ANA check in policy offers a variety of boarding pass options to suit your needs at different departure airports. Here’s how you can make the most of your travel experience with ANA.

ANA check in

What is ANA online check in?

Here’s everything you need to know about online check-in service – 

Recommended time frame for online check-in – You can check in online from 24 hours to 75 minutes prior to your international flight’s departure.

International itineraries with domestic connections – When connecting from a domestic flight to an international one, ANA check in online for the international flight is available 24 hours prior to its departure.

Eligible routes – Following travel routes are eligible for the ANA check in online process –

  • Connecting flights from ANA domestic to ANA international operated flights, and vice-versa.
  • The connection must be on the same day. 
  • When traveling on a codeshare operated flight to/from an ANA Group-operated international flight.

Online Check in requirements

For a seamless ANA online check in process, ensure you have the following details ready – 

  • Reservation Number
  • E-Ticket Number
  • Passenger’s last name
  • ANA number

Who can’t check in online

  • Travelers bound for the USA require immigration documentation.
  • Passengers who booked restricted fares that don’t allow advance seat reservations.
  • Those holding reservations for ANA Group-operated international flights under a different airline’s flight number.
  • Children under 2 years of age who need their own seat.
  • Passengers with medical certificates, those requiring extra seats for bulky baggage.
  • Passengers who opted for ANA pet travel service.

Who can check in online – Passengers flying internationally within the ANA group can access ANA online check in. 

Please Note – Starting from June 24th, 2023 ANA offers Online Check-In service for domestic flights through the Domestic ANA Website.

Steps for online ANA Airlines check in

Follow these simple steps to complete your online check-in – 

If you need to perform ANA check in with Reservation Number

  • Visit the ANA official website.
  • Click on the “Check-in” tab to initiate the process.
  • By default, the “Reservation Number” option will be displayed
  • Enter your 6-digit alphanumeric Reservation Number.
  • Provide your first and last name.
  • Click on the “Search” button to proceed.

ANA check in with e-ticket number –

  • Choose the “e-Ticket number” option.
  • Enter your 13-digit e-Ticket number, starting with 205.
  • Provide your first and last name.
  • Click “Search” to continue.

Check in with ANA number –

  • Opt for the “ANA Number” option.
  • Enter your 10-digit AMC number and Web password.
  • Click on the “Login” button to access your account.

How does the ANA Airline check-in work at the airport?

Passengers who cannot access ANA check-in online option can request check-in at the airport, either through airport counter or self-service check-in kiosk.

ANA check in guidelines

  • Make sure your personal check-in and baggage check-in are finalized at least 60 minutes before departure.
  • Arrive at the departure gate at least 30 minutes before takeoff.
  • Kindly note that boarding may not be possible if you arrive less than 10 minutes before departure. Passengers may need to request ANA flight cancellation. 
  • All flight check in and boarding-related tasks should be completed at least an hour before your flight’s departure.

Step for airport check-in

Before approaching the counter, double-check that you have all necessary documentation for boarding, including your passport, visa, and international flight ticket or e-Ticket itinerary receipt. Do the following

  • Arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours before for international flights.
  • Find the ANA Airlines check in counters within the departure terminal.
  • Approach the check-in counter. Ask the airline agent to confirm the boarding process. 
  • You may be asked to provide necessary travel documents, including your passport, e-ticket or flight reservation details, and any relevant visas.
  • Share your booking reference with the ANA staff at the counter.
  • If you have checked baggage, the staff will help you weigh and tag your bags.
  • Once the check-in process is complete, the ANA staff will provide you with a printed boarding pass. 

Traveling between domestic and international airports – If you’re connecting from a Japan domestic flight to an international ANA flight at select airports, your baggage will be automatically checked in at the departure airport.

ANA suite lounge check-in – For First Class passengers and ANA Diamond members, they have the privilege to check-in directly at the ANA Suite Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport’s Terminal 1, South Wing.

What is the recommended time for international ANA flight check in?

Please check the recommended time for ANA check in international flight 

Airport and TerminalFlight NumberCounter Opening Time
Los Angeles Tom Bradley International TerminalAll Flights3 hours before departure time
Chicago Arrival/Terminal 5Departure/Terminal 1All Flights3 hours before departure time
New York City Terminal 7All Flights3 hours before departure time
San Francisco International TerminalAll Flights3 hours before departure time
SeattleAll Flights3 hours before departure time
Washington, D.C.All Flights3 hours before departure time
Vancouver International TerminalAll Flights3 hours before departure time
Tokyo Narita Terminal 1All Flights7:00 hours
Tokyo Haneda Terminal 2All Flights6:25 hours
Tokyo Haneda Terminal 3All Flights6:10 hours

What are the ANA in-person check in facilities?

Passengers can use self-service kiosk check-in where they can confirm/change seat, update mileage number and check for the ANA flight upgrade options. 

Who’s eligible for kiosk check-in – Any passenger with an e-Ticket can use self-service kiosks to complete ANA Airlines check in process.

Who’s not eligible for kiosk check in – 

Those passengers include – 

  • Passengers flying on codeshare flights with partner airlines,
  • Opt for the ANA check-in counter if there is a schedule change in your flight.
  • If you’re accompanied by children under 2 years old.

Check here to know about the ANA kiosk check-in operating hours.

