In a rapidly changing world, SAS recognizes the significance of flexibility. This is precisely why SAS Airlines change flight policy to provide passengers with the freedom to modify their travel plans without the stress of intricate procedures or excessive charges. Regardless of the circumstance, whether it’s altering your flight, adjusting the route, or changing the date or time, SAS has you covered.

SAS airlines change flight

What are the SAS Airlines flight change Terms and Conditions?

Here are the key points to consider –

  • Passengers can change flights with SAS Airlines up to 1 hour before departure.
  • SAS Bonus Reward tickets can be rebooked right up to departure, provided the bonus points remain valid.
  • When rebooking onto a flight that has a higher fare than your original ticket, you will need to cover the fare difference.
  • Passengers have the option to rebook the flight ticket after the scheduled departure. The ticket remains valid for 361 days. The validity of SAS bonus tickets is 330 days.
  • SAS Airlines change fee may apply which varies with the fare type and the class of service. 

Process for SAS Airlines flight booking change

Changing a flight booking with SAS Airlines can be requested online as well as through SAS customer service – 

Online – Follow this step-by-step guide

  • Visit the SAS Airlines official website and navigate to the “Manage Booking” section of the website.
  •  Enter your booking reference or e-ticket number along with your last name to retrieve your reservation.
  • Once you access your booking, look for the option to modify your flight. 
  • Browse through available flights on your desired new travel date.
  • If there’s a difference in fare between your original flight and the new one, pay the applicable fare difference. 
  • After completing the payment, you should receive a confirmation email with the updated flight details.

Over the phone – To request a SAS Airlines change flight option from the customer service, follow these steps:

  • Look up the customer service contact information for SAS Airlines on the airline’s website. You can call from one of the following numbers – 
SAS Customer Service4687973010MON – FRI: 09.00-19.00
SAT: 09.00-17.00
SUN: 09.00-18.00
Extended Opening Hours Gold/Diamond4687974000MON – FRI: 19.00-01.00
SAT: 17.00-23.00
SUN: 18.00-23.00
  • Provide them with your booking reference and the name for the verification. 
  • Clearly state that you would like to request for the SAS Airlines change flight option.
  • Provide the details of your existing reservation such as booking reference and the passenger’s last name.
  • Ask the customer service agent to check the availability of the new flight on your desired travel date.
  • Check with the airline’s representative about any SAS Airlines change fee. 
  • If there’s a fare difference or change fee, provide the necessary payment information.
  • Once the flight change is processed and any payment is made, ask for a confirmation of the changes. This confirmation includes an updated travel itinerary.

SAS Airlines change flight according to the fare types

The ticket types offered by SAS Airlines allow you to customize your travel experience as per your needs. The SAS Airlines change flight policy may vary with the cabin class and ticket type as mentioned below – 

SAS Go Cabin Class

Fare OptionFlight changeRefund Policy
SAS Go LightRefundable. No cancellation fee appliesNon-refundable
SAS Go SmartChange is allowed for a feeNon-refundable
SAS Go Smart BioChange is allowed without a fee. Fare difference may applyNon-refundable
SAS GoProChange allowed without a fee. Fare difference may applyRefundable. No cancel fee applies
SAS Go BonusChange is allowed for a feeRefundable for a fee

SAS Plus Cabin Class

Fare OptionFlight changeRefund Policy
SAS Plus SmartChange is allowed for a feeRefundable. Cancellation fee applies
SAS Plus ProChange is allowed without a feeRefundable. Cancellation fee only applies for flights to/from China
SAS Plus Pro BioChange is allowed without a feeRefundable. No cancel fee applies
SAS Plus BonusChange is allowed for a feeRefundable. Cancellation fee applies

SAS Business Cabin Class

Fare OptionFlight changeRefund Policy
SAS Business SmartChange is allowed for a feeRefundable. A cancellation fee applies.
Flights to/from the US and Canada are non-refundable
SAS Business ProChange is allowed without a feeRefundable. Cancellation fee only applies for flights to/from China
SAS Business BonusChange is allowed for a feeRefundable. Cancellation fee applies

What is the SAS Airlines flight change fees?

