No matter the size of your pet, whether it’s a small dog or a large cat, ANA is committed to making air travel convenient and enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. The guidelines under All Nippon Airways Pet Policy are designed to prioritize your pet’s well-being and ensure that their needs are met throughout the journey.

All Nippon Airways Pet Policy

What Is All Nippon Airways pet in cabin policy?

Pets are not permitted in the passenger cabin on ANA flights. Only service dogs are permitted to fly for free in the passenger cabin with passengers who are disabled.

What conditions apply to All Nippon Airways (ANA) pet travel as checked baggage?

Certain domesticated animals may be transported by ANA as checked luggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. The compartment’s temperature and pressure are identical to those in the passenger cabin.

GuidelinesBasic Info
Pet AllowedMammals, Birds and other classes
Number of petsThere is a limit of three pet containers/carriers per flight.
Pets not allowedBirds of Prey (Eagles, Owls and Hawks)
Restricted Dog BreedsSnub-nosed breeds
Weight limitThe pet’s combined weight (including the container) must not exceed 99 lbs./45 kg.
Carrier RequirementsEach cage may only contain one animal or one pair of birds (male and female).
Baggage allowanceGuidelines under All Nippon Airways Baggage Policy would be applicable
EligibilityThis service is available for customers who have reserved ANA-operated flights 
Online reservationNot accepted
DeadlinePassengers can request pet travel up to 48 hours before scheduled departure
Pet Carrier dimensionMust be within  292 cm (115 in.). The total weight, with pets inside the cabin, must not exceed 45 kg. 

Please Note: Perth airport does not allow transportation of pets as checked baggage. 

Documents required for pet travel

To travel with a pet as checked baggage with All Nippon Airways, the following documents are required:

  • Obtain a pet health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Complete the Consent and Release Form
  • The destination may require a certificate of export quarantine.
  • A certificate of inoculation shows that the pet has been vaccinated against rabies and other diseases.
  • All Nippon Airways Pet Travel Fee Receipts
  • Pet Carrier that complies with the All Nippon Airways Pet Policy. 

Passengers should consult the airline in advance to ensure they have all the necessary documents and arrangements in place for their pet’s travel.

Pets that can be checked in

Please note the following eligibility requirements for small animals traveling as checked baggage:

  • Only domesticated small animals that are deemed suitable for air travel on an aircraft are allowed.
  • Animals that are kept for commercial or industrial purposes.
  • Pregnant small animals are restricted as checked baggage
  • Animals that are less than 4 months old are not permitted as checked baggage. 
  • Animals with pre-existing heart or respiratory problems are not eligible for travel. 

The checked baggage hold environment

Here are some factors to be aware of –

Humidity and temperature

  • Please note that the environment may differ from the passenger cabin due to external factors, such as outside temperature.
  • In hot weather, there is a possibility of the compartment becoming warm due to air temperature and reflected heat.
  • Variations in temperature and humidity may occur during aircraft loading and off-loading.


  • During the flight, noises from the engine, machine operation, and wind may be audible within the cargo compartment. There are also noises during loading, off-loading, and sounds of engines.
  • While these noises are a normal part of the aircraft’s operation, it’s important to consider their potential impact on your pet’s comfort.


  • It’s important to be aware that the room will be dark while your pet is in transit.

Immigration condition

As per All Nippon pet policy, the following conditions will apply –

  •  If you are traveling with a dog or cat to Japan, it is mandatory to submit the Animal Quarantine Service of Japan (AQS) at least 40 days before your scheduled arrival in Japan.
  • Pets need to go through quarantine for at least 12 hours. The maximum quarantine period for dogs and cats may extend up to 180 days in order to comply with regulations.
  • For passengers that are traveling with Rodents and Birds – Passengers must submit a notification document and a health certificate upon arrival.

How to book pet travel as checked baggage with ANA?

To book pet travel as checked baggage with ANA, you can follow these steps:

  • Contact ANA’s reservation center or travel agent to inform them of your intention to travel with a pet.
  • Confirm that your pet is accepted as checked baggage and that the flight you’re booking allows for pets.
  • Prepare a pet container that meets ANA’s requirements for size and ventilation.
  • Make sure your pet has a health certificate and any necessary vaccinations.
  • Arrange for payment of the pet fee, which varies depending on the flight and destination.
  • Check-in for your flight with your pet and pet container, allowing enough time for additional processing.