Steps for ANA self-service Kiosk check in

Follow this guide to effortlessly complete ANA check-in

  • When you visit the kiosk you will get the display like this
kiosk check in
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  • On your screen, you’ll briefly encounter the Dangerous Goods information.
  • Proceed by tapping the “Continue” button.
ANA check in by kiosk
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  • If you prefer a different language, click “Other Language” on the top right corner and choose your desired language.
  • Choose one of the following options to retrieve your booking – Booking reference, e-ticket number, frequent flyer number, passport, and boarding pass barcode.
ANA check in at the airport
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If you enter the Booking reference or e-ticket number –

ANA kiosk check in
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ANA check in at the airport by kiosk
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  • Enter your booking reference or e-ticket number.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • The Passport Information Registration screen will appear.

If you enter frequent flyer information – 

ANA check in using kiosk
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  • Insert your mileage card and remove it after a beep or enter your card number manually.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • The Passport Information Registration screen will appear.

3.If you enter the passport – 

ANA kiosk check in process
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  • Insert your passport and remove it after a beep.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Confirm the accuracy of your passport information on the screen.
steps to check in by kiosk
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  • Click “Continue.”
  • Verify the information displayed on the flight details page.
  • Click “Confirm Check-in.”
  • Once the “Collect Boarding Pass” message appears, collect your boarding pass
ANA self service check in
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  • Click the “Finish” button to complete the process. 
ANA self service kiosk
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What documents are required for check-in with ANA?

Here’s a list of the essential documents required for ANA Airlines check in – 

  • Passport
  • E-ticket or reservation details.
  • visa , permits and other entry/exit permits.
  • Boarding pass
  • If you’re a member of ANA’s frequent flyer program, having your mileage card or membership number is beneficial for ANA flight upgrade
  • Passengers with medical needs or traveling with pets must bring along any necessary documentation or certificates.
  • Birth certificate if traveling with minors.
  • A copy of Credit Card may be required if the reservation amount is paid by a person other than the passenger. 

What is the allowed ANA check-in baggage?

Passengers are allowed to carry 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item. The maximum weight limit for hand luggage is 22lb/10kg per passenger. The dimensions for a carry-on bag must not exceed 115 cm or 4e5 inches.

What information do I need to be aware of for the ANA boarding pass?

It’s important to note that the types of boarding passes accepted can differ depending on your departure airport. 

  • For passengers transitioning from an ANA Group-operated international flight to a non-ANA flight, ANA Airlines boarding passes cannot be obtained at the connecting airport.
  • The best way is to carry a printout of your ANA Airlines boarding pass.

ANA group flights accept the boarding pass either in the digital form or as a print out. But certain restriction applies for the following travel routes –

Departure AirportsMobile Boarding PassesPrinted Boarding Passes
Hong KongYesYes
Taipei (Taoyuan)YesYes
Taipei (Songshan)YesYes
Seoul (Icheon)YesYes
Kuala LumpurYesYes
BeijingNot acceptedYes
QingdaoNot acceptedYes
GuangzhouNot acceptedYes
ShenyangNot acceptedYes
XiamenNot acceptedYes
ChengduNot acceptedYes
WuhanNot acceptedYes
ShenzhenNot acceptedYes
Ho Chi MinhNot acceptedYes
Phnom PenhNot acceptedYes
VladivostokNot acceptedYes
Seoul (Gimpo)Not acceptedNot accepted
Shanghai (Pudong)Not acceptedNot accepted
Shanghai (Hongqiao)Not acceptedNot accepted
HangzhouNot acceptedNot accepted
DalianNot acceptedNot accepted
HanoiNot acceptedNot accepted
MumbaiNot acceptedNot accepted
DelhiNot acceptedNot accepted
ChennaiNot acceptedNot accepted
JakartaNot acceptedNot accepted
ManilaNot acceptedNot accepted
YangonNot acceptedNot accepted

The boarding pass, either as a digital pass or as a printed copy, is not accepted at these locations – Stockholm, Seoul (Gimpo), Shanghai (Pudong), Shanghai (Hongqiao), Hangzhou, Dalian, Hanoi, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Jakarta, Manila, and Yangon. To obtain the boarding pass, passengers need to collect it from the baggage drop counter.

ANA Airlines values your preferences and provides a range of boarding pass options to enhance your travel experience, ensuring you can embark on your trip hassle-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to check in ANA Airline?

Use the official website or mobile app for ANA Airlines check-in online. Enter your reservation details. You can then print your boarding pass or use a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone.

Which airlines are under ANA group-operated flights?

To know the details please check out the list of ANA group-operated airlines.

Does ANA Airlines require a credit card at check-in?

Yes. A credit card is required in case passengers booked a flight with a travel agency or someone else made the reservation on their behalf. 

How early to check in for ANA?

ANA recommends checking in at least 3 hours before international flights and 2 hours before domestic flights.

How early can you check in ANA International?

ANA usually allows check-in from 24 hours before your international flight’s scheduled departure time. 

Can you use your phone for boarding passes for ANA Airlines?

Yes, ANA Airlines accepts mobile boarding passes. During ANA online check-in, you can choose the option to receive a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. 

What time does check-in start for ANA?

ANA usually opens check-in for international flights 24 hours prior to departure.

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