KLM welcomes pets in the cabin as well as in the hold on most of their flights, regardless of the class of service booked. The KLM pet policy does not allow snub-nosed breeds to travel onboard, the cargo, and in the hold.

It is crucial to be versed about the KLM pet travel regulations in order to comprehend the requirements and make arrangements for the safe and comfortable flight for your pets.

KLM Pet Policy

Here is all the information you need to know when booking a flight, regardless of whether your pet will fly in the cabin with you or in the hold.

Pets Flying with KLM Airlines in the Cabin

As per the KLM pet policy, passengers can bring 1 cat or dog in the cabin when flying in Economy Class, or traveling in Business Class within Europe.  In addition – 

  • Given that they will be traveling underneath the seat in front of you, your pet should fit in a closed pet travel bag. 
  • The KLM approved pet carrier must not exceed the size of 46 x 28 x 24 cm
  • The travel bag or kennel cannot weigh more than 8 kg when your pet is inside. 
  • Your pet must fit comfortably within the kennel because you are not permitted to remove them during the journey.
  • KLM does not allow pets in the Premium Comfort Class or Business Class on an international route.
  • It is not possible to store a kennel underneath the seat in front of you in these travel classes.

Pets Flying with KLM Airlines in the Hold

As per the KLM pet travel policy, you can bring up to 3 pets in the hold per itinerary. Pets traveling together may share the same carrier provided that the combined weight of pet and carrier must not exceed 14 kg. In addition – 

  • Under the KLM airlines pet policy, these animals must be adult and of comparable size.
  • Each of the pets must be at least 6 months old and of the same breed.
  • As per KLM pet crate requirements, the combined weight of the pet and kennel must be within 75 kg
  • KLM pet carrier dimensions must not exceed 122 x 81 x 89 cm
  • As per KLM cityhopper pet policy, the maximum pet carrier size must be within 102 x 69 x 76 cm. This is applicable on flights operated with Embraer aircraft.

Exceptions under KLM Airlines Pet Travel Service

As per KLM pet policy it is not possible not bring your pet in the hold if the connection time exceeds 3 hours. No travel for the pet in the hold is allowed if the flight is operated with a Boeing 787-9 or 787-10 aircraft

Checklist for Flying with Pets

At the airport, the KLM pet shipping team will use a checklist to make sure your pet, travel documents, and kennel are in order. Please arrive at the airport up to 3 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time as this procedure could take some time. Download the checklist here

KLM Pet Carrier Requirement

Please ensure the pet kennel must met the following requirement for in the hold reservation – 

  • Your pet should be able to turn around, lie down, and stand up without their head hitting the roof.
  • The exterior of the kennel should be made of strong plastic or fiberglass.
  • The kennel’s wheels need to be removed or taped over.
  • A centralized locking mechanism is required that fastens the locks on the top and bottom of the door. The horizontal extrusions above and below the door opening should be at least 1.6 cm away from the hinge and locking pins.
  • To prevent your pet from escaping through openings in the seams or joints, the kennel must be sufficiently rigid.
  • Either two empty bowls or one bowl with two empty sections for food and drink should be furnished in the kennel. These need to be fillable from the outside and sealed or linked to the kennel.
  • The bottom of the kennel should be covered with a blanket, newspaper, or some other absorbent substance.

KLM Airlines Pet Travel Restriction 

As per the KLM pet policy, the airlines do not transport pets if passengers want to bring an animal other than the domesticated cats and dogs. In addition –

  • The combined weight of pet and kennel exceeds 75 kg, the pets are not allowed to travel.
  • If the KLM pet carrier size exceeds 122 x 81 x 89 cm.
  • Cats or dogs are traveling on a different flight than yours.
  • Your pet’s destination is a nation whose authorities only permit the shipment of animals as cargo. In such cases, passengers need to sign up for KLM pet cargo services. 

Travel Documents for Pet Travel with KLM airlines

As per the KLM pet policy, make sure to arrange the pet vaccination’s records, health declarations and travel documents well in advance. In addition – 

  • Animals traveling within the European Union must be chipped with an electronic identification number. 
  • Additionally, they must possess a European passport that serves as proof of their vaccinations. 
  • Other regulations and KLM pet travel restrictions can be relevant for travel outside of the European Union. To find out which documents are necessary, we advise contacting the embassies of your departure, transit, and destination countries.

Please note – Due to non-compliance with the aforementioned policies established by the airlines, pets may be rejected for transport or refused upon arrival. Please be aware that KLM airlines pet travel terms not liable for any costs associated with the refusal (such as KLM pet fees, hotel stay, or kennel fees).

How to Book Your Pets with KLM Airlines?

Despite the fact that the airline is sensitive towards animal transport, the KLM only transport cats and dogs in the cabin and hold. In this way, they can protect the comfort, health, and safety of all of the passengers and the animals. By doing so, the KLM airlines pet policy adheres to both international and IATA rules on animal welfare.

The number of dogs passengers can bring on board is limited and is determined on the type of aircraft, the destination, and the class of service. After booking your flight, kindly make a reservation for your pet up to 48 hours before the departure of your flight.

Keep in mind that your pet must be at least 15 weeks old and must fly with you.

In the cabin – As soon as you book your flight, make a reservation for your pet to fly in the cabin. You may do so through KLM manage booking tab. 

Alternatively, passengers can also book the pet reservation by calling the airline’s customer service. You can also contact KLM via Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. KLM pet in cabin fee may apply.

In the hold – The KLM pets in hold reservation cannot be made online. As soon as you book your ticket, make a reservation for your pet to fly in the hold through KLM Customer Contact Center.

Cost for Flying with Pets in KLM Airlines

Passengers are required to pay a KLM pet fee between 100 USD and 500 USD each way to transport the domesticated cats and dogs. This is a wide price range; the reason for this is because the cost varies according to your departure airport and final destination. When booking a pet reservation online or over the phone, the precise cost is displayed.

KLM Airlines Pet Policy – Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What breeds are restricted to travel with KLM Airlines?

As per the KLM pet policy, the snub-nosed breeds are not allowed to travel in the cabin as well as in the hold. Due to the heat and stress of the travel, your snub-nosed pet can develop breathing problems. You can, however, bring them along in the cabin or ship them under KLM pet cargo service. Before booking, please make sure your cat or dog is of the appropriate breed. These restricted breed include – 

Cat breed – Persian, Burmese, Himalayan, and Exotic Shorthair cats are not permitted in the hold.

Dog breed – Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Brussels Griffon, Cane Corso, Chow Chow, Great Dane, Lhasa Apso, Mastiff, Pekingese, Small Brabant, Pug, Shar-Pei, Shih Tzu, Japanese Spaniel, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are among the breeds that are prohibited to travel with KLM.

Does KLM allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, the KLM pet travel service only allows domesticated cats and dogs to travel on board, provided that the passengers who are accompanying the pet must be on the same flight.

Is KLM pet friendly?

KLM welcomes pets and provides pet shipping for a variety of cats and dogs. There are limitations with some taller breeds of dogs because the KLM airlines won’t ship pets who need travel kennels beyond the height of 33 inches.

Does KLM allow emotional support animals?

No, KLM does not allow emotional support animals in the hold as well as in the cabin. But passengers can transport the emotional support pet through KLM pet cargo service.

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