It’s recommended to check All Nippon Airways pet policy before booking to ensure that you have all the necessary information and requirements.


Bring your pet and the necessary paperwork to the All Nippon Airways check-in desk at the airport. If your pet needs to be examined as part of the quarantine process, get that done first before going to the check-in desk.

  • To complete the check-in process, sign and return the Consent and Release Form and pay the ANA pet travel fee.
  • A truck will escort the pet to the aircraft.

ANA pet travel fee

The ANA checked baggage fee would be applicable for pet travel – 

  • Area 1 – North America, Hawaii, and Latin America.
  • Area 2 – Europe, Russia (West of the Urals), the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Area 3 – Russia (East of the Urals), Asia (incl. Japan), and Oceania.
Travel routeBetween Area 1, Area 2 and Area 3Within Area (excluding Japan)Within Japan
Pet Travel Fee (in USD)Between Area 1, Area 2, and Area 325040

How to book pet travel for International flights?

Reach out to the airline’s customer service or reservation department to initiate the booking process. The steps include –

  • When speaking with ANA, be prepared to provide the necessary details about flight dates, destinations, and the type and size of your pet.
  • ANA staff will inform you about the availability of pet reservations for your desired flights.
  • Once you have confirmed the availability proceed to make the reservation for your pet as checked baggage.  
  • Be prepared to pay the applicable fees for pet transportation as checked baggage.
  • After completing the reservation and making the payment, double-check the details provided by ANA to ensure accuracy. 

ANA may provide you with additional instructions or requirements for the day of travel. Follow the steps to check in your pet with ANA in the below section. 

How to book pet travel for domestic flights?

For pets to travel as checked luggage, All Nippon Airways pet travel can be booked online. Follow these steps – 

  • After you complete the flight booking, on the Reservation Completion screen, proceed to the Reservation for Pets section.
All Nippon Airways or ANA pet policy
  • Choose the person who will be responsible for the pet during travel. 
  • Select the appropriate pet type from the provided options, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and hamsters.
  • Select the appropriate pet type.
  • Determine the required cage size for your pet. Options include small (S), medium (M), and large (L) cages. 
  • Prior to finalizing your reservation, carefully read the consent and release items related to pet travel. 
  • Once you have reviewed and understood the information, click “Register” to complete your reservation.

Please Note: If you prefer an extra large (LL) cage or plan to bring your own pet cage, kindly contact the ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center for further assistance.

Check-in for pets

Follow these steps –

  • Arrive at the check-in counter up to 3 hours before scheduled departure.
  • To facilitate the importing/exporting of your pet, it is recommended to keep handy the necessary documents.
  • Upon arrival at the check-in counter, kindly sign the Consent and Release form. 
  • Pay any applicable excess baggage charges.
  • Your pet will be transported to the aircraft by a dedicated truck. 

Your pet will be carefully placed in the bulk cargo room, which is air-conditioned, similar to the cabin. Please note that the baggage hold area may be subject to the influence of the outside temperature to some extent. 

How to contact ANA customer support for pet travel?

To reach ANA’s customer support, you can dial either 0570-029-709 (fixed rate within Japan) or 03-6741-1120 (toll call number). When using these numbers, select option “2” after the automated voice system prompts. The operating hours are 8:00 – 19:00, 22:00 – 8:00 (open year around). 

Please note that online reservations for pet travel are not accepted.

Pet carrier requirements

The pet carrier must be – 

  • In compliance with IATA.
  • Have a bottom that won’t leak.
  • Must be rigid, formed of metal, solid wood, etc.
  • Should not be soft-sided.
  • Equipped with a security lock.
  • Have a water and food bowl inside the kennel that an ANA crew member can access from the outside.
  • Have adequate space for the pet to easily turn around, lie down, and stand up straight.
  • If the container or kennel has wheels, they must be detachable.
  • Must have three sides of ventilation (aside from the door).
  • Must have handles. 

