All Nippon Airways, or ANA, is committed to making air travel as convenient and comfortable as possible for passengers and their furry companions. All Nippon Airways pet policy allows passengers to travel with their pets as checked baggage, cabin baggage, or in-cabin on select international routes. 

Whether you are traveling with a small dog or a large cat, ANA has guidelines in place to ensure that both you and your pet have a safe and stress-free journey.

What covers under All Nippon Airways Pet In Cabin Travel?

Pets are not permitted in the passenger cabin on ANA flights. Only service dogs are permitted to fly for free in the passenger cabin with passengers who are disabled.

What conditions apply to All Nippon Airways Pet travel as Checked Baggage?

Certain domesticated animals may be transported by ANA as checked luggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. The compartment’s temperature and pressure are identical to those in the passenger cabin.

Pet Allowed

Small animals like hamsters, miniature birds, and rabbits, as well as cats, dogs, and other pets. Each cage may only contain one animal or one pair of birds (male and female).

Number of pets

There is a limit of three pet containers/carriers per flight.

Weight limit

The pet’s combined weight (including the container) must not exceed 99 lbs./45 kg.

Documents required

To travel with a pet as checked baggage with All Nippon Airways, the following documents are required:

  • A pet health certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian, states that the pet is in good health and fit to travel.
  • The Consent and Release Form should be completed and brought to the airport.
  • A certificate of export quarantine (if required).
  • A certificate of inoculation, showing that the pet has been vaccinated against rabies and other diseases.
  • Proof of ownership, such as a purchase receipt or other relevant documentation.
  • A container or kennel that complies with ANA’s size and safety requirements for pet transport.
  • Payment of the applicable fee for pet transportation.

It is important to note that the requirements for pet travel may vary depending on the destination country and its specific regulations. Passengers should consult ANA’s pet policy and contact the airline in advance to ensure they have all the necessary documents and arrangements in place for their pet’s travel.

How to book pet travel as checked baggage with ANA?

To book pet travel as checked baggage with ANA, you can follow these steps:

  • Contact ANA’s reservation center or travel agent to inform them of your intention to travel with a pet.
  • Confirm that your pet is accepted as checked baggage and that the flight you’re booking allows for pets.
  • Prepare a pet container that meets ANA’s requirements for size and ventilation.
  • Make sure your pet has a health certificate and any necessary vaccinations.
  • Arrange for payment of the pet fee, which varies depending on the flight and destination.
  • Check in for your flight with your pet and pet container, allowing enough time for additional processing.

It’s recommended to check All Nippon Airways pet policy before booking to ensure that you have all the necessary information and requirements.


Bring your pet and the necessary paperwork to the All Nippon Airways check-in desk at the airport. If your pet needs to be examined as part of the quarantine process, get that done first before going to the check-in desk.

  • To complete the check-in process, sign and return the Consent and Release Form and pay the ANA pet travel fee.
  • A truck will escort the pet to the aircraft.

Pet travel fee

The ANA checked baggage fee would be applicable for pet travel – 

  • Area 1 – North America, Hawaii, and Latin America
  • Area 2 – Europe, Russia (West of the Urals), the Middle East, and Africa
  • Area 3 – Russia (East of the Urals), Asia (incl. Japan), and Oceania
Travel routeBetween Area 1, Area 2 and Area 3Within Area (excluding Japan)Within Japan
Pet Travel Fee (in USD)40025040

Pet carrier requirements

The size of the pet carrier must be within 292cm/115in. The total weight of the carrier must not exceed 99 lb/45kg. The pet carrier must be – 

  • In compliance with IATA.
  • Have a bottom that won’t leak.
  • Must be rigid, formed of metal, solid wood, etc.
  • Should not be soft-sided.
  • Equipped with a security lock.
  • Have a water and food bowl inside the kennel that an ANA crew member can access from the outside.
  • Have adequate space for the pet to easily turn around, lie down, and stand up straight.
  • If the container or kennel has wheels, they must be detachable.
  • Must have three sides of ventilation (aside from the door).
  • Must have handles. 

Pet travel restrictions

To travel as checked baggage on All Nippon Airways, pets must meet the following restrictions:

  • The combined weight of the pet and container must not exceed 32 kg (70 lbs).
  • Cold-blooded creatures like lizards, reptiles, fish, and turtles are not accepted by ANA.
  • The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Australia do not allow the entry of pets as checked luggage. 
  • The airline does not accept snub-nosed breeds to travel in the baggage hold.
BulldogsFrench Bulldog  Brussels GriffonBoxerBoston Terrier
Bull TerrierChow ChowChinShih TzuKing Charles Spaniel
PugPekingeseTibetan Spaniel

What is All Nippon Airways Pet Cargo Policy?

As long as they are permitted to travel and are in an IATA-compliant pet container, larger pets and other animals can be transported as air cargo with ANA Cargo.

Pet Allowed

Warm-blooded mammals, such as cats, dogs, birds, primates, and others.

Documents required

To travel with a pet as cargo with All Nippon Airways, the following documents are required:

  • Obtain a health certificate from a registered veterinarian at least 10 days prior to departure certifying that your pet is:
  • It is safe to travel
  • free of human-transmittable illnesses
  • Completely vaccinated
  • Animated Livestock Label

How to book pet travel as cargo with ANA?