As per SAS Airlines change flight policy, passengers holding SAS Go Pro, SAS Plus Pro, and SAS Business Pro are entitled to a free SAS Airlines change booking option. 

For passengers with SAS Bonus tickets, a rebooking fee will apply based on the flight and traveler – 

Flight DestinationFlight change fee
Domestic and European Flights25 USD / 32 CAD
To/From Asia and North America75 USD / 96 CAD

Can you change flight within 24 hours of booking?

Passengers cannot rebook or change a SAS Airlines ticket within 24 hours of booking. But passengers can cancel the flight, claim a full refund, and then rebook the flight to a different travel date/destination. 

  • As per SAS Airlines cancellation policy, passengers have the option to request flight cancellations within 24 hours of purchase without incurring any charges.
  • For instance, if you booked your trip at 5 p.m., you can cancel it until 5 p.m. the following day, given that your booking was made over 24 hours before departure.

Ticket purchased less than 24 hours – In cases where you booked your trip within 24 hours of departure, the ticket remains refundable up to 12 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time.

How to cancel – You can use the cancellation link in your confirmation email or access it through “My Bookings”.

Timeline – Please allow 3–5 banking days for the refund to appear on your statement.

Exceptions – In situations where you change your ticket before canceling within 24 hours, you’ll receive a refund for the ticket price, excluding the change price.

Eligible booking – This policy is applicable to tickets booked directly via the SAS official website, SAS App, or through SAS customer service phone number.

How to change seats on SAS Airlines flight?

You can choose your preferred seat when you are making your flight reservation, else you can change the seats on SAS Airlines flights through –

  • Online check-in – SAS Airlines typically allows passengers to change seats during the SAS Airlines check-in. This is usually available 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • At the airport – You can inquire about SAS Airlines change seat options at the airport check-in counter.

What is SAS name change policy?

SAS Airlines name change policy offers you the flexibility to modify the name on an unused ticket keeping in mind the following points – 

  • You can alter both SAS regular tickets and SAS Bonus tickets up to 1 hour before the flight’s departure time.
  • The airline allows name change. Please note that the SAS name change guidelines do not cover changing the passenger type (e.g., adult, child, youth).

Name change fee – A standard SAS Airlines change fee of 90 USD per passenger applies to the ticket type. 

What if SAS Airlines makes changes to the flight schedule?

As per SAS Airlines schedule change policy, the airline offers the following option – 

  • Rebooking – SAS Airlines might offer passengers the option to rebook onto an alternative flight without charging a change fee.
  • Refund – Passengers might be eligible for a full refund in case of a significant change in the flight schedule. The refund is applicable to the unused portion of the ticket. 
  • Missing flight connection – If the schedule change affects a passenger’s connecting flights, SAS Airlines typically provides assistance in rebooking. In this case, passengers are also entitled to receive compensation for SAS Airlines schedule changes.

SAS Airlines change flight policy serves as a testament to the airline’s commitment to enhancing the passenger journey. As you embark on your next adventure, remember that SAS Airlines not only gets you to your destination but also empowers you to journey with comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I change my SAS ticket if I have checked in?

Yes, you can but please note that making changes to a checked-in ticket might require you to complete the check-in process. 

Is it possible to change a SAS Youth ticket?

Yes, to make changes to your SAS Youth ticket, you can reach out to SAS customer service. 

How do I change my SAS booking flight?

Visit the SAS Airlines website or use the SAS App. Locate the “Manage Booking” or “My Bookings” section. Enter your booking details to access your itinerary. Look for the option to change your flight. You might be able to rebook online,

Is there a way to change SAS flight date for free?

SAS Go Pro, SAS Plus Pro, and SAS Business Pro offer SAS Airlines change booking for free.

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