Air Europa Pet Policy allows passengers to travel with pets both in cabin and in the cargo hold but be aware that Air Europa may refuse to transport your pet if there is non-compliance with the requirements of departure and destination countries and in that case, Air Europa is not responsible for any expenses incurred due to non-compliance that result in the refusal to depart or enter into the destination country.

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What is Air Europa pet in cabin policy?

Air Europa pet policy allows brachycephalic dogs and cats under 8 kg to travel in the cabin and is carried in the pet carrier. The other pet travel requirements include –

Permitted Animals – On short- and medium-haul flights, you can bring along dogs, cats, small birds, fish, aquarium turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, and small rabbits. Birds of prey are not permitted. 

Pet Eligibility On Long-Haul Flights – For long-haul flights (e.g., Brazil-Madrid), only dogs and cats are allowed to be transported. 

Business Class – In the business cabin, transporting animals of any kind is not permitted.

Vaccinations – All dogs and cats must have up-to-date vaccinations. 

Minimum Age – Pets must be at least 3 months old to fly with Air Europa.

Unaccompanied Minors – Passengers under 16 years of age traveling alone and have availed Air Europa unaccompanied minor service are not permitted to carry pets either as checked baggage or in the cabin. 

Pet Carrier – Pets must travel in an approved carrier. It must have proper ventilation and provide enough space for your pet to ensure mobility and flexibility. 

Maximum Pets Per Carrier – In one container, a maximum of 3 animals of the same species is allowed. 

Carrier Dimension – The carrier should not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm in size.

Maximum Weight – The combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 10 kg, with the pet itself not exceeding 8 kg.

Seat Restrictions – Pets traveling in the cabin are not permitted in emergency or XL seats.

Air Europa pet in cabin fee

Pets may travel in the cabin for an additional fee. Here is the overview of the Air Europa pet fee – 

DestinationPet fee (in USD)
Mainland Spain and Balearic36
Canary Islands, Europe, Africa, and Intra-America52
Long Haul (Miami, Santo Domingo, New York, Punta Cana, San Jose)155
Long Haul (Other Long Haul Routes)181

Does Air Europa pet policy allow pets in the baggage hold?

Air Europa pet policy

Yes, as per Air Europa pet policy, only cats and dogs are accepted as checked baggage provided that the overall weight of the pets and cabin must not exceed 10 kg. 

General guidelines for pet travel in baggage hold

Ensure your pets have all the vaccinations before traveling. In addition – 

  • Pets must be at least 3 months old to fly with Air Europa.
  • They should travel in an approved carrier equipped with proper ventilation. 

Maximum pets allowed per container – A maximum of 2 animals can be transported in the same container. They must be of similar size. The combined weight of pets must not exceed 14 kg.

Same breed – If they are from the same litter and no older than 6 months, this limit extends to 3 animals.

Approved pet carriers – Pets must be transported in rigid carriers with metal doors approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Carriers composed of wire mesh or welded mesh are not permitted. 

Must be leashed – Dogs classified as potentially dangerous must wear an appropriate muzzle to prevent any damage to the carrier or their handlers. 

Passengers traveling with pets on connecting flights – On connecting flights from a non-EU country, the connecting airport must be Madrid, as it has a Border Inspection Post (BIP) at the airport. The minimum connection time is 3 hours, as you’ll need to collect your pet, pass through customs for documentation checks, and return to the check-in counter.

Seasonal restrictions – Between June 15th and September 15th every year, checked animals cannot be accepted in the hold for connecting flights in Madrid between 11:00 and 20:00 local peninsular time.

Additional fee for Air Europa travel with pets – For pets traveling in the hold, there will be an additional fee based on the following destination

Fee for pet travel in Air Europa baggage hold

DestinationPet fee (in USD)
Mainland Spain and Balearic93
Canary Islands, Europe, Africa, and Intra-America155
Long Haul (Miami, Santo Domingo, New York, Punta Cana, San Jose)310
Long Haul (Other Long Haul Routes)361

Please Note: The fees for Air Europa travel with pets is non-refundable.

What are Air Europa service dog travel guidelines?

Air Europa service dog travel

A service animal is defined as a dog that is trained to perform tasks for passengers with disabilities or similar medical conditions. The airline allows service dogs inside the cabin at an additional cost. 

Fee – Service animals travel at no additional cost.

Onboard restrictions – The service animal may travel on your lap or within your foot space on the aircraft.

Please Note: Air Europa service dog policy does not consider emotional support animals, comfort animals, companionship animals, and animals in training as service animals. 

Types of service dogs accepted on Air Europa flights

As per Air Europa pet policy, the airline welcomes the following types of service animals – 

  • Guide dogs – Specially trained to assist blind or visually impaired individuals.
  • Signal dogs – Trained to assist deaf or hearing-impaired individuals by alerting them to specific sounds.
  • Medical assistance dogs – Trained to mitigate medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, or conditions leading to loss of consciousness.
  • Service dogs for physical disabilities or autism – Pets that are trained to support individuals with physical disabilities or autism spectrum disorder.
  • Rescue dogs – Fully trained to locate missing persons after disasters, working alongside rescue teams and wearing appropriate harnesses. They travel without occupying a seat. 

