can give a call to their office. Make sure to change the date within 24 hours of booking if you want to do it for free, additional charges would be levied if the changes are being made after a day. 

How to change flight time in Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines booking is quite simple and so is the change in flight time, the passenger can reach out to the airline’s office and make any desired timing changes. A rebooking penalty may be charged to the changed flight.

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    My flight was supposed to leave at 9 p.m. Despite leaving home early to get to the airport, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it due to construction work on the airport road. I met with a delegate on the way and informed her of my current situation. She carefully listened to my story and informed me of the Philippine Airlines flight change policy. I can make amendments to the fact that I have to pay fees on the day of departure. I was able to reschedule my flight at a more convenient time and pay a lower fare because of her.

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    Hello, My mother purchased a ticket thru a travel agent. Is she able to change the date to an earlier departure by calling Philippine Airlines directly and how much the fee is for?

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