To book pet travel as cargo with All Nippon Airways, you can follow these steps:

  • Contact ANA Cargo: Contact ANA Cargo by phone or email to inquire about their pet transportation services. They will provide you with information on the available options, including the specific requirements and restrictions for pet travel as cargo.
  • Prepare your pet: Ensure that your pet meets the necessary health and vaccination requirements and has the required documentation.
  • Book the flight: Reserve your flight and inform the airline of your intention to transport your pet as cargo. You will need to provide the airline with information on your pet’s breed, size, weight, and any other relevant information.
  • Pay for the pet travel: Pay for the pet travel fees, which can vary depending on the size of your pet and the destination.
  • Arrange for pet transportation to and from the airport: Arrange for pet transportation to and from the airport, as pet travel as cargo does not include door-to-door service.
  • Check-in: On the day of travel, check-in your pet at the cargo terminal and provide the necessary documentation and information to the airline.

Note: It’s recommended to check with airline’s Cargo beforehand to confirm the latest information on the All Nippon Airways pet policy, as they may have specific requirements that vary based on the route, destination, and time of year.

Check-in – You must check your pet in at the local ANA air cargo facility.

Pet fee – Call ANA Cargo to inquire about pet fees.

General Terms of Acceptance – The following conditions may apply – 

  • A healthy pet is an essential. 
  • There will be no acceptance of newly born pets.
  • Your pet must not require any extra feeding during the trip.
  • The name and breed of your pet must be given.
  • ANA does not allow short-headed dogs on its international flights.

Pet carrier requirement – As per All Nippon pet policy, the following requirement must be met – 

  • Your pet’s crate needs to have enough room for them to naturally sit, lay down, and stand up.
  • The pet crate must be constructed from a durable material that can survive wear and tear.
  • It must easily support the weight of the animal.
  • The pet crate needs to have enough ventilation and be aired on at least three sides.
  • The pet box needs to include a locking system to keep the doors from opening by accident.
  • In order to keep any portion of your pet’s body from sticking out the ventilation openings, they must be covered with fine meshing.
  • The pet container must keep your pet from escaping in whatever way possible and safeguard against harming other animals.
  • The interior of the pet cage should not have any protrusions that could hurt your pet.
  • Interiors of the pet crate need to be kept spotless at all times.
  • Water-absorbent material must be used for the pet crate’s floor in order to stop leaks.
  • The pet box must have the appropriate handles.

Breed restriction – Same as All Nippon Airways pet travel as checked baggage. 

Traveling with Service Dogs on ANA 

Assistance dogs are free to fly in the passenger cabin on ANA flights for disabled passengers. You must let ANA know in advance if you intend to travel with an assistance dog.

Flights within Japan – All Nippon Airways requires the following documents for service dogs to fly with them:

  • Proof of disability: A letter from a physician or licensed mental health professional indicating the need for a service animal.
  • Health certificate: A certificate from a veterinarian indicating the dog’s current health status and proof of vaccinations.
  • Identification: Identification for the service animal, such as a vest or tag, indicating that it is a service animal.
  • Training certification: Documentation showing that the service animal has received training from a professional service animal training program.

It’s recommended to contact All Nippon Airways directly to confirm the most up-to-date information and any additional requirements they may have.

Service dogs travel to and from the USA, Canada, and Mexico – Service dogs, guide dogs, mobility support dogs, and hearing dogs can travel for free, provided – 

  • A service dog must be properly trained to assist a person with a particular impairment.
  • It is necessary to teach alert dogs to warn their owners before a hypoglycemic shock, epileptic seizure, etc.
  • Psychiatric service canines must be trained to aid a person with a mental disorder, based on action and behavior.
  • To offer emotional assistance to a person suffering from a mental illness, canines must be trained.
Travel RouteBreedPet TravelRequired documents
To/from the U.S.Alert Dogs/Psychiatric /Service DogsMust apply at least 48 hours before departureU.S.DOT Animal Air Transportation Form 
To/from CanadaAlert Dogs/Psychiatric /Service DogsMust apply at least 4 days before departureService dog behavior and training attestation form
To/from MexicoAlert DogsNot requiredMust need credible assurance
Anywhere within the ANA networkEmotional Support Dogs/ Psychiatric Service DogsMust apply at least 24 hours before departureMust need credible assurance

When flying with the service dog, passengers must take a note of the following consideration – 

  • Service dogs must be tied, harnessed, and/or leashed.
  • The service dog must be trained especially to assist the disabled person. 
  • Your assistance dog might be questioned, and if it doesn’t fit the criteria, it will be checked in in the aircraft’s cargo hold.
  • Medium-sized and large dogs must remain seated in your foot space. 
  • You may be required to pay for the adjacent seat if your service dog encroaches on the personal space of another passenger.
  • Emotional support dogs are not permitted in the passenger cabin on ANA flights to or from the US and Canada. They must be transported as paid checked baggage just as regular pets.
  • Emotional support dogs are only permitted on codeshare flights operated by United Airlines if you’re flying domestically.
  • ANA will charge you if your service dog damages anything inside the plane or at the airport.

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In conclusion, All Nippon Airways pet policy allows passengers to travel with their pets under certain conditions. Passengers are advised to book their pet’s flight in advance and to check all the necessary requirements, including health and vaccination certificates, to ensure a smooth and safe journey for both the pet and the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ANA accept dogs?

All Nippon Airways pet policy which allows passengers to travel with small dogs as cabin baggage, subject to certain restrictions and fees.

How much does ANA charge for pets?

The cost for bringing pets on ANA flights depends on several factors, including the type of pet, the size of the pet’s carrier, the route being traveled, and the class of service.

Is ANA strict for dogs?

Only service and emotional support dogs are permitted inside the cabin. All other animals are not permitted.

Does All Nippon Airways allow dogs?

Yes, All Nippon Airways (ANA) allows dogs, but only as checked baggage and with certain restrictions. Service dogs are accepted inside the cabin. 

Does Ana allow dogs in the cabin?

All Nippon Airways (ANA) allows service dogs in the cabin, but with certain restrictions.