Pet travel restrictions – To travel as checked baggage on All Nippon Airways, pets must meet the following restrictions:

  • The combined weight of the pet and container must not exceed 32 kg (70 lbs).
  • Cold-blooded creatures like lizards, reptiles, fish, and turtles are not accepted by ANA.
  • The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Australia do not allow the entry of pets as checked luggage. 
  • The airline does not accept snub-nosed breeds to travel in the baggage hold.
BulldogsFrench Bulldog  Brussels GriffonBoxerBoston Terrier
Bull TerrierChow ChowChinShih TzuKing Charles Spaniel
PugPekingeseTibetan Spaniel

What is All Nippon Airways Pet Cargo Policy?

As long as they are permitted to travel and are in an IATA-compliant pet container, larger pets, and other animals can be transported as air cargo with ANA Cargo.

Pet AllowedWarm-blooded mammals, such as cats, dogs, birds, primates, and others.
Pets Not AllowedANA Cargo restricts the transportation of short-headed dogs on international flights. 
There will be no acceptance of newly born pets.
Food and water requirementsThere are no special requirements for food or water from the moment your pet is placed under all nippon airways cargo pet service
Check-inYou must check your pet in at the local ANA air cargo facility.
Pet FeeANA official website does not mention any info about the fee for cargo travel. Contact the airlines directly. 

Pet Allowed – Warm-blooded mammals, such as cats, dogs, birds, primates, and others.

How to book pet travel as cargo with ANA? – To book pet travel as cargo with All Nippon Airways, you can follow these steps:

  • Get in touch with ANA Cargo either by phone or email. Their friendly staff will provide you with detailed information about their pet transportation services. 
  • Prior to booking, make sure your pet meets the necessary health and vaccination requirements.
  • Reserve your flight with ANA and inform them that you intend to transport your pet as cargo. During the booking process, provide accurate information about your pet, including breed, size, weight, and any other relevant details. 
  • Pay the applicable fees for pet travel.
  • On the day of travel, bring your pet to the designated cargo terminal and proceed with the check-in process. 

Note – Remember, pet travel as cargo does not typically include door-to-door service. Make arrangements for transportation to and from the airport, ensuring your pet arrives at the cargo terminal safely and in a timely manner.

Pet carrier requirement – As per All Nippon pet policy, here are the guidelines to follow:

All Nippon Airways or ANA pet carrier requirements
  • Ensure that the pet crate provides enough room for your pet to sit, lay down, and stand up naturally.
  • Opt for a pet crate constructed from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of travel. 
  • Verify that the pet crate is designed to support the weight of your pet effectively. 
  • The pet crate needs to have enough ventilation and be aired on at least three sides.
  • Prioritize a pet crate equipped with a reliable locking system to prevent any accidental openings during transit. 
  • To prevent your pet from sticking any body parts through the ventilation openings, ensure they are covered with fine meshing.
  • The pet container must keep your pet from escaping in whatever way possible and safeguard against harming other animals.
  • Choose a pet crate designed to prevent escape and ensure the safety of both your pet and other animals.
  • Confirm that the interior of the pet crate is free from protrusions or sharp edges that could harm your pet.
  • Regularly clean and maintain the interior of the pet crate to ensure a hygienic environment for your pet.
  • Opt for a pet crate with a floor covered in water-absorbent material.
  • Look for a pet crate with handles that facilitate easy and secure transport. 

Here is the example of an acceptable All Nippon Airways Pet Travel Carrier

All Nippon Airways Pet Travel Carrier

These carriers are not acceptable for All Nippon Airways cargo pet services – 

carriers not acceptable on All Nippon Airways

Breed restriction – Same as All Nippon Airways pet travel as checked baggage. 

What are the Conditions For Traveling with Service Dogs on ANA? 

Assistance dogs are free to fly in the passenger cabin on ANA flights for disabled passengers. You must let ANA know in advance if you intend to travel with an assistance dog.

Conditions – The following conditions will apply – 

  • Service dogs must be harnessed at all times during the flight.
  • Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks and provide assistance to individuals with disabilities. 
  • If it is determined that the service dog criteria are not met, your dog will be checked in as a pet in the cargo.
  • Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and mobility assistance dogs are permitted on board all flights. 
  • Medium or large-sized service dogs will need to lie down on the floor of the cabin. 
  • For large-size dogs you may be required to purchase the adjacent seat to accommodate your service dog. 
  • Service dogs are accepted only on codeshare flights operated by United Airlines for travel to and from the US.
  • In the event of damage, ANA reserves the right to claim compensation from the passenger with the service dog.