Please Note: If you need to travel with more than 5 pets, the Air Europa Cargo Pet Department is here to assist you. You can reach them by calling 934 90 40 38.

Documents required for Air Europa service dog travel

To request Air Europa pet travel with service dogs, you need to do the following paperwork – 

  • All documents demonstrating compliance with the customs.
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Pet passport 

Special requirements for travel to/from the US

Passengers need to complete the following norms – 

What are regional guidelines for Air Europa pet travel?

On long-haul international flights only cats and dogs are allowed to be transported provided they must have the necessary vaccinations and must be at least 3 months old. 

Under the Air Europa pet policy international, you must be aware of these guidelines based on the following travel regions – 

Travel within Spanish territory – Passengers must possess the Official Health Card or Certificate of Good Health issued by an official veterinarian within 10 days before the flight’s departure. This would be required for both outbound and return journeys. Only the rabies vaccine is mandatory. 

Travel to Spain from any member state of the European Union – our pet should have a microchip or tattoo. It must remain legible. Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies with a valid vaccine at the time of travel. The record of the vaccine must be mentioned in the pet’s European passport. 

Travel to any member state of the European Union from Spain – Your pet must have an electronic identification system or a clearly legible tattoo. The tattoo must match with the alphanumeric code in the passport. Add to that –

  • Pets should have received rabies vaccination.
  • When traveling to Finland, Ireland, Malta, or Norway with a dog, they must be treated for Echinococcus between 120 and 24 hours before entering the destination country. This is required in addition to the aforementioned Air Europa pet travel documents. 

For travel to/from the UK – For flights to/from the United Kingdom, pets must travel with Air Europa Cargo.

Travel to third countries – When traveling to a third country, it’s crucial to consult the specific requirements with the Embassy or Consulate of that country. Passengers are not allowed to fly with pets that have not reached 3 months of age, as per Air Europa pet policy. 

Are there any restrictions for snub nosed animals on Air Europa?

snub nosed animals on Air Europa

Brachycephalic animals under 8 kg are allowed for Air Europa pet in cabin travel. Here are the guidelines – 

Risk of respiratory problems – Certain brachycephalic breeds are at a higher risk of experiencing respiratory problems and overheating during travel. 

In-cabin travel – As per Air Europa pet in cabin policy, brachycephalic breeds can only travel as companion pets in the cabin. 

Weight limit – For in-cabin travel, the pet’s weight, including their container, must not exceed 10 kg.

The snub-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds include –

PekingeseGriffon BruxelloisAmerican BullyCane CorsicanExotic Shorthair (Cat)Bulldog (all breeds)
Lhasa ApsoStaffordshire Bull TerrierMastiff (all breeds)Pug (all breeds)Chow ChowBoxer (all breeds)
Shar-PeiBirman (Cat)Cocker / Spaniel (all breeds)Himalayan (Cat)AffenpinscherPitbull
Boston TerrierPersian (Cat)Dogo (all breeds)British Shorthair (Cat)Shih-Tzu

What are the restrictions for dangerous dogs on Air Europa?

dangerous dogs on Air Europa

Under the Air Europa pet travel guidelines, potentially dangerous dogs are required to wear a muzzle suited to their breed type. This is essential to prevent damage to their crates and ensure the safety of airport handlers during the transport. 

Condition of acceptance – These animals will only be accepted if they are carried in custom-made, high-quality, and reinforced crates.

Dangerous Dogs that require muzzle on Air Europa

Based on their breed, the following dogs are classified as potentially dangerous and must wear a muzzle – 

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Rottweiler
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Tosa Inu
  • Akita Inu

Additional requirements to travel with dangerous dogs

A muzzle is required for the animals transported in the hold and are not included in the above classification – 

  • Chest perimeter between 60 cm (23.60 in) and 80 cm (31.50 in).
  • Large and strong jaws; robust, wide, and deep mouth.
  • Strong muscles, powerful, robust appearance, athletic configuration, agility, vigor, and endurance.
  • Weight in excess of 20 kg (44 lb).
  • Shoulder height between 50 cm (19.60 in) and 70 cm (27.50).

Air Europa Pet Policy ensures the safety and comfort of both passengers and pets. With clear guidelines and requirements in place, passengers can confidently travel with their pets, knowing that pets need to be taken care of throughout the journey. Additionally, the option to transport pets in the cabin or the cargo hold, depending on their size and weight, provides flexibility for passengers with different needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are pets accepted on Air Europa flights?

Yes, you can travel with pets on Air Europa flights both in the cabin as well as in the cargo compartment.

Can I take a service dog on Air Europa?

Yes, as per Air Europa pet travel policy, the airline allows service dogs at no additional cost. 

Can pets fly in cabin on Air Europa?

Yes, small cats, dogs, and birds can travel in the cabin with you on Air Europa flights. 

Which animals are never accepted on Air Europa flights?

Birds of prey, snub-nosed dogs, and any other exotic or wild animals.

Which animals are accepted on Air Europa flights?

Air Europa accepts dogs, cats, birds (except birds of prey), aquarium tortoises and fish, as well as some rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, or small rabbits

What advance arrangements are needed for pets on Air Europa flights?

Passengers must book the Air Europa pet travel up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

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