Reservations for Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and Mobility Assistance Dogs – When making your reservation, it is important to notify the airlines while traveling with your assistance dog. Add to that – 

  • For Japan domestic flights, the airline staff will verify the Assistance Dog Certificate.
  • For International flights, you may be asked to present supporting documents that clearly indicate that your dog is a guide dog, hearing dog, or mobility assistance dog. 

Reservations for Alert Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs – These dogs are eligible to fly on certain routes – 

Type of Service DogEligible Route
Psychiatric Service DogU.S., Canada, Mexico
Alert DogU.S., Canada, Mexico
Emotional Support DogMexico only

Note – For dogs that do not meet the eligibility criteria or for itineraries that include connecting flights with destinations outside of the USA, Mexico, and Canada, the dog will be checked in as a pet and transported in the cargo hold.

Flights within Japan – To ensure a smooth travel experience for service dogs on All Nippon Airways (ANA), the following documents are required:

  • A letter from a physician or licensed mental health professional is necessary to verify the need for a service animal.
  • A certificate from a veterinarian is required to confirm the service dog’s current health status. 
  • Vest or tag that clearly indicates it is a service animal.
  • Documentation showing that the service animal has received training from a professional service.

By submitting these required documents, you can ensure compliance with ANA’s guidelines for traveling with service dogs.

Service dogs travel to and from the USA, Canada, and Mexico – Below is the overview of all the requirement for services for the following countries – 

Travel RouteBreedPet TravelRequired documents
To/from the U.S.Alert Dogs/Psychiatric /Service DogsMust apply at least 48 hours before departureU.S.DOT Animal Air Transportation Form 
To/from CanadaAlert Dogs/Psychiatric /Service DogsMust apply at least 4 days before departureService dog behavior and training attestation form
To/from MexicoAlert DogsNot requiredMust need credible assurance
Anywhere within the ANA networkEmotional Support Dogs/ Psychiatric Service DogsMust apply at least 24 hours before departureMust need credible assurance

In conclusion, All Nippon Airways (ANA) warmly welcomes passengers to travel with their beloved pets, provided certain conditions are met. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey for both pets and their owners, it is recommended to follow the aforementioned guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does ANA accept dogs?

All Nippon Airways pet policy which allows passengers to travel with small dogs as cabin baggage are subject to certain restrictions and fees.

How much does ANA charge for pets?

The cost of bringing pets on ANA flights depends on several factors, including the type of pet, the size of the pet’s carrier, the route being traveled, and the class of service.

Is ANA strict for dogs?

Only service and emotional support dogs are permitted inside the cabin. All other animals are not permitted.

Does All Nippon Airways allow dogs?

Yes, All Nippon Airways (ANA) allows dogs, but only as checked baggage and with certain restrictions. Service dogs are accepted inside the cabin. 

Does Ana allow dogs in the cabin?

All Nippon Airways (ANA) allows service dogs in the cabin but with certain restrictions. 

Do I Need A Health Certificate For My Pet?

Yes, All Nippon Airways (ANA) requires a health certificate for pets traveling on their flights.

Can I Bring My Pet On A Connecting Flight?

It’s recommended to contact ANA directly to understand the specific requirements for traveling with pets on connecting flights.

What Kind Of Pets Are Allowed On Ana Flights?

ANA permits the transportation of small dogs, cats, and birds in the cabin, as long as they meet the airline’s guidelines for size, weight, and pet carrier.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Pet On Ana Flights?

The cost of transporting a pet on ANA flights varies depending on several factors, including the size of the pet, the type of transport, and the route of travel.

What Are The Restrictions On Importing Or Exporting Pets?

Flight must be operated by ANA, and is not acceptable on the connecting flight or any codeshare agreement flight.

What Are The Size And Weight Requirements For Pet Kennels?

ANA has specific size and weight requirements for pet kennels, which may vary depending on whether your pet is traveling in the cabin, as cargo, or checked baggage.

What Are The Weather Conditions That May Affect My Pet’S Travel?

ANA prioritizes the safety and well-being of pets and may refuse pet travel during severe weather conditions.

What Are The Rules For Traveling With Emotional Support Animals?

Emotional support animals may be allowed in the cabin, subject to ANA’s requirements and any necessary documentation.

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